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Hello /g/!

I'm looking for a mechanical keyboard that fits these criteria:

- Doesn't have bezels around key groups (like the one in this picture, the stems are exposed);
- Cherry MX switches (Blue or Brown);
- Matte black base (preferably) with removable keycaps (which should be possible regardless given the switches);
- Tenkeyless.

Does it exist?

If not, just post recommendations of nice keyboards or pictures of your own keyboards.

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Ansi or ISO?

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you could literally buy a new keyboard every year for 5-8 years and still be ahead in savings.

don't waste your mom's money on memes

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This. I fell for the meme and i wasn't impressed.

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We have generals for a reason. Fucking copy paste your shit to >>>/mkg/ retard.

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Doesn't matter, but I prefer ISO.


I earn my own money.


I'm buying it for the looks.


Thank you, I'll post a reply there following the template. There is no need to be annoyed at somebody on the internet.

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>Doesn't matter, but I prefer ISO.
Then i would say take a lioncast lk20.

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Looks nice. Doesn't fit my initial criteria about the bezels. Good to have an ISO option.

Any other recommendations?

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