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What technology have you wasted money on /g/?

Be honest

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I bought a chuwi hi8 chink tablet and a couple months later a thinkpad. I no longer use the tablet and it collects dust. I would give to my bro but he has one.

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bought a mech keyboard with the number pad.

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Xbox one

spent probably $500-$600 on it + games and I very rarely use the damn thing

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Wanna be bros, bro?

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DAPs. Fuck DAPs.

>Me 3 weeks ago
>"eh I don't use my clip+ anymore I'll sell it online and use my old ipod instead!"
>spend next 3 weeks wishing I hadn't done that
>end up buying another full price

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Built a high end gaymen "rig" in 2014 with an i7-4790K and upgraded to a GTX 980 Ti last year. Barely fucking played anything except WoW, came to my senses and am now sitting here with a modest Phenom II X6 1090T/GTX 780 combo that does everything I need.

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this turd back in the day

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Thinkpad X120e (AMD e350 is unacceptably slow for anything, even in 2012 it was)

Chinese Bluetooth audio receiver (audio started lagging after 10 minutes of playing, stopped charging after a week, I ripped the USB port off the board trying to open it)

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The number of people who need a tablet is a very miniscule subset of the number of people who own a tablet. It's literally a meme product.

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PS3, bought one just to play GTA V and 2 exclusives.

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This fucking piece of shit

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since my runescape days I always wanted a windows computer I could shove in my pocket. I bought it mostly cause of that desu

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None, because im a poorfag from a 3rd world country

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I just sold my 980 Ti on ebay for $580. I regretted my purchase as well. I don't game nearly enough to justify it.
I'll just wait for the next round of cards and buy something around the $350-$400 range.

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This was supposed to speed up my PC, it didn't do anything.

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Spent accumulative $2000 on custom liquid cooling in the past. I am running a full air cooled PC now.

Bought an Asus 8" tablet with meh specs. Stuck on Android 5.02 and lags.

Bunch of others.

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looks bitchin tho, brah

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You can install Windows s 10 on it now

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i bought 16gb of ram whereas i'd had 12gb.

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That's probably what I'll do as well. The 780 is fine, but hot and power-hungry. Hoping for something in the 960 TDP range with 390/970 performance. Whoever produces that first will get my money.

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I'm running a 1440p screen, and I am a sucker for eye candy, so I'll likely need to go with something a bit stronger than that.

But hopefully we'll get something with that performance/watt by the end of the year (I can dream)

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hey its me ur brother i have broke my tablet compiter...

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my gaming desktop

I bought a chromebook and haven't turned the desktop on in like a month

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The joys of growing up.

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I might be buying a lot of unecessary audio equipment recently(headphones, speakers, second hand amps).

That is all. Pretty much trying to get rid of the excess at the moment.

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I honestly don't think I like video games anymore. shit's depressing.

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i never knew this was a thing

ive had a Blu Ray Reader sitting in my pc for 3 years never even had to connect it yet.

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Heard that helps with overclocking.

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I bought a PCI wireless adapter and 4 GB of DDR-2 800 for my server I have no need for. I don't have any internet aside from my phone for tethering. 70 bucks that did not need to be spent but I needed to feed my God-hole.

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I know that feel. I stooped to the level of thinking of getting recreational games.

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Bought a €400 touch screen pen enabled Wacom Cintiq clone from China.

The drivers didn't work on my Mac so I bought an X220 Thinkpad but it didn't support that either because the drivers only worked on Windows XP and my Thinkpad had Windows 7. To this day it's in the box I bought it in several years ago after several attempts to resell it fell through. Nobody would buy it even for €100.

Thinking of using it as a screen for some emulator setup now.


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Its your long lost cousin from tibet fortune says FREE TABLIT in your future if you click here please

**Assigned to #32456 based on output from our desperateness algorithm please delete this prior to sending yoir messige**

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How.....no. Why did you think a Wacom clone would work?

I'm looking at a bunch of "alternatives" that seem to make the cut. Just would not get any clones because tech is very sketchy online as is.

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- Expensive MP3 player, I paid like £400 for it when it was new (Fiio X5), it's not bad but audio is the most placebo thing on the planet, unfortunately, you have to spend money to come to that conclusion, honestly the only thing that matters is the audio bitrate, above 256kbps with even an average priced pair of headphones does the same as FLAC and a pair of HD800's.

- Some chink android box that I bought for playing HEVC x265 files (they played at 1fps) not entirely useless though, I still use it for other video files as they play fine (if someone knows of a device that can play 10bit x265 HEVC files please give me a recommendation)

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They worked but only if you would downgrade

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Tablets. First got a Samsung tablet which was surprisingly slow and had a meh screen. Sold it, bought another one, now it just sits under my bedside table doing jack shit.

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Bro bought me a PS4. Never even touch it. Still use my old PS3 to play blu-rays, and a few games. Will probably sell it before the PS4.5 is announced and it loses all it's resale value.

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Remix Mini, complete waste of money. Ran like dogshit at 1080p and the interface sucked, every app still acted like it was on a smartphone and overall was a shit experience. 0/10 would not buy again.

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>please give me a recommendation


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Seconded. Bought Note 10.1 planning to use it for drawing and sketching ... it's shit. Android makes it extra shit and TouchJizz shits all over the shitness again.

At least it servers as decent movie player for my mom when she's traveling.

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Bought win10 because I was on the insider preview and it was giving me shit, didn't feel like dealing with it and bought it.
Alpenfohn Peter II GPU cooler.
I wouldn't have been a waste if I didn't get lucky and come into the money to afford a 980 though.

Also bought some ramsinks designed to let you mount waterblocks to RAM because they look cool.
They do look cool, but it was definitely a waste since I'll never use them the way they were meant to be used.
>pic related, ramsinks

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Last thing I bought was a usb-a to usb-c cable from the Play Store.

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I have the 10.1 as well, just used it for drawing. The experience isn't there even though programs like layer paint and Clover are dang good for apps on android. It soon turned into a media device(browse web, stream music).

I'm really thinking of getting a Surface pro soon.

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>Bought 32gb ram for my laptop
>my laptop only supports 16gb of ram
>Bought the right amount and now I have 32gb of laptop ram in my parts drawer
>could be worse

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Why not just leave the 32gb in?
Did it just not recognize it at all?

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Literally bought it because ex gf was a nintendo freak.

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I consider getting Surface Pro or iPad Pro too but both are bit too pricy for a "let's see if it works out" buy for me. The older Surfaces seem underpowered, maybe will get the current one in a generation or two.

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Didn't recognize it and it wouldn't boot with it in.

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You didn't add enough red LEDs.

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Dude wtf! WiiU is BOSS! 1080p 60fps Netflix machine. Dope 1080p youtube on tv machine!

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This one is way cheaper and has a newer cherry trail atom, i'd go for this one IMO http://www.geekbuying.com/item/Wintel-W8-PRO-Z8300-Windows-10-4K-MINI-PC-2G-32G-802-11b-g-n-LAN-Bluetooth4-0-HDMI-H-265-363000.html

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Wii U's Youtube app makes me want to cry tears of blood.

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Kind of a shitty thing to do

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What the fuck? You're just retarded. I barely play video games and I'd still rather using a custom built desktop for anything I need to do on the computer than some shitty Chromebook.

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my life

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Dell power edge 2350

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Two 75GB Raptors when they were released

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Nexus 9 and a pair of powerline adapters. Turbo shit in both cases.

Also a dp cable that would sporadically stop working every 5 minutes. Hardly counts though, since it was cheap.

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I know, I will probably keep it and hope something comes out I want to play on it.

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Chromebooks are gimped as shit even if you don't game.

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Try buying some games

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bought one of these when they first came out. still have it desu

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Only if you actually use chromeOS which, given that we're on /g/ and not /v/, is unlikely

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auralex foam. thought I could pin it with T-pins, but the pins just bend. don't really want to use a bunch of screws or adhesive.

I do have some decent wood and foam bass traps tho and those worked out great

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All those fucking cheap pairs of headphones that break all the time

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It's cool and all but I don't need it. It's just taking up space in my room. Would give it to somebody but I kinda ruined the trackpad so its embarrassing.

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Better than picking up dust

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LS-120 super disk.

Should have just bought a hard drive for the same money.

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complete overkill

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that's how I felt about 16GiB of ram. until I started using google chrome.

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Never seen or heard of that.

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Over $900 on mechanical keyboards.

>I own 5

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How the fuck do you spend that much money on only 5 keyboards?

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I'm almost as bad. I regret not getting a HHKB right from the start.

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This isn't wasted money. You could sell those keyboards in 10 years, probably for a profit.

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Nope. They break.

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I curse the day I discovered geekhack

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>Android TV box
Slow, ugly and too fiddly to use.
>Gaming desktop
I grew out of gaming and now have an overpowered beast machine for checking emails
>mech keyboard
Don't even need to explain this one

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I've spent most of the money on keycaps for my poker II. Caps lock to Fn is the best dip switch option ever.

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>Over $900
That's so fucking autistic.

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That is a beautiful keyboard

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Probably headphones. I think the total I've spent on them is somewhere in the 1,000 to 1,200 USD range.

>tfw now I'm starting to get into speakers

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Same here but I'm pissed that there's no 64gb model. Might as well go with Air 2

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Buy vintage

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