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What Chink Shit is currently in your cart?

>IRC channel #/csg/ on rizon


>Meanwhile over at Xiaomi HQ >>54261119 → >Actually anon bought a Mitu plush >>54260803>>54260825>>54260874
>>Shitpost your way through your first 5 reviews on Gearbest >>54202786 → and receive 1300 points, one anon received an additional 1300 >>54233452 → (possibly a glitch.) >>54242464
>The Cakebux removal message has changed to "Got Points from Mother's Day Draw" >>54221233 → some anons have tried with varying results with points being promised >>54251238 → when asked nicely >>54251304 → or outright rejection >>54252092
>Anon struggles with a Rapoo e6350 keyboard >>54260667>>54261631
>Anon's got very fast shipping on his KZ ED9's >>54260309>>54260744
>Anon reviews the Opus BT-C100 >>54259985
>Anon reviews an old purchase a pair of NATO straps for his watch >>54258256
>More info from "Quick&Dirty Reviews" anon's youtube channel >>54259214

Previous thread >>54261871

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you could have fixed the pastebin cmon

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ahm :( my bad

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For any of those familios following my ongoing first-time Taobao order...

>Final item arrived last night...finally.
>Tracking information showed it sitting in Beijing for 2-3 days.
>The rest of the items were ordered last Friday and got there by Sunday.
>Consolidating the order was easy, just a matter of selecting all the tick boxes next to the items waiting to be consolidated, clicking "OK", and paying for the order.
>Did that last night, tracking information was provided to DPEX tonight.
>Currently looking for an Android app that'll notify me of changes as Orrs' Deliveries app doesn't support DPEX

My lessons learned so far:

>Don't use Google Translate when trying to register your number on a new account, the page won't work
>Make sure you get all your credentials right from the get-go, otherwise retrieving accounts is a PITA
>Make simple, short English sentences for Google to translate. They are easier for Chinese to understand.
>Taobao does indeed take international MasterCard/Visa payments.
>The Chinese ship shit FAST if it's domestic.
>Customer service is really keen to please
>Shit is around 60% cheaper than Aliexpress in some cases.

I will keep you guys updated on shipping speed and what condition the gear arrives in.


If you're still around...

See if there's a Fn lock function. My Logitech wireless multimedia keyboard is the same way.

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New to the whole /csg/ bandwagon.

Planning to get a shark, some headphones and something else, the shark is 16 AUD and I'm only looking to spend around $50. What does the usual /csg/ user carry in their toolbelt?

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dood, I'm interested in this:

Ducky One, blue led, red switches.

how to proceed?

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You're missing these.
xiaomi power bank
usb 3.0 card readers
keyboard keycap puller
led flashlight
xl xiaomi mousepad

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Any good chink tablets out there?

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how much is that in non-chink cash? Like 4 fucking bucks wtf?

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>359 Chinese yuan = 55.388674 U.S. dollars

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Does anyone know any chink sites that sell posters cheap?

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I did yen instead of yuan, end my life please

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What case should I get for my memephone? I already dropped it once and I have it for about 20 hours.

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Firstly, check other outlets, such as eBay and any local stockists. Note that international shipping is 200RMB. I think you'll find that non-Chinese stuff is generally the same price or more expensive.

If you're satisfied that you aren't going to get it any cheaper, open up a Taobao account:


I can't remember if English signup had similar issues with phone numbers, but if your phone number has a preceding 0 (i.e. 0412 345 678) make sure you omit it. Otherwise it'll accept the phone number and you won't get security SMS which is key to starting up an account.

You will need to select
>a) username,
>b) preferred E-Mail,
>c) password (for login to Alipay, Taobao, Tmall, etc) and
>d) a 6-digit payment password.

Write these down and don't lose them, because recovery can be a mighty pain in the ass.

Once that's done it should just be a matter of logging in and selecting the item you want. With it translated to English, you'll want to select "Blue Red Axis" (蓝光红轴) - Blue being the LEDs and "Red Axis" being the color for the switch. They name all of their switches this way; for example browns are "Tea Axis", supposedly because brown looks like tea, or at least translates that way.

Once you've got it added to your cart, tick the checkbox next to it and go to cart settlement. The rest of it should be pretty self explanatory.

Tracking the item is also fairly obvious once it's shipped (you'll get a notification on Taobao, from which you can track it), but I keep a lazy eye on /csg/ most days so yell out if you need a hand.

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Is the Xiaomi redmi 3 (not the note version) worth it? I haven't seen it mentioned in the pastebin but it looks good for the price. Or is there a better alternative?

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get the noto pro 3

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Could you trust the chinese?

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Thanks for the extensive how-to bro.

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thanks anon.
why not making a pastebin?

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Fuck you and your shitty op, at least I never had to put up with this in Chinese shit generals.

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>login to taobao check does they now support shipping to my country
>see this

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File: 53 KB, 1024x401, 2016-04-28_15-00-43.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And on alipay.

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No problems. Have spent weeks trying to figure it all out and to get my multiple accounts (which I shouldn't have done) in order, so if I save somebody the frustration and they can get straight to the good stuff I'm happy.


I think I will do, but I want to see how this order comes out first. If it comes through without any major hassles and in good condition, I'll do it. Before then I don't want to support it in case it ends up being a giant clusterfuck of requesting returns etc etc.

Consider me the Chink guinea pig

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What's the matter? Can't handle a few links?

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There are no links thanks to the fucktard op greentexting everything like it's his first day on 4chan

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>tfw I just purchased two 2TB enterprise grade HDDs for almost the same price...

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The hyperlinks don't work if you're using Clover.


At that price I'd do it just for shits and giggles and to see how and what the drive was made of. Maybe they're leftovers from the Thai flood.

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>The hyperlinks don't work if you're using Clover.
Might you should use real computer.

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But there are.
Are you using a really shitty extension?

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Yes, because I'm going to carry a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and a ITX box out to get coffee.

In a sense I already am because I'm using a Zenfone 2.

Maybe I should see if there's any ITX cases with touchscreens on Taobao...

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Proof for those interested:

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Or just get that x86 tablet.

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>implying a smartphonephone isn't a computer

They do if you don't fucking greentext them.

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I'm not sure if you've used a desktop OS on a tablet, but the only desktop browser that works for touchscreens is Microsoft Edge, and we both know what that's like.

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Any recommended SSDs?
I need something to fast-boot kodi on my shitty recycled HTPC, so even a cheap one will do; I'm just having trouble choosing between the dozens of models available.

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Kingdian SSDs

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I came across this yesterday. Anyone think I should get a pair?

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I am thinking http://www.ebay.com/itm/Samsung-SSD-120GB-750-EVO-SATA-III-SSD-Internal-Solid-State-Drive-MZ-750120B-CN-/351674094761 one, even it's korean brand.

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you'll catch chink herpes

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>Kingdian SSDs
Yeah I had a look but I can't tell what will and wont crap out/underperform.

Thanks, but that's not much cheaper than buying domestically for me.

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Chuwi Hi8

>> No.54270855 [DELETED] 

i prefer these

>> No.54270871

I legitimately think they could be super comfy though (and yes I will wash them before first use).

These just look less comfy than a normal pair tbqfwy.

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If you're looking for cheap then any SSD will do.

Despite everybody shiproasting about the Koreans in here Samsung is objectively the best choice for a SSD at the moment if you can fork out more dollaridoos.

Keep in mind convenience; if you're not far away from an MSY then it might just be worth driving down and picking one up

>> No.54270924

I'd recommend getting a used ssd if you want to keep costs down (as long as a health check is provided). Previous gen ssds can be had for quite cheap. OCAU marketplace is also a good place for that.

>> No.54270941

how do you know the shipping is 200 ?

>> No.54270985

I was looking at similar stuff, thinking of getting this


and maybe this one


but the front on the second looks a little odd

>> No.54270998

nope not with 2500GB data

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When i click aliexpress links im redirected to the sign up page, yet when i browse im not.

And when i click sign up im directed to the site directory.

Also when i click next page for feedback im only shown a connection error page.

What do?

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>74 is almost the sdame as 33

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Koreans make far better products than Chinks but that's not saying much

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File: 97 KB, 1025x495, 2016-04-28 22_32_15-行货DUCKY ONE魔力鸭2108S无冲RGB背光9008s3 shine3游戏机械键盘-tmall.com天猫.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This. OCAU always has tons of good stuff on offer, just don't be one of those douchebags that offers to meet halfway.


Excuse the shitty MSPaint combination of screenshots, but I wanted to point out how to select international shipping.

Pic on the left is selecting overseas shipping as Google Translate chokes on pop-ups. Pic on the right is the translation after that option is selected.

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are you trying to get ball cancer

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Aside from the novelty aspect, I am looking for a pair that is both extremely comfortable and will minimise crotch perspiration.

That jockstrap is too extreme for me though, and the waist band looks like it will become uncomfortable after a while.

>> No.54271072


Elaborating a bit more on this post.

If international shipping is offered, it's always the last option in the dropdown.

A way to remember it if you've had no exposure to Asian dialects before is to think of the last character in "overseas" (外) as a dong hanging out of a glory hole.

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>start gearbest live support
>wait 45 min
>14:35 - "you are now talking with Gavin"
>14:35 - "thank you for talking with us"

motherfucker literally closed down the chat when I finally got in touch with one, gonna tell the other support that Gavin is a fucking asshole, hopefully he gets forced to work 40 hours extra this week.

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but so cute looking

>> No.54271120

some of you guys are alright.

here are wii u codes for affordable space flight and shantae and pirates curse


>> No.54271174

Im serious with the jock strap though, theyre pretty comfy for long periods of time, like when your doing sport

>> No.54271186

how does shantae compare to the older games?

>> No.54271188

If you could get past them shit merchant ROM, it's a great phone., especially when shit cost less than 120 bucks

>> No.54271206

its decent at least, you have to play it to know.

>> No.54271230

I wonder what his real Chinese name is.

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Hey guys, exchange student in HK here. I had a G4 that was working really well, and I especially liked the camera. Recently, my phone got stuck on a boot loop and I wont be able to get it repaired for 2 months until I get back to America. I still have a bit of traveling to do and would like a chinaphone that can take quality pics for cheap. Going to Shenzhen this weekend to pick one up.

TL;DR : My G4 is kaput and I want a chinaphone with a similar quality camera. Suggestions?

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Xiaomi Mi5 might be best for you. Redmi Note 3/Pro has a good camera but not near G4 level. Note 3 Pro will be a lot cheaper though.

>> No.54271323

desu Chinese phones have shit cameras, none are on the level of S7.

The Xiaomi Mi5 will be half way there but for that price just get a s7 or and s6.

All mid tier chinese phones have ok camera, 6/10 imo.

I have bought meizu m2, xiaomi red note 3 pro and both have 6/10 cameras.

>> No.54271333

Teclast x80 pro or Chuwi Hi8?
I heard the Chuwi has better build quality but the screen is plastic instead of glass like the Teclast...
Which should I get? I want 16:10 not 4:3...

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>>See if there's a Fn lock function. My Logitech wireless multimedia keyboard is the same way.
Nope, there doesn't seem to be a Fn+* combination that would act as Fn lock.

But I did find out that Fn+CapsLock crashes the keyboard. Wut?

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what the fuck? why do the people look so dirty and oily? How is this age old joke fooling anyone or funny?

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got jap exam tomorrow so i was practising.

the chuwi has a better bettery and it has a glass screen do got chuwi

>> No.54271445

to be fair chinese optics are like 15 years behind germany/japan in general

>> No.54271450

he said the chui is glass or something.

sukurin is an icecream apparently so idk what hes talking about

>> No.54271452


if i can get the redmi note3 for US$150 to 160, is that a good deal?

>> No.54271459

What was that site that someone posted super cheap offers on things like mouepads tshirts etc on? Does any other site offer custom made tshirt prints (that aren't of iron on print quality)? Looking to get a few bootleg shirts made up for myself and screen printing them is pretty expensive.

>> No.54271467

what word are you using for battery? best review that

>> No.54271469

with the 3GB ram package

>> No.54271502 [DELETED] 

Could be arts(notspam)cow, that website where you could get $1 custom printed mousepads.

>> No.54271503

the name of the site is detected as spam lmao
can't help you then

>> No.54271518

Shoo shoo stinky chinky

>> No.54271527

be careful with which version you buy.

The only worthwhile one is the 3GB PRO version which has a Snapdragon 650 rather than the helios X10.

I'm not a Snapdragon shill but if you get the non pro version of he redmi note 3, you are better off getting the red mi note 2, which has the same processor but a higher frequency clock.

Remeber, 3GB, Pro version, Snapdragon 650.

If you are ok with an average camera the red mi 3 is pretty much unbeatable.
They supposedly use sony and samsung parts. I think where they fall behind is the programming behind it and using poor quality parts.

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>> No.54271551


Awesome, there was an image of discount codes too. Those around anywhere? I know it was just referral codes but don't mind if it means cheap stuff.

>> No.54271560

what are you talking about.

>> No.54271582

Thanks man, got it. How does the Redmi 3 camera compare to the note3?

>> No.54271583 [DELETED] 

Man, this is the one I used from about 3 years ago, not sure if it still works.

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it was a typo and i was trying to make a joke

>> No.54271588

Open a ticket instead, I once waited for like 20+ minutes for their chat so I went to another tab for some casual browsing.

Accidentally left them waiting 35 minutes because I was busy browsing /csg/.

>> No.54271595

>got paid
>after budgetting I have a few hundred left
>oh shit

what do I get?

>> No.54271598


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Literally unreadable.

Why is he fucking stubborn and insist on quoting the news every time? It would look so much better with normal black text and green links because contrast.

>> No.54271606

im talking about your sentence in japs, there's no katakana for battery or that word that starts with den- for battery either

>> No.54271607 [DELETED] 
File: 1.55 MB, 1024x3872, 39887023.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Helps if you remember the picture.

>> No.54271610

The entire collection of sharks

>> No.54271619

bagel brand watch on aliexpress $40-$50

>> No.54271620

I thought that as long as it's the pro version the only difference between the 3GB and 2GB is the ROM size (32 vs 16 GB).

>> No.54271633


Judge for your self.

Remember its low light where most phone camera's struggle so maybe have a look.

Megapixels isn't everything so dont let that be the deciding factor.

But as a phone if you dont mind the 5.5 inch screen the note 3 is the way to go.

>> No.54271638

a savings account with an 3% interest rate

>> No.54271639

Any chink gamepads that have good buttons/d-pad?

>> No.54271646

dont buy shitty chinese shit, save it up nigga.

Buy some gold if you want something to hold in your hands.

>> No.54271663 [DELETED] 

Don't use that Anon's code, use mine: Z099MOUSEPADBEMZU

>> No.54271671


Thanks. That's just the mousepad though. There was an image floating around these threads during the week of codes for almost everything they do.

>> No.54271675

$300 worth of gold is like 1/4 of a grain of rice.

>buy $300 gold
>gone forever

>> No.54271682

There is :バッテリー
Maybe i have been wrong the entire time

>> No.54271688 [DELETED] 

Sorry man, let me know if you find those codes though, their quality is pretty good.

>> No.54271697

I've already fallen for the siren's song

>> No.54271726

well i meant save up for a troy ounce.

even 10g bars are worth saving up if you really have nothing to spend spare money on.

I was suggesting spending a few hundred left over shouldn't be spent of chinese shit

>> No.54271737 [DELETED] 
File: 64 KB, 600x400, 10g-gold-bar1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's about 10 grams, one of these little bars.

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File: 877 KB, 1544x1440, 1458284063977.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its too late now

buy all you want

>> No.54271748

Battery is written as electricity pond :^)

>> No.54271761

i just don't know what do get

>> No.54271774


you wrote neither of the words.

gold is not a good investment. Should have invested in AMD like i said a week or so ago. I called the 58% gain a day before it jumped.

>> No.54271777

Ay thanks for the help, gonna look into the note then

>> No.54271793

Where can I buy a lot of t-shirts for cheap?
I'm getting one for $2.38 to try it out, but I doubt it'll be good.

>> No.54271799


>> No.54271805

bad idea man, tshirts tend to look pretty bad.

>> No.54271818

Their €2 shirts wet up to €2.50, and I bought about twelve of the the other day.

I want o give them the runaround and get boxes of them right out of the east though.

>> No.54271835

How long did you wait for the order to consolidate? I've been waiting almost a week since I didn't want to use express shipping for just a zhuque keyboard

>> No.54271857

Dont listen to this man, Chuwi Hi8 has horrible battery, the android side quickly over heats, and the build quality of the screen is terrible, I randomly get pressure stains all the time. It's a meme tablet.

>> No.54271950

Does anyone know of 'vr googles' that have removable lenses and stuff so I can just strap my phone to my face? I watch muh animes in bed and holding the phone up is a pain. A lot of these goggles seem to bisect the screen

>> No.54271973

how are you going to support the phone? you could easily make a device like this out of cardboard

>> No.54271996

prob just slap velcro on the back of my phone

>> No.54272004

I have a few friends that get over this by having an Ikea lamp mount and strapping the phone to that. So, when they go to bed and want to watch something, they move the lamp mount over their face and strap the phone to that.

>> No.54272027


>> No.54272035

well gosh, thanks a lot
now i actually have a shopping list ;)

>> No.54272055 [DELETED] 
File: 449 KB, 402x579, FireShot Capture 53 - Zipper Plaid S__ - http___www.aliexpress.com_item_Zip.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ok /csg/
the skirt has arrived!

>> No.54272106

did you even look at these? these dont suit his needs. Additionally what are you going to do if you dont have a bed frame that can accomidate a clamp? suctions cups wont hold with that length.

Good idea, i propose you make one using this method.

You could make two loops of velcro

>> No.54272113

Post it then.

>> No.54272124
File: 43 KB, 557x960, 13084168_1261973637147927_1795069851_n[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

+ 2 card readers, one normal, and one shinier

>> No.54272142

just get uniqlo Supima or AIRism t-shirts
godtier for the price

>> No.54272154


>> No.54272160
File: 20 KB, 787x210, wut.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why does this say "Received from Customer"

That shit never even left china...

>> No.54272203
File: 977 KB, 1600x1200, SUC55438.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

CH341A Programmer arrived on today.
Seller forgot to ship "IC Chip Extractor" with it, or he shipped it on different packet.

On other hand I was already able to loan older CPU for that BIOS upgrade, but it doesn't hurt to have such programmer.

>> No.54272223 [DELETED] 

i haven't taken any good pics yet
i will soon.
i have more stuff in the mail too so ill probs just show it off all at once when it gets here or something.

>> No.54272237
File: 1.16 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Today's arrivals:
>0,35€+free shipping tweezers
they are actually quite solid basic tweezers, 10/10 for the price

>0,90€ triple USB car charger
It works, I haven't yet measured if the ports have correct amperage (should be 1A/1A/2,1A)

>> No.54272245

Any good quartz chink watches? I don't trust them enough to buy an automatic.

>> No.54272264

Why would you buy a chink watch when you could buy a decent quartz casio for $10-40?

>> No.54272265

just tell us if you have a penis or not, if you have then dont post thank you.

>> No.54272292

it's a feminine penis so it's fine

>> No.54272293 [DELETED] 

ofc i do bby

>> No.54272320

Fuck off to >>>/lgbt/ fucking degenerate faggot scum.

>> No.54272327 [DELETED] 

honey, no.
dont be rude.

>> No.54272353

How do you tell if a controller has good buttons?

>> No.54272362


>> No.54272372 [DELETED] 

back to
with all the other normies

>> No.54272376

gamepads for what? phones/tablet or just normal ones?

>> No.54272377

Ducky one specifically is made in Taiwan so gl

>> No.54272390

test it with a fighting game. If it works for you, it's good.

>> No.54272393

€ != £

>> No.54272394 [DELETED] 

You've got to post a picture of the skirt hiding an erection. Please, for me, anon.

>> No.54272431 [DELETED] 

still no pics yet
but desu i think its too short to hide a boner
would just pop right out

>> No.54272439
File: 18 KB, 520x250, image-119282-panoV9free-wkol-119282.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>Imagining this as a Discovery Channel show

>> No.54272450

It's good aside from no extensions, no bloat and not slow

>> No.54272485

oh noooo

>> No.54272499


>> No.54272508

Any protips for ordering "3D print" shirts (aside from the obvious ones like "they won't make your fat stomache look ripped like in the picture" and "order a couple of sizes larger")?

I want to get some variation in my t-shirt game

>> No.54272523

please dont use game when talking about chinese t-shirts.

>> No.54272524

I'm about to buy a phone on aliexpress and was wondering if the "One-year replacement warranty" is worth getting or not. Has anyone here used it before? Do you have to pay shipping if you need to send it to service? I'm from the EU btw, if it matters.

>> No.54272535

>not using your phone's browser to shitpost

>> No.54272541

youre not covered under consumer law, so id roll with it

>> No.54272567


>> No.54272595

Whats some esstential cheap chink shit? Outside of micro sds and tablets/phones?

>> No.54272597

Remember to post the pics in your review so all the Russians can see it.

>> No.54272611

>if you have then dont post than

No worries anon, in the new world you fudge packers will have no penis left to pride yourself on.

>> No.54272613


waiting for

>> No.54272627

None of it its essentially really.

What are you interested it?

>> No.54272667

seriously its a decision you'll regret. plain t's tend to suck, especially chinese ones

>> No.54272673

I just want some interesting shit, most of the stuff in the list isn't very expensive anyway. I was thinking of getting a shark for the meme though. I could use a good mic on the cheap though.

>> No.54272691

I was speaking of those t-shirts with trippy designs

>> No.54272711

even more so youll regret this.

they arent individual unless you wear them in an ironic way, which is hell try hard

and they look tacky / ruin an outfit

>> No.54272732

Don't you have a hobby or something that you can fuel with chink shit?
Puzzles, models, quadcopters, etc

If you just wanna spend money I would suggest getting a power bank, a giant mouse mat and some headphones of your choice (over/on-ear or IEM)

>> No.54272779

Speaking off, what are some cheap "hobbies" that can be supplied by the chinks?

I know of those neat metal model kits, but what else?

>> No.54272795


>> No.54272804

Electronic Engineering is a match made in heaven with Honorable Chinaman.

>> No.54272805

Does anyone know which sim card I need for Ringplus? Recently brought a redmi note 3 pro and I'm gonna buy a cheap plan from Ringplus.

>> No.54272813 [DELETED] 


>> No.54272821


>> No.54272828


never ever.

>> No.54272849
File: 3.05 MB, 3264x1836, 20160428_101219.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Took 4 days to get here holy fuck

>> No.54272861

> that one troll in every chink thread making shit up

fuck off already.

>> No.54272871

I was thinking about getting those because my shit-ass Piston 3 Youth are starting to turn to shit after 9 or so months.
How is the build quality on them?

>> No.54272888

I'm not sure the world needs a Scandinavian, 190cm tall, lumberjack looking motherfucker who isn't especially confused about his gender or sexuality.

But I suppose I could be wrong.

I have always kinda wanted to try my hand at that stuff, but kept my distance. Any ideas where to start?

Aren't Chink soldering irons prone to fuck things up for you? I've heard it's one of those things you never want to buy directly from China.

>> No.54272918

(some) Hakko clones seem to be good, I'll be receiving mine in the next few weeks

>> No.54272939

Oh and try edx for EE (circuits and electronics is the coursename) and search youtube and maybe electronics-tutorials.ws. Also, if you have the money buy the art of electronics by horowitz. I don't have a copy myself but I've heard good things

>> No.54272944

Was thinking about buying an SSD for my X61s, will KingDian work? Like will it fit and work with it? I don't really know much about computer stuff desu.
I found a 60GB one for 21 dollars and it seems pretty good to me. I don't need more for my school stuff.

>> No.54272954

If someone finds an international seller on the 70 dollarooney Flukes on taobao, holler at your boy Anon.


>> No.54272972

They are built solid, and I like the soumd better than my piston 3s so far

>> No.54272978

Neat. I actually have a soldering iron, not a station or anything, and it's pretty shitty, but it works alright. Usually use it to fix cheap headphones and stuff like that.

To be honest that seems a bit extreme. I just want something to do while I'm a bit bored.

>> No.54273014

Then maybe try a book like make: electronics, it's just simple projects or get an arduino (clone) and find some projects online

>> No.54273040

cheers, used yours. do i get a coupon to share now that ive used your coupon?

>> No.54273061 [DELETED] 

heres my code to use, i used the previous anon's

>> No.54273063

Get any of the following:
>Some free ebooks on EE (https://www.ti.com/seclit/sl/slyw038b/slyw038b.pdf or the art of eletronics)
>Inspiration for a project or two
>NodeMCU or any of the cheap as shit Arduino clones
>Collection of capacitors, transistors, resistors, diodes, sensors and switches/buttons
>Some PCB to solder on
>Soldering iron
>Desolder pump
>Soldering tin with lead and flux
>third hand
>Small side snips

Should be more than enough to get you started

>> No.54273113

I'll look into it a bit more then. Thanks.


Also, while not always related, I'm fucking awful at programming(well, quite frankly I just lack the interest to learn it), math, and that type of logical thinking. Seems like it would be a pretty big limiter for interesting stuff to do.

>> No.54273161

Are the $20-30 chink VR headsets supposed to be this shitty?

I have a full HD phone and yet 3d movies look horrible.

Do I need some special ultra HD material so that it would look nicely?

Shit was all blurry and I could see pixels.

>> No.54273165

The entire arduino doesn't know how to program so you'll be in good company.

>> No.54273186

I meant more in the future if I do spend the time learning it.

>> No.54273327

did you really think a chinese VR headset for a phone would be something amazing?

>> No.54273360
File: 98 KB, 800x472, miband2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does the official app for Mi Band require internet connection to function properly?

>> No.54273536


>> No.54273676
File: 57 KB, 1077x288, Falling for the memes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I see a lot of stuff on products like the Xiaomi GoPro alternative, but I'm looking for a cheap regular old camera to have along with my phone to take when I go out on trips, does anyone know of any decent ones or if it's even worth getting any from the chinamanland?

>> No.54273681

yes you have to login with your Mi account

>> No.54273697

the build quality is good, but sound wise, Xiaomi Hybrid are better

>> No.54273705

Are any of the alternatives comparable to the official one? The one on F-Droid looks promising.

>> No.54273707

You will still see pixels with a 1920x1080 phone

The blurriness means it's out of focus and might be just you doing it wrong

Which headset is it?

>> No.54273714

>Are the $20-30 chink VR headsets supposed to be this shitty?

They're really no different than making one out of cardboard yourself. If you really want VR experience, get one of those overpriced 600 dollar oculus rift or steam vive.

>> No.54273788

Why convince him to get mud

>> No.54273799

Friends don't let friends get mud in their ears.

>> No.54273813

f-droid > GadgetBridge

>> No.54273828

Recommended LED torch?

>> No.54273829

It's definitely better than a carboard one

Most at that price will have cushioning, head straps, IPD and focal adjustment, etc

>> No.54273831

Any chink 1080p, IPS, x86 tablets? (with preferably 4gb of RAM)

>> No.54273841

Anyone have some recommendations for some nice cheap boxes/tins?

Need to organize stuff a bit.

>> No.54273851


>> No.54273857

They seem to cost $7.90

Can I get them cheaper elsewhere?

>> No.54273873

phone VR has always been a meme

>> No.54273879

Does it work well with the latest Mi Band? The repo seems to suggest that a lot of features are in alpha.
If it doesn't work well then I'll just wait for the Mi Band 2.

>> No.54273911

We don't have them in my country.

>> No.54273914

dunno, i just have it bookmarked until i get my miband

>> No.54273920

Where can I buy a butterfly knife that doesn't have a blunt edge and holes drilled in it?

I already got a comb one.

>> No.54273991

get a double action OTF knife instead, homo

>> No.54274025


but when you are logged in you can still enter the app and use it.

>> No.54274032
File: 2.65 MB, 3264x1836, 20160428_114219.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Muh meme collection

>> No.54274033
File: 155 KB, 1174x582, ssd comparison.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretty much this.
I don't think any KingDian advocate has ever claimed they were on par with Samsung Evos.
They are however 1/2-2/3 the price.

See pic related for old Samsung vs new KingDian though. I've posted it before and will keep posting it every time someone asks. Maybe I should get myself together and do the test on the same machine and OS though.

>> No.54274047

Teclast X98 Pro

>> No.54274050

so what's the best meme?

>> No.54274082

any coupon codes for Ali ?
poorfag here

>> No.54274094

Ed9's imo, all pretty good though.

>> No.54274108

Oh, so I can register once and then block the internet access to the app? I might just do that if GadgetBridge doesn't work out.

>> No.54274119

thanks familia

>> No.54274198

can't find any of them either.

>> No.54274216

yeah I think so, I can turn off Mobile data, wi-fi and still enter the app. The only thing you miss is your info not being uploaded to the mi cloud so if you format the phone your stats will be lost.

why dont you want to be connected to the internet?

>> No.54274236

It's literally chinese botnet, you dummy.
I don't need none of this cloud shit, I'll back it up myself.

>> No.54274251


is just a meme.

>> No.54274279

Mate, you have to separate memes from your actual location and activity data going straight into China.
I am fully aware of these botnet jokes, not my first day here. But this is literally botnet.

>> No.54274295

fuck this is addictive, ordered


>> No.54274297

>Aren't Chink soldering irons prone to fuck things up for you? I've heard it's one of those things you never want to buy directly from China.

If you check some threads back someone destroyed his keyboard with a shit soldering iron, but a good quality station was also recommended.

>> No.54274303

why both?

>> No.54274321

>people literally not using mobile data/wi-fi on their phones because so scared of "botnet"

like how paranoid can you be? Or do you regularly download child porn on a tor browser or something?

>> No.54274339

I was hoping it would look better than watching movies on my 1366x768 laptop, guess not

>> No.54274368

>literally not using mobile data/wi-fi on their phones
Have you heard of "firewalls"?
Why should I let the app through it if I don't see the reason for it to have internet access?

Every single thing that Mi Band does can be done locally. Thus, why should I send my fitness data to anyone, China or otherwise?

>> No.54274391

why not?

>> No.54274415

well you won't be using two pairs of headphones at once

>> No.54274433

who told you that?

>> No.54274447

well you only have so many ears

>> No.54274453

how many tho?

>> No.54274493

... t-two?

>> No.54274506

that's right two.. PAIRS

>> No.54274576

I'll get to wear the best I like, and I can sell the others

>> No.54274712

what is a good VR chink to use with a Lg G3? (gotta love that resolution)

>> No.54274743

lmao, the dpi on that screen is so shit though
barely a 4k

>> No.54274744

Warning: Only 61470 of 61471 MByte tested.
Test finished without errors.
You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again.
Writing speed: 15.0 MByte/s
Reading speed: 16.3 MByte/s
H2testw v1.4

The results of my Sharky_64, altho through usb 2.0, that is ok I assume ?

>> No.54274763

usb 2 is SHIT

>> No.54274781

Read speed could be faster on USB2, but most likely it's just low quality reader.

>> No.54274836

you dont say
will try with the other adapter (sd card to mini sd)

>> No.54274839

>560 PPI
>not good enough to watch VR shit.

its even higher that the nexus 6p what the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.54274872

g3's screen is not 560

>> No.54274896

538 stock (still higher than nexus 6p) 560 with CM12

>> No.54274931

Is there any tripod clip that holds the phone vertically?

Something like
but big enough to fit in a 5.5" phone vertically ..
(if anyone cares, I want to be able to rotate my phone on the camera's axis for better panoramas)

>> No.54274956

ROM can't magically increase pixel density, are you retarded

>> No.54274968

>are you retarded
he uses cyanogenmod

>> No.54275013

fair point

>> No.54275036
File: 108 KB, 1000x1000, New-New-PCI-E-to-4-Ports-USB-3-0-Hub-Expansion-Bay-Front-Drive-Panel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is this worth it?

>> No.54275129

mixed ppi and dpi in the last one. what the fuck i was thinking.

>>54274968 know a better rom? enlight me please. i know so little about that kind of stuff and always will appreciate the input of such well versed and knogeldgeable scholar of android custom roms.

>> No.54275193


It's a hub, and front mounted sucks, no

>> No.54275212

what else do I do with my empty 5.25" slots then?

>> No.54275213

>keyboard keycap puller

Is that a thing?

I've been using a knife my whole life.

>> No.54275232

Nothing, or put harddrives in them

>> No.54275312
File: 369 KB, 599x593, 1455234626761.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I've been using a knife my whole life.

>> No.54275313

Warning: Only 10000 of 61471 MByte tested.
Test finished without errors.
You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again.
Writing speed: 16.5 MByte/s
Reading speed: 20.1 MByte/s
H2testw v1.4

with sd to mini sd card adapter, better ?

>> No.54275347
File: 179 KB, 800x1618, 10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>4 ports
>Supports Simultaneous Operation of 2 Ports USB 3.0 Devices

>> No.54275352

>the chink stuff on aliboobo I want is already on amazon prime

stinkychink btfo

>> No.54275363

pls no

>> No.54275366

>muh tesla fanboyism
Man, neckbears really love their own.

>> No.54275368

What's the benchmark on the Sharkcards?

>> No.54275424
File: 170 KB, 912x962, keycap replacer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


pic related: how is this shit related?

>> No.54275451

compared to a fucking knife?

>> No.54275508

Compared to an actual keycap puller like what you just linked.

>> No.54275636

so it can be saved to your mi account and you can get everything back when you buy a new phone or something?

its like asking "why do i need to login i gmail?"

>> No.54275703

>its like asking "why do i need to login i gmail?"

It's like asking "Why should I let GMail store all my email if I can host my own email server?"
I don't need their backup infrastructure, I can handle that myself.

>> No.54275883

How can I watch the upcomming phones comming out on Gaybest?

>> No.54275893
File: 324 KB, 1081x1600, m8s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Ordered this for $25.91 during the cakebux sale, testing it for ~2 hours, some comments:
- There was a software update. Now running Android 5.1.1.
- Despite the seller's claims, the box is prerooted, SuperSU Free is installed out of the box.
- It can play H265 10bit 1080p with Kodi, haven't tried other players yet.
- Skype video call works if you plug a webcam into it.
- Google Play is preinstalled and works, although it has some problems, not sure why. I might investigate this later.
- Youtube worked out of the box, but I installed the newest version from Google Play and now it's broken. ("Youtube won't work until you update Google Play Services" error message, but there's no update option in Play store for Google Play Services.)
- Twitch works. Both native app and as a Kodi addon.
- Feels well built. Judging by its weight it should have a massive heatsink inside.
- The remote feels a bit slow but it's acceptable. I think I'll order some bluetooth keyboard later.
- The power supply is very light, I hope it won't burn down my house.

I have an xbox 360 controller, I might try some games later. Any recommendations?

>> No.54275957

why didn't you just pipe your laptop into your tv

>> No.54275991

Not sure, I wanted to try out Android on a TV. It's bit clumsy.

>> No.54276152

Good gopro alternative? Does anyone has footage shot with XiaoYi?

>> No.54276174

yi and yes

>> No.54276181

I have one, I can make a vid if youd like

>> No.54276198
File: 1.41 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it wrong that I wanna keep them closed a bit longer?
I've had them since yesterday and I just like looking at the unopened boxes

>> No.54276210

Could you do that? I want to go surfing this summer and I think a camera would be cool.

>> No.54276229


just a question, what do you use it for? do you do extreme mountain biking or something?

I want a yi but I really dont know what I could use it for, I dont do any extreme shit.

>> No.54276245


read >>54276210

>> No.54276259

There are thousands of hours on youtube

>> No.54276272

>tfw a month later and my ali orders still nowhere in sight
i get shit from gaybeast in 3 weeks tops, 2 weeks usually. why is ali so slow?

>> No.54276275

Just a regular camera lol, I remove the fish eye effect.

>> No.54276281

motorcycle camera, to have proof for the day some asshole cuts in front of me.

>> No.54276290

first for maki

>> No.54276293

i just find it funny when people complain about shipping times for ali and gaybest.

It's part of the deal of buying chink shit...

>> No.54276307


>> No.54276334

Don't complain fag, it's called chink shit for a reason.

>> No.54276341
File: 96 KB, 599x805, 1439315650698.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>buy a shark usb
>put all my shit on it
>plug it in later
>doesn't even detect

Fucking hell

>> No.54276357

fuck you ali shills
i'll order from GB and banggood only now

>> No.54276363

the stinky chink strikes again

>> No.54276374 [DELETED] 
File: 39 KB, 800x800, s-l1600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it one of these cheap USB 3 readers? Then it's just feature, reason why I don't suggest these by myself.

>> No.54276410

>that same shitposter from yesterday trying to spread bullshit about sharks >>54257762




>> No.54276440


>> No.54276455

My package has been in chicago for 5 days, was it detained?

>> No.54276480
File: 301 KB, 959x657, Chink Shit Gen Mitu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bump limit's almost reached.

New thread here

>> No.54276505


Posted the exact same thing on the 12th of april, most likely the Chinese Autist shitposting again.

>> No.54276531

can't you wait for it to be actually reached?

>> No.54276551

It's only 8 posts away from being reached.

>> No.54276566

Exactly. And like 50 posts away from being archived.

>> No.54276580

>ali shill
>mfw i've spent twice the amount of money on gaybest than i have on ali.

don't know why you fags are so impatient, if you need something asap order from amazon, if you don't mind waiting then order chinkshit and don't expect it to come in a month or two later.

>> No.54276646

I thought that was the whole point of buying cheap chink shit, that you forget about it and are surprised when it arrives.

>> No.54276961
File: 2.07 MB, 4592x3448, P1060519.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey there /csg/

What's a chink phone I can get that costs 150 or less, has a screen that's five inches or less and isn't a total piece of shit.

I need something to outdo my current iphone 4.

Pic related, it's a chink memeboard

>> No.54277050

You might want to repost that in the current thread.

>> No.54277063

Whoops, thanks

>> No.54277078


Xiaomi Redmi 3

>> No.54277577

Threads dead, post porn

>> No.54277890

no it doesn't you dont need it at all.

just the initial log in

>> No.54278251

get a NES Emulator and play Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat.

>> No.54279524

Do you understand how shipping works? The shipper is confirming that the parcel they are assigned to deliver was received from the people that paid them, the same people you bought it from.

"RECEIVED FROM CUSTOMER" you aren't the customer here, jesus anon.

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