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sup /g/ee baby

what's your take on 1080? so they finally hit the shelves and here where I am, they seem to be overpriced. 880 euros.

do you think it's worth going with founders edition or wait for something like gigabyte xtreme gaming with at least some kind of cooling.

my pc died 6 months ago and I've been eager to get a new one. and my patience is running low...

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Wait for third party benchmarks.
Plural, so you're not relying on one site.

I don't have any real thoughts apart from:
Yes it's expensive. If you're upgrading from a broken PC then if you can afford it then go for it.
AMD's releases are going to be pretty similar, as usual. You might save some money but really it's all about how much a month of waiting around without vidya is worth to you.

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I'm not in a hurry though, have a session right now, and summer's gonna be pretty active for me, so I guess I could postpone for 2 months.
but wonder if that's enough time for 3rd parties to start making them.

I was going for 980ti sli, thinking of 1080 sli because it's a new system anyway and I'll be covered for at least 3 more years.

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1080 is overkill
Wait for 1070 and compare performance test.

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I'm the type of person that always goes for the best. never average.
I do agree that sometimes it makes life quite a bit more difficult.

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Gygabyte GTX980
Intel i7 3930k hexacore
Asus Deluxe X99 MB
32GB Corsair Dominator 3200mhz

Fails to run Witcher 3 (even turned hairworks etc off), Dragon Age Inquisition, Farcry Primal, Fallout 4 and pretty much mot tripple A titles on full gfx at 60fps... it splutters between 50-60fps, mostly around 55, oh and this is after fucking overclocking it by 200mhz.. it's even got really good cooling also that keeps it to 50C..

I just hope the GTX1080 has the power to give a consistent 60fps in triple A games.. and is less of a failure, I'll be waiting for it to be cheaper because I know it probably wont be worth full price.

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It's not the 980GTX could not handle the latest games at full settings.

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Must be a pretty shit 3rd world europe country.
Pretty sure 1080 has been standard for over 5 years now.
I mean, we're even moving to 4k in some places already.
And 880Euros is way too overprices for such a display. Import from somewhere else.

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>Fails to run Witcher 3 (even turned hairworks etc off) ... it splutters between 50-60fps, mostly around 55, oh and this is after fucking overclocking it by 200mhz

nigger are you describing a 970

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>I'm the type of person that always goes for the best. never average.
Then spend 4000 of your monopoly money on a 5GHz supercomputer GPU. I suggest the AMD FirePro W9100, 32GB edition of course.
Or maybe be a reasonable human being and get what you need.

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It's right there in the filename.
He makes some pretty cute girls, and he has a very distinct art style.

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no no; not to retarded levels.

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>100 euro premium for a reference design card with a blower cooler

Ofcourse it's not worth it, aftermarket cards with custom pcb's and coolers will come very soon, and they will even be cheaper lol

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>and they will even be cheaper lol
Prices are already being announced, everything good from EVGA and MSI is more.

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No fucking way they are selling the cards for over 900 euro.

Literally nobody will buy it

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I don't know about your strange currency, but they're more in USD so I assume the same things causing your price to be absurd will still be in effect.

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I've never bought a new GPU. They're £100 cheaper within 12 months.
How many worthwhile games are out between now and next June?

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1-3. Depending on your tastes.
I know you were being rhetorical but I checked and now I'm sad.

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He redraws images all the time but I like his style.

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