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is it possible to get laid without using social media in 2016 ?

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>consensual intercourse advice

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very carefully, OP

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yes but it requires going outside. that means you have to stop making shit threads on one of the few good boards here you fucking faggot.

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No. Thats the jews plan. To prevent those fig bring aganst the botnet to not reproduce.

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Fuck off you disgusting normalfag i hope you get shot

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No. The Jews want those who Re fighting against the botnet to not reproduce.

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Met my asian qt 3.14 gf on Tinder last year. Feels Goodman.

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quads confirms

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fucking hate mobile phones.

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Go to Thailand.

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walk to a bar and don't be an autist and yes you can.

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paying for sex doesnt really count tho.

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You nailed it, Anonymous.

Pun intended.

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Yes, fucktard.

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My dick couldnt tell the difference. Plus who wants to waste time talking to stupid bitches.

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>one of the few good boards
/g/ is garbage and you know it.

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Plenty of fish

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>praying for sex

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go into a bar and don't be a sperg

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>talking to stupid bitches out there
>communicating with mindless autists in here
Pick your poison

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But having a geniune waifu who really cares is something to dream about, some bitch ass gf is as good as a thai shemale, sure, but I dream big

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Just be yourself.

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But don't fuck random chicks on the street, go to an actual brothel so you don't get every sexual disease in existence

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used-up slut*

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I don't get it, you changed nothing

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>accepting a tinder whore as a gf


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maybe? but i wouldn't know desu, not on social media besides a twitter account no one i know follows.

it's fine though, fapping works fine with me for now

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Buy a fleshlight.

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>have a fap
>stop worrying about the empty crushing loneliness for a few days


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yes. socialize in school or go clubbing.

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smashed that mf like button tbhfam

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yes, but you will have to do some face to face interactions instead.

I dont have facebook or any other social media, the few accounts I do have I rarely use.
Yet I still managed to get a nice gf ;)

social media or not, you gotta hide your autism well.

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Of course it does. Why wouldn't it? People spend big bucks in order to become attractive, so why not cut out the middle man and get sex directly?

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first you pay for it, second every man can go and fuck a slut, but not everyone can hook up with an 18 year old and fuck her at her parents home. thats why

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>every man can go and fuck a slut

Are you implying consensual sex is something special? There are billions of humans on this planet. Because you're making it sound like getting laid was some kind of competition or natural selection. Protip: it's not. (not any more)

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then why the fuck are you here?
go shit up /b/, cockfag

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it sounds more like you have no way of getting laid except paying prostitutes

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where do think we are?

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>implying not all women are whores all in their own way

That's just how godbot designed them.

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I thought the argument was whether or not getting laid included prostitution. Now you're making it personal. Deflecting, much?

Furthermore, I consider actually keeping a relationship much more challenging.

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Yeah, I do.

Granted I have a girlfriend on several years and I met her through friends.

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cuck detected

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