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>Gears of War: Ultimate Edition on PC releases today exclusively to the Windows 10 Store. It should have been another prominent feather in Microsoft's DirectX 12 cap. Instead, it’s one of the most disastrous PC game launches in years, and many AMD Radeon owners are advised to steer completely clear during the game’s launch window.

>I don’t know precisely how QA is carried out at game studios, though I suspect they’re not doing as thorough a job as they could be. One has to assume that at some point a tester or developer sits down with a batch of the latest video cards and tests their upcoming PC game with them. That seems reasonable, right? Especially for a flagship franchise from Microsoft. Especially for a company pushing the advantages of DirectX 12.

>If someone at The Coalition or anyone involved in the porting, remastering, and development process would have taken the time to play Gears of War: Ultimate Edition on an AMD Radeon Fury, for example, they would have seen this atrocity:

>What you’re watching is the Radeon Fury running the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition benchmark on my capable Intel test bench, at 1440p with High quality settings. These settings include FXAA and Ambient Occlusion. You’re also seeing horrendous hitching and stuttering, and some visual corruption thrown in for good measure, making the game completely unplayable on an excellent $500 graphics card.

>I’ve verified this performance with other tech writers.

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oh no what will I do if I can't play gears of war

oh right I already played gears of war 10 years ago


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>old games are shit because they aren't new meme
hello xbro

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>buying a PC port
>of an xbone game
>that's a port of a 360 game
>that already has had a port on PC for years
>that already included the only chapter not on the 360 version

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>win10/windows store exclusive
i was never going to play this shit anyway.

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Serious question here though: how does something like this even happen? AMD Drivers are already beating Nvidia in other DX12 titles. Why is Gears a collosal fuckup?

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Seems like it's tonga and fiji which are broken mostly. 370 and 390s are performing above the gcn1.2 parts, some tremendous fuckup has happened somewhere.

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he says in the article that the 390x is fine but the 290x isn't. Doesn't make a lick of sense.

gonna have to wait for more benchmarks

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I didn't see that bit, whatever it is, it's a shit show though.

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yeah, completely
I have a 290x so just need to see some 1080p 60fps benchmarks before I pull the trigger. Been waiting for this one for a while

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there's an entire board dedicated to videogames though

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this is about the technical performance of GPUs and new API performance. This is technology

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gears forum update

>AMD Performance
AMD is an important partner bringing the promise of DirectX 12 to life for gamers everywhere. We are working closely with them to address a few issues encountered in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition for Windows 10 on AMD cards using GCN 1.1/GCN 1.2, and expect they will be addressed quickly in an upcoming update. Please visit AMD support pages for the latest on AMD drivers and software.

>AMD and Ambient Occlusion setting
There are visual issues with AMD graphics cards and the Ambient Occlusion setting, it is strongly recommended to turn this setting OFF. We are readying a fix to be deployed in the coming days.

To turn OFF Ambient Occlusion:
- Launch Gears of War: Ultimate Edition for Windows 10
- From the Main Menu, go to Settings
- Select Video and set Ambient Occlusion to OFF
I'd like to see benchmarks that use GCN 1.1 and 1.2 on high settings without Ambient Occlusion

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thats why you only buy nvidia

the shit just werks

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Once again AMD's shitty drivers rear their ugly head.

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This right here.

Yes many xbone exclusives make sense but for fucks sake don't do this shit

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Just use Nvidia you goddamn moron, nobody in their right mind uses AMD

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I want to get this, but fuck Windows 10. Not installing that spyware just to play one game. Also the reports of shoddy drivers and weird framerates/stuttering are very off-putting.

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This isn't a driver problem
You literally believe marketing lies and memes. How does that make you feel?

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If you use Windows 7 SP 1 or higher, you already have spyware on your PC.

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Maybe they'll give us MCC if that's any consolation.

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What did they add? I'm not talking about the telemetry updates from a few months ago. What's been in Windows since 7 SP1?

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god you people are retarded. especially for DX12 AMD has superior drivers and the better architecture.it just seems that M$ is too dumb to use their own API

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>something like this happens once a year
>the other 364 days amd wins everything below top tier price point

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>This isn't a driver problem
It certainly looks like a driver problem to me.

Just watch AMD fix it with a driver update.

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Another game release, another clustefuck for AMD cards. Big surprise.

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You don't know anything about dx12, do you?
Amd has the best implementation of the api because they have the best raw power. Look at literally any other dx12 benchmark. Microsoft just royally fucked up in making the game

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>gears of war
>old games
GoW is a modern cover shooter. Except maybe atmosphere it has no redeeming qualities. It's shit.

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Drivers are literally more important than the actual hardware.

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>muh videogames
there's a dedicated containment board for this cancer you know?


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>game runs at native console FPS
>"What the shit?!"

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>>>/v/, manchild.

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I hope Nvidia boycotts it as well. Windows store exclusive, holy shit it needs to die in a fire.

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So you don't know anything about dx12

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I really liked Gears of War multiplayer.

It's a shame Microsoft owns it because they're huge fucking faggots.

I only use Linux, but this isn't even gonna be playable through Wine for anywhere in the foreseeable future, seeing as how it's DX12/win10 only.

Even if I used Windows <10 I wouldn't be able to play it.

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Yup, sounds like driver to me.
AMD will have a beta driver with a fix out in a few days.

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Ok bro don't come crying to me when you find out that you're wrong

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>I don’t know precisely how QA is carried out at game studios

used to work for a company testing gears of war for xbox, then testing other video games for both pc, 360 and one.

believe me when i say it: shit like this is ALWAYS caught by qa. ALWAYS. its not up to qa whether this shit is fixed or not though.

there are several requirements that a title has to fullfill like say "run at 60fps at all times". but even stuff like this gets pushed through.

you have no idea how much i cried when state of decay was published as an unfinished piece of shit with thousands of "wont fix" bugs.

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>Shotgun host wrecks everything: The game: The anime: The movie: The game

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I completely forgot about how disgusting host advantage was on that game. Yeah I didn't care that the shotgun was so good, the game largely revolving around shotgun fights was fun.

I'm getting really nostalgic about it now. It was the first online game I really played, I was about 12/12 years old.

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OP, get out

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Pcper have written a DOOOOMED article about Microsoft's attempts to control PC gaymen.


Year of the Linux desktop incoming. Half-Life 3 Linux exclusive confirmed.

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AMD has no drivers.

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>Half-Life 3 Linux exclusive
Oh god. Could you imagine the shitstorm that would cause?

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What bugs?
Never had a problem with State of Decay, on PC at least. 360 had some slowdown issues occasionally.

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Read the thread
Alternatively, and preferably, grow a brain

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Oh no, I have to have a partition/flash drive to boot Linux from! The horror!

Normies would shit bricks though you're right

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i thought that was bad on AMD? try turning that off maybe?

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>tfw fell for the AMD meme



>tfw own dual 290x

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thats the only real problem. I have a single 290x with a custom cooler and great overclocking. The thing is a fucking beast

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Well, Gears of War ultimate ran at 10fps on all AMD cards.

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>not getting by on integrated graphics
shiggiyu diggity dooooooo

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Not even true you fucking dumbass

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Well anyways, Hope the game devs fix it very soon. Would like to play this game never played it before would like to.

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Did you even watch OP's video?


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Not that guy but I bought it, 30 bucks isn't much even if i only get a month of active multiplayer out of it.

Shotty/snipes on canals was my high school years.

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You don't know how to shutdown the tracking?

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>windows store exlusive
Good, no crack for you wincucks. Now fuck off back to /v/.

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still playing games


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Reminder to not buy anything from the Windows Store

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I am the fucking OP

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nah shut up

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Generally, game-specific driver fixes are the GPU vendor's attempt to smooth over and correct for atrociously poor graphics code written by game devs.

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Yeah let's just check out the source code of the game

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runs 60fps on my r9 390, they just fixed it.

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Mostly standard sandbox issues and fucking performance.

But also game breaking bugs, crashes stability issues. Believe me, I've spend shit load of hours on this game. Privately too.

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This is me trying to run it on a gtx970 with the latest drivers and windows updates. no luck

Any ideas would be great too, I thought it could be artifacting, but i had no other windows games to test, all my games on linux run fine though.

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>waiting for gow 2 on pc
>get gow 1 again

m-maybe next year, thanks epic

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It was genuinely one of my most looked forward to titles before all this bullshit...

fucking casual

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>inb4 wine come out with a dx12->vulkan translator before the dx10->gl3 translator
>inb4 its faster in wine than on native windows

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i ran it silky smooth on an x1950pro agp and want to see where the story goes with gow2, sue me

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people still play that game? holy shit

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>Own Enterprise and Enterprise LTSB N.
>no Windows Store on either machine by default.
>Can't restore WStore at all (tried like 6 different ways)

I actually legitimately want to buy this but I really fucking can't.

The game is tied to store with the launcher shit so I can't even download the image on third computer to install it on other, more powerful computer(s).

I really wan't to play it but there's about no way for me to play it unless I reinstall fucking Pro or Home on my more powerful PCs.

How can one game service be so UTTER SHIT?

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>once a year

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Don't worry, amd will release a fix in 2018.

In the meantime amd users can enjoy Far Cry 4 now that it's almost fixed 2 years later.

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I guess thats fair enough, i mostly played for the multiplayer and i felt like gow1 had the best mp

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I thought the whole point of DX12 was there being no need for drivers (In their current sense) and profiling for games, due to it being a 'direct to metal' low level API?

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>cheap out on graphics card
>wonder why game runs like shit
>calls himself tech writer
Is this real life?

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> amd will release a fix in 2018
> Implying AMD should resease a fix for a poorly programmed, poorly ported 8 year old game
Lazy devs should do it themselves.

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It's growing. Soon Steam will migrate to Linux if their lucky...they will partner with sony to cross platform with playstation.

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wow so this is the power of DX12?

Vulkan = Confirmed for next gen API

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no, I am

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>nano and fury
>both better than the 980 in literally every test ever done
Come on faggot

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What's your settings?

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Doom clone #69984

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I agree. I like both GPUs and I believe it's the devs fault for not beta testing this damn game. Interesting though it's the 2nd AAA game in Microsoft store. Rise of Tomb Raider was tested and approved before to be put in the store. So I hope other developers will learn in the future to not rush out titles without testing them first.

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Probably because of Linux it works fine on Windows

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Again it was tested. Again testing results were overridden by business decisions. It's always like that nowadays.

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I see. That sucks.

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