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All I've ever used was crappy oem keyboards until they get gross then I switch to another one, but I've been considering getting a really nice keyboard lately. Is it really worth spending $175 for a keyboard with those colored cherry switches?

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No. 10$ keyboard masterrace.

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LITERALLY a meme brand

"oh guys this keyboard has cherry mx black blue rainbow faggot switches yeah man 8D"

basically the first picked, only type of switch that babby gaymers and shitters pick because that's all they've heard of and read on reddit, then talk about the colors and try to sound smart


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i get my keyboards from thrift stores. I'm using an acer I got for 5 bucks.

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If you never use a mechanical keyboard, you'll never know the difference and you'll stay happy with what you've got, which will be better for your wallet if you're tight on funds.

I bought a mechanical a few years back and now I dislike it whenever I have to use a membrane keyboard.

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Based Barry

I got a cherry red keyboard for my computer and it's really nice.
Not good value but it definitely feels much nicer. It's your money and your choice, I thought they weren't worth it, and now that I have one I still they they're not worth the premium, but they are very nice.

I got mine on sale 40% off though so I definitely consider mine worth it.

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Paid $3 at a thrift store for the one I'm using now. Who knows how many faggots jizzed on it before, but that's what bleach is for.

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>not bleaching your ass and shitting the remains of your mothers digested pet dog that you ate when you were horny last night on the keyboard to cleanse it from your sins

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before you buy an expensive one, get a cheap one on ebay and see if you like it

i got a slightly dodgy dell AT102W (ALPS switches) for $10 on ebay, it failed a year later, but i liked it a lot and ended up buying a more expensive one. so my advice is to do that.

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I wouldn't say Cherry switches are worth it. I've tried reds blacks blues and browns and nothing beat buckling springs

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You could boil down literally any hobby or pastime like that.
>oh yeah you just install the ati nvidia core i7 samsung and solder the cpu

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I have a Cherry™ keyboard with black cherry switches™ and soft o-rings :^)
no honestly that's what I have
why are you so assblasted?

pic related
it's you

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i used a rubber dome keyboard for 12 years
the same rubber keyboard, all 12 years
i liked it a lot

but then one day, one of the rubber domes popped like a blister
i opened the keyboard to replace the worn out rubber dome (the key e) with one of the keys i didn't normally use (scroll lock)
on replacing it, i noticed a massive difference in the amount of force required to press the key, compared to all the other keys

the e key was now extremely stiff, and i began to notice the inconsistent wear levels of every key
it became an annoying feeling to realize

i went to slickdeals one say and saw a price mistake on a mechanical keyboard, it cost $20 for a set of cherry reds, with the rosewill branding on the board
the switches being spring based, all feel basically the same today as they did when i first got them, three years later

to me, mechanical keyboards are consistent feeling
and it's worth $20, it's worth $60, it could even be worth $100
because those are all similar, small amounts of money, for something you use every day of your life, and will last a decade

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It's a meme. If you want a mechanical keyboard buy an older one. I have an old IBM, trouble is it uses AT rather than PS/2. The thing is a fucking tank though, solid steel.

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We already have a general for this kind of stuff, but since you made a thread anyway, let me assure you of the fact that mechanical keyboard are 100% memes.

Delicious, tasty memes.

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The way I see it if you spend >5h per day in front of your computer you might as well get domething of high quality to type on.

The holy grail itself.

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Aaaand as I say that I typo. I am aware of the irony.

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the mechanical keyboard meme is like the ssd meme but better

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Paying 3x more than an objectively more useful keyboard costs in order to get the 60% form factor is unquestionably retarded, but the text of this post is still correct.

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>dome thing
toprefag detected

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Not as memey as the trackball meme

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>Paying 3x more than an objectively more useful keyboard costs in order to get the 60% form factor is unquestionably retarded
This is correct

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What makes your keyboarrd more useful than my 60%?

I can do everything useful you can?

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i wish they made a hhkb with the layout of a noppoo choc mini. i really dont wanna give up my f and arrow keys

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Maybe the lack of function keys and a numpad?

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I can see where you're coming from with the function keys (I barely ever use them so I don't mind, but having to use two keys to access them is indeed a pain) but having the arrow keys on an FN layer near the homerow is really comfy. You only need one hand to access them either way, and you don't have to move your hand as far from the home row to do so.

I'm not sure what gives you the idea that 60% keyboards don't have function keys.

You can even program a numpad into an FN layer with most of them for that matter, but most people who get a 60% have no use for a numpad since they don't crunch numbers all day.

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>not washing his hand regularly
if you do this your keyboard won't get shit on it.
people like you are literally why i don't shake hands anymore.

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>I'm not sure what gives you the idea that 60% keyboards don't have function keys.
They don't. There's an Fn key that turns other keys into functiojn keys, but there's no function key row. The top row of your keyboard is numbers.
>most people who get a 60% have no use for a numpad since they don't crunch numbers all day.
I don't either, but a numpad is still useful every time you entering a ≥4 digit number

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I bought one a year ago, I like how they feel when I type. I don't care if they're memes, memes be damned.

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>They don't. There's an Fn key that turns other keys into functiojn keys, but there's no function key row
That's exactly what I mean, you still have the functionality of TKL and could get that of a full size with some if make a numpad FN layer.

>but a numpad is still useful every time you entering a ≥4 digit number
That's my point, people who get 60% keyboards don't consider the extra space that the numpad (and the arrow keys with the nav cluster) occupy to be worth the functionality that they offer when you can get most of that functionality right to your home row on an FN layer.

I don't input numbers very often, but if I would I'd just get an external numpad. Being able to move it to the left of just remove it altogether for when I'm not using it (would probably be 80% of the time) seems far better than having all that space between my mouse and the keys on which I do most of my typing that goes unused most of the time. I'm not saying that everyone should get a 60% and an external numpad, I'm just saying that it's stupid to assume that everyone has the same needs as you.

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Sure, saving desk space is can be an OK goal, but the fact that 60% keyboards cost more than full size ones (not even counting the extra cost of an external numpad) is bullshit and in itself a good reason not to get one.

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I don't know why people spend so much money on keyboard, and mice.

pic related

I spent 30 on this set and I couldn't be happier

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Show me some 60% keyboards and some full size keyboards and I'll tell you why the 60% one costs more.

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>Is it really worth spending $175 for a keyboard

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Supply and demand. People who mechanical keyboards in general are a minority let alone people who buy 60% keyboards

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nice pic

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If I need a numpad, I have an external one and my function keys are even easier to press because I hold caps + number

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A pok3r is not expensive senpai.

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>it's easier to press a modifier key to get a secondary function from a different key than it is to just press the key

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why don't you nerds just get a fucking girlfriend lmao

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Why not both?

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Could say this about anything

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there's a lot of meme in the mech keyboard community, but until I can find a nice, new buckling spring keyboard, I'll have to settle with heavy Cherry. I like having visible keycaps in a 100% numpad layout, but with no extra macro/media keys

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>but until I can find a nice, new buckling spring keyboard

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After switching to a keyboard with a separate numpad, I found myself barely using it. I turned most of the buttons into macros instead and put it above my keyboard. Having the mouse closer to the keyboard is pretty comfy. I'm a faggot and use two mice so I can't simply put the numpad on the other side

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I just rock a fullsize keyboard and trackpad, it's nice as fuck. I understand that it's not for everyone though

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Jesus Christ, you are bootybothered.

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surprised this hasn't been posted on reddit yet

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You'd know if it was wouldn't you faggot

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Why am I getting those remarks from both of you?

keyboard and mouse are very responsive, and feel high quality. looks way better in person also.

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I have nothing against mkbs, your choice is disgusting though

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It screams rice

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It looks like a mechanical keyboard.
Trust me looks better in person than in the pictures.

It is pretty nice, and good as well. Whenever this set breaks ill buy another one with Red lights.

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It doesn't magically shift shapes and colours anon, you bought a pile of ricer shit

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What trackpad? I wanna try one for RSI relief since using my laptop track pad is pretty comfortable

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>backlit legends
>more edges than necessary
>name in aggressive font on the front

No anon, this screams gaymen all over the place, no matter what you tell yourself, this is the aesthetic that every gaymen keyboard ever sports.

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Magic Trackpad

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I second this, magic trackpad is absolutely amazing. Especially if you pair it with the functionality of bettertouchtool.

Only drawback is that it doesn't work outside of OS X.

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It looks like edgy gamer shit, you can defend your purchase all you want.
My $5 yellow keyboard looks better in person! It works so it must be an amazing product!

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Thanks. I've seen ways to use it on Windows, although I was kinda avoiding it because of cost. Guess I'll be getting one on eBay

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It's retarded. I'm using my 10$ Logitech keyboard since almost 10 years and have no problems at all.

It's like saying a gaming chair makes you a better player.

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I tried a bunch of them @ 'le-brick-and-mortar store

absolutely hated them. glad I didn't fall for the meme.

here you go, op. it's all you'll ever need.

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>and have had no problems
You're missing the point. It's not to solve an issue, it's to meet a preference.

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Just get a typematrix OP

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After getting used to my mechanical (had it for about a year) using other keyboards is just fucking painful. A guy at T-Mobile asked me to use his keyboard to fill in my address and stuff (weird but w/e) and holy shit, using it felt like tapping on a trampoline. I don't know quite how to describe it. I mentioned that his keyboard felt "a little off" and he didn't know what I was talking about.

There really is a difference.

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What do I use then

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buckling springs

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the only complaint I have with those is the keycaps. it would be perfect if the black one had optional black keycaps

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but you could buy a 10$ keyboard every year, and you could still be better of than buying a 150$ mechanical kb than doubtfully will last 10 years

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I fell for the topre meme what do

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Is it really worth spending $175 for a keyboard with those colored cherry switches?
Depends. For me it was. I use my computer all day long for writing and playing video games.
It feels better ans have faster response time.
If you don't play competitive games or don't write a lot on your computer it is not (usually) for you.

Is a light and good bicycle worth buying? If you bike to work evey day I would pay a lot for extra comfort and speed.

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i paid 60 bucks on ebay for this 140 dollar Das Keyboard ultimate S label-less. cherry blues. i love it.

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I bought an MX Brown for $60, and I am very happy with it, but I would never drop $175 for it.

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Are the wasd keyboards good?
I am thinking of them or a ducky zero

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Looking for a rgb backlight keyboard. Heard bad things about the K70 RGB so it isn't an option. How good are ducky shines?

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My mom who hates laptop keyboards and used to use typewriters likes them a lot

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>Is it really worth spending $175 for a keyboard

absolutely not, not whatsoever

you will almost always be happier putting the money into anything else, even just saving it

but hey, if you have the money to blow or REALLY hate your keyboard not being clicky enough then why not?

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Hey /g/ my friend needs a low budget not shitty mechanical keyboard, I am unaware of any could you help me out?

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must be one of those poorfags who run linux on their 1600x900 laptop from 2005

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>glossy plastic
I remember this from my Razer Gaymer product days
never again

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>Is it really worth spending $175 for a keyboard
No but 80$ for a good mech. keyboard is worth.
I use the OZONE Strike Pro,red Cherry background light and for the price it´s really nice.

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touchscreen keyboards

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Not just about durability though, mechanical keyboards feel nicer to type on

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Biggest thing for me was the durability. Second thing was I could get a smaller keyboard. Third was customization. That's it.

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What do you guys think about these?

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He means positioning, he doesn't have to move his hand from the mouse to the arrow keys, he uses his hand which is already in the home row.

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It's actually really good, no geymey bullshit, overpriced as shit for what it offers though. You can get a KUL ES-87 if you want a TKL or if you want fullsize look at Filcos.

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The only real keyboard is an IBM Model M. Any fag who says otherwise fell for the modern mechanical Jew.

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KUL ES-87 user here.

it's fucking awesome to type on and doesn't look gaymer crap. Also my shoulders don't fucking hurt because its TKL

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I miss going to thrift stores and picking these up for 5 bucks a piece.

Those days are long gone.

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This combo is absolutely horrible.

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BM KB-8923, the only rubber dome worth using

10/10 keyboard, got it for 15$ on ebay

ive owned a few different mechanical keyboards and if you've never used one extensively before, go rubber dome at first, then switch to another style when you get comfy with the height of the keys

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