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Did /g/ approve of this phone? I wasn't here DURRING the press conference

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$400 for an A9 is hardly something to scoff at right now.

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Outdated technology in a 4 inch phone with a design from 4 years ago.

/g/ loved it

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G has been making some pretty crappy excuses for not liking it. I purchased one.

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There isn't much to not like. Apple is attempting to hit a user base it seems to try and stay away from. That's good.
There isn't anything that competes with it on the market for the money. If it came with an SD slot, it would literally destroy the market.

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576$ for 16gb in Poland


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The A9 isn't outdated , neither is that 12mp camera

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Might I suggest you a chink phone? I know things are hard on countries with weaker money

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Funny because I've had it since September

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It's shit and /g/ is not a single person

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It just feels like their suppliers had a bunch of parts left over from the 5, and the 5S, and the 5C, and decided they could package it with the current iPhone's proc and camera and profit instead of writing off the excess parts.

Makes sense given Tim Cook was the "supplier wrangler" when Jobs was leading.

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no you didn't you can't even order them yet dumb cuck

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Is this just an upgraded iPhone 5s?

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What would have impressed me is designing a completely new 4-inch phone, not rehashing a specific design from 4 years ago.

Specifically a new 4-inch iPhone without the retarded chamfered edges that dug into my palms like my iP5 did.

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Fuck. That.

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i really want to buy one but i don't want everyone thinking i got a 5s. why could they refresh it a little bit ffs

guess i could just buy a gay gold one but i wanted regular gold

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Oh look, they're rebranding the iPhone 6.

I thought they'd do that for the iPhone 6c, like when they rebranded the iPhone 5 as a plastic iPhone 5c.

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they could have chopped off the top and bottom instead of having the huge borders at least

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>buy empty SE boxes
>put cheap iPhone 5S inside
>sell to poor ishits

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How much did you pay for it back in September?

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>I own an iphone se

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>does /g/ approve
>I need the approval of anonymous aspies on a Malaysian aromatherapy forum

These same people call Apple product owners 'sheep'.

It's basically a 6S in a BETTER shell, the 5S is the best looking iPhone Apple ever made. The only thing it doesn't share with the 6S is the screen.

All that for $400. Its more powerful than a standard 6 in every category.

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Its got the internals of the 6S you retard. This isn't the 5C all over again. It actually has CURRENT YEAR top specs. People just begged Apple for a 4 inch phone, they thought they'd just used an already loved design which couldn't even be improved much further and put their current shit in it.

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>iPhone 5 couldn't be improved

How much per word do you make?

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>better shell
SE is not 7000 series, so no its not better. Its just smaller.

I like it and would love a smaller phone. However, I have a 6S and now, and I dont like compromises in the SE. The screen I can actually live with, but the gen 1 touch ID, lack of MIMO, stuff like is kinda a deal breaker.
If you are on an older iphone(5S/C, 5 etc) then the SE is a HUGE upgrade. While it is similar to a 6S in many ways, it is not the exact same thing in a smaller package, so Ill probably stick with the 6S

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As someone who has been using an iPhone 4S since it's release, I can say the iPhone SE hits my exact demographic.

A noteable segment of the market is not interested in bigger phones, they look for something compact. Unfortunatly, most compact phones in the market come with horrible performance and general issues. Enter the iPhone SE, a phone with amazing specs at a great price, and small form factor. What's not to like?

I personally hate fingerprint scanners built into my phone, but that's my privacy preference.

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I genuinely don't get what you retards like about I phones, used them plenty because my brother always gets a new one and I prefer my unrooted android

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Yeah, but it's doubtful that someone poor enough to still be using a 4S could even afford the cheap SE.

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I wouldn't say at all it has to do with being poor, but saw absolutly no features in phones released after the 4S that were a must-have. Only the phone getting bigger and having a fingerprint scanner, plus minor camera upgrades.

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And speed upgrades and clearer screens and less-fragile designs and new software improvements...

Sure the 4S was a nice size, but honestly I can't fathom a reason why not even an iPhone 5/S/C hasn't caused you to upgrade yet, but suddenly the SE has?

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>iPhone only available with 4" screen
>"why won't Apple get bigger screens?"
>iPhone now available in 4.7" and 5.5" screens
>"ugh where's my compact flagship phone?"
>iPhone now available in 4" screen again with non-gimped internals and you still have the option to get a bigger screen if you want
>"nope it's still shit"

I'm not even an Apple user; I will never buy an Apple product but you have to admit they actually got this one right.

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The phone worked fine and filled all my needs. It wasn't until iOS 9 that Apple began to gimp my 4S performance. (Look up: iPhone 4S owners lawsuit against Apple)

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Same shit with my iPad mini. I wish I could easily roll back to iOS 7 or something. They spout so much bullshit about "supporting old hardware" because Android phones don't get OS updates after a year, without ever considering that maybe there's a reason you don't want to put a brand new OS on a 3-year-old device.

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>iManlets will defend this

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If I was going to get an iphone that's certainly the one I'd get, fucking hate the shape of the 6.

But I thought the 4 had a better design than the 5 desu

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>People complaining about the best phone design ever conceived

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>literally less than 720p screen
>1.2mp front camera
>16gb or 64gb storage, no SD slot

>non-gimped internals

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>current year

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You forgot:
>no android lag
>no android fragmentation

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Resolution was never confirmed on the SE

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Thank you for your post, Pajeet

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I never really liked iPhones.
This one though seems like a decent deal.
One of the few 4" phones with good specs on the market, seeing as you either get a big one with good specs or a 4" one with shit specs.
I don't really know if I would like iOS though.

Can someone point out strength and weaknesses of iOS compared to Android and/or WP?

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this wasn't made for small hands, it was made for poorfags

apple has never released a phone so cheaply. they are going to make more billions

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They chose well by not putting a SD slot though, since it's a lot slower than their flash memory

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which is literally irrelevant for media files

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> iSHit

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>iPhone SE
>best phone design
that's not how you spell iPhone 4

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Normies don't need SD card storage. I work in a repair shop, whenever people come in with their samshit phones the 32gb sd card usually has less than a gig used and only 50% of their 10gb flash storage used.

You only need SD storage if you're a flactard or like taking pictures in RAW.

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That fucking thing seems like the only phone worth getting, should I need one, even though it still has huge flaws.

>sane size
>sane OS
>sane internals (fast enough, but no fucking octo-core-quad-4K-SLI-eat-my-battery-now bullshit featuritis)
>great looks

>the OS is not BB10 with iOS app-availability
>no HW-keyboard
>it's still visibly an apple device, so everyone will think I'm a poorfag, that desperately tries and fails to look rich, but thanks too
>one drop and it'll be shattered, it will have to be covered in a rubber sleeve anyways.

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I was considering upgrading from my 5S to the SE but if it lacks 7000 series and gen 2 touch ID then I might pass.

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I don't get the boner for small screens.

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>approving of anything Apple ever

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Nevermind, just realized the 16gb model is going to be 509€

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/g/ reacts to anything from Apple like Republicans to Obama's State of the Union address.

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I urge you to check Apple's site.

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it's too boring to even make fun of. i keep posting this article because it's spot on

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I am actually going to defend this. It's a 4 inch screen, the resolution doesn't need to be high. It's ppi that matters and the retina calculation has been proven to work. I can put my eye as close as possible to the screen and not see pixels.
Why sacrifice performance for no gain? The only people who care about big pointless numbers are insecure android users that are running a shit platform.

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Fucking #rekt.

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applefags on suicide iwatch.

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meh I would just buy a Z3C or Z5C.
awesome battery life, good screen, waterproof, durable, etc.

I have a z3c, bought it when the z5c came out, it was piss cheap. But I love this little thing. Fucking fast, lasts up to 2-3 days with plenty of use.

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>mistaking a look of contempt for a smile

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there is no discernible difference between 6061 and 7075, other than 7075 is harder to weld,

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>people saying this phone just has "good specs"

There is """""literally"""""" not a more powerful phone at 4" near it on the fucking planet.

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And now you're looking to give them MORE money so they can fuck you over again in 3 years?

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so what, you running AutoCAD on it? Every phone is fast enough now

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desu I'm still using my 5s from 2013. I'm thinking about upgrading to the se just due to the fact I won't have to spend another $50 on a new Otterbox.

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>fast enough now

pajeet please

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If I had to get an iPhone (which would never happen) I would go for the 6 instead of 6s and SE just for the simple fact that the A9 chips on the newer models have Siri "always on". That creeps me out.

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Where did u purchase it from?

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He probably preordered you dingus, phone is out at the end of the month.

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Preorder only starts tomorrow tho

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Really thinking of getting either this or a 5s for my mother. Is the $200 price jump worth it? It just worries me buying a 3 year old phone.

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The se is just an iPhone 6 in a smaller form with a kick ass camera. It actually helped Apple release it at a lower cost since they had all the molds and templates from the 5s.

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I know what it is. Just not sure if the extra cost is worth it. She doesn't need the power, it's a matter of longevity.

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>4 inches
>Modern internals, latest iOS, updates for at least 4 years
Love it
>Goes back to the based iPhone 4/4S design
Day 1 preorder

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>CURRENT YEAR top specs

No. Apple doesn't have nor ever will have top specs on their devices compared with pretty much any phone on its price range.

>> No.53644542

explain why apple is the only manufacturer who chose to put large empty spaces above and below the screen

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Like I said, I'm still using my 5s from 2013. It's been in a case the whole time and still looks and functions like new. The only reason I'm getting an SE is for more storage.

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>iPhone 4/4S design

It's a 5s, 4s had a glass back

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>Thank you for your service Pajeet! $0.07 has been deposited into your iTunes account!

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it's a 5s design, but a 4s design would be good oto

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>iManlets will defend this

>> No.53644589

do the better camera/processor appeal to you?

>> No.53644611

Whatever, just as long as its not that hideous curved look that the 6's have. I just love the 4/5's functional design.

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They are just an added bonus. The camera in my 5s is good enough for what I use a phone's camera for.

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Nice copypasta. See >>53641049
It's a legitimate point.

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>an iManlet has defended 1136x640

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iManlets, when will they learn?

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>poorfag so upset they have to spam the same memes over and over

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>>iManlet so upset they have to buy the same 1136x640 iToys over and over

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>owning an iphone se

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>being an iManlet

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>short men's clothing

t. european

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what does /g/ think about an iphone 7 being released later this year? maybe next year? maybe never?

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this is the main reason samsung and apple keep making money.
Faggots buying the latest and the greatest because some ad said so.

>> No.53645261

It'll just be a marginal improvement. The real question is what gimmick will Apple think of next.

>> No.53645286

If they remove the jack then the iPhone SE might be the last good iPhone.

>> No.53645318


Remember to add an extra $100 for that tax

lol fucking america

>> No.53645510

I recommended the SE to my sugar momma.

She prefers smaller phones, so she was happy to hear of a modern phone with such a form factor.

This should be a decent phone for someone who just uses facebook and takes pictures right?

>> No.53645516

>tfw my phone has a lower res but it's 5.5"

>> No.53645529

and yes

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Here you go, I think she took this with a Samsung 3 Mini.

>> No.53645698

This is either pretty fucking subtle trolling or outright hipster faggotry.

In case of the latter: Who fucking cares what phone people think you have.

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>tfw still using iphone 4
>tfw only complaint is battery life cuz it's old as shit
>tfw replacement battery is on the way to my doorstep

Feels good man, going to keep this baby for at least another year or so.

>> No.53645823

solid smash

>> No.53645860

Thanks, she's a beautiful woman and an absolute gem. I just wish she was my age so we could seriously date.

I would recommend a sugar momma over a gf though.

>> No.53645891

how old are you and how'd you meet her?

>> No.53646078

Should have suggest an Xperia Z5 Compact then.

>> No.53646175

US prices don't include tax because different states have slightly different tax percentiles whereas in EU when a product enters retails market in a given country, its price already has tax included.

>> No.53646214

>fuck retarded LOL LOOK AT ME XD image on the case
>keyboard without letters because you think will impress people on /g/

holy shit you are a tool

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File: 1.98 MB, 4592x3448, P1060367.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You don't seem to be up to date with the latest memes anon.

Please go educate yourself.

>> No.53646456

>design from 4 years ago.
actually a plus more cases to chose form

>> No.53646495


Shit's ridiculously expensive

>> No.53646525

The Z3 Compact then. Still a brilliant phone.

>> No.53646597

>spending the $300 for a 801 when you can get an a9 for $400

I like the Z3c but honestly, there's no point buying one now unless you're in love with Android

>> No.53646600

It has the same battery as the 6S even though it is in a thicker shell, but you'll get a little more life out of it due to the lower screen resolution.
I'm kinda annoyed that everything inside the phone has gotten smaller since the 5S, but when they take that hardware and put it inside a 5S shell they can't put a bigger battery in.

>> No.53646627

>It's ppi that matters and the retina calculation has been proven to work. I can put my eye as close as possible to the screen and not see pixels.
But that retina calculation is for like 9 inches from your eyes.

If you can't see the pixels when you put the phone as close as possible to the screen that just means you have bad eyesight.

>> No.53646656

Phone as close as possible to your eyes.

>> No.53646673

>released at the end of month
>most estimates say couple months until it's released in Norway

Shit. Oh well, mi5 it is

>> No.53646774

I hope that this will be a huge success and it will force other phone manufacturers to make good small phones.
The samsung mini series are shit and nobody writes software for them.

>> No.53646825

man the 5th gen phones had the best fucking designs, the shit they have now is fucking cancer.

I know Apple will continue to sell like crazy because "muh image" but holy fuck, Jobs dying was the worst thing to happen to this company. they literally do not innovate nor create anymore.

>> No.53646868

I wish there was a phone with a similar size to my Moto G LTE, but with better specs.

Most companies just seem to go "make the screen and phone bigger and thinner!", I'd rather not have an etch a sketch.

>> No.53646908

>there isn't anything to compete
Z compact series
Axon elite mini
Oneplus x
Mi4c and mi4s
Rumored s7 mini

>> No.53646946

>Apple is attempting to hit a user base it seems to try and stay away from. That's good.
They're attempting to hit the user base they pissed off with the 6, a year and a half later.
And they're doing it with "here's your old phone with newer internals".

>> No.53647187

Z compact series is still better than the SE, bue at least if you actually like iPhones you will have a real option and not the horrendous 6 or 6 Plus.

>> No.53647316

>Z compact series is still better than the SE

Is it though? The Z3c is old at this point and the Z5c took a beautiful design and made it look like some fisher price toy with the plastic shell. I was going to buy the Z5c but now I'm waiting for the Z6c and hope they don't fuck it up.

>> No.53647359

which is fine. 5 was the best designed phone they've ever made by a mile. i would like them to update this body with new internals annually until phones are obsolete or i overdose on something

>> No.53647389

Z3C still works perfectly fine, if you never run into problems with the glass back you can still use it and not miss anything.
Z5C traded the glass back for something sturdier and isn't catching fire as a lot of retards thought. Has the same specs than the Z5 and also has the meme fingerprint thing. A decent upgrade if you had any other phone prior a Z3C, but maybe not worth it if you already are using one of those.

I do hope the Z6C to be better than those and to justify an upgrade if you had the Z3C. Maybe a higher res screen too.

>> No.53647430

>Maybe a higher res screen too.

I hope they don't. Higher than 720p on a compact phone is a meme. The minor increase in sharpness isn't worth the trade off in battery life.

>> No.53647569

>iTunes account
My sides!

>> No.53647592

>it's the same person shilling the Z3C in every single thread

I can recognize you now.

>> No.53647792

yeah, you are probably right. I'm happy with a 2-day-battery phone and I would like to get the option of getting one like it when this craps out.

>> No.53647943

>needing a case
Also, the old 5/5s cases probably won't fit on the SE

>> No.53647959

Yes, they do.

>> No.53647960

some months ago I really wanted the Z3C, then I decided I'll switch to ios and now the SE came out and it is a blessing and I was 100% convinced to get it as soon as it comes out but now I see the prices of the Z3C and it's so cheap, it's a sin not to get it

>> No.53647994
File: 24 KB, 500x375, 1448441728183.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying I'd need any resolution greater than 480p on a fucking phone with a diagonal length shorter than my dick
>implying I want to waste battery life

>> No.53648022

Dirt cheap flagship that will be supported for years in a compact design. Will be my first iPhone.

My only annoyance with it is the price in EU, 589€ is still great when compared to other options but it feels pretty bad to get jewed like that.

>> No.53648057

why is it so important to have an sd card slot? just get a phone with a large internal storage. also things get messy with an sd card.

>> No.53648065

>literally less than 720p screen
With good PPI, so irrelevant. Why do you want extra pixels you won't see to burn through your battery?

>1.2mp front camera
Makes it a bit cheaper, people can still perfectly make you out, there is a great backcam. Sounds good.

>16gb or 64gb storage, no SD slot
No sd is a bummer but 64GB of fastest storage on a phone doesn't sound half as bad.

>> No.53648072

Lagdroid poorfags ON SUICIDE WATCH

>> No.53648145

>Z compact series
Low quality shit.

Rest is huge and S7 Mini just rumored, so worthless.

It's literally same design, just 1 gram heavier. Besides, only women, autists and poorfags use cases either way.

>> No.53648148

>Specifically a new 4-inch iPhone without the retarded chamfered edges that dug into my palms like my iP5 did.
>without the retarded chamfered edges that dug into my palms like my iP5 did
>retarded chamfered edges
> dug into my palms

What kind of massive fucking pussy girl hands do you have? Have you never used your hands for anything in your entire life? What a tremendous fucking faggot.

>> No.53648591

Not to mention the whole point of chamfering edges is to prevent cutting into your hands.

>> No.53650052

>2 more years of a 4 year old phone design and same old 1.2 mpx front camera

No thanks.

Was it THAT hard to come up with a new design and slightly improve that terribad front camera? I already have a 5s, why would I want to walk around looking like I have an old phone?

>> No.53650082

>caring about front cam
>caring about what other people think about your phone
Could you be any more underage, anon?

>> No.53650095

Here's Bigfoot again...

>> No.53650181

$12 a month with the iPhone forever promotion.

>> No.53650190

>implying everyone on 4chan has no social life
>implying re-using an unmodified 4 year old design is acceptable at all

>> No.53650292

>your social life would be impacted by the camera quality of your phone
I see.

>implying re-using an unmodified 4 year old design is acceptable at all
If it works, who cares? The only excuse for new design are clear improvements and no downsides compared to previous one. Something iPhone 6 failed at.

The most obvious improvement of 5s would be thinner bezels but the current design is too much part of Apples design philosophy to remove it for an updated device.

>> No.53650338

I hope you weren't one of the retards who traded in a good smartphone for that shit

>> No.53650406 [DELETED] 

No but I sold my 6+ at a Eco atm right after so I'm pretty dumb

>> No.53650516

I use Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat often throughout the day and use the front camera a lot, of course I care about it. My 5s' front camera is really showing its age (again, 1.2 mpx) so why would they use it again? Obviously you don't have a social life if you think smartphones frontal cameras don't matter.

As for the design, I think it's just really lazy on their side. A lot of people didn't upgrade to a 6 due to the size, so a lot of 5 owners aren't going to feel too excited about rebuying the same phone again, when 99% of people don't care about things like processors and the current iPhone 5 or 5s still performs really well.

>> No.53650611

>making selfies through the day means you have a social life
An interesting interpretation, anon.

And sure, the design is lazy but I doubt they intend it as an device for 5/5s owners, this might come with iPhone 7 if it's offered in 3 sizes.

SE seems like entry phone for people who want a small screen and wouldn't consider dated phones. Basically 5C done right.

>> No.53650659


The extra power means the phone can go on longer before the software that is optimized for a faster SoC with more hardware features runs like shit on it.

>> No.53650678

>I use Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat often throughout the day

Shit I really did just stop reading. That's the first time I've ever done that.

>> No.53651495

Any reason I should get SE if I have 5S? I think I will just change my old ass battery and settle with it for another 2+ years.

>> No.53651521

Depends, do you want a 5S or a 6S in the 5S body?

>> No.53651556

Probably no. Unless you want better cam, performance and bit longer battery life.

>> No.53651560

band 12
2 gigs of ram
I think it has touch id 2
other than that it's literally the same

>> No.53651720

the Z series is discontinued

>> No.53651974

Touch ID 1.

>> No.53652020

Be a man and import it and hope it doesn't hit customs.

>> No.53652163

Pretty sure Apple doesn't send outside of the country they are in and other ways seem risky in the "getting the phone" factor. Otherwise it'd be a no brainer, customs or not, would still be much cheaper.

I guess I could ask parts of my family in US send it to me, but I pretend to be a poorfag to them so I don't have to visit them (hardcore Christians are a pain), so yeah... getting cucked by Apple and Euro it is.

>> No.53653801

>implying appel's CPU alone doesn't blow every android flagship out of the water

Also the specs alone doesn't mean shit compared to the end result which is the performance. iOS is much more optimized whether you like it or not.

>> No.53653998

Is this the best phone for $400? I'm about to purchase some stocks

>> No.53654033

>iOS at iPhone 5 resolution on an A9

I'd wager it's going to have amazing performance and battery life as a result. But leave it to the Android cucks to cry that it's old. Meanwhile Android has not a single phone in the same size category with comparable features for the price, and even larger phones other than the Nexus 5X struggle to compete with the spec sheet.

>> No.53654082

>and even larger phones other than the Nexus 5X struggle to compete with the spec sheet.
Basically ANY phone without Shitdragon 820 or new Exynos aren't even close performance-wise, specially if we include NAND speed that is abysmal on every Android phone.

>> No.53654163

Not to mention that any phone with a processor anywhere below that can't even properly drive the 1080p+ displays they make such a big fuss about. I've had two mid-range phones now that were said to be perfectly smooth and both have noticeable stuttering compared to my old iPhone 5c. I'd wager the SE would just blow anything else at the price point out of the water. 1136x640 is barely even that much lower than 1280x720. When you compare shit like the Z3C and Moto G, the PPI is almost identical.

>> No.53654208

It's a great improvement, and for the price, it's fabulous. However, I tend to use my phone with my laptop a fair amount, and having to manage media via itunes is absolutely out of the question.

If you feel like your phone will be totally self-contained and you'll never want to expand your storage, this is /g/: the phone

>> No.53654303

>If you feel like your phone will be totally self-contained and you'll never want to expand your storage, this is /g/: the phone
Given the shilling for Motorola and Nexus without micro SD, this never seemed a huge problem for /g/ in the first place.

>> No.53654343 [DELETED] 

>The only thing it doesn't share with the 6S is the screen.
And 3D touch.

>> No.53654418

I am still trying to figuire whether it's useful or not. Hearing different opinions from different people all the time. From "THE NEXT BIG THING" to "lolgimmick"

Though with the ugly camera bump, it's hard to want 6s even if 3D touch is any good.

>> No.53655581


>> No.53655601

You mean 4 years ago tomorrow.

>> No.53656827 [DELETED] 

so this is essentially a 5s with new hardware without the pretty display and front facing camera of the 6? apple's website doesn't say much about the screen other than it being retina

>> No.53657254
File: 22 KB, 357x504, proxy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

iPhone 5SE

Let's see.
>Classic design
>people who want smaller but up to date phone

Apple's perspective
>Use old parts so we don't need to redesign it when the iPhone 7 comes out
>Get poorfags in India + 3rd world who aspire to Apple faggotry and who can't afford iPhone 6/7s
>Don't matter if this fails in market, old parts

>> No.53657464

>SE stands for Special Edition
>not Small Edition
>Apple is trying this hard to make the phone special
And normies will buy it.
Fuck normies.

>> No.53657499


>> No.53657521

Manlet phone with fuck huge ching-chong-phone-esque bezels and eye cancer Resolution

>400 Dollar


>> No.53658363

>same camera as 6s
>no camera bump

>> No.53658431
File: 286 KB, 1024x640, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53658542

>xperia series
Spotted the shill.
Ebd of fucking story

>> No.53658609

should i upgrade from my 5S?

i don't really need a cellphone but i like consuming cause it makes me feel good

>> No.53658635

>300$ for a phone
I payed ~120 for mine and my bill is only 11.50 a month.

>> No.53658656

Sell your 5S and use the proceeds to go towards an SE. It's basically the same phone just massively upgraded internals and will have support for longer.

Only problem is that nobody will know you have a new phone just by looking at it.

>> No.53658685

>caring what normies think

low energy :^)

>> No.53658689

Anything is durable if you're not a gorilla.

>> No.53658717

>buying Apple when they help the terrorists

Heil Trump

>> No.53658802

A9 destroys nearly every android available.

>> No.53658974

it's thicker

>> No.53658976

I hate big phones more than anything ever created when it comes to technology. It even surpassed my hatred of Apple so if my Lumia 920 ever stops working then I'd rather get an iShit than a dogshit Android tablet wannabe.

4.5 inch phones are the perfect size for me, anything bigger is disgusting.

>> No.53658983

i smell mental retardation

>> No.53660966

Probably thicker.

>> No.53661089

You know what? Despite all my hate for apple if this thing would drop at 299$ I would consider the purchase

>> No.53661131

How can you even compare the specs if the O.S. isn't even the same?

>> No.53661477

You're stupid, that's what's happening.

>> No.53661558

I ended up buying one this morning, 64GB in Rose Gold.

I was honestly waiting for the SE. I've always loved the iPhone 5/5s body and as soon as they confirmed that it would have the full 6s specs (beyond TouchID 2) I was sold.

>> No.53662392

>rose gold
thought this was real but then I realised it's just b8 :(

>> No.53662480
File: 19 KB, 637x231, order.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Not b8, really did buy one in Rose Gold.

>> No.53662500

I love you if this is real

>> No.53662522


Totally real. I generally like my personal affects to have some color, I get tired of black, white, and silver phones. Rose Gold isn't my favorite color but it's better than the other options.

>> No.53662570

because a iPhone with 64gb is like 100 dollars more.
meanwhile 64gb sd cards are like 50 at most.
and transferring files with SD cards is much easier

>> No.53662579

I'm gonna go with Rose Gold too, that way I can tell it apart from my "Champagne" 5s.

>> No.53662671

i went space grey. thinking of the long term. white fronts always age horribly. Wanted a 128gb version tho ill carry less music.

>> No.53662811
File: 185 KB, 1024x680, depositphotos_28602069-Old-Working-Man-Hands.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

according to >>53648148 if you're hands don't look like this your a faggot with girl hands.

I wish this manlet hands meme would just die. Not everyone has hands large enough to use a 5"+ phone with one hand. Some people actually prefer having a smaller phone for whatever reason and having more options on the market when it comes to screen size is a GOOD THING. Why would anybody bash having more options?

>> No.53662822

Why the fuck is so much more expensive for Europe?
Fuck you fat nation

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