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Distro hate images thread?? I need more of these. Idgaf about who they're about however infuriating arch autists is encouraged.

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Posting what I got

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This looks like a nigger twitter picture.

Proof that only niggers use ubuntu. I mean isn't ubuntu some word from a nigger language? Top kek

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somehow this is even more juvenile that those pics of the bsd devil fucking tux or tux gunning down a windows logo

but then again those didnt come from a shitposting community so maybe not

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>Archcuck getting angry
Bahaha to

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>linshit users are literally autistic and scream at each other when someone disagrees with them

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More love for archcucks!

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Hi Arch.C.UCK. How's your wife's son doing?

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all jokes aside, having a problem that is so bad you have to stop working on it is terrible.
It only happened on ubuntu for me though.
These days, arch is a lot less hassle.

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What would 4chan be like if there was a way to enforce the 18+ rule?

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>carl implying he can't 4chan

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tfw I broke portage

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>there are so many "features" that i dont use 99% of them,because they are scary and i might shit my self if i go out of my bedroom
>free pool provided by Amazon,where your dirty habits are used to create a better tommorrow

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I still have no idea why would any normal average person use shitty linux OS that crashes all the time and you can't even download simple exe file to install music player or whatever

>-n-n-n-n-ormie pls leave

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git gud

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Amazon integration was removed in 16.04 BTFO

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You use a simple command line to install it dumbfag

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>it's a I can't install arch thread

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Needs more jpeg

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You're confusing Arch with Gentoo.

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Daily reminder that a quality thread has been pushed of the board for this shitposting

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God, what would we do without consumerist general number 36?

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>Daily reminder that a quality thread has been pushed of the board for this shitposting

You mean like this one?


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that pic is so shit... the 3% performance gain s a Gentoo thing not Arch, Arch would be xorg or nvidia drivers breaking

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God, what would we do without tripfags?

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actually i just update once a week or so

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one of the things I don't get about ubuntu is their software center GUI

I usually end up having to use google to search for ppas and add them in a convoluted way

why is there no universal search in the software center gui if its so user friendly

how hard it would be to show me its a ppa somewhere in the result list and if I click install ask me if I really want to add it

>inb4 apt-get
thats not the point

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There isn't any college in the world that won't let you submit assignments in LaTeX. I never understood this meme. Usually I submit a hard copy anyway so it doesn't matter in slightest, but when they ask for a digital copy most are impressed to get a PDF. I've only had one professor ask why it was a PDF and said he'd prefer Word documents and I just told him my computer can't do those and he said it was fine.

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>tfw upgrading to kernel 4.5 broke my audio (even on winblows). A theory crafted solution required recompiling the kernel with different parameters and messing with alsa configs just to have line-x detect the speaker hardware again

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That's another false-flag arch-hate thread

1000x better than daily OS wars
Jesus I remember like 2007 when windows vs. mac was forbidden on nearly every reputable tech board and it was cash

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What are all these arch hate threads lately? Does its existence affect you in some way?

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Learn to laugh at yourself mate, my distro doesn't even have a package manager, it's ok, we're all neckbeards here

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/g/ lacks fresh memes, and Arch is something that everybody's used to shitpost about. It's like that scrawny kid in your class that keeps getting bullied only because he's not fighting back.

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>the demo who buy t-shirts changed in those past 10 years

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>I filter tripfriends

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>being this triggered by someone on the internet not liking you
shit dude, get some self-esteem.

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>opening a terminal and installing the software you want with two commands
instead of
>opening a web browser to download and then run shady executables from random sites with adware/trojans/rootkits attached
... I mean, who'd want that?

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You guys are like my best friends though

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>implying you can't open a terminal and run two commands and then install some shady software

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>two commands
What's the second one?

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I haven't read the thread yet, but let me guess:

>"hurr erch breaks all the time (i live in 2005)"
>"hurr pacmen broke muh X!! (i don't know what that means, lol)"
>"lmao kek triggrd arch cuk!! you aren't allowed to correct me!!!"

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>being this stupid

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I get it that hating on Arch is a meme, but do people seriously have issues like this on Arch?

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your top breeders*

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Found the archfag.

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ITT: ubanoo babies who are too retarded to read documentation.

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sudo pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/linux-4.4.5-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz
you fucking retard

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screenfetch please

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I use Arch, and I still hate it.

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>impregnanting a womyn in 2016

Enjoy living in a shack after getting raped for child support

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I don't really get the story behind arch breaking and being to difficult to install, use or set up.
You just need 15 minutes to install it, then you only need to install your drivers, a DE, the programs you need (which takes another 15 minutes), you set-up everything as you want, which I personnally do regardless the distribution, and then you got a working OS that have everything exaclty as you want.
I've been using arch for a year now and it never broke itself.

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There you are, thanks for reminding me to filter you

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Yep. I always do PDF. Even if I used word I'd do PDF because word versions have potential to act strange when opening other .docs.
I use arch and I use it for actual work too but making fun of arch autists who have some shitty rice and think they're the shit is great.

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Will this year be the year of slackware?


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Why? Cause /g/ likes everything complicated.
/g/ thinks that if they didn't make it from scratch it's pointless and they hate it.


>"I went to home depot, hired them to build my shed, and even a pool. They did really well, and if anything goes wrong, they will come out and fix it for free."

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I did this when I installed gentoo, 3 times during it.

Gentoo is seriously suffering.

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>I need more of these

Seriously ?
You autists keep posting these shitty picture for weeks now
Fucking grow up, no one care about your useless distro war

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packagemanager install music player

wowwww so hard.

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>packagemanager install music player
>music player
Triggered. It should be music-player

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unlike you guys, I've sorta grown up and realized that /g/ is one of the few places you can't convince people to like what you like. So WHY NOT FUCKING ARGUE ABOUT IT RIGHT?

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I doubt this is true but those coworkers sound like a bunch of idiots.

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The op makes it clear I don't actually care about x distro vs y distro you triggered faggot

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b-b-but i donated like 50 dollars to a gamer grrrrl on twitch so shes practically my gf now rite

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wonderful quality there m8

I love reading fonts of <100kb images

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No one ever mentions that tight t-shirts were a fad in the 90's

>> No.54154156

What the fuck are you talking about? No one takes pure LaTeX, they take the PDF's you make with them, unless it's some journal which might need the TeX code

>> No.54154388

I haven't. But I mean YMMV.

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D-did I do good guys?

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I've been using it for 3 years but this did just happen to me. Search for xps 13 kernel 4.5 and you will see lots of people affected

>never upgrading my kernel ever again
I2S is opposing me help

>> No.54154971

Dead distro

>> No.54155459

The joke is he's making himself incompatible with the world. The initial part of working with any group is to play their game for a little bit and try to change them later since that's when they'll listen. Most colleges do accept PDF or the source to make it, but if not, you need to submit as whatever and try to hit them with it once they have a relationship with you and know that you do good work. When you regurgitate the same "You *shouldn't* use .doc" in the e-mail asking them for your resume in word format, you're being a contrarian and showing them and every employer you're never going to have a chance as part of any team. You think you're being cute repeating a meme as if this sets you apart from the other candidates - and it certainly does, completely in the wrong direction as they're going to think you're a total autist. We have latex threads all the time and all the PDF people always take the ultimate freetard way out and say you should fight HR, fight everyone in the IT department, force them to use your standard, and if they don't use it immediately - quit! It's all about how you try to get them to switch, and if it's too early, they won't and just label you as a vocal protest faggot. In this case PDF and latex have done nothing for you except made you unreachable and you are unemployable because your dumb virus internet philosophy you picked up one day will never let you change.

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> mpd at 11% CPU

toaster confirmed to run Ubuntu

>> No.54155539

using arch for 2 years now.
pacman never killed my xorg
and it asks me if i want to overwrite a config file

just saying...

>> No.54155625

this one is pretty true
sometime i would like to cry but i love fixing my linux systems...

>> No.54155726

Why is every arch meme seem like they actually meant gentoo?

>> No.54156149

All the Arch hate would stop, obviously.

>> No.54156219

>all jokes aside, having a problem that is so bad you have to stop working on it is terrible.
>It only happened on ubuntu for me though

Couldn't get your terminal theme to match your anime wallpaper?

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You are terrible.

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>> No.54156663

Matthew Moore?

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Epic rebuttal, as always. Why are newfags so pathetic?

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No /g/ autist would be caught dead using unity upon which the plugin needs to work. However, you will immediately say that it can spy on you regardless with no proof and will also not mention the fact you can remove it with one apt-get. You don't use your obscure distro the way it came out of the box so you can't say that ubuntu sucks because it comes with something you don't like when you spent a week or more getting something else the way you like.

>> No.54156842

You didn't need to prove my point right away, you could've at least tried

>> No.54156856

Original thread/source?

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>> No.54156871

One /v/ spill

>> No.54156876

found the autism

>> No.54156885

Needs more jpeg

>> No.54156913

>remove it from one apt-get
I though the person he replied to claimed it's removed (or disabled) by default. Care to read the post again? Retard.

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digital ocean, a vps hosting company, discontinued arch as a choice because it's a tryhard timesink and suicidal as a business product because all the autists couldn't admit they fucked their own install up and insisted it was something wrong with the host. Similar to CS dropouts calling up bluetooth manufacturers complaining that there isn't an antenna. Shits flipped "No you don't understand I NEED arch" shit and threatened to terminate their service. And yet if you were a true linux l33t pr0c0re you would know you could just chroot it and shut the fuck up

>> No.54156931

>hur dur open source software is somehow a botnet
>so what if it's disabled and you can remove it?

>pacman -S girlfriend
>error not found

Is it hard hiding your latent homosexuality from the world Anon?

>> No.54156972

Ubuntu/Fedora/Debian should have their beards shaved and say
>I need to maintain my appearance to be taken seriously
and replace the space with cash made from their jobs

>> No.54156994

Is holding an adult conversation too hard for you?

>> No.54157003

I'm gonna blow your fucking mind, try adding
this to the command.

unless you use Arch, because then it means just fuck knows what, because
>fuck conventions I do what I want

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Literally destroyed UNIX on the desktop forever.

>> No.54157010

I have a full beard and a full-time job, and a wife

It's allowed if you're bald

>> No.54157021

How gay are you?

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>> No.54157040

How old are you?

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24 you fucking faggot, and you're the gayest Anon I've ever met.

>> No.54157082

Pic's missing
>camera pans down to show BSD suit is being held by a giant hand along with another one under it
>labelled "APPLE" and "SONY"

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>> No.54157094

I won't filter you

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And you still talk like a 12 year old underaged braindead fucktard. Go fuck back to 9gag or /b/ if you are here to shitpost like a lifeless trole you think you are you brain dead lump of half dried cum

>> No.54157125

Someone is #triggered.

>> No.54157140


>> No.54157190

>Windows friendly community
Hahaha what the fuck

>> No.54157216

Indians are sometimes quite friendly
Except from the race wars

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File: 622 KB, 1600x900, Screenshot from 2016-04-21 18-28-50.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The end result is worth the suffering though

>> No.54157250

Thats ubuntu though! You just made it seem to be Gentoo, do you feel good about yourself with your fake gentoo?

PS do you have a job? I see you like to pretend to be good at using linux on reddit and here, is that your job :)?

>> No.54157379

awful, just awful

>> No.54157397

Is this guy seriously arguing that a rapid release cycle is a problem? How could frequent updates (all of which are optional) by a problem in any way? Is he retarded?

Judging by the rest of the post, the answer is yes: he is retarded.

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File: 1.70 MB, 807x6544, Muh_why_Linux_suckzzzDDD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's mine

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File: 1.04 MB, 1528x3618, pasta1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Literal Microsoft Employee
When will they grow the fuck up?

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File: 1.80 MB, 1532x5990, pasta2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54157459

Tfw want to get unity for my gentoo but it requires systemd.

>Lennart will probably die in my lifetime
Feels good man

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File: 299 KB, 819x1600, pasta3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 266 KB, 1366x768, hurrDurrNoBroadcom.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54157502


>> No.54157551

Yup, article was written by a tech illiterate nigger.

>> No.54157613

what's the theme

>> No.54157620


Shitnux fags in maximum damage control. Don't even have Dtrace.

>> No.54157630

MS employee.

One thing widnows users have in common is being dumb i.e. >>54155065
or >>54157620

>> No.54157656

>Don't even have Dtrace


>> No.54157669

>Spoonfeeding a windumb

>> No.54157679

Linux does have DTrace. It's not official, but it has been ported.

Not that it matters whether or not it has DTrace, since there are comparable programs.

>> No.54157700
File: 149 KB, 720x480, 1381827456632.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>It's not official, but it has been ported.

>> No.54157721

There's also: systemtap, kprobes, sysdig, strace/ltrace.


YER A NIGGER: >>54157620

>> No.54157727

I doubt they're a Winfag. Why would they criticize Linux for lacking DTrace when Windows doesn't have DTrace (officially or unofficially) or even anything like it?

Probably a Macfag or a BSDfag.

>> No.54157743

It has DTrace. Who cares if it's official or not? It works.

Get a real argument.

>> No.54157761

>>54157228 could just be using the Unity overlay. https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Unity

>> No.54157770
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>> No.54157780

Jesus buttfucking christ this shit is from like 10 years ago. It references shit that hasn't been relevant for over a decade. Just fuck off, Lincuck.

>> No.54157781

That setting is turned off by default now, cuckposter.

>> No.54157782


>> No.54157806

>10 years ago
>STILL true
you tried newfriend

>> No.54157807


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File: 61 KB, 331x315, 125067188.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54157830

>It references shit that hasn't been relevant for over a decade
Stop lying, retard. If anything, microshaft wangblows has gotten worse.

See: https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php/Talk:Windows_10

>> No.54157848

I chocked on my tendies and spilled my mountain dew legit kek

>> No.54157880

who knows?

>> No.54158006

what the fuck is a xorg.conf

>> No.54158013
File: 197 KB, 328x419, Screenshot_20160415_143545.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that last one

>> No.54158039

I think we can all agree that windows 10 sucks balls.

>> No.54158067
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>> No.54158095

Who do you think these Ubuntu posters are? They are shilling Ubuntu because wangblows 10 comes with it.

Get you facts straight

>> No.54158124


>> No.54158129

my exact thoughts...

>> No.54158147

First they will try to establish that Ubuntu is the only Linux based distro worth using
Then they'll say "No need to install Ubuntu; windows 10 comes with it all ready"

>> No.54158196

but Windows 10 doesn't come with Ubuntu?

>> No.54158201


>> No.54158219

Some insider updates include ubuntu

>> No.54158255

Oh wow it's the same tired discredited tinfoil hat paranoia. Most of those "articles" posted are from before it was even released. Try harder Lincuck.

>> No.54158260

no they don't. they include bash, access to software on the Ubuntu repos, and a compatibility layer to run those linux apps on Windows.

>> No.54158264
File: 161 KB, 2236x622, 1461268048093.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fixed it

>> No.54158275

>Has apt-get
>Ubuntu repos
What's the difference?

>> No.54158295

that the majority of applications that Ubuntu consists of is missing?
this is like saying a golf is a BMW because it also has an engine and uses the same kind of gasoline.

>> No.54158298

Distros ordered by internal complexity:

Alpine Linux
Fedora / RHEL

If you ever actually developed packages or maintained whole repositories, you'd realize that Arch is one of the easiest distributions. It's fine for hobbyist desktops but forget it if you need to maintain large production setups.

>> No.54158308
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>> No.54158342

Good luck convening wintards

>> No.54158460

goddamn, you are cancer.

>> No.54158639

illiterate fuck

>> No.54158892

No that's correct you dumbass.
if there is an S at the end of something you don't have to put another S or ES, you can put an apostrophe at the end to signify it.

>> No.54158977

Size. It'd take like six hours to download all the repos, and who knows how long to load them into memory.

>> No.54158997
File: 191 KB, 1828x1026, 1461100624029.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.54159052

An apostrophe indicates possession.

>> No.54159074
File: 10 KB, 64x64, ɯnıpǝɯ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54159141

it also indicates when there is more than 1 and helps to clarify the way to pronounce it

>> No.54159361

Sorry, an apostrophe also indicates a contraction.
No it doesn't. An apostrophe in no situation ever indicates plurality.

>> No.54159598

I've been using arch as my main os for about two years now. I have never had an issue until about three months ago, I updated after about two months and my nvidia drivers stopped working.
I have done about a half dozen reinstall every few weeks just trying to get it to work again.
Last week's reinstall finally got nvidia drivers to work again.

Other than that I have not had any issues, its actually pretty cozy if you only want a handful of things on your computer.

>> No.54159633

>not realizing buying shit like t-shirts is impulse purchasing
>not realizing impulse purchasing and poor self control go hand in hand
>not realizing that people with poor self control are usually fat

>> No.54159891

>install paludis

>> No.54160262

If I wanted a corporate-sold OS, I'd much rather run Windows10 because frankly it's several times better than Ubuntu in just about every way.

Uboontu is a wannabe, buggy, half-complete version of Windows XP.

>> No.54161754

holy shit hahahaha

>> No.54162488

>i live in 2005
Judging by this try-hard BS, I believe you

>> No.54162934
File: 109 KB, 633x568, freetardsbtfo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.54163207

then you find out that that "girl" is a trap mac fag

>> No.54163322

I've been using Linux Mint for about 6 months. Mine came with a bunch of players, but there are more available from the Software Manager, which is pretty much a different version of the Google Play store on your Android.

>> No.54163457

Linux user. My responses.
How good are you with computers?

What do you plan on using your computer for?
>Office documents, checking email, web browsing, occasional movie pirate

>I don't mind spending 30 minutes once per laptop/desktop

How much do you make?

Do you game?
>Yeah, but I keep it limited to my PS3 and Wii U.

How many friends?
>Got a few close friends. Many more acquaintances. Been best man at 3 weddings so far.

Got a gf?
>Nope. Got a Wife.

Ever had sex?
>Yup. About 6 hours ago.

Do I smell cum?
>You shouldn't. I showered after.

>> No.54163475

I feel like I should be a windows user, but I'm not.

>> No.54163865



All this faggot hyping for C for example. Try to build a simple string reverse in C.. You can as well just learn assembly.

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