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>Buyer's template to get suggestions:
>Where to buy:

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First for rubber memes

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Second for rubber memeboards

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who hwite alps here?

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is that a lisp machine keyboard?

wish i had one that worked with modern PCs

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It's a Keytronic console from a Lockheed weapons control system.

Still trying to figure out the pinouts, it's got both a DB25 and DB9 serial on the back..

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been gone for a while. any news on a backlit set that isn't those shitty vortex pbt caps? i hate the font on them so much and the number placement is all stupid for backlighting.

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d-did i do good?

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Now for that price I'd actually want a Topre. Pretty awesome if it's in good condition.

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I'm looking into buying a good budget keyboard. I was looking at these chink outemu:


I quite like the idea of having the tenkey but are the steelseries switches worth the extra cost?
Are the outemu any good?
From what I've tried I prefer non clicky keys.

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Don't tell me, I wasn't even born here...

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Considering that 99.9% of us don't read the French language, how exactly are you proposing we use this webpage to help you with your purchasing decision?

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Links are for the actual price I will pay and for the photo since 99.9% of chinese keyboards have multiple clones and you might know them as something else.

Here are the .com links where you won't find any more info that I already gave you:


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get the magicforce with Cherry MX browns.

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Thanks, are the outemu browns as the cherry browns: non clicky and small actuation force?

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yes, both brown switches are non-clicky small actuation. But I recommend getting the Cherry MX Brown version of that keyboard.

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>tfw can't use my mechanical keyboard because i prefer blacks and its too loud for my other flatmates when i'm typing away at 2am while they're trying to get enough sleep to be fully functional human beings

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put a towel over your keyboard.

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not available in shitty France unfortunately. I might have to go for the outemu browns. Are they bad or just not as good as cherry MXs?

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Not available in shitty France. I might go for the outemu browns. Are they bad or just not as good as the cherry MXs?

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Cherry is superior German engineering. All of the others are cheap Chinese crap.

You get what you pay for.

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Anyone had experience with ducky one? Im interested on trying mechanical keyboard, and it's the cheapest I've found around here, about $75

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