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Official HHKB Bluetooth Edition

>Buyer's template for the unenlightened:
Where to Buy:

You are new and want our advice? Use buyers template

Keyset wiki

Old thread >>54617627

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why are these all hhkb shill threads now?

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I need new caps for my 3 year or so old Leopold full sized. I used some that I had left over from a backlit keyboard at home but the space bar doesn't fit. How would I look for caps that match my keyboard? Also would like ninja printing.

Is there such a thing as different styles for the pegs underneath? Is it only a problem because I tried to put backlit keycaps on a none backlit keyboard?

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Price check on Granite Base Set + Modifers? Including resell ofc

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Space invader switch master race. With the keycaps off you can actually see the two pieces of metal that touch to register a keystroke. You can even activate them with a paperclip if you want.

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How convenient, I just started cleaning my old keyboard.

Setting her aside for my new sweetheart~

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Looking for keycaps. Ninja/side print thick pbt if possible.

>Budget - As long as its not insane its fine.
>Location America Chicago Suburbs.
>Preferred switch type - Keyboard is MX-Brown. Keyboard is a Leopold FC3456-A.
>Layout - ANSI
>Form factor - 100% full sized.
>Backlight - No

Continuing to google now. Also these keycap store sites are shit for sorting by feature.

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Also these older Leopolds have a space bar issue it seems. There are universal space bars though to deal with it and Im looking for that in PBT matching color also. All white or all black on the keys. I like the look of white but black would show dirt less.

Does white have a problem picking up color from use over time on PBT?

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Was about to buy a poker III

Cheaper I can get is 149€ pok3r vs 106€~ v60 both mx clear

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Took me about an hour? Sounds about right.

I don't know shit about repairing broken switches, but can someone lead me in the right direction?

This one is a CM Storm Rapid i with cherry mx browns.

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I picked up a goodwill model m and just finished a bolt mod but now it doesn’t work. LEDs come on when first plugged in for about one second then go off.

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4chan showed previous thread removed but wasn't

reeeeeeeee, etc

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>200 dollarydoos for a HHHHKB
No thanks, I'll stick to Cherry MX.

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Is there any way to get Cherry MX keycaps on a Model M?

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You fucking kill yourself

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Who /keycaps-more-expensive-than-keyboard/ here?

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Alright found these how do I order them?


Cant read this page but Id like to find some black ones instead.

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it takes at least 1000 exposures to a product before someone buys it

you have 998 more tries to convince me

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HHKBtards confirmed for unwashed neet. Look at all that dust.

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> being so autistic you use fucking carpeting on your desk because it's your favorite texture


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Cheapest, and best quality for starter mech on the market, nice buy

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I guess you need to be a leet hacker to buy a $200 keyboard :^)

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997 more tries. it's like you think misplaced control keys are cool. : /

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>he doesn't have a type s

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>I type 130+ WPM on any desktop keyboard
>I type 60+ WPM on my phone's physical keyboard

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you are so cool

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Isnt HHKB non-mechanical ? whats so good about it

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Just like cherry keyboards, it feels nice to use.

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I finally got my first mechanical keyboard.

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Is this good, /mkg/? Doesn't have gay LEDs, small, tenkeyless, doesn't have gaymer buttons, blue switches with light press feel. I'm planning to buy one.

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Standard entry-level board.

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Let us compare Topre with Cherry switches.

>high durability and consistency over time
>mid keystroke activation
>replaceable keycaps
>no rubber dome
Nope. Topre uses a rubber dome to provide superior silent tactility. The domes are bigger and higher quality than those of your typical rubber dome keyboard.
In contrast the silent but tactile Cherry switches are kind of an afterthought, created by putting a slight bump in the plastic of a linear design.
>physical contact point
Nope. Topre switches instead sense the chance in resistance as their spring compresses, unlike a typical rubber dome keyboard which relies on contact surfaces being pressed against each other.
In contrast Cherry switches have the slider rubbing against a metal leaf that bends to make contact. This makes that bent metal leaf a very common point of failure.

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>no gaymer buttons
>"quickfire" on the space bar

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Those keycaps are garbage anon

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Define mechanical.

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Thanks /mkg/ for convincing me to try a better keyboard. I picked up this black switch mx for next to nothing and I love it.

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>mechanical keyboards general
>posts rubberdome

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>no cheap ISO
the feels of superior non-chink layout

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Hey guys, is there's a buyer's guide?

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Yeah its good. If you actually want a nice keyboard you need to change the caps.

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got my granites in today

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Is this batch 2, or just slow shipping?
Mine arrived over 3 weeks ago

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Those fucking stem marks.

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Any crookers?

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why are these threads so fucking dead man

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We need a fresh meme injection. Something for people to get uppity about.

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batch 2 obvs





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>seller lists keyboard in 5251 layout for 50€
supposedly hall effect, so not bad for 45

>next day lists an actual 5251 for 80€ and accepts my 65€ offer
hell yeah

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Bro, I can tell that the Super and Alt are crooked.

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Neat. We might be able to buy some interesting keycap sets in the future if the sample pack is well received.
Seems to be a UK company with lots of profiles, similar to Signature Plastics, but also the thickness and quality of something like GMK.

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are they abs though?

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now with bolts, it feels like less a piece of shit, and all of the keys work

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Is something finally being produced? It's been teased for a long while now.

Not that I'd be interested if there are no sculpted sets.


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Looks like just a sampler pack for now as they don't have much experience with the enthusiast market and vice versa. There's apparently a chance for a full set in Dolch and classic beige color schemes later this year.
The sampler has the Q-series (like a more square DSA), K-series (tall, similar to SA profile) and J-series (similar to Cherry profile).

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cheep cey kaps

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Is this a good keyboard? I'm thinking of getting it because I've been getting finger and wrist pain with membrane keyboard

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Hey guys, I'm interested in the Ergodox keyboard. Currently I have a ducky shine 3, with which I am quite happy (apart from the fact that about half the leds have died), but I really like the design of the ergodox and it's ergonomics. Is it worth the price or is it a meme?

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>Is it worth the price or is it a meme?
It's up to each person to decide. Some like it, some don't.

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Yer that's awsome, definatly buy it. Might be a bit small though.

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>Might be a bit small though.

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