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People with large hands can't use 60% keyboards edition

Where to Buy:


Old thread: >>53413825

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First for Gaterons!

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>tfw getting 200 gateron clears and another 200 blacks from lagdrop

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>tfw you graduated from /mkg/ after spending only $96

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Nice man Ive spent about 300 for both mine.
>tfw still waiting for my second one
Oh well eventually.

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Is it a ganss?

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Version 5 of the Cherry MX switch guide. If people ask questions link them to this.
What do I make a guide about next?

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The same fagot, dominating /mkg/ every month, all year long, so that no one else can be Op of mkg general


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Why is the HHKB shilled so much? A friend let me try his out, but I ultimately decided to get a realforce and im much happier with it.

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>tfw 600 bucks and counting

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this is actually a very good point.

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Change the Reds tagline to
>It's a GAMERâ„¢ switch? Jack up the price!

Blues should be known as Babby's first switch because it's literally the most common cherry switch in existence.
Browns should be labeled as a compromise switch for people coming from rubber domes, because it feels like shit and satisfies nobody.

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I'm not sure about what to think about the description of the blues, but I can get behind this graph.

Really nice work.

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Honestly I would disagree that blues are the most common,
i see red on so many mech keyboards out there because the market for gamers is huge in comparison to the market of mech keyboard enthusiasts.

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Reds weren't even common until very recently.
Most boards were either blue or black switch until 2012 or so.

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>mkg general
>mechanical keyboard general general
>actually caring about the OP

You could also just discuss mechanical keyboards like everyone else

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Oh boy!

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>What do I make a guide about next?

Switch brands. Cherry, kailh, razer, gateron, outemu, topre, matias.

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How do people feel about those razr keyboards with the green click switches that are like a shallower MXblue

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>It's a GAMERâ„¢ switch? Jack up the price!
I haven't noticed reds themselves being more expensive. They're just common on expensive gamer boards thanks to marketing.
>Blues should be known as Babby's first switch
They may be more common, but they're still respected enough that even snobs use them for years. It's also not a very useful thing to label it for unless you're a hipster.
>Browns should be labeled as a compromise switch
The yellow label clearly explains what's so bad about it.
The babby sticker is there because it lines up with all green labels. It's the most boring, normal yet shit thing you could pick. At least blues have some character with their click.

It's both true and a subtle jab at all sides of that silly debate.

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>What do I make a guide about next?


Or something about form factors in combination with layouts (e.g. non-standard bottom rows)

Or different switch types like the other anon suggested.

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Any experts here?

would it be possible to just put in like a Teensy or Arduino instead of the second PCB and have a perfectly working keyboard?

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You could certainly do that with a teensy.

You just have to look at the PCB and check which connector corresponds to what row or column of keys so you can program it accordingly in the firmware (most people use Hasu's TMK firmware for this kind of stuff).

I've seen people do the same kind of stuff with old apple keyboards and an HHKB. There was also one guy with some alps SKCM board around here some time ago who did that kind of thing.

It's not the easiest thing to do, but it's far from impossible.

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It's not a normal keyboard but one like this (but 8 rows), will that make it different when it comes to a teensy? I mean 120 buttons can you imput that?

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That's not really a problem as long as you have enough pins on the teensy to hook up the cables coming from the pcb with. You just need to make an according keymap in the firmware, shouldn't be a problem at all on a hardware level.

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But might be a bit hard as a fight big project I'm thinking
I'm really a novice when it comes to electronics on the hardware level

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Good news for you then: Almost all the work on the hardware level (e. g. a keyboard matrix and soldering) has been done for you already. All you have to do is attach those wires to a teensy, look at the PCB traces and configure your firmware accordingly.

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Where can I buy the cheapest cherry keycaps?

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realistically, the cheapest caps will be around $20.
this will buy you
>blank ABS caps
>pad printed ABS caps
>doubleshot ABS caps if you're lucky

either wait for something nice from massdrop or splurge on PBT.

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First question is what country are you in?

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Cheap tai-hao pbt caps show up on massdrop regularly for about 25 bucks. They're not amazing, but pbt for 25 bucks in a fun colorway isn't a bad deal.

Otherwise you can find a shitton of cheap stuff on taobao or aliexpress. Obviously it won't be amazing quality either.

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Then you have loads of options desu

Amazon have lots of "standard" stuff.

Are you looking for anything special?

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Just finished my oversized MX clear tester. I usually like rather heavy weighted switches, but I think the 65/68g switches are best for me. Got to wait for my lube which will arrive wednesday, I'm so excited...

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>People with large hands
you know what they say about people with large hands right?

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Just looking for some plain ass keycaps to replace my razermemecaps which I accidentally melted trying to dry my keyboard because I accidentally spilled water on it.

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I see that's a skidata, but why'd you replace the keycaps there for? Do you want to punch that area and see to what extent the clears will absorb the force of your fist?

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What, anon?

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Ok, if you've got a Razer you're gonna have to find special keycaps
If you look here: http://www.maxkeyboard.com/mechanical-keycap-layout-and-size-chart.html for Razer Blackwidow Chroma you'll find that the bottom row is custom as custom gets

So be sure to get something that fits.

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Your keyboard has a nonstandard bottom row, you'll have trouble finding keycaps to acommodate for that.

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The relegendable keys aren't sculpted at all, so to get an as real as possible feeling when hitting the keys I took some cherry doubleshots I got lying around.
I replaced the keycaps of the rest to go easy on them until I put them on a nice, actually good keyboard.

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a big motherfucking dick!

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Is forcing myself to learn to touch type with blank keycaps a good idea or terrible?
Pic related, my newest purchase

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even the keyboard is blank

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>zealios on their way
>granite on their way

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I'm jealous actually. I really want those zealios.

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You can still order bro! zealpc.net

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Sure, I could just tackle the big one.

Who am I kidding, I would drown in the resulting shitposts.

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do this

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Has anyone noticed this $37 mech board on amazon with gateron blues?

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>ISO enter
>no ISO left shift

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American ISO, not too surprising.
No idea why any American would want ISO, but there still isn't any reason to include any other keys on that board.

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Anyone have a Vortex Pok3r?

They seem pretty good

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I've typed on blues for a day now and now my first-mk browns keyboard feels mushy, jesus

are clears significantly better than browns

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>Anyone have a Vortex Pok3r?

>They seem pretty good

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They seem like they're pretty much the end-all when it comes to 60% MX-switch non-custom keyboards.

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