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>Buy 2 Dell IPS monitors
>One has a yellowish tint to it

Why does this happen.

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Just ask their customer support, they can explain

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here is a cute sakurako so you feel better

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Try calibrating it.

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Do I really have to? Is it too much to ask that they look similar from factory? It really is quite bad.

How do you expect me to look at color doujins on this.

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turn down the avatarfagging, faggot.

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Image board.
Not as the this was a thread dedatadaded to pics of something particular.

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Avatar fagging. It's one of the global rules, though I can't remember which

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That's not avatarfagging, dumb newfag.
Please lurk moar

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What you were doing was avatar fagging.
Stop projecting

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Are (You) being serious right now?
You do know there's an IP count, right?

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(you) faggot.
Go back to facerape.

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>DELL IPS monitor

Ehhh, I'm not sure about that one. I would have rather buy LG for IPS. They tend to be have great colors, altough the cheaper models have more black light bleed. (Mine was $140 and had)

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What does that have to do with anything
Nice samefag though, looks like your -fag game is strong today

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Global rule 13 you stupid nigger. Sounds like you're the new fag in this situation

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>new fag
Spot the newfag

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Here's what you wanted.
Pic related

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Calm your autism, I'm on my phone and it doesn't think newfag is one word

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You see how stupid you are?

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>buy gf 3 27" IPS monitors for Christmas because her battlestation only has a 19" 4:3 monitor from her parents house
>she only uses the middle one and uses the outer ones as rotating photo albums

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You just fell for the Dell monitor meme.
Was it also one of those small bezels one?

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All this has proven to me is that you were samefagging.

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2 anime pictures of different characters were posted.
That is not avatarfagging in any sense of the word.
If anime in general triggers you, you should find a site that wasn't built on weebshit.

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>tfw no sakurako waifu

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I only added that you suck cock.
You would of accepted it if I done nothing tho.


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>being this autistic
>being proud of being mentally retarded

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If you're too dumb to not see the difference, you're too dumb to understand what would've been my explanation.

>if anime triggers you
Nice assumptions

>frog shit
Jesus, kill yourself and go back to Facebook/twitter, you stupid nigger

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I want the 14 year olds out of here. Guess that's just how it's gonna be all week though, cause it's spring break.

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There's no avatarfagging and the thread isn't about an anime so it's not breaking rules.
Either hide it or fuck off.
I saw it in the catalog and hoped for a monitor thread but obviously there had to be that one guy that ruins it for everyone else.

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>/v/irgin trying to shit on the smartfrog

Top jej

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Nice assumptions. Sounds like somebody's projecting.

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>bought dell
like most of the userbase here, you are retarded

keep buying dell trash nigge

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Don't we know exactly what is going on here.
I'm sure your the savior of many threads my liege.

>>53341434 just no...

This guy gets it.

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circuit degradation in the power-inverter board, i believe

i had this happen once and go away on a new monitor. /shrugs/

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>hoped for a monitor thread
The OP was shit, and did nothing to facilitate a conversation about monitors. If you read his post and legitimately thought it would lead to any sort of meaningful discussion beyond "yeh man that sucks" and "that happen to me dell a shit", then you already had too high expectations. If anything, it belongs in the sqt, but OP wouldn't know that because he's a shitposting /v/tard who had no better place to bitch and moan about his gaymen monitors.

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This level of samefaggotry is disgusting. Cut your losses, and just stop posting. It's an anonymous image board, nobody cares after its 404d.

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OP could have easily facilitated discussion about monitor pet peeves which is fun in itself, but instead some guy decided to take offense to it, then tried to justify his stance by saying it was avatarfagging, then when that didn't work went for character assassination to try and damage control (despite being fucking anonymous mind you).
And bam, thread derailed.

No huge loss but this shit happens way to often and it doesn't fucking need to.

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Yep. now we have to fill this thread with some sort of content.
Or another thread just died in vein.

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>still being this ass mad
Not my fault your browsing /g/ and not knowing that inspect element is a thing.
>actually would have accepted a screenshot as proof.

Go learn html you stupid.

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Because you have shit taste in yurus.

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Hey, lay off Matt.

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