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Releases tomorrow. What are your toughts, ne/g/ros

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How do these high-profile graphics card affect daily computer use?

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I like the GPU self baking feature. The card heals itself if it ever has a bad connection.

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what do you mean? like render your facebook pages faster?

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I'm considering upgrading from two HD7950s (xfire), is it worth it? I run three monitors

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I'm an independent woman and I know my rights


I can assure you that half of the customer base won't even use it at full capacity, let alone know their own resolution or purpose for buying it for that matter

This is the middle market after all

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What would that be familia?

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I mean like Final Draft documents, and Sony Vegas editing

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I'm hoping it releases at midnight tonight so I can order it to receive it in time for the heat death of the universe.

Got a brand new build a week ago ready for it to be slotted into, my 780 burned out not 3 days before that so I jammed an old 760 in to get me through.

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Daily use
-sony vegas editing
yeah sounds like average person every-day use
anon mentioning facebook was closer to truth

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My motherboard is 4 years old
can i still use new graphic card?
will there be massive drop because old pci slot
do i have enought pins in motherboard?

MSI H61M-G35 (G3)(MS-7680) (SOCKET 0)

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wont buy since the 900series was a disaster except energy efficiency-wise.

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a g3240's HD graphics can run 3 monitors you tech illiterate moron

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It'll support it just fine as far as I'm aware, your only problem will be is the likely old as fuck processor you have slotted in it will cause a bottleneck.

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my old processor is still third best in most game benchmarks
it is also unlocked for overclocking.

anyway I ask because of Polaris not gtx 1080

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Exact same situation senpai. Exact same. Except I was using a 6 year old card. I bought a mobo with onboard graphics to wait until the 1080 launches. Been kinda paralyzed between overpaying to have it now or waiting for actual good aftermarket cards.

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Games (real reason to get these, don't argue) look like shit, what game needs a 1080 and does it look like it needs that power?

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>He doesn't set custom fan profiles so he can run 2GHz at a cool 67 degrees

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I'm of the opinion that I fucking despise my 760 situation and I don't mind paying a premium for something now that's going to be damn good for a very long time, with a cooling solution that's perfectly adequate (considering my case and the cooling setup inside)

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>wanting a rolls royce turbine in your PC

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And have it sound like a jet engine.

What about just wait for the custom designs?

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Almost 10 years old chalk graphics 1.0 piece of shit gameplay game, gtx 280 would have a hard time with it

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it's a really great card if you're into gaming, especially VR gaming and multi-monitor gaming

maybe if it's a bit out of your budget then wait (like a couple of weeks or something? idk) for gtx 1070 and amd polaris, price might come down a little or you might go with a gtx 1070 instead

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Getting one, just not decided on when. I probably can't get one in launch even if I tried and 800 euros for the Founder's Edition is a steep price - especially when I don't really need a blower style cooler. It's a card which gives me good enough performance for an upgrade from GTX 780 to be worth it. I'm really curious to see what you can do with the NVENC, too. Haven't found much info on the new version implemented in Pascal. I'm a bit interested in SLI too but I'm waiting for proper frame time analysis benchmarks before purchasing a second card.

I'd completely disagree that games "look like shit". It's subjective and fairly unrelated to performance requirements for games. I want to run newer games at high frames on high resolutions without needing to turn down graphics settings(too much). If my display can do 2560x1440 at 165Hz, I want to make use of it.

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When a PS4 exclusive is more visually appealing than anything on steam you know the state of this shit hobby is shit

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The price will be 50% less by christmas, below 300 bucks

Current games are average at best, the industry isn't what it used to be, it's probably related to microsoft shutting down dx12 on win10 and asking for their cut from sale platforms. Vulkan is promising

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>comparing apples and oranges
fuck off retard

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No fuck you wasting money on higher resolutions is the gayest thing there is when the visuals are shit

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>The price will be 50% less by christmas, below 300 bucks
no it won't, just look at 980 ti or anything, hell even fucking gtx 970 and r9 290x equivalents are probably 300+ still

>Current games are average at best
not in terms of graphics, the top ones have made huge strides in graphics quality if you know what you're looking at

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Waiting for the MSI 1080 Ti you fucking hick

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Finally downloaded new drivers for my 960.

Surprised to a see a jump in performance of 14% with Unigine Valley.

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Reminder that you share board with /v/irgins

Reminder that if that wasn't enough, these retards even buy reference cards

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Who knows when that shitll be

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It's in the eyes of the beholder and unrelated to whether you need power to run them. I want performance more than the eye candy anyway but by paying out the ass I could get both so that's what I'll end up doing.

It's not going to be anywhere near that cheap and I'm not going to start waitfagging for rapidly evolving computer hardware. By holidays we have probably another flagship or two out from both brands and rumors of the next generation are circulating at full force. Should I start waiting for a price drop then too? Wait for the next gen? I'm going to see what the card manufacturers have to offer on the GTX 1080, pick a good card and call it a day.

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No thoughts because I'm waiting for 1070.

Anyone knows how long will we have to wait for non-reference 1070? Please tell me that it won't take more than 2 weeks.

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The 1080 is equivalent to the 980 in terms of positioning, it's a new architecture and the middle gets slashed the most. However if you're running two in sli, it's a classy setup alhough I'd rather aim for top or sub-top single gpu. A 1060 will probably follow as well.

I agree visuals are good, I play in 4k and its worth it however the substance of games, this "pull" to play is not as appealing anymore, probably due to early releases or too mainstream aa titles.. We currently dont have an original blockbuster title that makes people play and get hooked

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Personally I'm just waiting for the 1070. 1080 is overkill for me. Hell, even the 1070 is probably overkill, but it's slightly cheaper overkill.

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Oldest benchmark I have. No overclocking. It says Ultra/Custom because I ran on a CRT without EDID.

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Doesn't sound that bad to me. I had an old fermi reference cooler and this completely eliminates that horrible whirring sound.
Sounds like a bunch of whooshing air, and not nearly enough to cut through my closed headset when gaming.

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>still no freesync support


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If you have a 780 you already have NVENC, unless you specifically mean the new HEVC options. If it's anything like the older NVENC then you can expect performance of around the "high quality" preset in real-time e.g. It'll look damn good.

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>tfw Australia
This is what happens when you have the highest minimum wage in the world

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>the substance of games, this "pull" to play is not as appealing anymore
you're just growing up

>We currently dont have an original blockbuster title that makes people play and get hooked

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Holy shit thats the price of my entire setup, wtf Australia.

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I'm the most interested in the new HEVC encoder in Pascal yup.

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I don't know why your AUSFAILIA pricing is so out of whack


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>shitty blower cooler
>one 8 pin connector
>can't maintain meme boost clock
>Failures Edition

premium components and craftsmanship though

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gsync and fastsync shit all over freesync

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Love Nvidia
Love AMD

Hate how Nvidia lies to people. Watch the one guy play Crisis 3. 45 seconds in card is at 82c

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clearly the temp depends on the game, room temperature, case airflow, overclocking etc

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>All those richfags will get the 1080 card and enjoy comfy gaming early
>I will have to wait extra 14 days for the 1070 to come out
>probably even more to get the MSI version, since reference cards are shit

I just want to finally change my toaster for something that can actually play games and that card is the only thing delaying it now.

Life is pain

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Get 1070 or wait for Polaris?

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I feel your pain, guy

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Maybe we must experience suffering before we learn to take the risks for what we love. /g/

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wasn't polaris supposed to paper launch before 1070 releases, but imo get the 1070 anyway

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I wait for polaris as I believe It will outlast 1070 because nvidia seems to be worse over time as amd gets better drivers

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nvidia doesn't get any worse, it's just that amd starts out with shitty drivers that slowly improve over time

gtx 1070 blows anything by amd out of the water at least for curved displays, multi monitors, VR simply because of the simultaneous multi-projection

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Once the non-reference 1070 is out Im going to have my the best time in my life and the longer I have to wait the better I'll feel once the I start the first game on it.

I can already taste the feeling of satisfaction, but it's still so far away.

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If you can afford a 1070. I don't understand how you won't find a way to get a 1080 by that time. What are you a neet? Do you not get paid weekly or bi-weekly?

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well i use just 1 monitor and never found use for 2+
if i would get rich enought for more monitors i would just crossfire/sli 1080
most people here use additional monitors to look on waifu-anime-wallpapers and 2% of them actually programm something

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Im not only buying the card man, also Im from Poland so it costs more and it's harder to organize so much money, I already got pretty lucky.

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I think you're a retarded faggot.

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Good goyim, keep buying those cards, only to replace them with the 1080 Ti 2 months later. Sure someone will buy your old 1080s for 1/3th of what you paid, assuming they havent spontaneously combusted before that.

>> No.54759128

>only to replace them with the 1080 Ti 2 months later
they won't release that until just before amd releases vega or whatever they end up calling their new flagship

better to wait while goyim are buying up the lesser 1080 and then rain on amd's parade again

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Poorfag detected

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Didn't they have a 1080 @ 2.1Ghz at 76c or something like that?

Why would you need an aftermarket cooler?

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Not buying anymore gpus because denuvo

>> No.54759477

It's priced at 880 usd here in my third world country. Wew

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sv, ae, ai, ps, ind, c4d, blender... all in my daily rotation. just answer his damn question... Oh wait, you can't because you don't fucking know, so why comment in the first place??

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Might drop workstation prices.

>In my dreams

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wtffffff my eyes literally just exploded. mother fuckerrrrrr.

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800 fucking euros. For the shit housefire edition that runs at 100C. Still going to be sold out within minutes.

>> No.54759533

Will it run 3 x 4K monitors at 60FPS in The Witcher 3 Ultra and hairworks on full?

Have a karot :^)

>> No.54759534

Have fun y'all burning down your houses kek

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Australian dollars are not the same thing as burger dollars you stupid clapping fucks

>> No.54759556

I'm aware, 1300 aud is like 800 something euros, that is a metric fuck ton nigga.

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it was all a lie, this is the reality

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Got a link?

>> No.54759647

what country?

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>mfw its already been released here In NZ.

Enjoy being a day behind lads

poorfags need not apply.

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but you're poor too

>> No.54759723


Cash grab Maxwell rebrand.

Shame AMD are only releasing low-end trash otherwise their chip would make Pascal look like the joke it is.

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Everyone keeps posting results with the stock fan curve that clocks down before ramping the fan up because muh noise.
The reality is if you set a custom fan curve that allows the fan to hit 100% you can do exactly what Nvidia demonstrated on stage.


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>getting the blower edition

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>average person

an average person wouldn't spend $600 for a computer part

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looks like you missed grindr off your list, you fucking faggog

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>custom fan curve

They whacked it on manual 100% leafblower mode.

>> No.54759830

>1080 $910CAD
>roughly $700 USD
huh, not THAT bad considering exchange rates

>have thai gf
>she says flips always think she's one of them and try to talk to her
>she hates flips cause they're cunts apparently
idk why i replied

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belive it or not but alot of aucklanders can afford that here lol
alot of them have 1million dollor houses its nothing for them.

I'm not buying one because i have a skymeme to buy atm i just got my 320NZD mobo now for a 567NZD 6700K or 510NZD on new egg

why make up excuses your just digging your self a hole anon.

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Pee-noise pride.

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>He has to turn his fans onto noisy leaf blower mode to get past 1607

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Yes, but that has the same effect as if you set a fan curve where 70 degrees = 100% fan.

Yes, it's shit that the default fan curve lets the card hit 84 degrees, but it's been that way for the past few generations. They prefer a hot card over a loud card. Every GPU acts this way though, it doesn't make Pascal a housefire. All you have to do is set it so the cooler does its damn job.

>> No.54760304

reviewers are saying it's quiet

>> No.54760309

I actually like the sound of loud fans.

>> No.54760385

In unrelated news, reviewers that say stuff that seems like bullshit are found to be paid off.

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>> No.54760538

Yeah, so what? I already watched it. That sounds loud as hell depending on what your volume is set to. 38.2 decibels is not quiet.

>> No.54760644

No I meant for the image I replied to.

>> No.54760712

Luckily I have my own place so I don't have to worry about waking up my parents by having my computer running.

Guess there's no point in buying a more expensive meme cooler then, sweet.

>> No.54760996

there are probably quieter options but like if you have a noise-isolating case on the floor and use headphones you might not hear/notice it at all

>> No.54761132

I have the 1080 with me now, it's kinda noisy.

>> No.54761295

AMD doubly finished and bankrupt

>> No.54761318

Maxwell and Pascal are the same architecture basically, there's no 'gimping' or no extra performance related drivers like in Kepler.

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>> No.54761758

Open Work Bench without case hitting the 82*c known for causing Throttling still thinks it's OK :^) Sure go buy your over price 1080 when EVERY RESELLER IN A FEW DAYS WILL HAVE A BETTER COOLER FOR CHEAPER

>> No.54761789

>using the smiley with a carat nose

>> No.54761920

I'll wait for the 1080ti for those 144fps on Whitcher 3 using 144hz

>> No.54761924

Meant 1440p

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>went to microcenter
>found out the store is opening an hour early today

hot damn not even reddit has this info I'm gonna get two cards just so someone else can't have one and then I'll turn around and flip it for $1k

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Ya'll late as fuck niggaS

>> No.54764931

there's so much gpu shit being released this year and Polaris is literally days away from reveal only a true Nvidiot would make a day 1 purchase and the only defense that he can spew from his mouth is "p-poor fag!"

>> No.54764989

I hope you and your family dies of aids and you get raped by 20 niggers and your family gets to watch. i latterly hope you die and i fucking hate you.

>> No.54765062

This guy seems dishonest as fuck. Did he seriously put a water block on his reference card and then run tests on it labeled as "1080 founder's reference" while waving around the stock one like it was the one he tested?

>> No.54765107

It's insane performance, but right now way to expensive for what it offers.

Just like the 980 was a shit buy, the 1080 is too, but even worse.

I'm looking forward to the 1070 as a replacement for my 780ti. Then later this year or the beginning of next year I might replace it with the 1080ti.

>> No.54765162

I'm going to jump on the shitload of used 980ti's that will be dumped after the release of the 1080 and 1070.

Which custom one should I get?

The palit jetstream and Evga SOC all seem pretty good

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File: 79 KB, 450x300, Untitled-1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Well played

>> No.54765647

Yeh but the extra power doesn't get you decent eye candy while a PS4 game known as uncharted 4 does, which is fucking unfair shit, I got my meme 980ti and it's useless shit

>> No.54765669

uncharted is shit

>> No.54765679

>ps4 has more eye candy than a pc running games a with 980ti

That's literally impossible

>> No.54765703

What country are you in lad?

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>> No.54765720

>want to build a new pc
>max GPU budget is 350€

These new toys will all be more expensive than that right? I am sick of waiting.

>> No.54765734

I'm a poorfag so I'll wait for the 1050.

>> No.54765761

Yay I got 16x texture filtering, 1440p, 60fps+... Except uncharted 4 looks better without any of that

The extra power is wasted on bullshit

>> No.54765767

> Except uncharted 4 looks better without any of that

Then you A: have a shitty monitor or B: are full of shit.

I fucking guarantee you uncharted runs on lower resolution and settings than that on the pS4 so looks shittier

>> No.54765776

Learn to read you gigantic piece of shit

Dell ultrasharp btw

>> No.54765782

Anyone know what time today they are "released"?

I've got a few different stores open in tabs and I refresh them every so often, but I won't bother if it's not for another few hours.

>> No.54765793

I read exactly what you said, its horseshit though

When for example I compare witcher 3 on the ps4 with witcher 3 on the pc 1440p. It's a whole different game. The difference in graphics and framerate is massive.

>> No.54765797



here you go lad

>> No.54765815


Ah so it is the same as the EVGA precision software release timer.

I thought it might have been but I wasn't entirely sure.

>> No.54765816

Nvidia is too expensive. When are the new AMD cards coming out?

>> No.54765826
File: 11 KB, 300x168, f4d8a71101a22c8edeab4f5b1f4e9844_i-531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The most overrated pos of the decade.

>> No.54765828



>> No.54765906

Yeah but a piece of shit 2tflop shit pushes out graphics in a game that I have never seen on PC

I'm saying that I want games to focus on making stuff look good without just throwing in higher res shit looking stuff like tune your shaders and let the artists, animators and designers work wonders, attention to detail

I agree witcher 3 looks like shit on PS4 though as that's the version I owned (what a piece of shit game anyway)

>> No.54765937

>Yeah but a piece of shit 2tflop shit pushes out graphics in a game that I have never seen on PC

That's just an example of one shitty console port though. And I haven't even seen it myself.

In pretty much every other game, a PC with a decent graphics card will blow away graphics on a console.

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>wants to play Uncharted
>calls Witcher 3 a shit game
Wtf is wrong with you

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>> No.54765965

I don't care enough about gaming to roleplay or whatever, I killed the griffin or whatever and was pretty much done with that shit, so boring

>> No.54765981

If you don't like playing good games just say so

>> No.54765990

Yeah I also hated skyrim, installed some tit mods and enb, looked like garbage btw and the game is horrible

>> No.54765999

So you don't care about RPG's, doesn't mean the game is shit

Witcher 3 pretty much set the bar to beat for RPG's the time it released .

Really looking forward to the new exp pack which is coming in a few days

>> No.54766014

I'm saying that we can get better graphics with shit hardware so the devs should step up

>> No.54766021

>I'm saying that we can get better graphics with shit hardware

That's what you are saying yes, and I'm saying you're full of shit and one game does not prove that wrong

>> No.54766032

That one game is proof that with the right people it happens

>> No.54766035

I don't like skyrim and I loved the witcher 3.

The witcher 3 is more about exploration than roleplay since you're just in someone else's shoes, but the world is open to him, as well as good story.
You should beat it if for no other reason than it's great

>> No.54766038

i'm fine with a i5 4690k, right?

>> No.54766047

I sold my PS4 so I have to get it again for PC if I feel like playing

>> No.54766052

Anecdotal evidence is hardly evidence at all, show me side by side screenshots

>> No.54766059

This gaming argument is the dumbest fucking shit. It's like being on GAF.

One of the reasons why I'm excited to upgrade my GPU are here. I'm interested in the little details of the new Pascal NVENC. GTX 980 had very limited HEVC encoder settings even in 8 bit.

>> No.54766063

>H.264 decode up to 240Mbps

Damn, that's some shit right there.

>> No.54766065

You are fine.

>> No.54766068

That uncharted 4 PS4 looks better than uncharted 4 on PC?

Uncharted 4 looks better than anything I've played on PC though, google is full of screenshots retard

>> No.54766073

That's what I thought, no evidence

Moving on

>> No.54766093

Well move on then, I'll still whine about my 4x more powerful card basically playing the same shit at higher frame rates and resolutions with rest of the power wasted on cranking filtering/lod up when it could be used on something amazing

>> No.54766100

Nobody gives a shit about uncharted though, I don't understand why you keep bringing it up

Games that actualy matter like Witcher 3 look 10x better on a decent PC than they do on a shitty console

>> No.54766114

Because I'm mad that uncharted 4 looks better than anything I can play on PC

>> No.54766117

from 1 to 10, how fine? like 7/10 fine?

>> No.54766124

Well good for you

>> No.54766129

Uncharted 4 looks great, but "better than anything I can play on PC"? It is 30FPS, mate.

>> No.54766134

It obviously doesn't look better, there is no way that it looks better than Witcher 3 on 1440p maxed out for example

>> No.54766142

Don't listen to that AMD shill. You are fucked my boy, utterly fucked.

Don't miss out on the future, purchase your own Intel® i5-6700K™ today for a premium gaming experience.

>> No.54766145

4690K is probably between 8-9/10, on the fineness scale. You _probably_ do not need a new CPU for the next 5 years.

...I am on a 2500K. I am not upgrading any time soon.

>> No.54766154

>2500k masterrace
Waiting for a 6-8 core Zen cpu with HT

>> No.54766158

I know it's 30fps but I don't get anything as appealing on my 980ti at 30fps just shit looking stuff at crazy resolutions

>> No.54766160

Why are you bloody idiots arguing with anecdotes of which game looks visually more appealing to one antoher?

>> No.54766167


that's good to read. thank you.

>> No.54766176

uncharted 4 isn't a bad looking game but the shaders are kinda clayish looking, i'm sure you're biased because of the quality of your tv vs your pc monitor and because of the animations and such, not the gpu-level graphics per se

>> No.54766209

here you can see the e3 trailer looks a lot better, the reason it doesn't look the same in the retail version is because the ps4 lacks the graphics hardware to run it


>> No.54766218

ultrasharp is the only thing I play on, already sold my PS4 though

Yeah the attention to detail and fine tuning of shaders might not push the graphics card and it's annyoing that you don't get this fine tuning on PC games, so my 980ti will not help in any way and the visuals I'm looking for can not be brute forced by increasing resolutions which fuckong sucks

>> No.54766229

You have to look at things from both sides of the fence. Uncharted 4 is [email protected] I believe that it is the best looking console game that I have ever seen.

...you cannot really compare it to [email protected] That is like comparing an excellent family sedan to a supercar.

Tomb Raider, Crysis 3, Witcher 3, and (unless my memory fails me) SW:Battlefront should all be better looking than Uncharted 4. That said, Uncharted 4 is beautiful, and I think Naughty Dog are a bit daft to make such a good looking game, then deny it to PC gamers who have the hardware to make it look so much better than consoles.

>> No.54766235



>> No.54766236

>and it's annyoing that you don't get this fine tuning on PC games,

Maybe not in that game, in others you do

>> No.54766241

I wonder if you can encode H264 and HEVC simultaneously.

>> No.54766242

I understand it isn't a very fair comparison but he said it looked better than anything he played on his pc.

And he said he played Witcher 3 plus owns a 980ti so I presumed he played at those settings

>> No.54766260


>> No.54766272

Maybe the beachy cliff jumping of Uncharted 4 appealed to the fellow more than the forested sword-y spells of Witcher 3.

>> No.54766285

And I want something like the e3 trailer on PC yet we aren't even getting the retail version quality which is fucking stupid as my GPU is literally 4x more powerful

I got the newest tomb raider recently and at the beginning where you break the walls to fill the rooms with water you see the water doesn't flow anywhere, just dissapears in to the ground, no splashing effects or anything, yet the room fills with water in like 2 seconds with a hole that releases like 10 liters a second, everything looks like chalk too

>> No.54766299

I haven't found that game

>> No.54766328

Then you aren't looking very hard

>> No.54766330

no chance in hell. But I doubt that anyone really does that without multiple cpus/gpus in their system to begin with.

>> No.54766347

I've tried modding games but it turns out 100% of it is just kids uploading enb presets, fucking retarded

I've been looking at triple A games

>> No.54766746

Buying a 1080 is just as stupid as buying a 980 ever was, only 30% more expensive this time.

I'm waiting for Polaris 10 then deciding between it and the 1070, like any sane person probably should.

GP102 and Vega will curbstomp the 1080 in less than a year, and good luck trying to get much of your money back on eBay at that point.

>> No.54766766

Looks like the bat mobile.

>> No.54766801

>there is no gimping
>he actually believe this will happen

>> No.54766809
File: 235 KB, 371x404, 1459957184791.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he fell for the nvidia meme

>> No.54766811

what are real retail prices? as suspected 700+?

>> No.54766898

$700 is the only real MSRP, since it's the only one Nvidia is itself qualified to give.

"hey uh the other card makers should totally sell theirs for $100 less" is complete jewish bullshit.

expect the cards to run in the $700-$800 range with limited supply.

>> No.54766948
File: 44 KB, 1213x819, 8mlqBGo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who /alreadyboughtit/ here?

>> No.54766959

as long as there aren't any supply issues others will probably bring the prices down to be competitive with cheaper coolers etc so they can sell them in mass quantities, like with the custom msi gtx 970 which was (and is) immensely popular

>> No.54767002

reference cards weren't that expensive either

they ask +100 for nothing, and they have a reason they don't talk about because usually +100 more isn't helpful for business

anyone got stats on 980ti sales? because we are in that realm for 1070, and it is bad

>> No.54767006

>buying a meme card

top kek

>> No.54767022

1080 needs three semi-rare/low volume things:
> GDDR5X - not exactly flooding the streets yet
> uncut GP104 - TSMC yields on 300+ mm^2 chips not yet knows
> different PCB - GDDR5X has different pinout than normal GDDR5

>> No.54767039

When will newegg start selling? I have a pretty substantial gift credit I want to use.

>> No.54767047

they're not asking $100 more, they're asking for $700 for cards while trying to flash around a $599 sticker price that won't be available anywhere.

>> No.54767057

>who dipshit here

not me :^)

>> No.54767058
File: 104 KB, 900x833, EVGA-GeForce-GTX-1080-FTW-900x833.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not getting this instead

>> No.54767063

Should've waited for the inevitable TI version.

>> No.54767114

did anyone else notice how heavyweight coolers are on all AIBs? They all look like Sapphire products now.

>> No.54767115

good goyim buy a reference card

>> No.54767137

>Google 1440p benchmarks for the gtx 1080 in shit I play
>Get articles about 1080p benchmarks from months back

>> No.54767225

Nah, the reference 1080 thermal throttles while running basically any game on the market. The reference cooler is a piece of shit that can't handle the TDP of the card.

>> No.54767246

ok but i think gtx 1070 will have competitive pricing since it has a cut GP104 and plain GDDR5

>> No.54767269

try searching for
>1440p benchmarks "gtx 1080"
and you can go in search tools -> past month/week

>> No.54767272

>Nah, the reference 1080 thermal throttles while running basically any game on the market

Except it doesn't



>> No.54767285

competitive with what?

$450 demands quite a lot of performance.

>> No.54767287
File: 211 KB, 566x600, GV-N1080 G1Gaming-8GD_01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>8 + 2 phase power connector instead of the 5+1 on the reference card

Can't wait to see how well this things oc's so we can finaly compare some oc'd 980ti's with it

>> No.54767314


>In the simplest terms AMD has created a product that runs hotter and slower than its competition's new architecture by a potentially significant margin.


>> No.54767335

well it's a really good card with all the latest technologies and especially for the VR meme it's a good buy and it's relatively affordable, lots and lots of people bought the gtx 970 and it was almost the same price

>> No.54767351

it's being compared to stock 980ti's, and even overclocked for some reviews, it's dogshit

>> No.54767361


If this is true, they are fucked

>> No.54767375

>comparing a stock card with a stock card is not good!

>> No.54767387

>HardOCP was not invited to this weekend’s launch in Macau as AMD PR has made a decision to no longer brief this site


>> No.54767397
File: 283 KB, 714x574, akarin angered.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> mfw it's ~1100 usd in my third world country

It hurts. Sometimes I think it'd less expensive to just travel to US and buy there.

>> No.54767403

>DXRacer logo must always be in view

>> No.54767431

damn AMD is getting rekt even harder than i thought

hopefully the people making mobile gpus can step things up and make good desktop gpus to provide competition and encourage technological progress like if they can make a pretty damn good single digit watt chip maybe it can scale to 200W

>> No.54767452

This "editorial" is worse than office gossip, why would you take it seriously? Not to mention 4/5 of it is about office gossips and not hardware.

>> No.54767462

>Let’s start with the tension. Koduri was able to wrestle control of the graphics division away during AMD’s last leadership transition after threatening to leave the ship and take a role at Intel, something he's not shy about telling his AMD colleagues. Lisa Su caved and Koduri got the job.

>Letting Pajeet hold entire AMD company to ransom

>> No.54767472
File: 1 KB, 473x454, 1459937356407.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Talk me out of it lads

>> No.54767497

It would explain why AMD has said almost nothing about the release of Polaris so far

>> No.54767501

you better stop talking shit about my boy Raja, you double nigger.

>> No.54767531
File: 271 KB, 1600x1000, 1406959451782.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh boy

>> No.54767545

look at the AMDcucks in the video they look like they're about to cry

>> No.54767566

They always say nothing, AMD works that way.
Nvidia said nothing about pascal either.

>> No.54767567

> 1070
> has all the latest technologies


>> No.54767570


>Expect the ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1080 to be available starting June 4. You can choose between the hot-clocked OC version for $639.99 or a stock-clocked variant with a $619.99 MSRP.

>> No.54767575

you don't have to commit to buying straight away, it's a pre-order anyway, maybe some other product comes out or another dela comes up that you'd rather have

>> No.54767580

and people from nvidia that come on stage with huang look like they are about to get beaten by their drunkard father, your point?

>> No.54767587

This is it. Nvidiots are over. Msrp my fucking ass

>> No.54767593

That's bullshit

>> No.54767595


>> No.54767604

799€ incl VAT, ~650€ excluding for me, I'm game

>> No.54767613


>> No.54767614

Let's count.

>150w less than 950 battlefront 60fps
>hitman 1440p 60fps

>order of ten

>> No.54767623

>hitman 1440p 60fps
They never said anything about the settings actualy

>> No.54767628

ROG has always been priced higher you dip

>> No.54767634
File: 297 KB, 1000x1000, 1424310228003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How much do you guys reckon the 1070 will be?
Cant really rationalize spending £690 on the 1080 at the moment but I really wanna upgrade from the gtx590

>> No.54767636


>> No.54767648

everyone and their grandma quoted those settings for no reason then

>> No.54767655

>throttling at regular fan

>noise issue at custom fan

1080 FE = Fool's Edition.


>> No.54767659
File: 46 KB, 1153x415, 15e70afa15a837dc201b91adb53d5dcd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

got free headset too.

>> No.54767660
File: 1.40 MB, 190x167, popcornn.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Where the plot thickens is when you look at the Koduri’s unwavering ambition. Koduri’s ultimate goal is to separate the Radeon Technologies Group from its AMD corporate parent at all costs with the delusion that RTG will be more competitive with NVIDIA and a become a possible acquisition target for Koduri and his band of mutineers to cash in when it's sold. While Koduri is known to have a strong desire to do this by forging a new relationship with Apple on custom parts (no surprise there) for Macbooks, the real focus is on trying to become the GPU technology

>supplier of choice to none other than Intel. While this was speculated some time ago I can tell you with certainty that a deal is in the works with Intel and Koduri and his team of marauders working overtime to get the deal pulled into port ASAP. The Polaris 10/11 launch, and all of its problems, are set to become a future problem of Intel’s in what RTG believes will be a lucrative agreement that will allow Koduri and his men to slash the lines from Lisa Su and the rest of AMD.

>> No.54767683

They did, that's what fanboys do

>> No.54767688
File: 94 KB, 960x720, liquid cooled keyboard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was kind of hyped at the beginning but after all the truth has come out it's kind of put me off pc gaming hardware in general. I can see where the industry is going with anti-consumer practices and tricking people into spending money kind of like what happened with the game devs and their pre-order or early access bullshit or shitty ports. I honestly feel like just selling my $2500 rig and just buying a $600 laptop to play dota on and wiping my hands of the whole gaming pc racket.

>> No.54767695

>7.5 gb

>> No.54767711

nice meme

even if it were to be "crippled" that way it'd still be plenty of VRAM

>> No.54767717

No, they said 1440p 60fps

They didn't specify max settings though

>> No.54767719

hard to implicate TPU/guru3d/anandatech in that specially for AMD

>> No.54767722

while AMD is no doubt a shit show internally, you have to wonder how much of this is Kyle getting his panties in a twist over not getting invited to the Polaris launch.

>> No.54767724
File: 779 KB, 2431x3508, Kaiser_Wilhelm_II_of_Germany_-_1902.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I accept my cuckolding

>> No.54767735

Yeah so then we can say nothing about the performance of the card based on that

>> No.54767749

speculation is that GP104 will have multiple tiers of cutting, with 1070 keeping all L2 cache and 1060 or whatever getting the 7+1GB treatment.

>> No.54767750

wait for top end gigabyte/evga 1080ti or cry about your wasted shekels when it's announced

just got my 980ti classy and i'm a little sad about the money i wasted but oh well.

>> No.54767774
File: 13 KB, 190x190, 1221855197247.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no invited
>clickbait article
>not a single source
>logic based on one man ambition while he perfectly aware how corporations work

>> No.54767783

It's not going to change now. Look at these fucking idiots. You can blame them for taking advantage of dumb people but in the end you only have the customers to blame.


>> No.54767785


>The GTX 1070 is not shipping with any ROPs or memory controller channels disabled – GTX 970 style or otherwise – and as a result it retains GP104’s full 64 ROP backend.



>> No.54767798

long enough footage is available, you can see at what setting it was played

>> No.54767800

Why would you buy a Classifed? High ASIC was proven to not have an impact on how well a Maxwell card can be overclocked. You were rused pretty bad.

>> No.54767817

What a shit click bait article
>We didn't get an invite so here is this petty hit piece based on rumors
Polaris 11 has already been shown to run star wars battlefront 60 fps in the sub 45 watt range

>> No.54767822

You can probably tell if it's low or higher, but other than that, no

>> No.54767824
File: 146 KB, 890x1040, GeForce-GTX-1070-3DMark-FireStrike-Performance.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is this real? i think i'm going for the 1070

>> No.54767848

>medium settings
>vsync on
>85 watts

>> No.54767849

There was a reason for the staggered launch. No one is going to buy a 1080 after the 1070 comes out unless they are really good goys.

>> No.54767856

there are people autistic enough to analyze this thing frame by frame with actual game on hand

>> No.54767864

>mobile chip

>> No.54767872

i'm probably getting the gtx 1070 but the gtx 1080 is a reasonable buy if you can afford it, +24% perf is significant, it's better to have one stronk gpu than multiple weak ones because of AFR latency and SLI/crossfire scaling issues

>> No.54767880
File: 97 KB, 1191x155, firestrike.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

kill me, I just got this a month ago

>> No.54767883

I'm buying it just to get a 4K monitor too. I don't even game regularly but I want to be able to #yolo

>> No.54767901

>High settings
>150 watts was total system power including cpu
>But sure some click bait that by their own admission isn't updated by AMD is telling the truth

>> No.54767902

I'll wait till the benchmarks actualy come out

>> No.54767903

You knew this was coming and you just went ahead, makes you a genuine idiot

>> No.54767908


>> No.54767910

>GRAPHICS score 35471
still good m8

>> No.54767922

You'll be disappointed how a single 1080 drives a 4k monitor.

>> No.54767936

idk i just went by what they showed in the end of this video

>> No.54767952

it's surprisingly good, you can get 60+ fps in a lot of games with maxed or high settings, combine it with gsync and fastsync and it could be super playable

>> No.54767973

Why would you buy that when everyone been telling /g/ to wait and see for the GTX 1080 for the whole month?

Jeez, you'd think people would know better

>> No.54767988

not important but I like the way the card looks, the low-poly thing is nice

>> No.54767997

The point you should realize is that nobody buys 700 dollar video cards, there is a reason the gtx 750 is the most successful cards nvidia has ever sold. Also you aren't going to find a 1070 for less than 450 dollars either

>> No.54768008

>Fast Sync isn't limited to just Pascal


inb4 "all the GPUs that support it" consists of 1070 and 1080

>> No.54768014

nice fearmongering AMDcuck, the only reason it might be 450+ is because of an extremely high demand for it, but the MSRP is literally $379, you can bet your ass chink manufacturers want to stay competitive, they just put a price premium on the founder's edition because it's genuinely a more expensive cooler and they don't want to undercut their AIB partners

>> No.54768017

Do you guys think that the 970 is gonna drop in price once the new nvidia cards launch?

>> No.54768023

would you buy this over the 980ti?

>> No.54768028

i'm guessing maybe like $20-30

>> No.54768037
File: 83 KB, 485x501, 1452520653352.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you snag two EVGA 1080 FEs and are gonna resell them to good goys for a 300 dollar profit
Just paid for my 1070 boys

>> No.54768041

Not imminently, but yes

>> No.54768044

nope, it's what? 290-300 now? 1070 is 80 more at least
And it is still the most competitive gpu along 390
for most people a bit much is too much

>> No.54768048

absolutely, the simultaneous multi-projection the alone is a huge benefit, like if you want to do VR stuff or use triple monitors or use a curved display

>> No.54768055

Just bought the 1080. How much can I sell my 980 ti for?

>> No.54768065

No, they always stop production long before a new release. It will hit a low point, go out of stock, and then rise in price as they become more rare. Maybe you'll get lucky and snag a deal on a used one.

>> No.54768083

I dont think that you should sell it now because everyone is going to do so too.
If you want to get the most dollarinos then I recommend waiting a bit

>> No.54768110

imo sell it asap while buyers try to get a good deal from people upgrading to 1080, later on the people who'd buy the 980 ti might just get a new 1070/1080 instead

>> No.54768125

Wait for the reference design 1080s to sell out. Then you'll have a month or so of people F5ing to get the ones in stock.

Also desperate people who want to buy another 980 Ti for SLI.

>> No.54768134

mfw you lose 100 dollars per card

>> No.54768252
File: 489 KB, 1019x1080, Youthened_Guinan_and_Ro_Laren_(2369).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.54768254


i didn't really buy it for the high asic or i would have got a kingpin and even then i didn't want to spend that much

tl;dr i had a giftcard

>> No.54768281

Oh right I was thinking of Kingpin cards.

>> No.54768287
File: 224 KB, 989x946, CqNSKDy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yup, the site I bought it from were offering pre-orders on the aftermarket cards.

Would you like to take a look at the prices?

Paying an absolute marginal premium on getting the FE (which I kinda wanted anyway, it's pretty)

And I get to have it tomorrow not some time in the next few months.

>> No.54768291

That's because they realized that to get proper cooling whilst staying quiet requires proper coolers. Personally if I was buying I would prefer a 3 fan cooler.

>> No.54768299
File: 16 KB, 800x388, gtx 1080 throttling.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People aren't seriously buying the founder's edition for personal use, right?

>> No.54768321

1080 Seahawk. Wow first I've seen of this. Not that much more expensive either. It'll probably be reference PCB though with the power throttling issues that entails.

>> No.54768324

No Ansel at launch?

>> No.54768329

blower coolers are often considered to be better for SLI setups and for low-airflow cases since they expel the heat out the back of the case

>> No.54768333

>10GT/s memory
damn, i haven't been keeping up with advancements

>> No.54768352

What are the differences of these?

>> No.54768360

This. Same shit happened with 770s

>> No.54768381

>Does not show setup
>Does not show curves over time period
It could be all those benches are tested for a few minutes only so it boosts. I'd like ot see how the card is setup (what case if any and ambient temps) plus the curves (Power, temp, FPS, GPU usage) for each game at 10+ minutes game time. Otherwise it's all meaningless bullshit.

>> No.54768388

Mostly because people don't seem to mind 2.5 slot cards anymore, years ago people would have throw a fit if a card was bigger than two slots, then they got the rebrand amd 300 series with 2.5 slot coolers which help keep the monster heating machines under control, might as well go ahead and do the same with Nvidia cards, the msi 390 heatsink is almost as twice as thick as the one on the msi GTX 970.

>> No.54768416


> Asian

You've already lost at life.

>> No.54768437

I specifically asked Matt from Hardware unboxed if he tested the game for prolonged periods of time.

He said he ran the oc'd speeds stable for 2 hours of gaming.

So your assumptions are wrong

>> No.54768499

can somebody tell me what the fuck the point of FastSync is when just capping the rendering loop fps is better in every way?

>> No.54768514

better version of triple buffering basically

>> No.54768524

$380 and $600 price points are borderline fraudulent marketing by Nvidia.

they're trying to destroy their partners' margins for some quick good press for themselves.

>> No.54768547

>capping the rendering loop fps
latency. if you cap it like that, you render a frame in e.g. 2ms, then you sit around doing nothing for 14 ms, so you get an additional 14 ms of latency. with fastsync you can keep rendering frames so you get almost zero additional latency

>> No.54768564

again, FastSync is supposed to reduce latency/judder when fps exceeds Hz.

why the fuck not just cap the rendering loop in this situation and drop to double buffering?

> lowest latency
> reduced power consumption
> not exactly rocket science to accomplish

>> No.54768565

stay delusional

>> No.54768608

Have USA prices been shown for AIB cards yet? Are these prices more or less than Founders Edition in your country?

>> No.54768635
File: 52 KB, 568x612, 1462800261632.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54768660

pre orders are probably a ripoff m8

>> No.54768684

again, it would seem smarter to just kick off the frame render batch job some small time delta before the delivery cutoff.

But you're out of your mind if you think FastSync is designed for situations where a GPU is rendering at 500 fps on a 60 Hz monitor.
It's for situations where maybe 65 or 70 fps on 60 Hz or ~130 fps on 120 Hz, where the latency from the naive capping approach is maaaybe 1 ms.

>> No.54768700

Holy shit. I don't really like AMD but even I feel bad about the roasting they just got.

>> No.54768719

Why not strix?

>> No.54768724

>it would seem smarter to just kick off the frame render batch job some small time delta before the delivery cutoff
if you miss the delivery you get another frame of latency or tearing

>> No.54768774

>Graphics Card Power Connectors: 1 x 8-pin PCIe

Don't be a fucking retard.

>> No.54768848

not with adaptive sync, and estimates can be made conservative enough this will hardly ever happen.

but really, doing nothing and getting maybe 1 ms latency in common usage is the really the best choice.

FastSync is just an overengineered anti-feature.

>> No.54768855

At least it's cheaper than Founders. That could have been really bad if it was $740

>> No.54768879

fastsync isn't for everyone but for competitive games like csgo it can obviously be very useful to get minimal latency without tearing

>> No.54768899

and it's only $20 above MSRP, at launch, fuck off butthurt amd kid

>> No.54768946

and it has legitimately good features, like the massive cooler and the fans that idle at 0, completely silent assuming no coil whine (and reviewers have been saying that there are no issues with coil whine for the pascal cards)

>> No.54768962

>Upgraded cooling further expands the Strix GeForce GTX 1080’s potential. The DirectCU III cooler runs heatpipes directly over the GPU to accelerate thermal transfer, and its beefy heatsink is cooled by three fans for faster dissipation. The Wing-Blade fans are carefully shaped to maximize static pressure over the heatsink, contributing to a 30% improvement in cooling performance over the Founders Edition. You don’t have to sacrifice acoustics, either. The Strix is much quieter than the Founders Edition, and its 0dB fans spin down completely at idle and under lighter loads, allowing the card to operate in stealthy silence. The heatsink is so effective on its own that you can even play less-demanding games without any fan noise.

>> No.54769040

>While the cooler is primarily responsible for keeping GPU temperatures in check, the surrounding system fans play an important role; they dictate the flow of cooler external air toward the graphics card and warmer air around it toward the chassis exhaust vents. The trouble is, system fans typically change speeds based on the temperature of the CPU or motherboard, which doesn’t always track with what’s happening on the graphics card. Gaming and virtual reality put much more strain on the GPU than on the CPU, and the resulting temperature disparity results in inefficient graphics cooling.

>To fix the problem, the Strix GeForce GTX 1080 has dual 4-pin fan headers controlled by the GPU temperature. Plug standard case fans into the card, and ASUS FanConnect technology will adjust their speed based on the graphics load. Pretty much everyone can use this unique feature to make their system cooling more intelligent, and overclockers can direct additional airflow to the graphics card to lower temperatures and improve stability.

this is actually really cool. i might end up geting the strix 1080, or 1070 if there is one

>> No.54769080

Isn't heatpipe directly on die a cheapo cooler thing? Like that 212 Evo?

>> No.54769124

if it's implemented well i don't see any reason why it'd be bad, gives a more direct contact, 212 evo is like the best cooler for the price

>> No.54769216

>processor is unlocked for oc
Too bad the mobo isn't, what a waste

>> No.54769324

That cryorig is supposed to be better but I don't know.

>> No.54769438

maybe, i don't know, but directcu with the direct contact heatpipes on the asus cards is tried and tested, it's been used on all the high-end asus cards for years


>> No.54769498

>ugh they only lied about $20 like Jesus, it's not like they lied about vram again!

>> No.54769533

see >>54767628

the strix gtx 970 was significantly more expensive than the msi gtx 970

>> No.54769550

Too bad the meme coolers are cheaper than reference cards

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