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Friendly reminder that if you do any of the following in 2016, you're getting memed.

>using Vim/Emacs unironically
Vim/Emacs' esoteric keybindings made sense 30 years ago, in an age where arrow keys on keyboards were rare and mice-driven GUIs did not exist.
IDEs did not exist either, users were forced to write shitty add-ons to Vim in order to improve productivity until the modern GUI IDE was was introduced.
You have no reason to use terminal-based text editors unless you require the e-peen as a form of life-affirmation.

>using RPN/Postfix/Stack-based calculators and programming languages unironically
Reverse polish notation and postfix expressions made sense 40 years ago, in an age where all calculators could only display 1 line of numbers, people were pretty much forced to do math in postfix notation like a computer.
The electronic logic required to parse algebraic expressions of arbitrary depth would take up an entire room, so people had no choice.
You have no reason to do it today because modern interpreters can take any size monstrocity of an equation and return a correct answer!

Post more below!

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>>Post more below!
Post more Akari? Okay!

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i want to fug akari

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I want to


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>in an age where arrow keys on keyboards were rare and mice-driven GUIs did not exist
Not having to move a hand across or off the keyboard is convenient.

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>le vim is a meme meme

I've been coding several shit for uni and using vim is actually easier than using the number keys and mouse for movement. You're the only memeing meme fiend here

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i want to akari akari

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>taking your hands off the letter keys to do anything

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Akari want to Akari Akari

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I might sound like a big pussy but akarin is very adorable

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Post some erotic Akari legs

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If you are using nvidya you fell for the meme

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Enhance that gif to op's size.

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thread saved!

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>You have no reason to use terminal based text editors

Source code is on another machine. Want to edit and compile remotely. Alternatively, want to make a quick edit to a file without alt tabbing from terminal.

I use Sublime for most purposes, but drop down into Vim where it's useful.

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Dumb anime poster

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Are you saying the layout of my US keyboard has changed recently?

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fuck off back to your containment board, and learn to use real software.

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>not just using TRAMP and ssh in term in Emacs

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I'm having degenerate feelings about Akari, how do I stop them?

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My keyboard doesn't have arrow keys m8.

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you dont and you keep sexualizing the Akari please

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>worst girl posting in best girl's thread

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I love Akari so much

step away from the computer , anon

fuck off

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This, sometimes you just need to use vim/nano and it's practical to know how to do it efficiently. Plus it's pretty fun after you get used to it.

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you dont

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>yfw akari's desperation for attention results in her becoming an idol
>yfw akari gets all the attention she wants
>yfw she is maki
>akari -ar = aki
>maki -m = aki
>[email protected][email protected][email protected] I THINK NOT

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Cum hard inside her 12 year old vagina

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remove yourself

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>you will never cum inside akari's pucci

Why even live?

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