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>4chan is closed source
>reddit is open source


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>closed source

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If reddit is open source why havent people forked it?

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Unsubscribe from all the default subs and reddit is great for tech and porn. 4chan is just for shitposting and memes.

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Because proprietary code is always superior to free shit

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>not understanding the difference
because it isn't GPL style F/LOSS software


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Except they have.

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Over 2000 forks of their repository.

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no i mean reddit clone websites


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GPL=free as in speech.
reddit=free as in being a huge faggot and no one can stop you.

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I know theres voat but idk if its based on reddit code or not

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the version on github isn't the live version

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What is Voat?

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a reddit-like website

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>If reddit is open source why havent people forked it?
It's just that gay.

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dat pic is gold

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I laughed harder than what i should have

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I think there are some directly copied snippets

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Sounds like you have downs.

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Am doctor, can confirm is Downs.

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moot is ashamed of the source code.

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Most likely this.. but still suspect that 4chan is an NSA/FBI/Amazon Honeytrap.

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8ch is also Open Source

4chan: Windows
Reddit: OS X
8ch: Linux

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>>54298879this is a great analogy

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>people that uses 4chan are retards
>people that uses reddit are faggots
>people that uses 8ch are autists
great analogy you got here m8

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inb4 ban

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i whole heartedly agree with this

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>people who use windows are retards

t. autist

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A reddit clone that was made whenever the admins banned a lot of subreddits, like fat people hate and racist subreddits. Its a shitshow, /b/ userbase on an ugly reddit.

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>implying people browsing 4chans aren't retards

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4chan is a botnet.

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>8ch: Linux
>breaks all the time
>no userbase
>muh activism mentality
>it's few users a insufferable faggots who consider their usage of an OS/a website the most important thing in their life
yeah, about right

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Lainchan: Gentoo

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Just because they upload source code to git doesn't mean thats actually running on their server. They could easily have some datamining on the live site.

Same goes with 4chins, if the source was up on some git hosting site it doesn't make the site an more trustworthy.

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>what is backend

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what is voat, what is lesswrong

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what are some good subreddits?

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You know web code can be obfuscated, right? Buttmunch.

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None of them. Just look up what you want and then get out of there.

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closed source > free/open source.

That's why there are soo many linux shills here shitting the place up 24/7 for the past few years.

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>he fell for the reddit is open meme
Top ebin famagusta
Pro tip: unless you compile/execute something from source yourself, the source being available means JACK SHIT.

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>what is php?

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People acting like they will go through every line of code to make sure there's no backdoor. Otherwise you just have to rely on someone else to do it for you and you assume that person is 1) capable and 2) reliable

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It's not even just that. Even if you went through it all, you have LITERALLY no fucking way of knowing if what's running on reddit.com is what you read (hint: it's not).

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>closed source > free/open source.
I'm not a freetard, but open source is usually written after hours by people wanting to show off their programming skills and without any time constraints. commercial code is written by people that are judged by the ability to deliver certain functionalities before the deadline, not the quality of code, so they tend to write a buggy mess of copypasted code

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Freetard logic:
When something their mental illness likes is open source:
>it has to be open source even though nobody reads the code
>it just HAS to be open source, it's superior!!

When something that triggers violent outbursts is open source:

When something they like is closed source:
>Not sure how that is relevant to the discussion AT ALL so stfu?

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Reddit's 8gag.

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Lainchan: OSX

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Holy shit what's with this trippy yellow snake meme

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Agree with ya anon,
lets all love Lain

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>building a website not compatible with LibreJS


Stallman would turn in his grave.

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Voat is .Net code, Reddit is python. Hard for much more than the styling to be copied.

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How does LibreJS interact with NoScript?

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>implying it's hard to directly port .NET code to Python

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Get off /g/ if you don't even understand how servers work.

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>yfw this is becoming the next new meme and reddit will ride it to the ground.

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It's actually an old meme, slowpoke.

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underrated post

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You're a fucking idiot.

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no u

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Given just about nothing is NoScript compatible, they are somewhat equivalent in practise.

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it's a python shitshow

the functionality isn't that great either, people can write their own alternative in a better language

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A long time ago mootykins basically admitted that 4chan's source is a mess. If it was released vulnerabilities would be found & exploited with hours. Sure they'd be fixed, but not before /b/ had a field day.

If Hiroshimoot is following moot's footsteps we'd see an open source chan does as an entirely new source code - which is unlikely given that it's all volunteer made and maintained.

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Voat is not a fork, lesswrong is

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>implying /k/ hasn't been making these forever

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Never. Lain chan has more linux discussion than 8ch and 4fag combined. Find me 1 osx thread.

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It's literally hosted on OSX. The only """discussion""" it has is dude weed lmao and tyler swift on the hidden board.

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