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This is being pushed out as we speak so the changelog hasn't been updated yet.

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I like Qbittorrent.
Just werks

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>using qStalledmeme


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Just werks senpai. Enjoy doing it for free. :^)

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>Everyone running 2.90 on OS X should immediately upgrade to 2.91, as they may have downloaded a malware-infected file.

oh my

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It doesn't stall with me, your meme is dead

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I don't see a Windows download link so how exactly does it replace my qStalledmeme?

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Windows Beta build is coming

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>Everyone running 2.90 on OS X should immediately upgrade to 2.91, as they may have downloaded a malware-infected file.

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Oh well, macfags deserve it.

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Why is free software such fucking garbage?

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Exactly, where I can pay for torrent client nowadays and suck free dicks

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>tfw you'll never use a torrent client made by competent, paid developers instead of useless hobbyists or Chinese botnet owners

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you mean utorrent?

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Do you shill uBlock Origin too?

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>open source software

ok retard

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>it's impossible to shill open source software
wew lad

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Sure, like i made this entire thread to shill Transmission.

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pick all three

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Where's the fucking changelog?

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Did their site get hacked?

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All Platforms
- Added Bitcoin miner

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How the fuck that happened?

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they have rss downloader?

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Why does open source software keep getting hacked? First Linux Mint, now this.

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>Everyone running 2.90 on OS X should immediately upgrade to 2.91 or delete their copy of 2.90, as they may have downloaded a malware-infected file.
>Everyone running 2.90 on OS X should immediately upgrade to 2.91 or delete their copy of 2.90, as they may have downloaded a malware-infected file.
>Everyone running 2.90 on OS X should immediately upgrade to 2.91 or delete their copy of 2.90, as they may have downloaded a malware-infected file.
>Everyone running 2.90 on OS X should immediately upgrade to 2.91 or delete their copy of 2.90, as they may have downloaded a malware-infected file.
>Everyone running 2.90 on OS X should immediately upgrade to 2.91 or delete their copy of 2.90, as they may have downloaded a malware-infected file.

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>Linux Mint
Run by incompetent dev, nothing more to speak of.

When you grab things off the internet never assume it's secured down and inflatable.

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stale stalled maymay is stale

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Read the forums. You are fucked.

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File "Transmission.app" will hurt your computer. Put it in Trash.
It contains "OSX.KeRanger.A" malware.
Safari downloaded this file today 2:05 from http://www.transmissionbt.com.
[v] Report to Apple to protect other users.
<Cancel> / <Move to Trash>


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>transmission required OS X 10.7 Lion or better
HAHAHAHAHAH. dropping support for the last good OSX-version.


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how that admin is putting an emphasis on "https" for the "Official" link just to learn later that the malware actually came from the official server, priceless.

osx-pirates confirmed


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All shitposting aside this is a worrying trend. Cybersecurity is going to shit.

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This desu. Going to download MBAM now.

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This is why you build from source, or let the professional repo maintainers do it.

>checksum mismatch
>lol let's install anyway

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>Using “Activity Monitor” preinstalled in OS X, check whether any process named “kernel_service” is running. If so, double check the process, choose the “Open Files and Ports” and check whether there is a file name like “/Users//Library/kernel_service” (Figure 12). If so, the process is KeRanger’s main process. We suggest terminating it with “Quit -> Force Quit”.

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Still no official windows port.

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>This is why you build from source
Not secure enough.

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get fucked, trans-shills

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Apparently those who updated from within the app are safe. Those who downloaded it from site may be infected.

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too much work porting the malware.

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>Those who downloaded it from site may be infected.

lol open source is so secure!

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Let me know when other clients let me do this.

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What does that even matter?

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need to compile for arm

thanks tho

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por favor

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yep, only thing keeping me from using transmission. well, that and the malware thing.

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board doesn't let me paste the virustotal-analysis, s-m-h

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>updating software
/g/ never learns

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Virustotal says it's clean

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>muh autism

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Literally never happened to me in three years
People still use this shit? Holy fucking kek, I bet they've still on Limewire and DC++ as well.

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There's no official Windows port yet, and the third-party ports are shit.

Tixati just werks for me, although the interface looks like a direct copy-and-paste of something out of the Windows 2000 era.


This is a bug in the libtorrent libraries, which a number of clients use - Deluge, Halite, rTorrent, etc.

Any of these clients will be affected by the same bug, which is why I switched to Tixati to begin with.

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Yeah it's clean. I checked it too. Gamble downloading it I guess.

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>There's no official Windows port yet,


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>This is a bug in the libtorrent libraries, which a number of clients use - Deluge, Halite, rTorrent, etc.

rtorrent does not use libtorrent-rasterbar.

It uses libtorrent-rakshasa. Completely different lib.

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Those files don't appear on the downloads page. Are they experimental or unstable builds? Why bother?

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They haven't been posted yet for some reason. They are beta and signed, though.

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>muh latest malware

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Should I get this or use transmission-qt????????????

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this one is official

and for me the 64bits version isnt working, only 32

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Only if you downloaded it from the website manually instead of the updater on the OSX version.

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it's a "separate" project

not updated to 2.9x yet, but 2.84 is quite good too.

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You little faggots need Tixati. Shits dope yo

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This is the official version so everybody is eventually going to use it, so you should ignore Transmission Qt. The unofficial Qt build hasn't been updated yet, either.

Always go with official.

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There's no advantage in updating software that works as intended.

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used Transmission for a long time but just switched to Tixati

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Then why do you let your OS update itself?

Why aren't you running a 5 year old version of your OS?

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>brew cask install transmission installs 2.84

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Good mang

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>just switched to Tixati

Public tracker cuck detected.

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>Yeah, it's an issue in QtDBus module; I've fixed it in x86 build but not yet in x64. Working on this now.
Any minute now

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I've been using Halite lately and it's pretty good.

Convince me otherwise?

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>Having to manually enter in an ip every time.

Inconvenient, but it's something.

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>Then why do you let your OS update itself?
I don't.
>Why aren't you running a 5 year old version of your OS?
Because I'm only using OS X for like half a year.

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>Your donations fuel development!
Nice meme.

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>µtorrent manages to seed at a few megabytes/s
>transmission drops to almost zero every other second

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Using 2.2.1 for 5 years now 24/7

literarlly just works

>> No.53344467

Halite is using libtorrent-rasterbar, which is buggy as fuck.

Transmission is rock solid.

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Install µtorrent plus

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>Using 2.2.1 for 5 years now 24/7

Enjoy your rootkit, slime.

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Where is the Windows download icon??? Wtf?

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Builds are being prepped here before the public release on the homepage.


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Fuck off

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Buggy how?

I'm just asking because I haven't noticed any odd behavior while using it

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It crashes, the speeds aren't consistent, and it recently got into a huge testing phase because of how buggy the latest builds have been.

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no thanks #qBittorentMasterRace

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Can the official windows build be installed as a daemon or is it GUI only?

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Lol qStalledtorrent in a nutshell

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>rss with regex
>great torrans creator tool
>embedded tracker for torrans of your own

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hello sir,,,,am dll to eternal hd,,,are not admin? how can install admin so can dll to eternal???

sent from currytelephone tandoori 4

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this has never happened to me, ever.

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this never happend to me, so i'll stick with qbittorent

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number one in tech support,,sir!

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rTorrent master race.

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>Ishan Arora

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rtorrent doesn't work on Windows so fuck that

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>mfw there were so many trolls pretending uBlock sucked when it started becoming popular that now a substantial percentage of /g/ actually believes that it sucks.
Newsflash: uBlock Origin is literally the best, and users who promote it are not shills.

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This but one reason why you should defer and stick to your repositories.

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which is the problem

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>mac can't have viruses

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>not using 2.84, the last good version of Transmission

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>Newsflash: uBlock Origin is literally the best, and users who promote it are not shills.

Newsflash: Ad-blocking extensions are superfluous. You can block ads with your HOSTS file, and this is accomplished on an OS level with no additional demand for resources. You're literally just wasting RAM and CPU cycles with an ad-blocking extension. And you have to install additional extensions just to prevent sites from detecting your ad-blocker. I don't.

t. I've been using the HOSTS method for over 10 years. Don't bother trying to convince me that it isn't as effective as your AdBlock or uBlock.

>> No.53345560

Hosts method is good and I'm using it on Android with AdAway.

By not using a dedicated adblock extension in your desktop browser, however, you're missing out on:
-element hiding with element picker
-easy filter adding, updating and editing
-on/off switch for certain websites for allowing ads (I'm not advocating this) and unbreaking pages that won't work with ads blocked
-other options that you may use rarely, but are good to have

>> No.53345666

>element hiding with element picker
Why would you need to nuke anything except the ads? If you're referring to annoying JS elements like Wikipedia's donation banners, you should already be using NoScript for shit like that.

>easy filter adding, updating and editing
I update my HOSTS file about every six months. Anything more frequent than that is both unmerited and autistic.

>on/off switch for certain websites for allowing ads
lol, no

>other options that you may use rarely, but are good to have
Such as? You can't very well list this as a merit if you don't even know what these features are.

I keep my browser's memory usage firmly around the 200 MB mark. I seriously doubt there's anything uBlock can do to improve upon my browsing experience that would justify a performance blow.

>inb4 "lol, worrying about RAM"

Fuck off.

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I guess I may finally have to upgrade my machine from this Pentium II running Windows 95

>> No.53345721

>uses noscript and blocks ads with a hosts file
>keeps it around 200 like the Romans
>calls others autistic

>> No.53345781

I setup a cron job to run a script that checks for updates to the ad lists and automatically update my hosts file every 5 minutes. Sure the background overhead is a lot, but boy my web browser sure is speedy, I dont get any ads, and my RAM usage is miniscule.

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Give me one reason why you're not using Deluge or rTorrent.

Protip: you can't.

>> No.53345978

All these cucks not a part of the rtorrent master race

>> No.53346017

If I install 2.91 on W10 Enterprise LTSB it crashes after installation when I try to run the program

the sourceforge version 2.84 works

? anyone w/ help

>> No.53346024

Some sites detect ad-blocking and guard content until you turn it off. Can you make exceptions in the HOSTS file?

>> No.53346052

>Some sites detect ad-blocking and guard content until you turn it off. Can you make exceptions in the HOSTS file?

You don't need to. Sites can't detect that you're blocking ads unless you're using an extension to do it.

>> No.53346084

Oh, neat. I think I'll go figure out how to set that up now.

>> No.53346099

Dowloads stall after five minutes. rTorrent+ruTorrent on Apache2.

>> No.53346155

> Get rid of uBotnet
And install TransBotnet today!

>> No.53346285

transmissions hangs for like 15 seconds whenever I start it up and add a torrent.

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File: 70 KB, 960x693, 12814439_10153714439418145_8153449398014786042_n.jpg?oh=330f9b9edcd4beb7a4de38b0be52abc7&oe=57934C00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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I thought Macs don't get viruses?

>> No.53346400

So i only have kernel_task running, no kernel_service.
Am i safe gee?

>> No.53346484

>If I install 2.91 on W10 Enterprise LTSB it crashes after installation when I try to run the program

Well it is a beta.

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>he thinks uBlock Origin is bad
>he STILL uses ABP
enjoy your Acceptable Ads™, faggot.

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First Linux Mint, now this. This looks like a new attack vector and open source software is fucking wide open lol.

>> No.53346609

The only solution I see is hash-checking after downloading things.

But if the attacker had access to your website anyway, I don't see why he couldn't just change the advertised "legit" hash key to his custom one, to fool most people.


>> No.53346758

Just force it

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>> No.53347034

>rounded objects in the window which dont adhere to user themes
how do they fuck up this bad? is this chromium?

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I checked before updating, there was nothing called kernel_service in my processes, neither on my file system. I'm not even sure if it's real because I didn't see anyone reporting that they have the executable on their file system.

>> No.53347227

It does say "may"

>> No.53347242

thats not how it works you fucking retard

>> No.53347247

Do you use OS X? In that case you're fucked, but you were fucked before anyway.

>> No.53347275

this. once you have a working BT client is there even any fucking point to updating?

>> No.53347295

because new OSes have new features. updated BT clients do jack shit. either way they download torrents. you don't need to update to do that. fuck you could be using a 5 year old copy of vuze and still download 100% of things out there just fine

>> No.53347303

>Get rid of uBotnet
This is funny seeing as 2.91 was only released to fix the literal botnet included with 2.90.


>> No.53347327


>> No.53347431

>thats not how it works you fucking retard

Yes it is, you fucking jackass. Sites don't nag me or refuse me access for blocking ads because they have no way to detect it. At best, they can show me some block of text or a small image that's actually layered under the ad in case the ad fails to load for some reason.

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You are objectively wrong.
Ad sites detect if people are using adblock by checking if their ads load on the page. Host files and adblockers are the exact same in that respect.

also mfw your post

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>I thought Macs don't get viruses?
They don't. This is not a virus.

>> No.53348076

>Apple users targeted in first known Mac ransomware campaign

>Transmission BitTorrent app contained malware


>> No.53348131

!!!!!!!2.92 IS OUT!!!!!!!!

>> No.53348151

They found malware in the gentoo version too?

>> No.53348211

No, it's still just the OS X version affected (AFAIK) but 2.92 contains a fix that will remove the malware if you were infected.

>> No.53348228

What's the difference between 2.91 and 2.92?

>> No.53348249

>Lol, I don't think I've met an even SLIGHTLY savvy computer user (Mac or PC) in the last eight years or so that uses a client other than uTorrent. Given that ALL torrent apps are free, why would anyone download this????????

>> No.53348263



>> No.53348349

See >>53348211

>> No.53348383

Have they checked if a third-party has access to the site? Because this sounds pretty fucking bad.

Also, it's pretty funny that the Sparkle updater is the safe choice considering we just had the big Sparkle vulnerability scare.

>> No.53348529

>!!!!!!!2.92 IS OUT!!!!!!!!

What the hell is going on with these releases?

>> No.53348544



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>using transmemession

>> No.53348565

2.91 seemed to be a quick fix to get the malware versions out of circulation and 2.92 has code to automatically remove the malware.

>> No.53348604

>What the hell is going on with these releases?
The first was just a panic-release to get rid of 2.90 basically.
2.92 contains code to check for, and remove, the malware if present.

So regardless of if you're on 2.90 or 2.91 you should definitely update to 2.92 just to be safe.
Even if you checked for malware manually it can't hurt.

>> No.53348644

>tfw updated from a Git version of 2.84+ to 2.92


>> No.53349041

But there's no download for Windows here

>> No.53349173


>> No.53349369


go shill somewhere else retard

>> No.53349428

Just checked no process like that running. I just deleted my 2.90 install as well and deleted the app from all my backups. Also removed my time machine backup as well to prevent the malware from encrypting it as well if it does it my mac.

Come on all I torrent are Linux distros to help those sites save bandwidth, why do I get punished?

I'm kind of scared now even though xprotect has been updated. Running clamxav scan too.

Also when was the actual time when transmission got infected? I use the nightly builds: https://build.transmissionbt.com/job/trunk-mac/

>> No.53349447

Transmission is multi platform you fucking idiot.

>> No.53349503

There is no need to run any scan.
If you're too stupid to check for the files/process manually, just upgrade to 2.92 which includes a removal tool for the malware in case you have it.

>> No.53349598


>> No.53349605

>Also when was the actual time when transmission got infected? I use the nightly builds: https://build.transmissionbt.com/job/trunk-mac/
I really can't imagine them infecting the nightly builds.

>> No.53349749

I checked in activity monitor and through all my files. No kernel_service popped up. Kind of wary to download something from them again. Their changelog on the website said that trashing the app was okay.

By how the news outlets are writing it makes it seems like some put in a malicious commit. But reading further it appears that someone got access CDN.

>> No.53349790

>Kind of wary to download something from them again

It's fine. Even if the attackers wanted to (and had access to) tampering with yet another DMG there is no chance in hell they would already have had time to do so.

Also you'll notice that the download is now both HTTPS and from Transmission directly; no CDN or anything.


>> No.53349860


You could also download and install 2.84 and update straight to 2.92, as updates weren't affected - only clean installs from the site were.
The updater will refuse to download/apply the update if it doesn't match what's expected.


>> No.53350133

I run transmission in a sandbox like any sane individual should so I literally couldn't care less if it was full of malware.

>> No.53350179

Unless you keep the files in the sandboxed environment, there's nothing stopping the malware from injecting its code into the downloaded files and fucking up your computer once it's out of the sandbox.

>> No.53350567

Open source fails again.

>> No.53350597

>trusting transmission again after their shitty ransomware scandal
top kek, qbittorrent here I come

>> No.53350628

I don't use OSX so whatever

>> No.53350637

>mfw was already using qBittorrent
Feels good man.

>> No.53350649

>botnet in your open sores
>botnet in your closed whores
>botnet in your gubamint
>botnet in your goyphones
>botnet in your hardwares
>botnet in your brain

>> No.53350652

Transmission is even worse than uTorrent.

I'd rather have a bitcoin miner than ransomware.

Open source = dead.

>> No.53350660

tixati is fine with me.

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>> No.53350697

Are you really this stupid?
At least Transmission's malware isn't included by the developers themselves. 2.90 was the first (and hopefully last) affected version.
Meanwhile, µTorrent gets fucking worse for every version.

>> No.53350710

Sorry faggot.

The Trannymission devs are so shit that they will put ransomware on your PC.

Bitcoin Miner > Ransomware.
uTorrent > Trannymission.

Deal with it. Open source software is insecure garbage.

>> No.53350734


>> No.53350781

Except they didn't put it there.
Look, I'm not saying Transmission is not to blame here – they definitely fucked up by letting this happen.
But the difference is they didn't do it and they had no malicious intend - just shitty security.

µTorrent on the other hand will do everything they can to serve you adware, spyware, bitcoin miners and whatnot and they do it it intentionally.
The only mistake they ever did, according to themselves, was getting caught.

>> No.53350797

>µTorrent on the other hand will do everything they can to serve you adware, spyware, bitcoin miners and whatnot and they do it it intentionally.

None of this is as bad as ransomware.

I will use uTorrent while you can get botnetted by Trannymission.

Fuck you and fuck your insecure open source clients.

>> No.53350819

I'm not using Transmission, but keep projecting bruh.
And you implying this has anything to do with open/closed source whatsoever proves how fucking retarded you are.

>> No.53350889

fuck off shill

>> No.53350925

>shilling free software

>> No.53351843

>µTorrent gets fucking worse for every version
That's why you stick to version 2.2.1 you retarded faggot

>> No.53352046

I hate slow developing programs like transmission and deluge.

>> No.53352392


>> No.53353326

Thanks & Mahalo /g/
!! :)

>> No.53353524

I didn't realise that /etc/hosts could redirect away certain divs from a page.

>> No.53353628


>> No.53353669

>the answer to this forced meme is to force start torrents
it's like poetry

>> No.53353700

>Allow downloading files from http servers (not https) on OS X 10.11+
Wtf is this useful for? Listed in the 2.90 update.

>> No.53353710

>The only solution I see is hash-checking after downloading things.
The attacker verified his ransomware, that's how it bypassed Apple Gatekeeper.

Also, this only works if you downloaded the program directly from the website. The Sparkle method wasn't affected.

>> No.53353748

It looks like open source shit is getting attacke dlol

they coming for yalll

>> No.53353751

>Can't even set up a SOCKS5 proxy in Transmission GUI

>> No.53353805

0/10 try harder

>> No.53353846

Literally has never happened to me.

Oh no, some pooinloo made a torrent program I use on my computer made out of jap/korean/chinese/american parts! Whatever shall I do?

>> No.53353853

It sets a bad precedent
Who the fuck knows when Transmission malware leaks to Linux or Windows

>> No.53353871

check >>53353751
transmission lacks basic functionality

>> No.53353886

I was replying to qbit shitposter because I love biting the bait, I don't really care about switching to transmission at all. qbittorrent works just fucking fine for me.

>> No.53354084

not even once

>> No.53355470

Why would anyone deserve ransomware? Because you disagree with their operating system choices?

>> No.53355499 [DELETED] 
File: 89 KB, 610x457, 1456219916545.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pardon, but I would simply like to interject for one second. What you're calling Linux, is really, GNU/Linux, or as I simply the other day began to call it, GNU + Linux. Linux isn't an OS on its own, but actually another free part of a completely operational GNU setup fashioned into something proper by the GNU core libraries, terminal facilities and essential setup components fulfilling a full OS as defined by POSIX.

Quite a few computer possesors operate a subspecies of the original setup regularly, but do not know of. Because of a strange happenstance, the edition of GNU that is being being broadly utilized now is often called "Linux", and a substantial number of its possesors do not know that it is practically the GNU setup, created by GNU.

There is in actuality a Linux, and they do have it installed, but it is simply a part of the setup they use. Linux is the core: the part of the setup that distributes the machine's resources to the other programs that you run. The core is a necessary part of an OS, but relies on the rest of the setup; it will work only in the shadow of a whole OS. Linux is most commonly utilized with the GNU OS: the whole setup is practically GNU with the addition of Linux, or GNU/Linux. Every single-called "Linux" distros are really distros of GNU/Linux.

>> No.53355881

me too

>> No.53356228

Well is it safe to download now?

>> No.53356232
File: 9 KB, 1155x110, Screenshot from 2016-03-06 21-30-33.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know a good (public) torrent site? Unfortunate things have happened to the ones I once used

>> No.53356263

Are you even a Mac user?

>> No.53356276


>> No.53356357
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>> No.53356425

If you don't have the common sense to do a simple backup of your important file you do deserve to have it all taken away by ransomware.

>> No.53356428

I've been hacked

>> No.53356441

No. Open source software is compromised. The only safe thing to do is to use a proprietary client like µTorrent or Tixati.

>> No.53356528

>>Everyone running 2.90 on OS X should immediately upgrade to 2.91, as they may have downloaded a malware-infected file.

>> No.53356538

If you want to hide the ads after loading them.
Adblock/Adblock Plus are the real blockers.

>> No.53356607

>using transmemession
>get literally kekranger

>> No.53356947

>Open source software is compromised. The only safe thing to do is to use a proprietary client like µTorrent or Tixati.


>> No.53356961

>has a fix which is automagically included in the new update
>only those who downloaded new version from the compromised website were affected
>this literally happened with puush
>this literally happened with linux mint

>> No.53357034
File: 10 KB, 350x334, 1407544949044.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw this is actually true

>> No.53357290

I've never had any problems with qTorrent on either Windows, Linux or OS X.

I had more problems with Transmission freezing and shit, after this malware thing I'll stay clear.

>> No.53357860

>he didn't know the stalling actually happens


>> No.53357882
File: 177 KB, 430x419, 1383163730151.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not using Deluge

>> No.53357883

>not using Transmission 2.92 instead

>> No.53357909


>Deluge is a bittorrent client written in Python
>Deluge is a bittorrent client written in Python
>Deluge is a bittorrent client written in Python
>Deluge is a bittorrent client written in Python

I use rutorrent, but I've never seen a client as clunky as Deluge.

>> No.53357910
File: 342 KB, 677x625, 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>californians that dont use deluge

>> No.53357987
File: 487 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-03-07-11-08-25.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not the official website
>https is official website
>what are protocols

>> No.53358621

http should redirect to https
what a buch of devs faggots

>> No.53358661

You do realize that this ransomware had code the author tried to implement to affect backups? Fortunately only one system process can make or encrypt them. However it is still possible to delete them.

Time machine isn't even physically mounted either. Can't interact with it since it doesn't visibly mount to the desktop.

Future is dark.

>> No.53358736

Prior to this incident, they didn't offer HTTPS for the front page AFAIK.

>> No.53359083

>stupid frogposter

>> No.53359118

You're fucked. I hope you backed up your shit before updating Transmission.

>> No.53359382

i hear it doesnt do https yet.


>> No.53359401

They really need to fix that. I'm using the unofficial build until that shit is solid.

>> No.53359446

Cant get what you already are, anon.

>> No.53359459


>> No.53359904

Fuck off

>> No.53360513

Why are open source developers terrible at website security?

>> No.53361125 [DELETED] 

It wouldn't be true open source without anyone being able to access their servers

>> No.53361149

It wouldn't be true open source without everyone being able to access their servers

>> No.53361308

nice meem

>> No.53361569

>Not just using rtorrent
Kill yourselves

>> No.53361629

So was transmission compromised or were people downlaoding a malware version from somewhere else?

>> No.53361689

>was transmission compromised

No, idiot. It's the same thing that happened to Linux Mint. Website hacked, new link put in.

>> No.53361849

> """"""""""""""""""""""free open sores software""""""""""""""""""""""

>> No.53361867
File: 20 KB, 795x36, Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 17.33.50.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wew, escaped by only a few days

>> No.53363342

>using Loonix

>> No.53363380

>OSX doesn't have bash
>dmg on linux
Stay there.

>> No.53364721

>using autismtorrent


>> No.53366857

They are low skilled.

>> No.53366978

DC++ is actually good though, and much less tracked than torrents

>> No.53367652

It's way shittier and way more filled with malware.

>> No.53368698

Stay mad

>> No.53370554

Stay salty, kid.

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