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Previously on: >>54016484

Welcome to /fg/lt/. We are always open to users of all levels, including absolute beginners.

There are four ways to try GNU/Linux, you can:

0) Install a GNU/Linux OS on a VM (Virtual Machine/VirtualBox) for "safety purposes"
1) Use the Live ISO directly without installing anything, that way, you can get a "full GNU/Linux experience".
2) Dual-boot GNU/Linux with Windows/Mac (recommended if you want to learn more about GNU/Linux)
3) Go balls deep and overwrite everything with GNU/Linux

Before asking, please search for answers to your questions in resources.

Please be civil, notice the "Friendly" in every Friendly GNU/Linux Thread.

Understand that much of your software from Windows will be unavailable, although maybe WINE can make up for it.

IRC connection details:
Server: chat.freenode.net:6667 (no SSL, 6697 for SSL) - Channel: #flt
If you don't have an IRC client (which you should), go to https://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.freenode.net/flt.

Visit the Friendly GNU/Linux Thread/Website:

man <insert command here>
Your friendly neighborhood search engine (searx.me, ixquick, whatever)
https://wiki.archlinux.org/ (Most of the configurations and troubleshoots will work on various distros, including Debian)

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Heyyy the real name's back. Why /fg/lt/ instead of /fglt/ though? Oh well.

Nice job adding the website as well. Props

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>Heyyy the real name's back. Why /fg/lt/ instead of /fglt/ though? Oh well.

because the freetard fucksticks that race to keep on posting this thread can't agree on a consistent name so people can search for it

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Thanks for including the website :>

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I am thinking about switching from Windows 10 to a Linux distro.

I mainly watch the 720p HDTV and HDTV rips from torrents.

I barely play games anymore, but I'll create a Windows partition for that.

Whats the best distro for something coming from Windows 10..

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Meh. I just search for "friendly" on the catalog and I always get the thread anyway so I don't mind

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Everyone,before you make a post.You are required to prove you are actually running GNU-Linux.Please provide the output of:
uname -a
As a screenshot with your post

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no, fuck you

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Best OP pic in ages

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Only one way to decide on the name once and for all, we kidnap Stallman and Torvalds, put them in a cage, let them fight to the death, if stallman wins it's /fglt/ if Torvalds wins it's /flt/

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Here you go, anon

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Sod off

Beginner friendly distros that are usually recommended are any Ubuntu variant, Linux Mint, and OpenSUSE. Those are in the "just werks" tier, so you won't have to get your hands dirty

If you're willing to roll up your sleeves and learn a bit more about GNU/Linux, but at the cost of having to read up a bit more on wikis and whatnot, maybe check out Debian or Fedora.

Remember you can always change to another distro to try it out. Maybe run a few on VirtualBox on Windows 10 to make up your mind

Personally I went from Windows 10 to Linux Mint to Debian, and I haven't looked back.

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This fucking guy. <3

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I love how you all say "take it to another thread" when debating the evils of the GPL but go ahead and title the thread "fglt".

Then again what would one expect from a bunch of authoritarian shitbags? It was never about creating great things from Stallmanite faggots, just controlling others.

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Which options do I have for reading chinese catoon comics? I tried ahoviewer, but for some reason it doesn't register my up and down key-bindings. Mcomix is nice, but I'd like smooth scrolling on the reader. What do?

Also, anyone tried downloading all of the images from a *booru with ahoviewer? It completely rapes the RAM.

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/flt/ I'm going to be formatting my computer soon and plan to install:

Arch Linux
Windows 10

I need some advice on what the best way to set this install up is. I'm on Arch right now and I primarily use Linux for everything.

What boot manager should I use?

How should I partition my drive?

Also any thoughts on which DE to go with? I'm currently on KDE 5 (a version thats a bit over a year old I think). I switched from GNOME because it was horrible at the time (I was on 3.6 or something)... has it gotten significantly better?

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>arch already
Then you should know to check out the wiki before you say anything

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Has anyone here tried Pantheon or Elementary OS in general?

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Seriously, its fucking great

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It's shit and the gui is inconsistent.

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Oh, ok
Maybe I'll just try Plank on Xfce

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oh boy. have fun.

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I don't feel like poring over the wiki right now and thought I'd just ask here if someone had a similar set up.

I also asked about GNOME and KDE and what I asked was primarily subjective.

Friendly my ass, fuck this place. I'm outta here, enjoy your circlejerk

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Ill be friendly

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what's the best way to move a dual-boot system to another hard drive?

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To put it short, if you installed Windows using UEFI/GPT and not BIOS/MBR, all you need to do is make a GPT partition for linux and set it as the mountpoint for /boot. I used Architect installer which made installation straightforward, I just had to make the partitions manually for dual booting. If you want to make it harder for yourself, I'm sure the wiki can help you out.

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We're friendly. What you're asking for is someone to summarize a wiki for you in a 4chan post.

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why do people think dual boot is something really special?

you'd move the contents of a hdd with two os's the same way you would a hdd with one os, or no os, or 128 os's, it's just data

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dunno, seemed too simple to be right

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We're friendly. Not a hugbox.
Look around /g/ and tell me if this is not the friendliest thread you'll see. It's relative my man.

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I want to set up a simple irc bot server using my cheapo Orange Pi PC, and maybe use it for other miscellaneous purposes. I don't expect to be able to run it as a full desktop. It has 1GiB of RAM and a 1ghz quadcore processor.

What would be better, Debian or Lubuntu? Does anyone who's done anything similar have any advice in general?

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Debian with LXDE maybe?

>> No.54021338

Debian with LXDE is pretty much Lubuntu. If you start out with a Debian netinstall, you'll have slightly less bloat, which is a Good Thing™ for a Pi system.
I use Debian on my Cubieboard, and it runs fine. It's just not great for compiling things on.

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>if Torvalds wins it's /flt/

torvalds issue is that the fsf insists on calling distributions like "arch linux" or "red hat enterprise linux" as "arch gnu/linux" or "red hat enterprise gnu/linux" even those name are technically wrong (something you'd think the fsf would be for - being technically right) and that referring to any instance of linux (even if it's in reference to kernel drivers, etc) as gnu/linux being again completely wrong (albeit some less clueless fsf folk know the difference)

then again I don't think torvalds really gives a fuck

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What's /fg/lt/'s opinion on the xscreensaver drama?

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Time bombs are evil. It may bother a developer, but they could change the e-mail address and support address so he's not targeted by old bug reports anymore. (It's not like there are any technical bugs in debian's version, since security fixes are backported anyway.)

He was also really rude in the bug report, and just started saying "please DON'T ship my software you dicks this is not what free software is for".

I'm in favor of debian.

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>even if it's in reference to kernel drivers, etc)
Wrong. Show a single source. Protip: You can't.

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I've been using i3lock for ages, and would recommend it to anyone still using xscreensaver.

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Seconded. i3lock rocks.

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So this is how you turn off lyrics in ncmpcpp:
lyrics_directory = /dev/null

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About to set up a Fedora VM for the purposes of installing TokuDB on a MySQL database.

Was going to host up on VMWare Workstation, but I saw something curious:
How does the Live Image work? Does it run within Windows?

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Does anyone know if Architect still works? Seems to be a dead project and I'm not aware of any other Arch installers.

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Switch to suckless slock and not being a retard that needs fancy colors on his desktop,when he should be using dpms to turn the monitors off to save energy

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What if I'm here to learn linux?

I thought this place was friendly.

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You're learning how to print information regarding your system

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> The author wishes, if granted, would be "the end" of usable, nagging-free
> stable branches. Can you imagine if all of your packages in a stable
> installation started to (rudely) complain and harass you about your "old
> version". Helloooooo, stable branches deliberately keep older versions for
> better stability! Stable branches are preferable in a myriad of cases; just
> look at what NASA did in 2013, they chose Debian for the ISS astronaut's
> laptops and went with Debian 6 instead of the current Debian 7 at the time,
> for extra stability! Should we be nagging the astronauts to update the
> screensaver? See:
> http://www.zdnet.com/article/to-the-space-station-and-beyond-with-linux/

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So when are gnome devs going to fix the file picker? It seems like a simple change they could do. Have the people who patched it themselves even sent it upstream? Seriously.

>> No.54021714


a live image means you don't have to install the system to a disk before using it or software (such as firefox)

if you use the live image within a vm it'll just mean you won't have to install fedora in a vm before getting to use it - might save a bit of disk writes and time


I was wrong to imply the fsf do this, they do not, however freetard fanboys that aren't really invested into the movement definitely do it at every opportunity that they can which is why I mentioned it in the first place


if he's getting bug reports from old software because distro maintainers are too lazy or unwilling to release refreshed isos then all power to the guy

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>So when are gnome devs going to fix the file picker?

it's in unstable/testing on some repos

the problem here is expecting the gnome devs to follow through with something they don't want to, it's not a matter of people writing patches for them, it's on principle of questioning their decisions

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Hey guys, so I'm on kubuntu right now, and am starting to notice that I can't see any checkmark boxes, I am using the default settings and I am also using Firefox developer edition! Any advice?

>> No.54021749

>>if he's getting bug reports from old software because distro maintainers are too lazy or unwilling to release refreshed isos then all power to the guy
I guess you're missing the purpose of Debian's stable branch. It's not supposed to have bleeding edge software and setting timebombs is simply childish.

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I like sxlock because I can set a custom string for password characters.

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there are gtk2 patches
check your relevent repo

>> No.54021791

afaik there are no GTK+ 3 patches and they won't merge the GTK+2 one because it's in maintenance mode

>> No.54021794

gtk2 is depricated; these patches are useless

>> No.54021795


Holy shit, 11 years!

>> No.54021797

Thanks dudes.

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[screams externally]

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>firefox uses gtk2
>chromium uses gtk2

Quite very relevent.

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>I guess you're missing the purpose of Debian's stable branch. It's not supposed to have bleeding edge software

refreshed isos doesn't mean bleeding edge software, it means updated packages akin to what you'd expect to get if you installed debian stable and ran whatever apt-get command that updates the packages on the system

granted I didn't really look into the issue, but if the issue is that even after updating the system xscreensaver still displays the error - can you even be sure that bugfixes and patches are being backported?

>and setting timebombs is simply childish.

I agree however I understand the reasoning behind it if the author of xscreensave is getting bug reports for old versions of software

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Install it yourself you complete and utter fool.

>> No.54021899


>I'm sorry Dave, I can't let you update xscreensaver

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Hi guys. I've had a Debian/Win7 dualboot on my laptop for a few months now. I'm decently familiar with GNU/Linux and really like using Debian more than Win7 with one incredibly important caveat: battery.

I get around 6-7 hours on Win full charge, yet only like 2 hours on Linux. This sadly causes me to use Windows by default since I can't even make it through 2 of classes on Linux.

Is there any way to increase the battery life? What I've googled seems to be a lot of relatively more complicated things... Thanks!

>> No.54021919


Install TLP and skim through the config file turning settings on/off which you can spare.

>> No.54021940

Is KDE still garbage?

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It was the VPN provider's fault. His servers are down. (Still don't understand why it said I successfully connected in the terminal.) Well, once again I have to apologize at the glorious Linux community.

>> No.54022118

That's definitely odd broseph. Maybe it's a quirk of dual booting? My Debian laptop sees me through an entire day of class with even a bit left for home use.

It wouldn't surprise me if that's what it was

>> No.54022175

>Is there any way to increase the battery life? What I've googled seems to be a lot of relatively more complicated things... Thanks!

it shouldn't be *that* complicated but generally distros take care of battery management - debian almost doesn't

as >>54021919 says you can probably also use something like powertop to adjust some services you don't need

keep in mind that any linux distro will likely have worse power management than windows unless you get pretty involved in it, but it shouldn't be as far behind as what you're experiencing

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Would lubuntu be a good way to install a minimal environment? Would it be hard to remove most of what lxde adds to openbox or will it try and remove the entire OS?

>> No.54022621


Start from an Ubuntu netinstall (minimal) and just install Openbox, lxpanel, lxterminal and pcmanfm. It's always easier and better to build it up than tear down something existing.

>> No.54022663

Can I set up wireless with a minimal install though? My PC is way too far away from my router and it's not a laptop.

>> No.54022666

A new guide got added to the website for helping new users pick a distribution: http://fglt.nl/guides/picking-a-distro.html. Please read over and give some *friendly* feedback, or just make a MR like a real man if you want something added.

>> No.54022747

>Archlinux doesn't provide anything special. People often claim it's "customizable", but it's no more customizable than Ubuntu itself. The community is also very unwelcoming to people who want to customize it beyond what the devs intended.

>There's claims of it being "light-weight", but a debian netinstall is smaller than a base Archlinux installation. This is mostly due to Archlinux including development headers in all their packages, which is completely unneeded for a binary package distribution.

Tellin it like it is. Good man

>> No.54022770


As long as it recognizes your WLAN device, it will work. If not, you might have to install the drivers/modules for it first.

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I like it. I'd also love to see some kind of "myth busting" section, like, explaining our newfriends why Linux Mint isn't "hacked", debunking some Manjaro myths, why "Debian has only outdated packages" is a meme, etc so people have some place to get informations apart from memes.

>> No.54022930


>Archlinux doesn't provide anything special.

It does provide something special. They don't patch their packages unless really needed. There are no useless abstraction tools (for example Debian has a tool which basically runs grub-mkconfig for you). Nothing is enabled by default once you install it. On top of that it's also a rolling release, binary distribution.

>> No.54022965

I guess the Arch Linux section is a bit too tryhard. Everything else is 10/10.

>> No.54022967


Also: if you install the same packages on Debian and Arch, your Debian install will take up more space/packages, because of the loose packaging and suggested packages. Of course you can make --no-install-recommends default, but many first timers won't be aware of that.
Not that the few extra megabytes will hurt, but since you're being nitpicky.

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Don't tell me this is actually an ad.

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>shitting on arch
Did someone cuss you off in #archlinux or something? Creating a special section just to shit on the distro is pathetic.

>nothing special
There aren't a lot of other distros with the latest packages. Having the newest packages is fairly important for a few people, including developers.

I don't know how much the wiki represents this general as a hold but it just seems cultish.

>> No.54023024


>> No.54023038


New packages is actually one of the reasons why Arch isn't that special. Fedora, Gentoo, Debian Unstable, openSUSE Leap (or however it's called) all have them.

>> No.54023045

Arch Linux' big selling point is the AUR, which gives easy access for shitloads of handy ricing utilities. Ofc you can install all these utilities also on Debian, but with the AUR and AUR package managers, you basically run a single command that compiles and installs everything automatically. On other distros it's not that easy.

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File: 692 KB, 1171x1495, 6eee818569f97b9f36e143c5cca56fd70ad87b018c6731475dea7ac2aeda4a28.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually, I was the one that suggested including an Arch section, since there wasn't even any mention of Arch at first.

Don't get angry at him.

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Guys please. I don't want to read the next 200 posts shitpostings about Arch vs Debian memes.

>> No.54023112

I can include Mint as a beginner friendly distro and describe this. I never used Manjaro, so I can't comment on this. The debian thing is under Debian in the Stability category.

>they don't patch
Except when they do

>no useless abstraction tools
Yaourt, makepkg

>nothing is enabled by default
Actually, everything is enabled in their packages. You just can't use the features untill you install the dependencies.

>it's rolling release
Nothing special here. Check out Gentoo or Voidlinux.

It has to be to make sure the Arch fanboys don't get upset. Because they will.

Package count as a means of comparing distro size is an overused meme. By space Debian has been smaller in my experience.


>having the newest packages
Try using an actually up to date distro. Arch's packages are more outdated than Voidlinux, CRUX or Gentoo.

>> No.54023122

I didn't realize Fedora, Gentoo, Debian Unstable, openSUSE Leap, etc were all rolling releases. Arch has unstable testing repos as well, you're free to run reckless bleeding edge if you want.

Arch is built around rolling release, the distros you mentioned aren't.

>> No.54023136

Should I Gnome?

>> No.54023162

You should bspwm.

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>Voidlinux, CRUX
I'm sure these are better tested than the packages pushed to stable on Arch

Do you still have to compile a bunch of packages? Do they still use OpenRC instead of Systemd?

Its not worth having this argument with you since its clear you have a hateboner for Arch and just want to shit on it in your own little wiki.

So just do whatever floats your boat.

>> No.54023174

Can't go wrong with Linux mint. You'll feel *mostly* at home coming from windows.

>> No.54023191

Isn't basically every distro beginner friendly with coming home feeling when you install KDE?

>> No.54023202

nigger has plenty of experience getting bitched around as a boy in school
why do you think he became so obstinate as an adult?

>> No.54023205

You're free to prove my points wrong, but it's clear you can't

>better tested than those on Arch
About the same, since packages on Arch aren't tested either.

Whatever init system floats your boat. You can use systemd or any other one if you prefer. You compile most of your stuff, but some of the larger packages have -bin versions.

>> No.54023220

I doubt many people on /v/ or /vg/ use GNU/Linux so I figure I'll ask here:

What are cool games I can play on my new Free* OS? They needn't be FOSS.

I found out that Witcher 2, among others, is available on GOG for Ubuntu 14.04, which is nice.
I'm not quite sure how I'm supposed to install Morrowind so I can point OpenMW at it to use the assets, when the installer is an .exe file. Should I just run Morrowind vanilla through Wine?

* Xubuntu isn't 100% FOSS compatible, granted

>> No.54023235


>Yaourt, makepkg
Yaourt isn't official.
Makepkg is a core component for creating packages for Arch. It doesn't provide an abstraction for an existing tool.

>Actually, everything is enabled in their packages. You just can't use the features untill you install the dependencies.
I meant specifically in terms of system services. Install samba and it won't start its service upon installation. Debian for example will.

>Nothing special here. Check out Gentoo or Voidlinux.
Of course it's nothing special and nowhere did I claim so. That was just an additional niche it fills for people who need it.

>Package count as a means of comparing distro size is an overused meme. By space Debian has been smaller in my experience.
Then why are you bringing it up in the first place?

>> No.54023240

>What are cool games I can play on my new Free* OS? They needn't be FOSS.

>> No.54023279

Basically everything from >>>/vr/.

Then there is:

Then there's some pastebin with links floating aroung. Anyone save it?

>> No.54023282

>Then why are you bringing it up in the first place?
I never used package count to compare the size of a distro. This is literally just a stupid thing that ricers do that don't know what a package exactly is.

>> No.54023296
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I got you covered.

>> No.54023311

Thank you senpai.

>> No.54023322

I am trying to avoid using Steam due to its running in the background and unwanted online communication etc.

> sauerbraten
Shit yeah, I played this like 8-9 years ago on Windows. Installing right now.

Cheers, that's quite a lot to check out.

Thanks guys.

>> No.54023328

Xubuntu is intended to be lightweight as well. Last time I used Lubuntu on a pretty crippled machine about a year ago, it felt like it was missing stuff and lacked the polish of Xubuntu.

>> No.54023331

There's also a few guides on http://fglt.nl on running weeb games.

>> No.54023362

Many Steam games can run without Steam and Steam can be ran in offline mode. If that's not enough, GoG has DRM-free Linux games

>> No.54023375
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How can I have multiple seperate daemons (like ncmpcpp/mpd) that can pause-play music or podcasts with a single keystroke at the same time?

Also can I make these daemons for retractable video playlists as well?

>> No.54023382

>Parabola GNU/Linux
>A distribution based on Archlinux. It does not allow installation of any non-free software.
Does it actually stop the user from installing non-free software, as this text implies? As opposed to simply not supporting it and not carrying anything non-free in their repos.

On a lesser note, isn't the full name of the distribution "Parabola GNU/Linux-libre"?

>> No.54023383

I haven't used either of those two distros in a long time, so it would be pretty hard for me to write a proper comparison that's still valid today. If you can provide me with such a comparison, I'll include it in the website.

>> No.54023405

>A distribution based on Archlinux. It does not allow installation of any non-free software.
This should be changed. Parabola does not restrict users in any way.

>> No.54023439

Thanks for the headsup, I'll look into changing this to something more correct. Would you have a better description of this distribution?

>> No.54023442

Is BunsenLabs stable?

>> No.54023448

Lubuntu is certainly more lightweight than Xubuntu, but again, lacks the polish of Xubuntu and almost feels crippled. Xubuntu is lightweight enough to run on crapstack machines, but is flexible enough to rice it out with no effort. You can easily swap XFDM with Compiz or others, and themes are easy to use. LightDM means configuring the lockscreen is a gooey procedure as well.

>> No.54023463


Install Debian with Openbox or enjoy drinking your water downstream.

>> No.54023496

Just took a quick peek and they basically have the same requirements, with Lubuntu being able to squeak by with only 128Mb of ram instead of 512. They both recommend at least 512 though.

>> No.54023505

To clarify how parabola works:
>Since only a small part of Arch official packages are nonfree or contain nonfree components, there's no need for us to repackage everything. In our repos, you'll find Arch official packages, directly from its official repositories, minus the nonfree packages, plus our libre replacements, when possible.

>> No.54023510

I've added Xubuntu to the lightweight list.

I'll update the name once I have a better description for the distro.

I've gotten this description from someone else, but I've asked around in #parabola on Freenode for a more fitting description. I'll update as soon as I have it.

>> No.54023525

This also means the user is free to simply switch URLs and voila, nonfree packages on Parabola. (But at this point installing Arch is maybe a better idea).

>> No.54023601
File: 457 KB, 1280x800, Bildschirmfoto von »2016-04-13 22-09-29«.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is my font rendering ok? I'm really bad at spotting "good" or "bad" font rendering, and I'm always surprised when people argue about it. I've tried to follow some suggestions by people on the interweb who seem to know what they're talking about.

>> No.54023607

I've added this as a description for now, since I'm not getting a fast reply from #parabola and I don't want to stick with incorrect information for too long.

The name is updated to include a "-libre" as well now.

>> No.54023624

Apparently I need to manually remove /tmp/fluxgui_username.pid every time I log out or else fluxgui refuses to start. On which file do I need to write the appropriate command?

>> No.54023626
File: 13 KB, 173x231, Richard_Stallman_at_MIT_dancing_1970s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying this nigga wasn't a chad

>> No.54023656

Is it possible to replace Linux with the GNU Linux-libre kernel on Arch? If so, how? Anyone can point me into the right direction?

>> No.54023670

Forgot my other question: Is it true that Debian's default Linux kernel is de-blobbed by default?

>> No.54023693


>> No.54023711

How is it even possible that Linux includes binaries while being GPL?

>> No.54023724

It's not incompatible.

>> No.54023725

Don't tell me it's really that easy. Just pacman it?

>> No.54023744

Thank you.

>> No.54023745
File: 276 KB, 1280x720, cute lezzie glasses?.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How can I upgrade my 32bit Debian OS to 64 bits without wiping and reinstalling?

>> No.54023902

By wiping and reinstalling ofc.

>> No.54023957


if you're taking suggestions from this thread and not just the email:

fedora can go under:

customisability - the server release provides netinst images in which you can choose what's installed at installation time like many other netinst distros

freedom - although coming with the regular linux kernel by default, the fsf's only problem with fedora is that it comes with the linux kernel, everything in the fedora repos is foss respecting and you need rpmfusion to make the distro usable as a desktop

lightweight - the distro offers several 'spins' and while usually a little buggy and receives less support than the regular gnome release you can download xfce and lxde spins (with the ability to download lxqt from the netinst afaik - or through the package manager)

stability - while bleeding edge distros aren't thought of being stable, fedora rarely touches packages and when they do it's to improve them, coupled with the foss only software provided in the repos it's typically a solid distro

>> No.54023985

I would stop right there if I were you

>> No.54024004

Thanks for the suggestion. I'm about to head out for a smoke, afterwards I'll add Fedora to the list.

>> No.54024118

There's no way other than to wipe and reinstall that I know of, broseph

>> No.54024119

he wouldn't lose much if anything, if he kept /home on a seperate partition

>> No.54024170

Yeah, and as someone else mentioned above, adding Mint to the Beginner list would be pretty neat, and maybe Ubuntu GNOME / Kubuntu to let newbies know of the existence of GNOME/KDE. Xfce and LXDE might be a bit visually off putting if you're used to something else.

Also, perhaps elaborate a bit more on Debian and how it separates into Stable/Testing/Unstable

Proper good job on the site so far m8

>> No.54024269


Also maybe some mention of openSUSE?
I couldn't comment on it since I don't use it, but I know it's popular

Maybe some of you guys can pitch in and tell us about it if you know

And finally also maybe advice on partitioning for newbies. Like telling people to use LVM, but keeping /boot out of there, to try to keep /home separate and then just / (root) , to maybe make a swap file instead of a partition if you want to hibernate, etc. Although that might be a kind of long write up. I dunno

>> No.54024404

Would it be preferable if I'd mirror the repo on Github so more people have access to it? I could use some general help in the form of merge requests to ease the workload on my end. I only have my own spare time after all.

I never touched OpenSUSE, so I can't write a description that would make it preferable or what it's best suited for.

>advice on partitioning for newbies
This could be done in a seperate guide, along with information on filesystems and when to use a certain filesystem over another.

>> No.54024491

That would help a lot I think

>> No.54024504

The mirroring on Github thing, I mean.

>> No.54024523

I already thought you were talking about that, so I created the repo: https://github.com/Tyil/fglt. It's a very simple thing to do, and availability would help the project more than my personal ideals.

>> No.54024524

Finally decided to install the daily build of Xubuntu 16.04

So far it seems essentially the same as 15.10, except Thunar doesn't crash when renaming files anymore.

So I guess this is an upgrade.

>> No.54024567

Cool m8 c: Not to pester you, but make sure to include that link on the website itself as well, so it doesn't get lost forever here. I'm sure many would be eager to contribute if they know where

>> No.54024595

Added to the footer of the website.

>> No.54024610


>> No.54024628

Also, you're not pestering me. I'm glad it's being received quite well in the community. And I asked for feedback after all.

>> No.54024634

>availability would help the project more than my personal ideals
I'm out of the loop. Why do we hate GitHub now?

>> No.54024651


>> No.54024680

is this because of the 'WebM for Retards' thing? or something else?

>> No.54024684

swj taking over to change code how code is to make it more pc

>> No.54024693

I won't say we, because I don't speak for everyone. I personally dislike Github. This is mostly because they are pushing for projects to be opensource, but refuse to opensource their own project. This, in my opinion, is bad and therefore I prefer to use another host for my own projects.

Also, like >>54024651 says, Github is known to censor under pressure of a vocal minority. The Gitlab instance I use is hosted by a friend of mine, so I can be assured I'm free to speak my mind. And I believe in proper free speech, so even if you hurt someone with whatever you say, you're still free to say it. And I'm not known for my "nice language" in direct conversation, so it'd be pretty bad for me to have my entire account banned because I was rude in a conversation about an issue once.

>> No.54024727
File: 18 KB, 1060x626, 1442840216716.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not only.

>> No.54024738

i've got these two drives I want to use but they're identical, one has a partition larger than itself, and the other looks corrupt

is there a way to tell if they were part of a raid array or something? i want to install debian

>> No.54024740
File: 42 KB, 480x480, 1449766095632.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this enrages me

>> No.54024741

oh boy it's youtube flagging all over again

>> No.54024808
File: 73 KB, 551x309, 1446289761686.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.54024832

His answer: https://github.com/nixxquality/WebMConverter/commit/c1ac0baac06fa7175677a4a1bf65860a84708d67

>> No.54024910

>WebM for incompetent admins

>> No.54024930

Guys what is a good example of a company falsely advertising their product as open source? I'm pretty much looking for a case where you are e.g. not allowed to modify or share the software but they claim it's open source because you can look at the code.

>> No.54024954


>> No.54024957

That is exactly the definition of open source, you can look at the code.
What you're looking for is free software. This is generally open source software that supports the four freedoms as defined by GNU. This is why Stallman is opposed to the term "Open source" and wants to clearly seperate free software from open source.

>> No.54024995

should have been "WebM for Github staff members"

>> No.54025007


>> No.54025009

Seems like he ended up naming it

"WebM for bakas."


>> No.54025012

I was under the impression Stallman is against the term because it can be misunderstood to mean something like "looking at the code" when it should be mostly the same as free software?

>The official definition of “open source software” (which is published by the Open Source Initiative and is too long to include here) was derived indirectly from our criteria for free software. It is not the same; it is a little looser in some respects. Nonetheless, their definition agrees with our definition in most cases.

>> No.54025042

This one rustles my jimmies.
This takedown makes basically every project related to torrenting illegal.

>> No.54025066

Yes, that's what I'm saying (or at least trying to say). Open source doesn't have the four essential freedoms, while free software has.

>> No.54025076
File: 195 KB, 661x556, 1445461186955.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54025080

I believe Microsoft has a couple of old "open source" projects to that effect. I recall there being code available that WINE developers make sure to never view because their contributions could become subject of legal scrutiny if it somehow became known that they had seen it.

Take this with a healthy pinch of salt, though, as these memories of mine are very old by now (around ten years) and should be regarded as quite unreliable.

The overlap of the word "free" between libre and gratis is very unfortunate. It's no wonder that the term "open source" has taken root, as it's certainly much easier to understand for the layperson.

>> No.54025090

I like that example, I also found the restrictive Oculus SDK license on the FSF site. But is Oculus even still claiming that it's open?

>> No.54025102

im installing funtoo and tried to uncompress the stage3 tarball but nothing happens. i downloaded from gentoo a .tar.bz2 file and it was uncompressed alright. why am i not succeeding in uncompress my .tar.xz stage3 tarball. tar version is 1.27.1

>> No.54025105

>so many autists
I guess you flock to stallman because you see your self in his shoes.

Im not going to read a fucking peer reviewed study to know what "free" means(subjective)

>> No.54025119

He's against it for three different but compounding reasons.
1) It's just a commercial friendly label for Free Software, and its direct proponents are afraid of bonafide software freedom. For example, there have been attempts to make DRM under the Open Source name.
2) It's not defined as what the combination of words mean. It's a loaded term. Free Software is at least one of the literal interpretations of the combination of words.
3) The OSI competes directly with the FSF for mindshare.

>> No.54025124

>...not suceeding in uncompress my .tar.xz stage3 tarball
"...not succeeding in uncompress my .tar.xz stage3 tarball?*

>> No.54025125


sorry that you're too fucking incompetent to get the jist of what 'free (as in libre) and open source' means without a peer reviewed paper, anon

being mentally challenged must be difficult, but keep it up buddy

>> No.54025143

Are you sue you used the correct command as said in the wiki? `tar xpf <tarbal>` if I'm not mistaken. Are you at least getting an error or non-zero exitcode? are you sure you're not accidentally unpacking to the wrong dir?

>> No.54025146

Who decided that that is what constitues as being free? In what world is one man views,to become LAW LAW LAW?
If stallman never existed,im damn sure no one would be pushing this and we would never have this autisism

>> No.54025152

Do you have the means to decompress LZMA archives?

Also, please capitalise properly. It makes text more legible, which is obviously nice when asking for help.

>> No.54025186

>Who decided that that is what constitues as being free?

the community, that's why there's a wide range of (free and) open source licenses that are used in tens of thousands of projects

>If stallman never existed

then someone else would have advocated for something similar

shockingly, some people who own devices may also want to review the code and make changes to those devices without being treated like criminals

>> No.54025201


No, it doesn't and if you weren't so retarded and out to hate on things you'd know that.

>> No.54025203
File: 209 KB, 803x688, 1430821210636.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54025206

But this states far more than just being able to see the source:

It doesn't really matter though since the point I'm trying to get across is exactly what we were talking about: Open Source sometimes doesn't have the four freedoms and people don't care about the official definition anyway. I was just looking for a clear example of that.

>> No.54025221

Your arguments are impressive.

>> No.54025232

yes, i used this exact command. all that happens is that an static underline character shows in the screen and i have to press ctrl+c to get back to typing commands.

i unpacked where the installation guide tells: /mnt/funtoo

>> No.54025237

I bet you're using software that dosent use GPL.

>> No.54025244

Then tell me why they took it down?
> a client to watch movies over torrent
Can't see anything illegal here.

>> No.54025259

I bet you are into boys.

>> No.54025264

can you post the exact command you're using, and the path you are in while executing it?

This on itself is not illegal, however it would be easily possibly to use it to watch pirated content. Which is exactly what happened. But the idea on itself isn't illegal.

>> No.54025279


as I previously mentioned, being mentally challenged must be difficult but keep it up because we believe in you!

>I bet you're using software that dosent use GPL.

when it suits me, I also have laptops that run 100% FOSS code on both the OS and BIOS level

FOSS and proprietary code don't have to be mutually exclusive, they serve different goals

>> No.54025282
File: 13 KB, 248x185, 1441967611232.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bet you have no other retort then to make an insult(pathetic one) and disregard the conversation
10/10 would rape again

>> No.54025288

Sorry, I will try.

I have no clue what is a LZMA archives. It's my first time trying Linux, I'm reading the installation guide and was getting help from #funtoo channel at freenode network but i guess everybody is away now

>> No.54025309
File: 285 KB, 1600x900, 1431995180406.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So you only use GPL when it SUITS you.This is not correct, you should be using GPL exclusivly.Because you have to have your freedom.And not a freedom of installing what you want because you want to use it.
You cant have your GPL and not install only GPL approved programs

>> No.54025316




>> No.54025321


>> No.54025327


The bittorrent protocol isn't illegal.


They probably included unauthorized copies or whatever else is actually illegal.

>> No.54025333
File: 96 KB, 944x712, 1441473497834.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54025336

You know the GPL is just one of many free software licenses right?

>> No.54025346

>The bittorrent protocol isn't illegal.
That's what I'm saying. But taking down popcorn makes it illegal, at least for github staff.

>> No.54025347

I'm using "#tar xpf stage3-version.tar.xz" as told in the installation guide. The path is /mnt/funtoo/

>> No.54025352

>It's my first time trying Linux

>static underline character shows in the screen
it was probably extracting already
since you didn't pass -v (verbose), the process was running silently

>> No.54025371

>They probably included unauthorized copies or whatever else is actually illegal.
Dude, do you even know what GitHub is? It's not a file hosting service.

>> No.54025385

>And not a freedom of installing what you want because you want to use it.

no FSF recommended distro prevents you from installing non-free software, they just don't advocate it and as a result won't support your endeavor by providing technical support

if you're going to troll you're going to have to try harder than that, anon

>> No.54025396
File: 194 KB, 1211x532, IMG_20160414_034515.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.54025401


>hosts git repositories
>repositories which are made up of files
>not a file hosting service

I seriously doubt they took it down because it's bittorrent related. They took it down because it most likely explicitly had to do with copyright infringement.

>> No.54025406
File: 46 KB, 136x152, advancedcomputeryoga.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New and dumb.

When's the next LTS version of Ubuntu going to be released?

Aren't they about to release a version this month, too?

I'm dual-booting Win10 and Xubuntu right now, but I want to ditch Windows entirely. I should probably wait for this upcoming release to wipe my drive though, eh?

>> No.54025419

But it is the main one endorsed by the FSF and one that is being shouted out as the best default license.New programmers/devs will haphazardely default to gpl without knowing anything.And then regret what is being forced on them by the limited license

>> No.54025427

how to fix that?

>> No.54025430

April 21st i think.

>> No.54025431

Every two years, in April. 18.04 (april, 2018) would be the next LTS release after 16.04 which is scheduled to release this month. The version number represents the year and the month in which the version was released.

I would advice you to wait for 16.04 release, yes.

>> No.54025494

What's a good UPS to use with linux?

>> No.54025495

>and one that is being shouted out as the best default license.

by who, exactly, the FSF? well of course they're going to advocate you use one of their licenses

>New programmers/devs will haphazardely default to gpl without knowing anything.

in other news people won't be called retards for doing stupid shit

>And then regret what is being forced on them by the limited license

what exactly is being forced on them?

if they release code under the gpl they can relicence that code any time they wish, including to a non-free licence - it's *their* code

however if they release a project that is licensed under the gpl, and accept code from other people, they then cannot relicence the project unless they have explicit permission from the other contributors to relicence their code

again, try harder

>> No.54025508

I am trying to create a website for first time.

>> No.54025526

Yes, I know. I thought that reading the documentation can be enough, besides I will learn a lot.

You are right, it was the lack of the -v. That's what happens when you just keep following steps without seeing the manual for every command.

Thank you.

>> No.54025528

Software that is included by default in other distros repos. And often become orphaned or just outdated compared to upstream. The AUR is shit. Ubuntu has the same thing, called PPAs. But Ubuntu also has a shit ton more software in their repos.

>> No.54025533

You're trying to use variables that haven't been declared. Either use normal text values, or look up in the apache docs how to set variables.

>> No.54025544

relicense holy fuck

>> No.54025545

What about Fedora?

>> No.54025558

Fedora has already been mentioned by >>54023957
If you have anything to add, please do

>> No.54025570

>relicense holy fuck


I speak the queen's english you fucking heathen

>> No.54025582

If the only major voice is one company, of course its going to be vocal.No one needs to advocate for MIT or Apache license's,because they arent retartarded faggots.Does this not sound like some other practices in history?

They are being forced to literally let anyone shit all over their code,and potentually rip off their code and sell it for profit.No one spending thousands of hours on their project will be fine with someone taking it verbaitm and selling it for profit

>> No.54025589

Has anyone been successful with setting up a PCI passthrough with KVM or other hypervisor? I am wanting to set it up so I don't have to have Windows on a partition and reboot every single time.

>> No.54025599

The verb license or grant license means to give permission. The noun licence (British,[1] Indian,[2] Canadian,[3] Australian,[4] New Zealand,[5] Irish,[6] or South African English[7]) or license (American English) refers to that permission as well as to the document recording that permission.

>> No.54025662

Funtoo has a lot of problems, I would stick with gentoo if I were you. People actually use gentoo, so shit gets fixed. But in funtoo it will not get fixed because there's like 5 guys using it.

>> No.54025701

Nice try, 2/10.
In case you were actually serious, please let me know which issues never get fixed that have been fixed in Gentoo.

I'm using Funtoo on my main machines, and Gentoo on my server, and I haven't hit any such problems on either machine. I did have to manually set Gentoo to use git as default. And for beginners, having a precompiled debian kernel available would be a plus too.

>> No.54025780

>No one needs to advocate for MIT or Apache license's,because they arent retartarded faggots.

apart from, you know, mit or apache

the difference is that the apache licence started out for their own software and in version 2 included clauses for being reused

>They are being forced to literally let anyone shit all over their code

are you kidding? the gpl requires that anybody using your code has to licence their additions in a gpl compatible licence, ergo you as the software maintainer get a direct benefit from people using your code, you get to use their code

>and potentually rip off their code and sell it for profit.

so your only complaint about the gpl is that people can illegally rip you off? cool fucking story

you do realise that the bsd licence allows people to use bsd licenced code in closed source proprietary software in commercial circumstances? why don't you go shit over that or something

>No one spending thousands of hours on their project will be fine with someone taking it verbaitm and selling it for profit

right, because it's illegal, and if that happens you take them to court and sue them for what they're worth

in other news, people using software licences get exactly what they want out of those licences

>The verb license

from https://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/licence again

>Note that in British English licence is the correct spelling for the noun, and is also an acceptable variant spelling of the verb. In US English both noun and verb are spelled license.

if you're going to shit over my spelling then you could at least do it over my inconsistent use of license/licence rather than pretending like the US spelling of words is the only acceptable spelling

>> No.54025803

Can you use mpv to watch youtube videos?

Does chromium play html videos and audio normally without flash installed?

Do you not use either of these programs? Well I do, and I couldn't get them to work on funtoo. But they work fine with anything else, gentoo included. If it works for you, that's fine, but that doesn't mean it works for everyone.

>> No.54025826

Works fine without any issues.

Sounds like you're just very angry because you couldn't install Funtoo and now blame the distro for your obvious mistakes. I haven't heard about anyone using Funtoo having issues with either of those things before you. And I don't think there will be any such complaints after you either.

>> No.54025852

>If it works for you, that's fine, but that doesn't mean it works for everyone.
Not him, but it actually does mean exactly that.

>> No.54025878

I've never seen MIT throw a fund raiser for its license

>my code
>use their code
They branch out and relicense.They now sell your code,with one period different and there is nothing you can do about it

>Freeom to study the programs source code and change it so it does your computing wish
>freedom to make exact copies and give them or sell them to others
>freedom to make copies of your modified versions and give or sell them to others

You might want to re-read your beloved license

They chose bsd,they accepted that clause.

Our Goverment created the internet.Everything on it is standard to American standards.

>> No.54025906

So much shitposting in one single post.
1/10, made me angry.

>> No.54026001

>They branch out and relicense.They now sell your code

they absolutely cannot relicence your code, you own (the copyright to) your code

>with one period different and there is nothing you can do about it

they'd be laughed out of court

oh wait, you're serious

if someone is using your code in a licence you haven't licenced it to, and it's only *minor* changes, then they're likely (*) breaking the terms of a licence and any good practitioner of law will be able to argue that case, you probably won't even need a practitioner of law if you aren't literally walking mom's spaghetti

>>Freeom to study the programs source code and change it so it does your computing wish

yes, that's the point of the gpl licence

>>freedom to make exact copies and give them or sell them to others

again, that's the point of the gpl licence (they also have to adhere to the licence and provide the source when the program is sold, allowing *anyone* to then distribute that code for free)

you, too, can sell your gpl licenced code (or other people's code) with these exact stipulations

see: xchat (which arguably breaks the gpl licence by selling the windows binary without sourcecode) and hexchat (free windows binaries built on the gnu+linux source code)

or see synergy, providing windows binaries for money but them themselves offering the source for free and offering older windows binaries for free, they've made a fucking business out of it

or, you know, see rhel, a billion dollar fucking company that deals in providing support for gpl code

>>freedom to make copies of your modified versions and give or sell them to others

again, see above

>You might want to re-read your beloved license

nothing I've said contradicts the licence

you're literally making it out like people will rip off the source code and relicence it or use it in proprietary applications - both violate the gpl licence

>> No.54026023


sorry I forgot to expand on this

they're likely breaking the law unless they can prove it's their code(or it is their code and you just happened to write something extremely similar), but this is not going to happen with any meaningful piece of code

>> No.54026059

>nothing I've said contradicts the licence

and again just to expand on this,

I made a mistake here:

>>No one spending thousands of hours on their project will be fine with someone taking it verbaitm and selling it for profit
>right, because it's illegal, and if that happens you take them to court and sue them for what they're worth

people can take your code verbatim and sell it - however they have to follow the terms of the gpl (namely that the source, licences, authors of the code, etc, remain in tact and are provided with the software), what people cannot do is relicence your code (you own it, unless you licence those rights away, which isn't possible with the gpl) or use it in proprietary programs without providing the source

>> No.54026098


>> No.54026111


>> No.54026131

Is there a way to de-gnuify linux?
I know other distros come without gnu but i want to stay with current distro

>> No.54026156

>install kde to try it
>it was awful
>now I can't uninstall it without uninstalling my whole OS
Thanks a lot, dnf.

>> No.54026186

what exactly is dnf trying to do? When I install anything with dnf and uninstall it, the same number of packages get installed/uninstalled. It has never removed anything for me that was still in use
(dnf autoremove however..)

>> No.54026196
File: 44 KB, 485x521, proxies.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm using Mint 17.3

So is it possible at all to install metatrader 4 using PlayOnLinux or Wine?
Tried every single hack I could find on many google search permutations so far.

Apparently the installer tries to search some default download server, and when it isn't able to, allows you to specify some proxy (which doesn't help at all). After not choosing any proxy, the installation fails.

>> No.54026228

It dosent seem to be a PoL or wine issue,more then its a problem with the program its self.
Perhaps check the website it mentions?

>> No.54026232

It wants to remove xorg for some reason.

>> No.54026275

Hmm? «dnf history undo last» shouldn't ever remove anything other than what was installed.

>> No.54026337 [DELETED] 

I would think it's a problem with the program too.
The thing is, I've found many reports of people with this same proxy issue saying it worked after doing XYZ (mostly on Arch and Ubuntu though). It just happened that XYZ didn't work here and I praying to find yet another obscure hack that would miraculously work this time.

I just expected that maybe someone here would have gotten the same issue at some point because metatrader 4 happens to be (apparently) some kind of very popular tool among traders.

Just wanted to jew away using fake money. Worst case I'll resort to vmware and run windows there.

>> No.54026376

I would think it's a problem with the program too.
The thing is, I've found many reports of people with this same proxy issue saying it worked after doing XYZ (mostly on Arch and Ubuntu though). It just happened that XYZ didn't work here and I was praying to find yet another obscure hack that would miraculously work this time.

I just expected that maybe someone here would have gotten the same issue at some point because metatrader 4 happens to be (apparently) some kind of very popular tool among traders.

Just wanted to jew away using fake money. Worst case I'll resort to vmware and run windows there.

>Perhaps check the website it mentions?
The forums have reports of people running it with no problems at all, so that doesn't help much. Will keep digging.

>> No.54026443

what determines whether or not I can read/write a drive in GNU/Linux?

I dual-boot Mint and Windows on one internal drive. I have another internal drive and an external drive, both NTFS, and I can read/write the external, but not the internal. When I try to mount the internal drive, it says:

>non-zero exit status 14: The disk contains an unclean file system (0, 0).
>Metadata kept in Windows cache, refused to mount.
>Failed to mount '/dev/sdb1': Operation not permitted
>The NTFS partition is in an unsafe state. Please resume and shutdown
Windows fully (no hibernation or fast restarting)

except I did a normal shutdown of the Windows partition, so I don't know what else to get out of that. any help would be appreciated.

>> No.54026462


right, please read the article and point out the bit that contradicts what I said, because the take-away from the article is pretty clear:

>At first glance, this seemed like a conflict over "module loading." Vendors commonly write code their legal teams tell them will "insulate" them from the GPL so that they can use Linux drivers in proprietary code. This is a controversial topic among free software advocates, and a lawsuit clarifying the effectiveness of that strategy would be helpful.

>Unfortunately, it may not be so simple. It looks like VMware started out originally with an insulating layer to allow its kernel to use unmodified Linux drivers. But analysis published by LWN (sadly paywalled) suggests to me that, while this may have been where VMware started, code from GPL-licensed modules may have migrated into the "insulation layer."

gpl working as it should, vmware likely steps out of bounds, sfc taking them to court over the matter to let the legal system work it out

as opposed to what you're implying here:

>and there is nothing you can do about it
>They are being forced to literally let anyone shit all over their code

they quite clearly have a say in the matter because they're taking them to court


yes, you remove all the gnu utils you don't want

if you're doing it on a distro built with gnu utils in mind, have fun rewriting literally half the functionality of the distro


you can mark the dependencies as installed with 'dnf mark install [...]' or you can enable some option in the conf (or at runtime with --setopt ) that does something similar

try something like:

dnf --setopt=groupremove_leaf_only=1 [...]

>> No.54026514


if using windows 8/10:


the problem is some method's of shutting down windows aren't productive to other systems reading that data without resulting in data-loss when resuming from windows, because as the error says,

>Metadata kept in Windows cache, refused to mount.

>> No.54026591

Cwm and evilwm are not available for my distribution, are there any other similar window managers that come without window decorations? Another option would be if I could easily disable those without having to do it for every single application. I like to manage windows with my keyboard instead and also I don't have to worry about wm themes matching my gtk theme if I change it that way.

>> No.54026650

Compile it your self?

>> No.54027107


>> No.54027312

So I'm new to Linux, I'm using Linux Mint Xfce. I am having problems with the wallpaper not staying when I reboot the computer. Then when I go to change it back it will take a long time to load the pictures from the file I have them in to actually use an image. I tried to use Nitrogen to change my wallpaper but I couldn't get it to take control of the wallpaper.

>> No.54027370

Could someone here help a little? I'm trying to install Linux Mint 17.3 via usb to dual boot with Windows 10. I've freed up 200gb of space for a partition, but when I go to install Mint, the free space is labeled "Unusable" and I can do nothing with it

>> No.54027386


>> No.54027400

much appreciated. I assumed there was only one method of "shutting down"

>> No.54027413

need libcurl-compat on arch, build() is getting htis error:
-> Downloading curl-7.48.0.tar.gz...
% Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed
100 318 100 318 0 0 354 0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:-- 353
100 8579k 100 8579k 0 0 1841k 0 0:00:04 0:00:04 --:--:-- 2903k
==> Validating source files with md5sums...
curl-7.48.0.tar.gz ... Passed
==> Extracting sources...
-> Extracting curl-7.48.0.tar.gz with bsdtar
==> Starting build()...
configure: error: 'PATH_SEPARATOR' variable not set. Can not continue.

I'm not sure what this means.

>> No.54027471

Just installed it from aur with no issues.
Try clearing your makpkg cache

>> No.54027493

retry with
"export PATH_SEPARATOR="/" makepkg -si"

>> No.54027536

>I tried to use nitrogen
What were you trying before that? You might think that it goes without saying that you tried using XFCE's native desktop settings manager, but it doesn't. If you want help with something that isn't working, you need to say what isn't working in as exact of terms as you possibly can. I am wondering if you are trying to use some method of setting your wallpaper that is not compatible with XFCE's settings daemon.

>> No.54027543

For a start you can install the amd64 kernel (it works fine with a i386 userspace) then run sudo dpkg --add-architecture amd64
I have been running in multiarch like this for a couple of years now, mostly running 32 bit programs and whenever I need to run something 64 bit I just install the dependancies it requires. You are *supposed to* be able to have both i386 and amd64 versions of packages alongside each other but you might run into problems occaisonally (I had conflicting glx packages for a while but I just symlinked/moved/unpacked some shit).
You could also just try looking at all the i386 packages you have installed and mark the corresponding amd64 for installation (haven't done this but would expect shitstorm especially for init and libc) maybe like so dpkg --list | sed -n 's/ii \([^:]\+\):i386.*$/\1:amd64/p' | xarg sudo apt-mark install
There are a couple of guides that pop up on google too iirc. One of them was to create a chroot with all the same packages but different achitecture and then copy shit over.

>> No.54027590

What is the lightest irc client?

I'm going to be running this irc client on my Orange Pi PC.

>> No.54027600

irssi and weechat

>> No.54027618

I used the built in desktop settings. I set the folder to the wallpaper folder I have and selected the wallpaper I want. When I restart my computer, I have to change what the "style" once before it lets me change the picture.

>> No.54027648

Are other settings maintained? Do you know?

>> No.54027649

Distros shouldnt ship 2 year old software, so I approve of this.

>> No.54027663

how does weechat handle hosting bots? I want to set up a fun bot or two.

>> No.54027671

Please educate yourself about the topic before posting.

>> No.54027694

Desktop settings? Well my icons stay invisible and once I change the style and change it back it will have the same wallpaper that I set the last time it was on.

>> No.54027726

I did, by reading all about it. Debian only pulls bugfixes for packages and backports them to stable, because newer versions of packages could break other packages in "stable" versions.
Good thing our saviour snappy is around the corner, so finally there will be done away with dependency hell and old as fuck software lingering around in repos forever because nobody cares to update them.

>> No.54027755
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>> No.54027762

hwo should I know? look up things and educate yourself

>> No.54027775

>"friendly" linux thread

>> No.54027793

If I downloaded a snapshot from the AUR and installed it with makepkg, when I run -Syu will it be upgraded too?

>> No.54027794

so i just succesfully installed arch linux onto my machine (yay!!) and im having trouble figuring out how to install .deb packages (namely the spotify package in the AUR)

can someone explain to me how to install .deb files in arch?

>> No.54027802

You do realise the kernel is gpl2 licensed right?

>> No.54027811

Explain busybox then

>> No.54027821

If the package is on the aur, just use your AUR helper (yaourt, packer or whatever) to install it. If you have a .deb package, you can use deb2targz, but I don't know how that works.

>> No.54027825

.deb files don't install in arch. Use Yaourt to get your spotify package.

>> No.54027828

Get an AUR helper and do it the proper way

>> No.54027835

friendly does not mean "expecting to have your hand held through your horribly specific usage scenarios that nobody else would have a clue about"

>> No.54027840

Doesn't work all that well.

>> No.54027844

There isnt one hivemind that has all your answers. If someone dosent do what you want to do,you're in no place to bitch at them when they tell you they dont know.
Ungratful asshole

>> No.54027845
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Is btrfs RAID 5/6 stable yet? The official wiki has little info and says "upgrade from 3.16 to 3.19 cause we fixed some stuff"

>why not ZFS anon?
I like the way btrfs does snapshots better, and I don't want to fuck around with loading something from a 3rd-party repo. I want something that my distro packages and updates.

>> No.54027847

no, if is in the AUR is not in the official repos.

>> No.54027867


>> No.54027874

>using an experimental filesystem
>on a server where you store critical data on

What could go wrong?! I run my multi-billion dollar company on arch linux servers because #yolo

>> No.54027875

>Explain busybox then
W-What? You have lost me anon. I don't know what point you are trying to make.

>> No.54027893

Do you prefer gnome or unity?

>> No.54027907

sorry my bad, if I run yaourt -Syu will it be updated too?

>> No.54027910

fuck yessssssss <3

>> No.54027922


>> No.54027924

honestly this whole arch linux experience is dope. does it get any better than this?

>> No.54027934

>just because it uses gnu LISENCE dosent mean its exclusice to gnu
>can use busybox/cqlibc/malloc userlands
>have no uses for libc

>> No.54027935


>> No.54027938

Well I wouldn't call my home server critical, exactly. And the data is already backed up, I just want to augment that backup with checksumming/scrubbing, and a single filesystem instead of several separate drives. But I heard that scrubbing on RAID 5/6 wasn't working at all until 3.19, and I'm wondering if now that we're well beyond that things have come together.

>> No.54027939


>> No.54027963

>find kernel in aur
>find various patchsets the improve performance and responsivness(-ck)
>sit back while freetards bitch about not getting new programs because "MUH STABLES"
>being free to install any software i want with 2 locations(Offical repo,AUR) instead of having to load 50 repos to get basic functionality.

>> No.54027978

Fuck this shit.
After 5 hours I find out that this pos software works perfectly fine when I copypaste the whole program folder directly from Windows (dual booting) and just run the executable using PlayOnLinux.

The fact that this works makes me just mad.

>> No.54027983

i think ill stay on arch for a few years to completely understand it and be comfortable w it

>> No.54027985


>> No.54027994

Good choice.

>> No.54028011

anon asked how to de-GNU Linux. I assume that means to not run gpl licensed software. Linux is a gpl licensed software. Obviously the answer is to run Microsoft Windows.
Although technically (surely someone will correct me if I am wrong) you can download sources s/GNU/Not GNU/g, compile, run and NOT distribute the binaries and you would be golden.

>> No.54028018

Media files use XFS
anything that isnt large media files EXT4
btrfs isnt worth using,its not stable in any sense of the word. The devs spout that its "stable" but people still lose / cause it just fucking shits on them

>> No.54028019


>> No.54028041

Right,so to de-gnu it,he would want to get rid of libc and the gnu userland.

>> No.54028048
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GNU/Thread: >>54028039

>> No.54028051

I need some guidance with dual booting arch / windows 10.

My windows 10 is installed in an MBR disk and I want to install Arch on a secondary disk on while I'll use the same file system MBR so basically legacy bios setup.

What's the proper way to do it? I managed to fail once, now I'm going for attempt 2 but I'm hopping to get some guidance here.

>> No.54028075

And the kernel.

>> No.54028078
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GNUtards have to make EVERYTHING look like shit, now?
go back to /HURD/ and leave Linux alone. Oh wait, you already had to fork it.

>> No.54028099
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Here's your (GNU).

>> No.54028100

The kernel uses which ever userland you want to give it. The kernel its self,its not a userland,while it uses the gpl lisence,it is not infact gnu
I can have the BSD userland with linux

>> No.54028108

Want it to look even worse? How about /fg+lt/

>> No.54028127

>>I can have the BSD userland with linux
The go use it and stop spergin.

>> No.54028143

>valid comment that he didnt expect

>> No.54028162

>Anonymous is just one guy

>> No.54028167

>debian 8, xfce, lightdm
>want to restart xfce
>sudo systemctl restart lightdm
>black screen
What happened? How can it be prevented? How are you supposed to restart the graphical system in systemd?

>> No.54028176

anonymouse is one guy,thats the point.go back home reddit

>> No.54028188

go back to getty,startx

>> No.54028200

Said the retard who thinks he's chatting with the same person the whole time. lel

>> No.54028212

>not understanding the point of being anonymous
>not understanding the backbone of this imageboard
Anon is and always will be a faggot,just like you and me

>> No.54028222

so after trying to use yaourt for about a dozen applications (spotify, tribler, deluge, ect) it always ends up saying that makepkg was unable to build x. whats going on?

>> No.54028235

The faggot you are referring to is actually only and always OP.

>> No.54028244

Dont use yaourt.
Try apacman

>> No.54028256
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>op is anon
How can you be this dense

>> No.54028272

Are you saying that this is how you are supposed to restart XFCE, or that this is how you solve that predicament? In case it wasn't clear, the Ctrl+Alt+F[1-6} key combinations did nothing. The computer was completely unresponsive. Unfortunately I didn't have sshd running, so I don't know whether or not I could have logged in that way. That doesn't seem like a good way to restart XFCE. Don't you have to at least stop it, first?

>> No.54028308

Help please.

>> No.54028349


>> No.54028498

This is so frustrating.

>> No.54028530
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I need some help with the Sound in this Xubuntu installation. So, I'm trying to play audio with my hdmi cable from my Nvidia GPU's HDMI Output, but it does not seem to work. Any help?

>> No.54028797

Have you tried the proprietary nvidia drivers?
You won't get good performance otherwise anyway.

>> No.54028833

Yes, I am currently using them, I don't care about Freedom to much, I just want to rice.

>> No.54028854

>>You won't get good performance otherwise anyway.
Why are you lying on the internet?

>> No.54028890

When I was using the Free drivers, the text would not render correctly, he is right.

>> No.54028906

Just because you can't make it up doesnt mean everyone can't.

>> No.54028952

Sorry anon, I got very upset when I happened to install a game (not even a recent one) and the textures were completely bonkers with the free drivers yesterday.
Shame on me for playing games though.

>> No.54029172

I've been experiencing this condition >>54028167 under various and unpredictable circumstances. The computer freezes completely, and I can't get to a terminal. If I'm not running SSH I have no option but to force a shutdown by holding the power button. The one time I was running SSH I tried to reboot, but the terminal became unresponsive afterwards (it was working fine before I tried that) and the machine did not reboot.

This all seems to have started when I uninstalled suckless-tools. I had been using slocker as the screen locker, but I decided to switch to light-locker. The freezing happens with or without light-locker installed, but it wasn't happening when slocker was installed. It seems to happen most often when resuming from suspension, but it doesn't always happen in that circumstance and sometimes it happens in others.

It seems to me that the logs are not configured to be easily searchable. I don't know what to grep for that might find relevant errors.

Does anyone know what's going on? How best to search the logs? Which logs to search?

>> No.54030058

yes, try other linux kernel patchsets like linux-ck and install it using aur, try zfs on archlinux, you can install blackarch packages on top of your arch install.

> random things you can do with arch to make your setup more neet friendly

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