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Do obsolete phones and tablets of the have any cool/legitimate reuse opportunities? Would a Nexus 7 from 2013 be worth keeping around for another decade? Know of any cool projects using these devices as mini controllers, etc?

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Nah only phone/tablets with a microsd slot have any use at all.

I have a moto e running as a seedbox with a 128gb microsd card at home. It's plugged in 24/7 to a charger and on wifi 24/7. So far it uploaded ~40gb worth of data last month. breddy cool imho.

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Just throw away your nexus 7 in the trash where it belongs.

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>not rigging it to his loo so he can shitpost while shitting
top poo

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Old phones can turn to back ups or burners though I prefer making them into PMPs.
I'd like to think old tablets would be great in the future for cheap magic mirrors once you toss a reflective screen protector and a frame

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I use my old phone as wifi modem, even when my new phone has LTE connection.

Other than that, I dunno. As a spare phone? Burner phone?

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There are a few documented projects where an android device + OTG cable are used as a micro-controller interface. Here are some other ideas:

wifi remote control for an iot style project

frame it and put it on the wall

wifi/bluetooth audio receiver for your audio system

slideshow presentation console

chromecast/xmbc remote

wifi security camera / baby monitor

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also one of these would be cool

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i bought the nexus 7 2012 in early 2013, i want to change this old and laggy tablet since september, but still can't find a good tablet.
What /g/ advises me?

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350euros max

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Yoga 3 pro

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