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Hey so last night my dumbass of a roommate spilled beer all over my keyboard, everything was fried, no chance of fixing it. He said he would pay for a replacement so I'm ordering a new keyboard tonight. What would you guys recommend?

Preferably I would like a mechanical keyboard with audio controls, detachable keys (cherry reds), and that's about it. I haven't needed to buy any new hardware in awhile so I'm not sure what is really good anymore. My corsair vengeance (pic related) was great and lasted 4 years before moron broke it. I'm considering just getting a newer version of it unless you guys can suggest something better.

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K65 RGB.

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Cooler master quickfire rapid with MX browns

I'm not biased at all :)

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A replacement implies same keyboard that was damaged.

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Newer version is water resistant

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filco majestouch 2 10keyless

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Roommate's parents are rich as fuck, he isn't going to just piss cash away but we agreed on a $150 limit. We both thought that was fair.

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baby's first switch

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that's good, at least it wasn't like
>beaks shit
>"dude i'll replace it..."
>"your keyboard was A HUNDRED DOLLARS?!?"

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I would have said that and called you a retarded faggot for buying a $100 keyboard.

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yeah well luckily you have no friends so can't break any of their stuff

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I second this completely, the keyboard looks fantastic, has audio controls, and cherry reds are dreamy.

This is coming from a guy who has used all types of cherry switches for long periods of time.

Get the K65 RGB also if you want a compact keyboard.

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I'd suggest you get something with a standard bottom row that comes from a reputable keyboard manufacturer (aka not corsair or razer) but honestly you'll probably be perfectly happy with another corsair. Just stay away from the keyboard general.

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Because corsair is not known for making good keyboards. They are known having had issues with dead LEDs and various other issues with backlighting such as flickering and only 512 colors instead of the 16.8 million colors, not to mention the atrocious software. Apart from that the stock caps are thin as shit ABS (as you'd expect from stock caps) and the bottom row is non-standard, so good luck finding replacement keycaps.

If you want a keyboard with fancy lighting, get a Ducky.

That being said, you'll probably be perfectly happy with a corsair. They're not bad keyboards, they're just not good keyboards either and not very highly regarded in the keyboard community due to the aforementioned issues, the fact that people who care about keyboards won't be getting a corsair, especially considering their price and that they aren't of any interest to enthusiasts. Aside from which, the design screams "gaymen" all over the place. It's ugly.

And I'm telling you to stay away from the /mkg/ because it's full of snobs like myself.

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>Aside from which, the design screams "gaymen" all over the place. It's ugly.
It's really only their "Corsair Gaming" logo that looks extra tacky, anyways. I was able to find a K70 with the old sail logo (like OP's picture, but silver), and for my first and only mechanical keyboard it's worked perfectly well for the past few years.

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haha rekt xD

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you seem like a reasonable fella, what is your opinion on Razer mechanical keyboards?

I tried a few at random last time I visited a electronics store and they felt pretty okay to type on, only had a Corsair model to compare on there and they were less wobbly and made less noise than the corsair model. I was quite surprised by that

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not him but they're overpriced and they don't user cherry switches, I think they use chinese knockoffs. Your really don't want to buy from a gamer brand

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I'd recommend the K65 without the leds,to be hornets.

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Inb4 roommate thinks he broke a $20 keyboard and refuses to buy OPs over price cum dream.

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They switched from cherry switches to chink knockoffs (kalih) and kept the price the same. Also has a non-standard bottom row and shit keycaps. Also requires that synapse bloatware The overall design looks terrible, though that's a matter of taste.

Get a Ducky Shine 5 if you want a fullsize with fancy lighting. The layout is standard, keycaps are doubleshot (obviously ABS, but hey, doubleshot stock caps) and you don't even need software to configure all the fancy lighting. Also comes with genuine cherry switches.

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(Different guy here) If your room mate is a cunt about it and cheaps out on you. The Leopold FC900 with white LEDs is another cheaper option. It's a plain board, but the build quality is great, it has a standard bottom row and a removable cable (so you can replace it easily).

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Thanks for the suggestion, but I already have too many keyboards.

And I'm fairly sure you're replying to the wrong post.

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If you aren't an autistic fag who has sex with his keyboards and likes to waste time on buying keycaps that don't change the functionality of typing whatsoever, get a Corsair K65 RGB.

They are compact, type nicely and can also be bought at stores like Best Buy

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thanks for the input

I already knew they were overpriced, as with all Razer hardware

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I wouldn't replace it. I'd buy him a knock off Chinese keyboard from ebay for 40 bucks.

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Oh yeah. Wrong post.

>the effects of shitposting in too many tabs

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Oi, OP here just wanted to adress a few things.

I play in a very well lit room, and my tower isn't going anywhere so I honestly couldn't give less of a fuck about LEDs.

I do however listen to music all the time from my desk, so a good audio control system is a must have. Not a lot of the smaller keyboards recommend have one.

And for the faggots arguing about if my roommate is going to pay me back or not, he already did. We discussed price when he sobered up and he gave me the 150 in cash this morning.

Other than that thanks for the suggestions so far,
I have never heard of some of these keyboards and the specs look decent for the price.

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And I am very happy for him.

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>all these gayming fag boards.
Fuck off.
Even if you want the mech meme it doesn't have to look like gayming autism.

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Awww,did we bweak your widdle heart?Not all of us want tiny pink keyboards with marshmallows for caps.

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I don't have that. I have a poker3 with blues.
The gayming autism boards need to fuck off.
You don't need rainbow back lighting faggotry because you should be able to touch type and the plastic transformer garbage is retarded,

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Rainbow backlights still looks sweet.

I have mine programmed where every key goes from a light shade of blue to a darker one, then upon pressing the key, a ripple effect emits from the keystroke point in a different color.

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>mechanical keyboard
>backlight somehow makes it trash
>claims gaming is for children while having a 2TB anime collection
fuck off with your gaming autism.

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Get a generic Dell keyboard you fucking autist.

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>look at all the different colors it has
This is exactly what I was talking about. It serves zero purpose. Its basically the gaymer equivalent of a status symbol except no one ever sees it because it never leaves your room.

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