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Backlighting edition

>Where to Buy:
>Buyers template for new blud:

old thread

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first for my wife's son Logitech K120 Rubber Dome USB keyboard

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second for cute keycaps

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forgot pic. silly me

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Speaking of backlighting, what's the best MX Brown keyboard with backlighting? Really love the look of reactive typing.

ATM I'm thinking of the CoolerMaster Masterkeys Pro S; recommended?

My dream would be blank keycaps that lit up through reactive typing, but sadly they don't exist...

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Just get blank or translucent keycaps and don't get anything with a non-standard bottom row.

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Non-standard being like the HHKB?
And yeah, I could use translucent, but then the light would bleed... what I really want is something that looks like this when you type... but it doesn't exist.

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Thanks g. I listened to you.

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You mean you want the keys to light up and the fade upon being pressed? Ducky's keyboards do that?

Non-standard bottom row as in corsair or razer, bottom row modifiers of differing sizes is what you should avoid.

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>Ducky's keyboards do that

Yeah, they're the closest, but they're still not quite blank when off (see pic). Ideally, the lettering would be completely opaque, but that would probably be technically impossible (or at least result in reduced lighting...)

Would you recommend Ducky? Any first hand experience?

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I'm still not quite sure what it is that you're looking for in terms of backlighting, but yes, I can very much recommend Ducky.

I've got a Shine 4 with Clears and my only complaint is that it's fuckhuge ever since I switched to being a 60% hipster. It's really fucking solid and the lighting is really nice too.

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I mean to have them be BLANK blank, with no visible imprint, like on the Das Keyboard.
The Ducky is damn close though. Can you make out the printing when the backlight is off?

And yeah, I did want a tenkeyless. Do you own a 60% as well? How does it compare?

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The only way you're going to achieve that effect is to use something like the Optimus Maximus keyboard. Otherwise, you're always going to have keys that look like shitty smoked brake lights on a ricer car as there needs to be something for the light to somewhat pass through. Whereas with the Optimus Maximus keyboard you can literally turn the keys on and off.

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>$1,600 for rubber domes

It IS fucking cool though.

And yeah, I figured.

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You want legends that are only visible through the backlighting upon actuating the key?

I have a quasi-TKL and a 60% besides the Shine 4. I don't find the difference between 60% and TKL to be that terribly large, it's mainly a matter of dedicated arrow keys or no dedicated arrow keys to me, depending on what I'm doing I prefer one or the other, whereas a fullsize is just fuckhuge with a numpad block I have no use for. Maybe I'll sell the Shine 4 sometime and get a Shine mini or a newer one of Ducky's boards in a smaller form factor sometime in the future.

And yes, you can make out the printing even when the backlight is turned off.

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Yeah, exactly.

And is it really that much more comfortable without the numpad?

Also, you have the G502 I want! How is that thing?

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>tfw Ganss will never be cheap again

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I went from a G510s to a TKL, and the desk space I gained makes it worth it

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I don't have any particular problems with the numpad, but it's far nicer to have your mouse/trackpad right beside the area where you type rather than having the whole numpad block to skip over every time.
I used the numpad as macro keys at the time, but I still prefer simply not having it.

The g502 is great. You can have the buttons do just about anything, and there's a fuckton of them. My only complaint is the aesthetics of it, functionality and build quality is right up to par.

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Fair enough.


If you're based in the UK, are you looking to sell it?

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I'm not in the UK, but I am in Europe.

I'd be quite interested to sell it actually. I really love this keyboard, but it doesn't really suit me any longer.

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Stupid question from a retard that doesn't have a mech kb (yet). Can I order a keyboard with a german layout, swap the keycaps, and use it with an italian layout?
Or swap the keycaps to use DVORAK instead of QWERTY?
And would this work for every layout or only for "european" layouts?

I'm asking because the only keyboards with an italian layout are cm storms, and I do not need "utimate gaming gear"

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The two main layouts are ANSI (used mainly in north america) and ISO (used in most of Europe). ISO has the same form but with different legends on the keycaps depending on the country. So yes, getting a german ISO keyboard and switching out the keycaps for something with italian legends is not a problem, same for DVORAK.

The problem is more that you will probably be hard pressed to find any keycap sets with an italian layout. You can get DSA caps and arrange them however you like to suit your DVORAK needs, but keycaps in niche european languages rarely exist or are quite hard to find if they do.

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Mind messaging me on crypto.cat ? My username is shinewanter

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Sure thing, I'll get to you in a moment.

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I've got it open in the background so I should be online now. Just drop me a message or an email address and I'll get back to you quite soon.

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What's your username?

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on that note, you can also just drop me an email at [email protected]

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Where do i get a CODE keyboard in europe without paying €200+ ?

Some stores sell it for €250 and that's the best i could find.
Also what do you think about it? I'm looking for a complete keyboard and I'm willing to spend some cash, but maybe €250 is a bit too much, considering the keyboard is worth like €130

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that's fucking stupid anon. when you're actuating the key your finger is on it and you can't see the legend anyway.

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pok3r vs new wasd 61-key

wasd is obviously cheaper, but which is better value for money?

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The WASD 61 key is just a pok3r without keycaps.

Pok3r keycaps are laser etched, so obviously you should get them without keycaps.

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what about backlit versions?
(backlit pok3r vs wasd CODE 61-key)
i'm guessing the pok3r's keycaps would be better quality then, right?

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Where can I get keycaps with shitty eastern europoor layout?

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ECk keycaps are more or less what you want. Geekkeys used to have some, but shop is temporarily closed until Feng moves.

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And here with backlight on.

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Amazing, those are perfect. The font is so-so, but that's exactly what I was thinking of.

Is ECk a brand name or a chemical? I hope I can find these somewhere else.

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Its the brands name.
The "blankness" is not perfect tho, if you look closely you can still see the carving. Also, not every set they make has this "feature", e.g. the silver one sold on geekkeys didnt, while the white one did.

If you really want this, there are plenty of colors being sold on taobao: https://world.taobao.com/item/529270987390.htm#detail
On the west tho, probably only geekkeys.

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The font on the pok3r may fade over time, my hasn't so far, but I personally like the look of blank keycaps, but they are PBT, which is higher quality than ABS, which WASD use. But if you want custom keycaps go with the WASD keybaord and save yourself $40

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Not necessarily. Depending on the type of keycap, the different rows of keys have different slopes. You won't like the results of mix and matching keycaps from different rows for Dvorak using Topre keycaps, for example.

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you're homolord on the right never used a keyboard

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Jon Hamm has never used a keyboard?

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Blanks are autistic tier.

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my nigga

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Dude has a windows OS key
I'd rather be the dude in the middle. Simple is best, especially in an office.

Do you guys bring in your keyboards to work?

Do coworkers complain about blue switches?

Looking into a 61-key WASD, blue switches and a simple design but our cubicles are fairly close together and I wouldn't want to disturb anyone.. Should I go for the brown instead?

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Why wouldnt you have a windows key? Do you have any urge to show people you use superior loonigs?

>>Simple is best, especially in an office.
>Wooo, you saw anon's new keyboard? It has no letters! Anon is such a raquiner.
>yeah, I think its so nobody can find his hiden chinese cartoon porn he has on that computer

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I take mine to school

No one noticed or cared but my professor, and he wanted to know why I brought a keyboard, not why it was clicky

>> No.54204870

What did you tell him?

>> No.54204880

Well, it's because I'm a developer, and I wouldn't develop on windows.
So why have a windows OS key?

Question though, where is the `/~ on 60% keyboards?

I use ` for tmux... muscle memory vs wasted key space :(

>> No.54204888

"Typing on my laptop is less comfortable and I need to write that 10 page paper you gave us two days to write"

He laughed at me

>> No.54204889

You mean the key left of the 1? It's on FN+Esc

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>So why have a windows OS key?

Super key is used on other systems.

>> No.54204939

Oh thanks

So to anyone who uses 60%, do you find yourself frustrated when typing out ~ or `? I imagine I'd just end up switching esc to be FN + esc and keep `/~ on that key by default

>> No.54204969

I feel frustrated typing ~ even on a regular keyboard.
Must start using rshift.

>> No.54204998

That's the dumb way of doing it.
Better way is to remap caps to esc and leave ~ as-is. Or, remap caps to ctrl and ctrl to esc.

Using super for window/desktop management hotkeys makes sense.

>> No.54205024

I think the point was to compare black vs colorful.

>> No.54205078

I never use esc or caps though, but mapping caps to esc and esc to `/~ does seem like the best solution. Thanks

But now I'm confused a lil. Are you saying the button to the left of 1 will be ~/` by default, and esc in function mode?

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I have a Razer BlackWidow Ultimate that I bought with a gift card. Is that okay?

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This gif only mildly expresses the tone you wanted to resonate within your post. You suck at 4chan

>> No.54205138

absolutely fucking not

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>This gif only mildly expresses the tone you wanted to resonate

Are you sure? See >>54205138

>> No.54205158

damn OP that's sexy af. what are you using?

>> No.54205304

It depends on the keyboard. I have a fully programmable one so I set the top-left button to `/~, the left middle to esc (with fn it's caps), and bottom left to ctrl. My fn+~ is an app launching shortcut.

>> No.54205482

Yeah, this is how I'm gonna end up configuring my 60%. Thanks >>54205304 & >>54204969

>> No.54205518

I mean I kinda had to guess what you were feeling.
Is it a subtle feeling of regret, or are you secretly upset about something that others enjoy?

It's a confusing gif to go along with your post. You suck at 4chan man, it's ok.

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>Location (continent at least)
>Preferred switch type
Qwerty or Colemak
>Form factor
Full size
I touch type but really don't care either way
>Previous/current keyboards
Shitty rubber domes by Microsoft.

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RGB LED strips from on the back of my bed. The exposure time was set to a minute so I could just switch between the different lights in order to create that effect.

Keyboard is a Ducky Shine 4 (which I'm selling: (https://www.reddit.com/r/mechmarket/comments/4g96v9/euch_h_ducky_shine_4_w_clears_vortex_pbt/)

Here's another shot.

>> No.54205687

>falling for the topre meme

>> No.54205688

>Full size
well your options are realforce or type heaven

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why are you getting rid of the ducky? I bought mine for the clears and I'm totally in love with it

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If I go down the ten keyless route are there any good ones that don't sacrifice arrow keys?

>> No.54205815

I love mine too, but it's just too fucking huge. I'd rather hand it over to someone who will love it as much as I did (and still do, but I just don't use it anymore for the aforementioned reason) and then get a smaller keyboard with equally fancy lighting (looking at either the MK disco or the Shine mini).

Any TKL that's a TKL and not something smaller than a TKL will have arrow keys.

Some TKL that are smaller than TKL still have arrow keys too.

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HHKB Professional JP and Leopold FC660C.

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Neither of those are TKL. The former is a 60% and the latter is a 65%.

>> No.54206330

Realforce also has a TKL version.

>> No.54206345

Do you see a ten-key on either of them?

>> No.54206346

Yes, I know. I was just giving more options with arrow keys; >>54205815 already explained that all TKL have arrow keys.

>> No.54206373

TKL means the 80% layout. It does not mean any layout without a numpad.

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What am I missing here? The RF 87U is TKL.

>> No.54206430

Realforce 91U (JIS only; might be variable weight only -- I'm not sure) and 86U.

>> No.54206665

Ducky shine 5 with reds in the mail. I can't wait.

>> No.54206688

What keyboard is that?

>> No.54206706

I want to buy a ducky keyboard on a bit of a budget, full form factor, but I don't know which one to get. I was looking at the Ducky One, but I don't know what I'm looking for. Any suggestions?

>> No.54206724

what's your budget? What exactly are you looking for?

on that note, excuse the self-advertisment, but I'm selling mine >>54205650

>> No.54206746

well i found a ducky one with brown switches for £110 so around that but i don't mind paying a bit extra to get a shine 4

>> No.54206759

and it will be for gaming but i want it to look nice on my desk too

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I'd honestly recommend against browns, they're the least tactile cherry switch around (yes, I know this sounds like I'm trying to sell you my keyboard, but I'm actually serious).

I've had a keyboard with browns and they don't compare to tactile cherries such as clears, blues or greens.

In any case, if you're interested you can send me an email at [email protected]

Also, the price I'm asking is 125 US Dollars, that'd be about 86 pounds according to google.

>> No.54207169

ah i see, well i can't buy one for another few weeks anyway so i'll email you when i can buy it and you'll have to let me know if it is still for sale then

>> No.54207490

No problem. You can send me an email anyway and then I'll get back to you again next month if I still haven't sold it buy then if you like

>> No.54207508

heh, that's an ironic typo

*by then

>> No.54207604

thanks a lot, i'll send you an email now

>> No.54207653

I bought a cheap Chinese mech kb for $40.
Will I be dissapointed? It's an Ajazz AK33

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up to 200€
Europe - Poland (shiping from US is no no)
Prefered Switch:
Cherry MX
Something similar or heavier than current 60g linears.
ANSI or this modified ISO I like my left shif longer.
Not needed but if its standard for keyboard then non autistic one (one LED color)
Previous Keyboards:
mostly rubber domes. And recently this mechanical chinkboard on Outemu knockoff blacks.

I will use it for is mostly typing + light gaming (mmo)

>> No.54207810

hey /mkg/

how do you deal with keys falling off?
everytime something happens to my keyboard keys instantly fall off
for example I just flipped my phone by accident and it hit the keyboard
2 keys fell out and I had to put them back in

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get a new keyboard

>> No.54208720

what? photos plox

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what the fug is this

>> No.54208964


shit, that's what it is

>> No.54209001


>> No.54209400


yet another reason to say "fuck corsair"

>> No.54209489

Even more of a moneygrab than those cherry silent switches.

At least they're not dragging a good company like ducky down with themselves on this one.

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Things that annoy me intensely:
- special snowflake tiny keyboards
- special snowflake escape keys
- any color other than black or gray
- braided cords
- backlit keys

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good for you i guess

>> No.54209559

nice blog


>> No.54209565

Hello dear /mkg/
I'm planning on getting my first mech, but unfortunately they heavily overprice the ones in sold in my poorfag country. I'd love to get a tenkeyless or 60%.

Does anyone have experience with Magicforce keyboards, are they any good? And Massdrop seems to have an AJAZZ Geeks AK33S running right now, is there anything good to say about it?

>> No.54209583
File: 2.30 MB, 4592x3448, P1060536.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a magicforce and I can very much vouch for it. Great price/performance.

>> No.54209597

So they are just shallow reds?

I feel like this was originally designed for a laptop or something but they just couldnt make the switch small enough

>> No.54209600

Backlighting is only useful for gaymen and retards who can't touch type.

>> No.54209622

why /sci/?

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File: 1.34 MB, 4592x3448, P1050980.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What about keyboards with LEDs? How do you feel about keyboards with LEDs?

>> No.54209731

That's good to hear, thank you. Do you have ones with Gateron or Kailh switches?

I'm looking at EU Amazons now and then there's also a listing on Aliexpress, but I'm not sure how legit it is (http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Magicforce-Smart-68-Keys-Backlit-Antighosting-USB-MINI-Mechanical-Gaming-Keyboard-Alu-Alloy-Kailh-MX-Blue/32484022816.html).

>> No.54209801
File: 2.07 MB, 4592x3448, P1060519.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't think they come with stock gaterons, the one I had was with outemu switches though I've also seen kalih variants.

But yes, I do have gaterons in mine.

>> No.54209817


The Gaterons are much higher quality, many like them more than the original Cherrys. Aliexpress is fine, but China Post takes ages to deliver.

>> No.54209841

So ive got blacks right, but the keys arent backlit. Should I just buy a new board or is it easy to put leds in the back?

The reason is because i have to use the keyboard on odd angles and in very low light conditions at times

>> No.54209925

You mean like caps/num/scroll lock LEDs? Useful if you actually use those keys.

>> No.54209946

You can check your PCB and see if it somehow accommodates for LEDs. Otherwise your best bet is to get a new board.

>> No.54210076

Thank you once again. Do you think these are good deals?

Now that I've looked around, the Noppoo Lolita and Choc seem attractive, in price at least. Would you consider them superior or inferior to Magicforce?


>> No.54210155

Those are all quite decent from what I've heard, though personally I can only recommend the magicforce, but that's just because it's the only one I have personal experience with.

If you want linear switches, I'd get gaterons, they're extremely smooth.
Typing on 35g gateron clears right now. They're FUCKING SMOOTH I TELL YOU.

>> No.54210189

Tasteful as can be. Gj you fucking asshole. I want one of these stupid keyboarda, now. How much are they?

>> No.54210224

Funny enough, I found the Ajazz that Massdrop is having for much less, if I'm not mistaken (http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Ajazz-Geeks-AK33-Backlight-Mechaincal-Gaming-Keyboard-Alloy-82-Keys-Blue-Black-Switch-Mechaincal-Keyboard-For/32602146357.html?spm=2114.10010108.1000023.2.0MLLIh). Of course I'd probably have to wait ages for China Post to send it, but still.

>> No.54210249

Massdrop is going to take ages too anyway.

And half the "deals" on massdrop are shit you could find cheaper elsewhere, make sure to doublecheck stuff, especially chink shit like that, when looking at stuff on massdrop.

>> No.54210259

>tfw no greens

>> No.54210324

The Magicforce is kind of winning me over the Lolita/Choc due to the detachable cable. Unfortunately I seem to have a history of bad cable wearing, even if I always treated my mice/keyboard/controllers with care.

Thank you very much for the help.

>> No.54210362
File: 797 KB, 2500x1910, wireless.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Still waiting on my custom wireless 60%

>> No.54210395

Yeah, it seems their deals wouldn't benefit me at all and I'm better off just ordering from China myself.

I'm likely going to go with the clear gateron Magicforce from Amazon. That seems like a good deal to me. Thank you once again.

>> No.54210411
File: 1.50 MB, 4592x3448, P1060525.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>clear gateron Magicforce
superb choice

>> No.54210589
File: 349 KB, 689x665, Screenshot 2016-04-24 18.46.40.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I go for it /g/?

>> No.54210616

for 40 bucks even a das with browns is a good deal.

Go right ahead

>> No.54210624


At least you have the option of paying more for Epacket (7-14 days) or DHL (3-5 days).

With assdrop you're stuck waiting months just for the thing to ship.


Can't go wrong with that choice for linears.

>> No.54210818

Which is your Master configuration?

>> No.54211004

What do you mean?
As in what do I have the buttons mapped to?

>> No.54211126

Fuck this is nice, just convinced me to get an mx master. What are those caps?

>> No.54211139


>> No.54211196

WASD custom printed shit ABS

>> No.54211197

The master is by far the best mouse I've ever used.
They are WASD caps with a US-International layout. Based the colour scheme on the granite theme too.
Two side buttons are copy+paste.
The gesture button is just media controls, gonna change the gesture for volume though because it doesn't work with my audio setup.
And the side wheel is zoom in and out :)

>> No.54211264


Look into the bluetooth problems with the MX Master before buying.

It's got a decent sensor that works well in wired mode, but if your intent is wireless, the G900 is a better option.

>> No.54211277

What is the 60% board? The only wireless 60% I know is that Royal Kludge that they forgot to program correctly.

>> No.54211290

Side scroll on side-wheel

Back-forward buttons on side

Gesture goes between desktops for laptop and page snaps on desktop

Top button alt tab

>> No.54211309

How do you get the wired mode to work? Never managed it. The wireless is flawless though.
Yeah it's the Royal Kludge.
Waiting on a custom one at the moment.
What did they forget to program? Seems fine to me.

>> No.54211310

that's exactly what it is.

>> No.54211311

Why not just a G602? Nice sensor, plenty of buttons and great battery life.

>> No.54211341

First time it appeared at aliexpress and later at massdrop the keyboard didnt have a fn arrow layer. Did they fix it?

>> No.54211347


Right, the G602, G303 and G502 all use gr8 sensors too.

The G900 is just the top level wireless, where the Master aims and misses.

>> No.54211348

Damn, I though the OP's pic was some kind of keyboard pillow hybrid.

>> No.54211350

Yeah the V2 has them now :)

>> No.54211376

Which keyboard is that?

>> No.54211381

damn they look sexy too bad they're WASD.
I'm pretty set on the mx master so far but I will have a look at those problems so I don't end up wasting the money.

>> No.54211515

I am not a bright man. I spilled my drink into my CM Storm Pro.

Recommendations for a new board?

>Budget - $100
>Location: USA
>Preferred switch type: Used Reds and Blue cherry switches before. Would like to try brown.
>Layout: US English
>Form factor: Full keyboard
>Backlight: None/minimal
>Previous/current keyboards: Razer Blackwidow, CM Storm full keyboard.

>> No.54211517

Still don't understand people problems with WASD. You get what you pay for and as far as I know no one makes custom PBT caps

>> No.54211564

Just had a look at the g900 and almost threw up, seems good but it looks pretty fucking disgusting. this is a mouse that I will be taking to work so there is no way I am using that. Are any other "business" mouses better than the mx master?

I get that but I don't want shit quality caps, I also don't really want to customize my caps I just want something that looks nice which I can get with some PBT sets. The price isn't really a concern for me so I am happy to pay more for a good looking, decent set of caps.

>> No.54211631

They feel alright to me. Mind you I've never used PBT so there we go haha.
Also never had any ABS caps go shiny.
Aah well if you don't need a specific layout then any old caps will do.

>> No.54211672

Hey guys, what's a good switch for me?

I spend most of my time writing code, I'm used to pushing only a tiny bit to activate a key.

>> No.54211688

Quickfire XT, Ducky One non-backlit.

>> No.54211699

Try different ones out and see what you like.

>> No.54211738

That's the thing, how do I try them out? Should I buy a small test board?

Nice I'll look it up

>> No.54211781

Its best if you try with an actual keyboard, you should see if you can try them at a local computer store or something.

>> No.54211804


>> No.54211824


The only site that's near me has no displays. Everything is stored in the back and you have to ask for what you want.

>> No.54211994

Hmm that sorta sucks, if there is no way you can try it out on an actual keyboard you should probably get a cheap switch tester just to get an idea of how they feel, keep in mind though that it will be different when you are actually typing.

>> No.54212047
File: 2.11 MB, 2688x1520, IMAG0363.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wrong. Backlighting is useful for illuminating the area around your keyboard. Don't be a prick

>> No.54212122

Cherry MX Brown's look fun, are they weird to game on?

>> No.54212154

I don't really game so I wouldn't know, someone I know seems to like them for gaming.

>> No.54212163


Yea it's unfortunate they reserve their best sensors for crappy gaymer designed mice.

The G602 is a lot subtler and less expensive if you must have wireless. I'm a big fan of the Zowie FK series for wired.

>> No.54212195


Definitely order a cheap switch tester, I like reds and clears for gaming much more than browns/blacks.

At least clears have a worthwhile bump to make going tactile worth it.

>> No.54212241

Yep, I'm definitely gonna go for the sampler. Thanks for that information

>> No.54212708

keycaps/board for bottom?

>> No.54212738

WASD custom caps + Royal Kludge RK1

>> No.54212785

Alright, just got back from PAX East, was planning on doing some shopping for a keyboard while there, but the one I wanted was sold out before I got it. Does anyone have any experience with Corsair's Cherry Blues? It felt the best out of all the switches on display, but I want to know if they have any serious quirks. Also they gave me a coupon, so I'm more inclined to buy through their site than Amazon or Newegg.

-Sent from my Logitech K120

>> No.54212828
File: 170 KB, 981x580, 1328516332488.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54212873


>implying I'm not already dead and shitposting from the afterlife

get on my level you scrub

>> No.54213052
File: 60 KB, 535x579, 1461442470055-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54214532
File: 49 KB, 500x380, 1461351308568.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54214677
File: 134 KB, 1080x1283, 1453737040986.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Theyre alright, corsair tends to have pretty "meh" stuff. Also most of their boards have nonstandard bottom rows for keycaps. I'd do some more research on some other stuff first.

>> No.54214714


Unless you want to be stuck with their shitty caps and case forever, sell the coupon and buy something else with blues.

Ducky, Pok3r, Filco, Varmillo...hell even a Magicforce would be a better buy

>> No.54214886
File: 487 KB, 1920x1080, 1404455329252.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

did somebody say cute keycaps?

>> No.54214953

Just bought a custom 60% off of someone on GH. Hoping that ergoclears are as awesome that everyone has made it sound, because the board itself looked really cool. I'm going to have to sell my Poker and my v60 though, otherwise it's just going to be silly.

>> No.54214956


fucking hell, trump is making anime real.

>> No.54215036

literally any other company that has cherry blues. and in all honesty gateron blues even more so.

>> No.54215092

Gateron is the best switch manufacturer and I can't shill for them hard enough.
Anyone who thinks Cherry MX makes the best switches either a) hasn't tried Gateron yet or b) is an idiot

>> No.54215191


They're better than other Cherry type switches, but that's not saying much. Still hall effect, ALPS, NMB Hitek, magnetic reed, and a whole host of others with better feel/performance.

>> No.54215311

The others are great, but when it comes to general availability, really only MX and Alps (and I guess Topre) are viable. People don't go around making custom hall effect boards for example.

>> No.54215324

How do y'all niggas feel about a Ducky YotG?

>> No.54215340

You'll never get one.

>> No.54215351

Well shit, know anything aesthetically similar?

>> No.54215378

Sure, whatever, but it's not like you can just got to Amazon and buy a TKL with hall effect switches or shit like that

>> No.54215406

you're paying like $100 just for the gay as FUCK leds

>> No.54215434


>> No.54215456
File: 69 KB, 415x388, 1419105385225.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bought a mechanical keyboard at Frys two months ago. Reverted back to my normal logitech with the brand new one sitting in my cloest ever since. The keyboard was more annoying than helpful. It didn't fix anything. At least with my logitech, I can type faster and more comfortably. I don't get the mechanical meme.

>> No.54215685


Just because you bought one with loud switches doesn't make them all like that. Not everyone's dumb enough to buy before they research/try something.

>> No.54215709

It wasnt about the sound. Just the general feel of them. Each key press felt like a chore and I made a lot of capitilization mistakes simply because it takes longer to remove my finger from the shift key than on a normal keyboard.

>> No.54215725


and just in case anyone is stupid enough to listen to him. mech's aren't made to make you type faster or game super hard. Do your research before being a brainless consumer. Figure out what switch type works for you and what you're looking for in a keytype before buying.

>> No.54215743

Then what are mechs made for? Cause I see no appeal to their existence other than for people with nostalgia glasses on

>> No.54215768

typing enjoyment, finger fatigue, hobby, or comfort. Just going out and buying a mech because someone told you to get one will give you a shitty experience. You're living proof of it. Do you know what switches you have? Do you know the type they are? did you even try out any of the other options at the store?

>> No.54215795

I tried them all. I didnt buy this shit on a whim. It's a company write off, so I didnt lose any money from it, either. I just wanted to see what all the appeal was for then remember I used this shit back in my younger years and never felt any reason to go back to it with more superior keyboard design. Typing enjoyment? Top kek, I type to put words on the screen, not to jerk off to how much I enjoy this piece of shit. If I could write with my mind, I would. And finger fatigue? I've been typing since I was a little kid. I never experienced finger fatigue, or I probably am too damn conditioned to experience it. Buzzword after buzzword to sell an outdated design.

>> No.54215826

>never experienced finger fatigue
>posts how each key press was a chore

pick one anon. You still didn't answer my question. Do you know anything at all about switches? Did you at the time you went and bought one? It could be that the frys you went to only had browns and greens. one feels mushy and the other is fucking heavy. Typing enjoyment means that you don't feel like shit or feel like typing on shit if it's your whole job to type. Don't blame the product if you can't do the research.

>> No.54215844

I had a red switch keyboard, which is suppose to be good for typing. Find out that in the long run, it's not that great. And as I said, modifier keys ruined a lot of my typing. I rather have a consistent pressure to my typing rather than having to adjust a small break just to make sure neither of them are down while typing the next key. Comfort is in the eye of the beholder, but as a long time computer user, mechanical keyboards are a meme.

>> No.54215865

wanna buy my 1st mech but idk which brand should i go for build quality. halp pls?

>Preferred switch type
Clears, bought a tester from WASD
>Form factor
100% doin lots of number crunching for accounting
>Previous/current keyboards
Logitech K120

>> No.54215897

*Computers are a meme

I got you senpai.

Either way, mechanical switches are more consistent, smoother, and more customizeable. For me the whole reason I got into it was because I like to tinker. but I will say I've noticed an improvement in typing and less strain on my hands. It's just like any other hobby though, overly expensive and no one else gets it.

in all honesty, the CODE barebones with a keyset should be good. They've got a real nice build quality and don't have any flashy crap on it.

>> No.54215984


Nah, probably bought a shitty Razer or Logitech clone board on a whim, and thinks he understands all mechs better than us "memers"

What a joke. I doubt even he's deluded to actually believe any of that crap.

>> No.54216180

Looking for my first mech.

200 Euros
Europe Zone 3
>Preferred switch type
Cherry MX Red. Willing to go with Gateron red as well.
Would prefer ANSI.
>Form factor
Don't need it, but it's ok as long as I can turn it off.
>Previous/current keyboards
Some Logitech non-mech.

Another requirement - the case has to be white or swappable to white. I'll probably be switching out the caps as well.

>> No.54216214

Outemu, how shit are they ?

>> No.54216311
File: 48 KB, 810x543, blackattack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any of you niggers got POM jelly caps? They seem nice as fuck.

>> No.54216369

looks so damn good anon, thanks.

>> No.54216426

Then why are you here you autismo?

>> No.54216460
File: 3.20 MB, 4919x3098, pomjellycaps.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

w2c though

>> No.54216462
File: 481 KB, 1447x1447, 1421562378892.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sure people will call me lame, but I bought a Corsair Strafe Cherry MX and love it. I snagged it for 89.99 and to be fair, it's my first mechanical keyboard.

>> No.54216620


Quality is really great, better than PBT even, but they srsly faaaaabuloso

>> No.54216883


It sounds like you didn't choose your switch well. There's hundreds of switches out there. Any gripes you have there's probably at least 10 switches that fit your requirements.

>> No.54216981

Does anyone sell a mechanical ergonomic keyboard. I can't seem to find one. I don't want a split though! I hunt and peck.
My carpal tunnel is giving my some real grief lately, this keyboard has to go soon.

>> No.54217162

better than Cherry. the Blues are clickier and the blacks are smoother.

desu pretty much every clone except for Kailh does Cherry switches better than Cherry. I don't know if that's more embarrassing for Cherry or for Kailh.

>> No.54217336

Im looking to get myself a ducky shine 5
Wanted to hear your opinion about mx reds and blacks anons. Which one would you prefer and why?

>> No.54217390
File: 853 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-04-25-11-15-54.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54217417
File: 78 KB, 1024x576, CgNSCvLUUAAM6kg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can confirm, TKL CODE with greens has been my workhorse for a while now. I've replaced the caps and case since, but the board itself is still plugging away.

>> No.54217468

I like you.

>> No.54217544

Not sure if you're joking or not. Is that keyboard some kind of prop for the local pride festival?

>> No.54217704

Nice list dude! But nobody is going to look for you.

>> No.54217767

Anyone done silence mod on NT with pads? Is it hard to do ? As far as i know it voids the warranty and I'm pretty bad with tech

>> No.54217860

>I don't want a split though

>> No.54217877


I got a hand me down 6gv2 from my cousin, he said some of the switches where not working so I ordered a 120 outemu switch pack from massdrop. The faggots in the comments where saying outemu are the worst so I was kinda scared. Also Im switching out the blacks on the 6gv2 for blues.

>> No.54218298

Corsair K70 rapidfire a meme? how about the keyboard itself disregarding the switch

>> No.54218310

Yeah, I recently got a green set.

>> No.54218317

corsair keyboards are shit regardless of what kind of marketing bullshit they put in them.

>> No.54218319

Why does the shape of your keyboard matter if you hunt and peck?

I did the ironed landing pad mod. It's not hard, but takes a very long time.

>> No.54218328


>> No.54218344

non-standard bottom row, known for issues with lighting, shit software, known for all kinds of other issues too. Just look up "corsair keyboard not working" and take a look at the ridiculous amounts of people having issues with them.

>> No.54218355

the white backboard looks bad af though.

>> No.54218398

what's not standard about it?

>> No.54218450

Mechanical keyboards interest me.

>> No.54218454

The bottom row modifiers have varying sizes. Most aftermarket keycap sets don't accommodate for this, hence your selection in replacement keycaps is quite limited with a corsair keyboard.

>> No.54218469

what about the romer-g switches a meme?

>> No.54218480

Mx speed a new cherry that came out

>> No.54218481

anyone hyped for the infinity ergodox on massdrop?
I chose matias quiet pro switches, but I do not know if they are the linear or the tactile ones.

>> No.54218613

Why? Was it worth it?

>> No.54218635
File: 51 KB, 1000x561, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just bought a Tesoro Excalibur RGB edition... Did I goofed up? Paid ~$80 for it

>> No.54218640

Logitech went full Razer with their keyboards, just buy ducky if you want fancy lights

>> No.54218652


>> No.54218880

Why did I silence my keyboard? To silence my keyboard.

>> No.54218910

No why it takes too long

>> No.54219053

Why do all your keycaps look like their mooning you?

>> No.54219197

whered you get this

>> No.54219440

board is a QFR, caps are printed by WASD

>> No.54219781

Ironing all the pads takes hours, for one.

>> No.54220245

it's a noppoo choc mini
thanks dude, they go for about 100 bucks and the keycaps like 50 pounds

>> No.54220397

Fuck ergodox. It's like someone wanted ergonomics but was too much of a pussy to go for a kinesis advantage.

>> No.54220630

Serious question. I may be a noob, but I'm not trolling.
I can't understand why I should give a fuck about mechanical keyboards and don't use any keyboard.
anyone please can explain me why does it matter? I'm writting on a laptop right now and it's pretty comfy.

>> No.54220701

if you think a laptop keyboard is pretty comfy them you probably shouldn't give a fuck, however most of us don't and use mechanical keyboards instead because they feel nice to type on

>> No.54220740

so, are they better somehow or have any advantage? or they just feel better for some people?

>> No.54220888

Mostly it's that they feel nicer to use.

>> No.54220912

>888. nice.

understood. thanks

>> No.54221099

reds are sick for music games

>> No.54221516
File: 128 KB, 1280x956, photo_2016-04-25_18-17-58.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/DIY/ reporting in

They feel nice to use and you can do all kinds of fun shit with them.

>> No.54221589

Like the lighting shining through? I like it.
>not being secure in your masculinity and feminity to like rainbow keycaps
Smh desu senpai

>> No.54221728

Is that the wood case for the 60% alps?

>> No.54221832


>> No.54221895

It looks like SHIT.

You staining it? What colour?

>> No.54221958


Not going to stain it, I'll just put some of that fancy wood liquid (forgot the english name) on it. I'd like to keep the color rather close to the maple wood since the keycaps themselves are also rather bright.

>> No.54222047

Linseed oil?

>> No.54222059

varnish, that stuff.

>> No.54222540

I'm either going to replace my desktop with a used thinkpad, or I'm going to make my computer "new again" by buying a nice mechanical keyboard. Which would you do?

Are there nice professional mice that go well with them?

>> No.54222600

mech for sure

>> No.54222834

kinesis advantage is too fukken huge

>> No.54222917

The dactyl needs to go mainstream.

>> No.54222980

not bad... but I hate hours of soldering; If there were an easy mod to the original kinesis in order to split it, or an easy way to assemble the dactyl - you could count me in.

>> No.54223183

>I hate hours of soldering
Disdain for plebs.

>> No.54223295

Well, I don't exactly hate them, it's just that I do not have them. I write software - a lot of it - and staying there, soldering overpriced shit just isn't for me

>> No.54224258

Anybody here in the drawing for the 62/60 groupbuy? Cool layout, hotswappable switches, programmable per-key RGBs, this keyboard sounds too good to be true.

>> No.54224449

I've only looked at it a little, but it doesn't seem that difficult to do yourself.

>> No.54226172


Nah, if it were ALPS support I'd be willing, but the Zhuque does the same thing at 1/3 the cost.

>> No.54226211



>> No.54226254


I'd rather avoid autismal shitposts like the plague, gtfo

>> No.54226856
File: 3.52 MB, 3865x2577, WP_20160426_00_00_05_Pro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ohhhhh shit guys i somehow managed to fix my g510 screen. i need a longer ribbon cable so i can hide the pcb under my desk and somehow attach the screen to my keyboard. can i just order one or are they different sizes? i need it for my music and stuff

>> No.54227196

kill yourself, my man

>> No.54227207

Is a Qisan Magicforce with Mx Browns a nice keyboard? I just need to replace my 6 year old razer keyboard

>> No.54227219
File: 1.33 MB, 3264x2448, Picture 15.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54227272

Apparently, according to the autists of /g/, it's 'okay'. Key font is niggers, but other than that it's a standard knock off cherry board

>> No.54227530



>> No.54228037


Should I do it?

>> No.54228088

Absolutely, go for it.

>> No.54228140


Fuck yea, try to talk him down to 75 but that's a good price as-is.

Worst case, you get 5 broken terminal boards and sell the caps/flippers for 3x what you paid. Most are likely fixable unless they're complete rustbuckets, post up when you get em!

>> No.54228293

>someone doesn't like doing tedious shit
you're not superior friend :^)

>> No.54228443
File: 521 KB, 750x498, EL9AjFH.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

these are the best pics I got
anybody sees something interesting I should contact this guy for? I see a model M but am realyl bad with old keyboards

>> No.54228464

the M stands for Meme

>> No.54228495

but if I buy it for cheap and sell it for 10 times what I paid for it.

>> No.54228519


Hardly any IBMs at all, I see a bunch of Wyse, Zenith, Keytronic and Focus boards in there.

You best scoop those up before someone else does.

>> No.54228548

wich should I get because I only recognize the 1 model M. also the ones without arrowkeys look interesting

>> No.54228598 [DELETED] 


Col 1: #2,3,5,6, not sure about 7
Col 2: Every one but the first
Col 3: All of them
Col 4: All but the last

I'd wager most of these have white alps, Keytronic foam/foil, or vintage MX blacks.

Easily 30-50 dollars each depending on the switch, maybe even some rare ones but I'd have to see a removed key.

>> No.54228733

I am going to ask for 4 max. there might be some Tulips in there. those are slider over dome worthless. I am trying to avoid as much domes.

>> No.54228796 [DELETED] 


email me at kbnony at yandex dot com and I'll send links of what they are

>> No.54228894

sorry. but cant do that

>> No.54228916


Then we're done here. Good luck with the gamble.

>> No.54228935

thank you man and thanks for the tips

>> No.54229167
File: 2.10 MB, 4592x3448, P1060591.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know what kind of switch this is?

Keycaps are doubleshot ABS, keyboard is an old olivetti L1 terminal keyboard (no there's no label on the back).

The switch is linear with quite a short travel (I'd say about 1/2 or 2/3 of an mx style switch) and a clicky noise (but no tactile feedback) in the last third of the keypress.

>> No.54229178


Olivetti rubber dome with slider

>> No.54229179
File: 540 KB, 1920x1440, P1060585.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll open it up tomorrow and find out some more but I'm wondering if anyone here knows anything right off the bat.

>> No.54229188

Are you sure? It doesn't feel like a rubber dome in the slightest. The keypress is entirely linear.

>> No.54229268

What's so good about the Happy Hacking Keyboard? I've seen them here in stores and may as well buy one if they're something special. I've already got a Ducky though

>> No.54229302
File: 3.04 MB, 2400x1600, DSC_8736.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

topre switches and meme points

>> No.54229335

>I've seen them here in stores

what kind of stores are those? Where are you located?

>> No.54229385

My local Office Max is closing, so accessories are 50% off.
Should I get a hard wrist rest, or a jelly wrist rest?

Also, is it worth getting a G602?

>> No.54229416

>wrist rest
enjoy you're rsi

>> No.54229439


Sure looks like it to me

imgur.com/a/otKF6 see the source and links within, stupid filter won't let me post direct

>> No.54229468

Stores here in Japan

>> No.54229476
File: 19 KB, 346x346, 1459979065841.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

did you actually think this was a cool picture

>> No.54229498


>> No.54229502

Just got my magicforce with blacks today. Loved it. Not that I am a connoisseur or my experience is long enough to predict durability etc but I am definitely well pleased with my purchase.

>> No.54229632
File: 1.24 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_0053.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aaaaw yeaaaah custom one arrived!

>> No.54229792


I like the 602 more than any other wireless mouse. G900 has a better sensor like the G502, but looks too gaymer-y.

MX Master had some issues on bluetooth at launch, not sure if that's been fixed since.

>> No.54229812

Looking pretty good man Im thinking of modding the terminus into wireless. Idk how but it would be cool.

>> No.54229869
File: 30 KB, 324x282, 1389388946431.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That thing is beautiful

>> No.54229899

I'm sure there will be a tutorial somewhere :)

>> No.54230131

Yah it uses an arduino so should be pretty manageable.

>> No.54231553
File: 1.22 MB, 3817x2214, 6PX4NQP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the general consensus on detachable switches? Should I bother with pic related? (Wolf Team ZHUQUE)

>> No.54231583

Doesn't make sense for me to use them, but maybe someone has a lot of different cherry switches they like and so the tech is appealing.

>> No.54231765

Banging should be easier enough then, so long as you aren't me lol. Still got the scar to prove how pro I am.

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