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All P6 processors are welcome (i.e. Pentium Pro and Pentium II)

What's your favorite P6 processor, /g/? Which ones have you used? I got my hands on a Tualatin 1.4ghz and I'm very happy with it. Good enough for smooth web browsing even, if you use NoScript.




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thank mr skeletal

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fuck off intel shills.

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netburst sux
Also, I'd like to have slot CPUs back, with fancy hologram stickers on a sturdy plastic case.

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Reminder that the current generation of CPUs were based on the p3 not the p4

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I have fond memories of using a Deschutes 450MHz system as a kid. I don't remember all of the details, but I do know that at one point I convinced my dad to buy a Voodoo 2 to supplement whatever basic VGA card was in the rig, so that he could play Links LS golf games.

We eventually got rid of that PC and replaced it with an AMD Althon 64 system.

I picked up an almost identical Deschutes system from the local high school when they were clearing out stuff in storage. I maxed out the RAM, and this system came with an ATi 3D Rage Pro 2x AGP card instead of a Voodoo. I was able to load up Windows 98 and get an older version of Firefox working, it could browse the web pretty well all things considered.

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yes because I can go to the store and buy a P3

its not 1999 anymore


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Pentium was not enjoyable to own. 2/10

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my tualatin P3 is still fast for browsing the web, unless ur watching html5 videos on youtube

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Pentium M 2.13GHz fuk yea

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Do the S versions of Tualatin work on desktop boards?
Where can I get a good Tualatin motherboard?

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wish dual S370 motherboards were more common here

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i would be the coolest kid in school if i had a dual-core P3 back in the 90's

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NetBurst sucks whether or not I post it.

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No matter how many times i see this, it never makes anymore sense to me, except perhaps that the processor ran really fucking hot or something.

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ok, kid

if you knew how a CPU operates you would understand the picture

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Used one until 2009
Shit was pretty good

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pentium m

fan completely quiet almost all of the time on daily firefox/chromium use or mpv

breddy good mang

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your browsing should be smoother exactly because of noscript

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>I'm retarded but instead of researching shit, I just post that I am retarded

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I had one of the fastest ones (2.13 GHz) in a HP laptop
Shit always ran hot

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>HP laptop
>Shit always ran hot

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then web 2.0 + flash fucked everything up

i'm also running a pentium-m

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Yes, any board that takes a regular Tualatin will also take an Server version. The regular versions was supposed to have 512 KB cache in the spec, but Intel gimped them at the last minute to 256 so they wouldn't be a threat to P4 and it's shitty performance. So any Tualatin compliant board was made with the expectation it would be 512KB.

Tualatin boards are fairly rare, but note that you can put one into a Coppermine board with an adapter or mod AS LONG AS THE VOLTAGE IS SUPPORTED. Somebody made a list somewhere.

Many Coppermine boards were made with the expectation that they could handle Tualatin, but Intel, up to its usual anti consumer tricks, swapped some of the Tualatin pins around to stop it. But other than swapped pins there're no physical reason why they shouldn't work on a Coppermine board except for some manufacturers bring unprepared for future comparability.

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ours is dothan or the other sibling, 1.6Ghz or smth

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#teamk7 suxxorz
enjoy your CPUID botnet

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pretty sure tualatin removed cpuid

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Had a Pentium II Deschutes 350MHz, 128Mb RAM... fun times.

Replaced it with a Pentium III 500Mhz - think it was the Katmai chip but not sure- and 384Mb Ram... used it for quite some time.

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>had a fuckton of Dell Tualatin P3 rigs ranging from 1GHz to 1.2GHz from a school clearance
>threw them all out to a scrapper
>only remaining P3s are a couple generic 800MHz Coppermines and a Dell 450MHz Katmai
>mfw I regret not keeping at least one of the Tualatins now

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Yeah, or socket A, that would be cool to own too.

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This doesn't affect P6, only P5 like Pentium Classic.

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I have an ASUS Coppermine board. I guess the adapter could work, but it would be nice with a real Tualatin with a lovely 1.4 GHz server CPU.
Are the CPUs sold in China safe?

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Does pentium D get love too?

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I used to have a Gateway PC with a 450Mhz PIII and Riva TNT 2 Nvidia card. Played the hell out of Age of Empires 2 on that.
Had a fat 19" CRT too. I wish I still had it, I should have kept it dammit.

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PII slotted 333, behold the glory that was

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No, it was a CPU built for grandmother's and third world mud people.

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get that environmentally unfriendly shit outta here

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>Are the CPUs sold in China safe?

I haven't had any bad luck with them. Not sure what kind of lifespan they would have. They are mostly stripped from old rack servers.

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Cmon guys it wasn't that bad :(

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if you encoded videos all day i guess it was alright

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I'm not sure if thats a compliment but thanks

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D805 represent

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No, get that shit out of here.

Is Pentium M welcome in this thread? It is after all a souped up P3 with a fuckton more cache

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I found a working pentium 3 board the other day. Naturally it's a gigabyte.

What can I do with it besides decoration?

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btsync server

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Nothing else?

Is it fast enough for normie shit?

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sorry anon i won

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>Is Pentium M welcome in this thread?

Yes. It pretty much is a P6 just with some modifications to make it work with faster FSB, etc. Even Core Duo is a P6, since it is just Pentium M reconfigured to work as integrated SMP.

Core 2 Duo on the other hand is not original P6. It's related to P6, but they changed too much of the architecture.

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I remember going for the e6300 c2d as soon as it came out. People were raving about it. Saying it was an "AMD killa".

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netburst a shit

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That's because netburst was a joke (except for northwood I guess) and Athlon 64 mopped the floor with it.

It took Intel bringing back P6's descendant to actually release a competitive CPU.

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That should be clarified as: It took taking pentium 3, shrinking it to 130 and later 90nm, increasing the cache to 2MB, and adding SSE2 to make something viable for mobile chips, then put 2 on the same die and make it 64 bit to make a competitive desktop CPU.

Netburst was seriously a piece of shit.

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Use it as a router if you got cheap electricity. I use a old dell P3 as a router, I'll never touch anything "consumer class" ever again.

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I have two 1.4GHz Tualatins at home and a dual CPU motherboard for them.

netburst sux

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hmm it seems that Core 2 Duo isn't even that much of a heavily modified P6

it's still within the 10-14 pipeline stages of P6 - it's got 14 stages like Pentium Pro

so I guess it counts

it's truly scary to think how much better intel's processors would have been if they had skipped netburst altogether and kept developing P6 for desktop through 2002-2006

intel owes millions of people a power bill refund for years of netburst use

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Hell, every chip intel has put out since Core 2 came out can trace their roots back to P6. You just have to look at how they've arranged the capabilities of the core, and you can see that for pretty much every generation the bulk of the instructions and stuff are on dispatch ports 0 and 1 on the die, with a smattering on the other ports. Yes, the pipeline stages have gotten longer (I think its around 22 stages at the moment) and there's more instructions, but intel really has been rather lazy in re-making their x86 core from the ground up.

Meanwhile Zen, provided the node is good, is looking to come up behind intel and give them a good swift boot up the ass.

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I've thought about using an old atom n270 netbook for this purpose.

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>Meanwhile Zen, provided the node is good, is looking to come up behind intel and give them a good swift boot up the ass.

god I hope so

they also needed a kick up the ass towards the end of the P3's life, their consumer practices were the absolute worst, they gimped the P3 on purpose just to shill the P4 and RDRAM

-changing tualatin voltage pin order for no reason but just to fuck with people by needing a new socket
-810/815 chipsets artificially limited to 512MB RAM so they could sell 820 chipsets with overpriced RDRAM
-disabling half the L2 cache on tualatin for no good reason and then charging people a fortune for the "server" versions with the full cache

intel were humble in 2006 after AMD kicked their ass and they released a line of good processors after that, zen hopefully will cause the same effect if we're lucky

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I thought AMD was finished already.

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>not using POWER2
>not using 68k
>not using z80

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Well, from what we know of it right now, Zen will have 10 pipelines (4 integer, 4 floating point, 2 address generation or whatever the fuck they're called), SMT, and a much much better caching system than is in the construction cores, and if what the people over at CERN leaked is correct, theres going to be up to 32 Zen cores in the pure CPU packages. In a core count per system metric alone, this will easily beat intel as they're doing 22 cores on a much more expensive monolithic die.

Its entirely possible that with the new design AMD will actually overshoot their 40% IPC improvement over Excavator, which would put it firmly within Haswell territory or even above it, and AMD has some very very strong power control IP that they've created with their post-piledriver chips, strong enough that it can make the construction cores, something which when they first came out were inefficient fuckers, throw punches with intel's mobile chips in most areas even though AMD's chips are on an inferior node.

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I hope someone can fuck up intel's monopoly

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fuck x86

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>obvious retard is obvious.


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Intel A 110 Microrace reporting in

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Anon I...want to believe

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And this is the board I have for them.

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i have a 1.7GHz pentium M and the cpu in my libretto, if they count
i like old pcs, i'm just trying to think if i could use them for anything besides collecting.

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Well, there are a few fairly rare pentium M desktop boards that could allow for good use of it. Just dont get any with the 855GM chipset, it is single channel DDR memory only and the pentium M chokes on it a bit.

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oh nice, thanks for the tip!

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Just a warning though, they are rare, and if you do find them they're expensive as hell. I lucked out with my Pentium M board as i got it as a freebie, then moved my old laptop's 2ghz pentium M over to it, but you'll likely need to do some looking before you find a suitable board.

On the plus side, the AOpen 855GM board allows for overclocking, but does not allow for overvolting. You will have to pin-mod the CPU socket for that, and that can be a bit finicky, and you will need a stick of DDR that overclocks well on stock volts. With a high multiplier chip and a pinmod to 1.5v most Dothan pentium Ms will pass the 2.5ghz mark.

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>goes on ebay
>Aopen UX915G-M


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Eww, its one of those proprietary formfactor ones, and it apparently comes in both s479 and LGA 775 flavors.

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so for a side project i'd like a 1.4 ghz p3 and i see them on ebay, but what motherboard should i be looking for? is there any particular favorite motherboard for a top of the line p3?

what was the top of the line gpu at the end of the p3 era, geforce 3 ti500?

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I used my PIII 650 from 1999 to 2007.

I was a poorfag.

shit served me well till It wasn't able to play some divx files smootly.

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More poor here. Cyrix P150 120MHz 1997 to 2003 then 333mhz from 2003 to 2005.

A p3 would of been a dream. Always looking at what the minimum specs are for a game.

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K7 best.

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Whats a usable browser for P3 500mhz?
>inb4 terminal based

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suffered with a K6-2 for all those years.

only a PCI slot, no AGP for me until p4 days.

could play rainbow six but not rogue spear or black thorn with my radeon 7000. half life was a slide show and barely playable. quake 2 played well enough in 800x600 though.

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You'll probably want to step up to the Geforce4 Ti series instead. They came out less than a year after the Tualatin came and went.

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blah i've got a ti4200 128mb card, i need to bake it and see if i can revive it. it was rape as fuck when it came out, nobody was buying 4400's and 4600's cost too much, so did 4800's which weren't even worth anybody's time which is why everybody was buying 128 mb 4200's and overclocking them instead.

but i lusted hard after a gf3 ti 500. i couldn't find one on ebay earlier, just a ti 200.

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GeForce 4 Ti is probably the best GPU you can put with Tualatin without the CPU being the bottleneck (FX5700 is also a decent choice).

If you're building an old computer it may as well have good compatibility with old software. GeForce 4 Ti supports fog tables, 8 bit palatalized textures, and fast real mode DOS display to work with old games. Sadly most ATi GPUs do not.

The other advantage to the G4 Ti is that Splinter Cell will actually have full working shadows (it doesn't on modern GPUs).

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