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>Yfw 599 us dollars

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>being poor
Stop lurking and get a job.

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That sounds pretty cheap compared to desktop monitors.

>tfw my Eizo Foris FS2735 cost 1100 Euro.

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most of you idiots buy 800 dollar phones. how is it hard to understand that brand new tech is expensive?

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I just spent almost 700 USD on a graphics card. This is surprising cheap for a very niche specialty monitor.

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It wasn't that its expensive, it's that its once again super niche and setup to fail. Also, the laughably wrong $350 ballpark figure didn't help

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It would appear you have made a mistake

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350 would'a been perfect.
They blew it.

>niche specialty
Everyone and their mother wants one

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xDDDD ilove the kike meme :D

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Not OP but I'm on neetbux and even I can afford and Oculus but I'd rather buy another 980 ti desu

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well what the fuck. I looked like a month ago and it said it was $350 Canadian dollars. $844 is a bit much

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>mfw I realize that's $845 Canadian dollarydoos

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I made no mistake. It's by far the best Freesync display on the market.

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>mfw I forgot pic of mfw

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tfw half a months money for an oculus

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>waah, mom won't buy me my masturbation device :(((

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>mfw I forgot about dre

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TFW i only have 2 usb 3.0 ports and you need 3

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>price does not include tax and shipping

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so how much would it cost without facebook buyout?

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like $199

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damn zuckercuck

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Jesus fucking Christ the level or degeneration on this board. Even if you have the neetbux to buy it, you should be ashamed of using it for shit like this.

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That's the point I was trying to make.. besides I probably have more money saved then most of the people posting here

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>tfw I was ready for $400 oculus, and had $600 ready to go, so I could buy a comfy chair

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So do you think Vive will resurrect it then? Or PS4 VR.

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goodwill or better thrift store. 100$ chair easily for $5-15 or so

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Anon has a point here, 100$ chairs are basically same as 15$ ones. If you want luxury comfort prices start from 600$ for chairs.

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I didn't even know that the 2735 was released yet. That price crushes my dreams. I thought it was going to be around 500-600 USD or so.

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thanks normiebook

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It's a lot better in every aspect though, it would be surprising if it was cheaper than the Asus or Acer or Benq displays. Although I believe the price will drop to ~800-900 within two or three months. Right now there is literally no stock of it. I got mine mid December already, because I pre-ordered directly from the Eizo webstore.

It has a WAY better image than anything I've ever seen, even my 700 Euro Samsung PLS WQHD (S27A850D) stinks in comparison. The Anti-G coating is so fine you cannot make out the grain, yet as or more effective than stronger coatings. As a result, you get an image almost as crisp as glossy displays, without the glare.
Reaction times and display lag are very noticeably better than my QNIX @ 120Hz, which already 0.8ms display lag, but Freesync is a very decent improvement on top of that.
I went from heaving to lead moving targets to having to aim directly at their heads to hit them.
Not to forget the excellent Eizo warranty. 5 years on-site exchange, and for the first 6 months even when it has as much as 1 bright subpixel.

It's painfully expensive, but if you have the cash, it's worth every cent.

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Yw, neetbux

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>Or PS4 VR.
kekd the ps4 is simply not powerful enough for this

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I'm guessing it's only available to Europe right now right? Because on Eizo's page all I see is
>coming soon. this winter.

I'll have to wait for the price to go down, I just can't justify a grand on a monitor. Maybe the US will get a lower price along with the later release date. Great to hear that it's as good as I imagined it though.

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>implying I'm poor
>implying your not the one who is going to be poor because you fell for the meme instead of investing in the stock market
wew lad

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I've heard that general availability in the US would a few weeks before Europe. Their global website lists it as available.

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if the gear vr is powerful enough to do vr games with last gen visuals then i'm sure the ps4 is. it was a bit stupid of oculus to tell devs to aim for a 980 ti as a baseline imo. sure, build your games to take advantage of the latest hardware, but at least make them playable on lower end stuff as well if you actually want to sell more than a handful of copies.

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>spent 15k~ in the past month on holiday shopping/furniture/rent/traveling/getting a fucking lizard
>850 CAD for this toy
>another 500-700 CAD for a 970-980
>$1.5k CAD

It's not about being poor or rich at this point, it's just that you don't stay rich making blind buys on things that could be sitting in your closet after a month. I'll take my lizard and wait till I know this thing's not a piece of shit.

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>buy a GTX 980 for 550$
>this shit is 600$

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Console devs don't care about anything other than graphical fidelity of individual frames. They sacrifice everything else about the experience to make their promo-screenshots and pre-rendered 'in-game' footage as marketable as possible. They'd never be able to sell a VR game with last gen graphics. There's a few exceptions, like Ace Combat 7 might do well, but that won't need a lot of horsepower to look decent enough.

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I was pretty ready and willing to cough up upwards of $400 for one, but fucking $600? Piss in my mouth.

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they won't have a choice. vr games that run at 30fps won't sell.

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>This became a hit just like first gen console
>Minus the "DRM" like back then because you can play it on any system.
>Competition start making better optional VR headset with cheaper price


>Buy Console VR with shitty hardware
>Get fucked because it locked for console games
>Hack solution fucked up most or your PC games because shitty compatibility

No one bought the first tablet that priced $2000 fifteen years ago, neither should you.

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I can run Portal 2 with 180fps with only a r9 390.

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the thing is that you have no idea what you are talking about

I tested GearVR, the Oculus, Google Cartbox shit, and many more, there was a company hiring VR developers at our university and we could try everything.

VR is not like scalable videogames because it fucks your mind faster. When you are not drawing shadows and have a shitty draw distance and less than 90fps your vr experience is plain shit.

What you see on GearVR is VR Video or super low tech games. If you know any Rendering techniques you also know that you have to essentially render the scene twice (once for every eye).

This means the maximum Power your ps4 has in a 30fps game needed to be 3x more to get to 90fps and this need to be x2 to get to 90fps for every eye.

So to get the same gfx you have on the ps4 on a normal screen you need 6x the power for vr.

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Too high imo. Yes it's a monitor but you wouldn't do things you would regularly do with a monitor.

$400 - $500 would've been ideal.

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>So to get the same gfx
the point of my post was that it's unrealistic to expect to be able to play vr games with the same graphical fidelity as current gen games. last gen visuals are good enough.

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an r9 390 is so superior in power to a ps4 or xbox one its not even funny

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The VR headsets have one panel for every eye, but only together their resolution is 2160*1200. So while you render two frames at the same time, you only actually render have the resolution per eye every time, right? You don't really render 2 times the whole resolution.

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Sorry, meant "you only actually have to render half the resolution per eye every time"

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Just don't buy it, OR dare to put that crazy price range and still the preorder went out of stock in just 10 minutes because they are no competition right now.

You are fucking dumb if you put your price low when you are the first company who sold the first PC solution VR headset.

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I know they won't have a choice. I'm saying they're going to fuck it up so that it won't catch on.

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I did one of the PS VR demos at CES yesterday. I honestly wasn't expecting much given the relatively weak specs of the ps4 compared to even the oculus minimum specs but was actually somewhat surprised.

The graphical fidelity is somewhere along the lines of a later ps3 game, but the scene had relatively few moving rendered objects and was really pretty basic so it remains to be seen how performance will hold up in a more complex scene. The actual game was an on-rails shooter so really not much going on but it still looked alright and there were no framerate issues that I could detect. The motion controls with a pair of the PS move controllers actually worked really well, wrist motion was pretty accurately represented and the move controllers work fine as an input device.

I haven't tried the CV1 Oculus or the latest version of the Vive yet so I don't have too many comparison points yet but as long as the PS VR doesn't cost more than like 350 for the headset it should be fine. Seems like true AAA VR games aren't possible on the consoles but you can still have a good VR experience on a console.

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it's actually a bit more intense because you have to calculate other aspects per perspective aswell.

anti aliasing and physics calculation

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This cunt

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>what is a usb hub

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>Everyone and their mother wants one

Does everyone and their mother have a high end gaming PC to run it?

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I'm just going to do some math. I'm sitting in front of a 1920x1080 monitor. I'm pretty comfortable with this pixel density at this distance, I wouldn't want to go any lower. It would take 2 columns of this monitor, stacked 4 high to fill the forward field of view for one of my eyes. So basically that ends up being an 8k display for the whole thing. You want to be running games at 90+fps. So, take the standard [email protected] (that consoles can't even manage), multiply it by 1.5 for the fps, then multiply it by 16 for the resolution.

To get something that's similar fidelity to 1080 gaming, you need a computer 24x more powerful than a regular display.
>but [email protected] is outdated now, that's not even a fair comparison
Okay, [email protected], x9 for resolution, x0.625 for fps, ~5.5x the system requirements as compared to a resolution that's already pushing the limit of what PCs are capable of rendering right now for a similar visual experience (assuming you're okay with 90fps VR if you're used to 144fps normally).

I can half the distance to my screen until it becomes intolerably low pixel density, so those numbers can all be divided by 4. Which leaves you with only needing slightly more power, than the most powerful gaming PCs, in order to have a barely tolerable VR display. Yay!

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Protip: if the vive costs less they would have dropped the bomb immediately and killed Oculus.
The fact that they're keeping silent means their price is likely higher.

>falling for the console meme in current year 2015+1

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I would be happy with $600. But for me it ends up at over $1000.

>> No.52292885


Vive has controllers included and they cannot afford to subsidize the headset like Oculus can

Vive will be $800 minimum

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The 4k option in this simulation already looks pretty good: http://vr.mkeblx.net/oculus-sim/
But I don't know how accurate this is. 8k would be clearly better of course.

>> No.52293403

the accuracy is accurate. but many demos feature anti aliasing so you effectly see the things more sharper and less edged

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Being poor and having a sense of value are two different things anon.

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$820 in Europia, lullerino.
Take your glasses and virtualize yourself fucking yourself up the ass

>> No.52293505

That's two my salaries.
Thanks Facecuck and Ukrainians, and USA ofc.

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Fucking poor Homeless faggots youre nothing better than niggers


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>he doesn't want my shitty product
>damage control activate
>"stop being poor"

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Wish they would cut the controller and take a bit off the price. I already have that shit.

>> No.52293862

They said the controller costs virtually nothing to bundle. You can safely assume ms cut them a huge deal to include it, and the included wireless adapter was a nice touch. Really smart move on Microsofts part, tbf

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Honest question, what supports the headset right now?

And not after-the-fact shoehorned in support either. What can actually make good use of this device right now?

I strongly suspect people are going to be paying $600 to beta test v1.00 of the device that works with a vanishingly small number of titles, and poorly at that, only to have a $300 model surface before Christmas 2016.

Speaking of that, who launches new product in the first week of January? People who feel they cannot compete with products released in November of the Christmas rush, thats who.

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if they took out the headphones, dac, controller, carrying case, remote, special fabric and shovelware, they could have actually stood by their $350 ballpark claim.

>> No.52294019

I guess it depends on what games and software support it.

It'll be another Kinect like on the 360 if it doesn't get much support.

I think if the Playstation VR is $200 and has a lot of games that might catch on with the mainstream more, and there may be better versions on the oculas for PC.

Not many companies are going to say yeah we're going to spend a lot of money for this very small audience on this new tech.

Plus personally even considering myself a PC enthusiast, I don't even know if I want VR having glasses and preferring nothing on my head in general like headphones. Same reason why I never see 3d movies... I don't want something extra to wear on my fucking head.

>> No.52294049

Newsflash: I don't think this product is targeted towards you, then, anon.

>> No.52294072

Well 90% of my nerd friends wear glasses. Is this something you're going to want on your head for 5+ hours at a time with that?

Who is this targeted to? Someone who has money, wants new tech, no glasses or issues putting a bunch of things on his head, and doesn't care what software it has?

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>pre order 6 months

>> No.52294118

you only need 3 for touch, you can use the headset with 2

>> No.52294121


It's not even out yet for another 3 months and there's already way more content for the rift than Kinect.

Also, Kinect sold like 15 million units do their problem was obviously not a small audience, Kinect is just trash, console shitters buy new consoles with no games all the time as well so they obviously don't give a shit about content

>> No.52294160

The headphones and dac are what fucking irks me. Taking them out? "YOULL SAVE 20$ AT MOST RETARD, THEY ARE CAREFULLY ENGINEERED PIECES OF TECH". If it would only shave off 20$ it's nowhere remotely close to near being audiophile quality, no matter how subsidized CV1 is or how much dick Oculus sucked.

You can't have it both ways, either it's a piece of shit that wouldn't have a price impact, or it's good quality AND IT FUCKING IS having an impact on price.

>> No.52294198

>tfw I actually really love kinect for XBone, but support is being pretty much fucking dropped, even though it's a really good peripheral, not necessarily for gaming, but for all the other parts like voice commands etc.

I accidentally say shit like "Xbox, volume down" all the time at friends houses

>> No.52294206

>and preferring nothing on my head in general like headphones

holy autism, I've never heard anyone with issues putting on headphones. Protip: not everyone has your level of autism

>> No.52294253

Exactly. It's like being the first person to get a 4k tv or a bluray player. There's not much out there that fully uses it, and you're paying out the ass to be first in line.

>> No.52294260

I'm somewhat glad the price is outrageous. If it were 400€ I'd have been tempted to buy one, only to feel bad about it afterwards. Now I don't have to deal with that feel.

>> No.52294269

You ever stop to think that audiophile tech like DACs just has ridiculously high profit margins, and doesn't cost that much to manufacture? I mean, Beats certainly isn't the first to con people into buying literally $12 worth of tech for $200+, and we're not even talking about meme tube DACs, here, just something above average. It wouldn't take much to sound decent, especially if you're not going for studio flat EQs

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>some people will die before they can get their Rift/Vive

>> No.52294344

You are completely right. Still pissed at the hipocrisy, I am also completely sure it won't sound as good as my headphones. Anyone who can afford this can also afford non-shit audio.

>> No.52294352

Someone who browses /g/ probably died today.

>> No.52294367

did you want it for fucking free lol??

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Now i get it.

The $599 price will include the new touch controllers released in july

that's the only logical explanation to the sudden increase of expected price, and the enigmatic answer to the question about the case having some space reserved for the controllers.

>> No.52294417

>>The $599 price will include the new touch controllers released in july
Dream on. Zuckerjew needs his sweet sweet tech enthusiast retards money

It's actually genius, the same people that don't use Facebook or are technically literate enough to block the ads and thus his revenue now directly deposit in his bankaccount on the promise of a virtual waifu

>> No.52294423

Lmao, people have already revealed the html tag thingamabobs that tell if you're "first in queue" for the Touch or not. Highly doubt this.

>> No.52294445

>cuckulous rift amiright?

this is the thought process of 90% of this board
>I can't wait for the oculus rift!
>Wait, I can't afford $599
>hahah you fags VR is going to fail it's a niche product dead on arrival no one wants it hahaha assholes

>> No.52294468

>Everyone and their mother wants one
I think it's a stupid gimmick and I don't want one, regardless of the price.
Also I don't like having stuff on my head…

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File: 2.37 MB, 1920x2400, kirino.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shit, I made enough for a rift in 3 days during my summer internship

>> No.52294496

>you are completely right
Th-thanks anon... You feeling ok?

>> No.52294498

If even most tech enthusiasts can't afford it, it's indeed dead on arrival

>> No.52294500

Uh I don't know about you but I usually buy consoles with no games yet and videocards that are good for like 1 game, and usually not the ones I spend most of my time on. Every segment of nerds is doing that.

>> No.52294510

sell the controller you uninspired sack of meat


>> No.52294520

twice a months money for me

>> No.52294522

So you don't have a steady salary? That isn't exactly an ideal situation. I'm sure a lot of people here have at least 600 dollars. That doesn't mean you should spend it all on VR.

>> No.52294534

>tech enthusiasts
>not having a multi-thousand dollar cache of cash for cutting edge new hardware

pick one

>> No.52294541

So it's comfortable to wear glasses, then 3D glasses or VR on top of that for you?

I know 1 person who's even interested in this out of a dozen nerd friends. The same one likes 3D stuff. No one else is even asking for this.

>> No.52294552

Are people on 4chan so unused to having people agree with them?

Yeah, doing fine, a shame that I cannot justify the price. It goes up into crazy territory where I live.

Me and a group of friends were hyped for it, all of us have capable PCs. None of us are buying it. Hope it stays alive long enough for real customer VR to be a reality

I bet all the devs working on stuff for the rift are super happy with this news...

>> No.52294561

>being this out of touch with reality
I bet mommy pays your electricity too

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I made enough money last summer to last until this summer entirely independently.

I'm still in school so I can't really get a steady salary. Regardless, I'm taking an easier job this summer so I won't be making as much... so I'm still on the fence as to whether I can afford a new computer/headset for VR.

Do you work part time?

>> No.52294608

You make 300 dollars a month? Do you work 1 hour a day?

>> No.52294616

>are people in 4chan so unused to having people agree with them?

On this board? Absolutely

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>So it's comfortable to wear glasses, then 3D glasses or VR on top of that for you?

>> No.52294634

Does that make you feel better - imagining anyone on this board that can spend the money on things you want but can't afford gets it in an unacceptable way?

>> No.52294650




>> No.52294673


there will be a changeable facial interface for people with glasses

>> No.52294685

I'm not the one pretending every tech enthusiast or /g/ user has a multithousand dollar wad of cash to buy new shit.

This is the reality: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/30/financial-emergency-report_n_2576326.html

>> No.52294701

It must, otherwise idk how anyone could automatically jump to conclusions that hard

You really don't think there are any high income software developers on /g/? Really?

>> No.52294752

And besides, you're imagining the parents are the ones instead with the multithousand dollar wad of cash. That means you're imagining someone even richer than if the person made that money independently

>> No.52294779

if it's significantly lower than the Rift it would be inferior (other than savings of controller, which is probably $20 max).

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you fucking weebs gonna spend all your shekels even it would cost 1000$+ for the opportunity to fuck waifus


>> No.52294811

>lmao who doesn't have 100000$ dollar cash 4 gaymur gear XD
This was you you fuck

>> No.52294839

>this is the reality [of literal morons who can't plan financially but still buy electronics]

If you're that poor you shouldn't buy tech, game, or anything that's not basic food, shelter, clothing, and education.

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haha this kid

>> No.52294866

use that butthurt to drive your studies and work ethic instead of misplaced hatred of others, Berniecuck

>> No.52294875

I'm planning on fucking my wife while I wear it. She's not ugly, or anything, and she's cool with it, she's just really into getting me off in weird ways. The other day and offered to give me a rim job, and I didn't even ask.

I didn't accept, but I gave her one. I know I wouldn't lick my asshole, if I were her.

>> No.52294885

Nobody ever said people store six figure reserves in the bank.

Do you dispute that there's a significant demographic of software developers on /g/?

>> No.52294916

I have thousands of dollars saved specifically for my tech hobby. Having a job and being single is an unfortunate and fortunate circumstance.

>> No.52294963

Just returned my FS2735.
Decent amount of backlight bleed, just like my CG246 and CX271, terrible glow and...fuck this shit...terrible overdrive artifacts.
I wont even bother to complain about the new POS touch 'sensitive' OSD controls and the much shittier stand than the Flexstand2/3.

>> No.52294986

I don't think that's too high if its actually good.

>> No.52295006

does vr have a chance of taking off this time if someone doesn't come out with an affordable alternative soon? i really worried that it won't.

>> No.52295008
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I had the 65" OLED TV fund just about flush but now I think I need more for the 2016 LG OLED.

>that Dell OLED monitor, too

>> No.52295009

And by the way: that 'excellent' Eizo warranty didnt repair my CG303W, which died after year and half of usage, because 'replacement parts' were no longer available. So i was left with a dud, but thanks to consumer laws, the seller paid me the original sum.

>> No.52295017

Men, it's not even half the price of a new Macbook. I can easily afford it.

>> No.52295027

>not affordable

It's like VR HMD's weren't $20k+ before Oculus

>> No.52295067

the consumer ones in the 90s were around the $600 mark. granted that's more if you adjust for inflation, but i think $600 of today's money will still be too much for most people.

>> No.52295097


>> No.52295109


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>be afk for 2 days
>come back to find out that VR is kill
fucking lel

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>99 USD moto g first gen
>10 USD ritech 3d cardboard set
>9 USD trinus VR app

Dirt cheap vr gaming. Upgrade phone for better res. You're welcome.

>> No.52295146


>Implying tablet is kill.

>> No.52295162

that things was a piece of shit (8 bit color, 230 vertical line displays). I kept tabs on the supposed follow up VFX3D but it never materialized.

>> No.52295269

people might say the same about the rift in 20 years.
>lol 1200 vertical with only 100° fov for $600? what were they thinking. no wonder it didn't take off.

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File: 61 KB, 618x383, ios-8-update.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

considering how much people pay for a phone they only use for facebook and replace in a year it's not bad.

>> No.52295356
File: 34 KB, 738x376, headset002jpg-ceca11_765w.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying Oculus is the only VR headset coming out
m8 there'll be like a dozen to choose from in a couple of years

>> No.52295374

if people don't think the rift is worth that much to them then it's irrelevant. you don't see phone manufacturers defensively trying to justify their pricing by saying saying stuff like "come on [insert other piece of expensive tech] is that much as well!".

>> No.52295399

Give it 2 years, good DX12 supported games, and some AAA devs that know what their doing, and I believe the recommended specs will end up being in the midrange again, and the price will be right where we want it.

Considering what 2 years has done for the Xbox and PS4 prices, I'd say I'm not far off, especially if Facebook doesn't flat out drop it like a dead cow

>> No.52295409

if developers get scared off by the small amount of first gen adopters then there might not.

>> No.52295467
File: 22 KB, 640x353, Sony-Morpheus-640x353.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

there's still sony's VR headset that still has a chance at being cheaper, if the console market VR is successful that'll probably keep it alive long enough for when cheaper pc only VR headsets hit the market.

>> No.52295653

>FB buys Oculus startup for $2bil
>any possibility of "flat out drop[ping] it"

>> No.52295668

I'm going with $550 due to no controller needed in bundle

>> No.52295800


there will be affordable alternatives, the problem is they will be cheap Chink shit that will make you vomit.
1st gen VR is just not going to be mainstream, and the price is not the issue, the issue is GPU tech, when low-end GPUs are ready for VR it will take off. You need to remember that most people don't even have a dedicated GPU and Oculus is asking for a GTX 970 as a minimum

>> No.52295829

most people are retards and have no clue how much their phone costs because of contracts.

>> No.52295847


You are fucking dumb, handheld phone considered as a rich tech in the past and cost more than $1k because the company who manufacture them still can be numbered.
RIFT literally the only company right now that released a PC solution of consumer VR.
Do you think all new and hyped consumer tech will cost 5 buckets of KFC? Even Microsoft sold their first consumer tablet with $2000 price tag in 1999.

Rift is not dumb, they know they are the first one who owned the market and just like any tech company they sold their shit at highest price and still the preorder got sold out in just couple minutes.

If you want a cheap solution then wait another couple months or at least a year for the competitor product to come out.

>> No.52295882


Also buying Rift right now is fucking retarded because most game or VR software that exist is still based on the DK version.

>> No.52295917


I'm pretty sure the devs they're working closely with have access to a CV1-tier kit

>> No.52295961


I said most, not all of them.

>> No.52295962

>the issue is GPU tech
to a point, but it's always going to be more demanding to run games with current gen graphics on hmds than it is on monitors. are people just going to just keep on saying gpu tech isn't there yet forever? you're always going to have to be super rich to run current gen games in vr. gpus are ready now to run games with last gen visuals on current vr hardware, and that's what they should have been aiming for when building games for vr from the ground up if they want to reach a wide market.

>> No.52296046

>the issue is GPU tech, when low-end GPUs are ready for VR it will take off.

Next gen GPU come out this year anon both from Nvidia and AMD, literally new 14nm architecture instead of the same shit we have been using for the last 4 years.

>> No.52296053

>with current gen graphics on hmds

have you seen what VR games look like? It's not current gen graphics that require high end PCs


>> No.52296075
File: 2.57 MB, 240x240, 1446872118101.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ordered one anyway

>> No.52296096

we'll see how big the improvements are, AMD and Nvidia always overhype their shit

>> No.52296164

>hur dur software developed using the development kit

>> No.52296171


The jump will be big, the problem is they tend to rushed out their shit because both AMD and Nvidia doesn't want to get lose behind in the GPU race war.

>> No.52296214



>> No.52296215


>Hurr durr all game in the Rift library already listed as CV1 version.
>"sorry guys, still waiting for our CV1 to came" -Indiedevs#23155

>> No.52296242

what are the minimum specs for that game though? unless it's really badly optimised, i doubt they're the same as something like crytek's dinosaur demo, which i'm assuming was also made with the 980 ti baseline in mind.

if the gear vr can run acceptable looking content at 2560x1440, then i'm sure a lot of people's pcs can run something similar at cv1's 2160x1080.

>> No.52296327


>> No.52296460

Have you ever tried VR?

>> No.52296557
File: 71 KB, 400x220, amblyopia2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i have amblyopia, can i still enjoy VR headsets?

>> No.52296588

yes you just need to wear a blindfold.

>> No.52296590

to clarify i cant see 3d IRL, it all looks the same way a computer screen or a picture does.

>> No.52296909

yes, with an eye patch. It obviously won't be 3D tho.

>> No.52297220

>not Cuckerberg

>> No.52297245

it'll become affordable a few years from now

>> No.52297276

yes, because vr's purpose is not only to simulate a 3d picture, but track your motion so every you look it will feel as natural as real life

>> No.52297321


>> No.52297353

you didn't think they were going to enter the sweaty NEET market, did you?

>> No.52297794
File: 2.98 MB, 1920x1080, Mass Effect Liara Oh.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52298113
File: 27 KB, 891x335, Rekt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52298284

That's pretty fucking dumb. The Mac Pro is the perfect portable VR setup, the absolute most power per size and weight you can get. The 7970 equivalents might not be the highest end but it's better than most and if Xfire VR works as AMD says then it exceeds the requirements.

>> No.52298304

cry harder applecuck
apple should sue them for rectal damage

>> No.52298344

>>cry harder applecuck

Please, I don't own one Apple product, fact just is there isn't anything like the Mac Pro. It's way fucking overpriced for what it is, so is the Rift, but it's more than decent hardware.

>> No.52298386

>What is the top line of ASUS & MSI with the quad core mobile i7's
>what is Dell XPS
lurk more + do some more research then talk after that bud

>> No.52298403

You first? You can get 12 cores in the Mac Pro

>> No.52298450

And you can get 16 in the upcoming Xeon line of Lenovo for productivity, also HP sells 18 core Xeon e5 for the same price as Mac Pro, as I said lurk more + learn what you're talking about then come back

>> No.52298453

It looks like he thought you meant the Macbook Pro, well now this is awkward because that guy looks like a retard.

>> No.52298460

Those aren't portable setups like I said. Way to move the goalpost.

>> No.52298468


>> No.52298473

Now you're the one looking like an idiot because you failed to realize I am talking about both portable and non-portable.

>> No.52298488

>people excited for gimmick that will be fun for 2 hours

>> No.52298492

No, you still look like a retard that's desperately trying not to look like a retard, but the puddle of drool on your shoulder doesn't lie chum.

>> No.52298493

Actually the HP Xeon e5 servers are smaller in size than the mac pro (look it up), you tried though, maybe if you read and research more you'll have more luck next time :D cya

>> No.52298512

I'm amused by your butthurt but I understand, it must feel pretty bad to look stupid.

>> No.52298527

Are you actually telling me a rack setup is more portable than a Mac Pro?

>> No.52298543

So, let's recap:

Some guy says the Mac Pro is an ideal machine for VR because of its 7970 equivalents in X-Fire.

You respond by saying the laptops from MSI, Asus and Dell are better...

Then realize your mistake, and start talking about other workstation computers that are less portable...

And are now talking about microservers without good GPUs in them...

I just wanted to recap so you can see in one post how brain dead you actually are, and to give you perspective on how little you contribute to any conversation at any given time by failing to rebut any element of the proposed statement, instead using semantic gymnastics to completely avoid the point, making a series of tangential statements that ultimately refute nothing.

>> No.52298545

Not him but you only dig yourself deeper. Time to stop posting.

>> No.52298593


This meme again?

>> No.52299133

it will never become affordable unless you plan on playing old games on it exclusively because you're always going to need a better gpu to run a game on vr headset than a monitor.

>> No.52299163

i thought 99% of laptop's hdmi ports were incompatible with the cv1.

>> No.52299558

>$150 dac and $60 drivers
good joke.

>> No.52299581

Yep exactly this. I'm excited to try it, but not enough to drop a shitload of cash on an unknown property.

>> No.52299584

>buying a cuckulus grift kikebook helmet when you can buy a superior product from valve

>> No.52299624

>same specs other than tracking
>shitier controller
>same price after you buy touch

whats the difference?

>> No.52299627
File: 106 KB, 749x826, 1450356503040.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Mfw the initial high pricepoint killed all of these new technologies at the time

>Video recorders
>CD players
>MP3 players
>Video game consoles
>Personal computers

>> No.52299660


My first hard drive cost $500 for 80 MB capacity.
HDD technology confirmed dead in the water.

>> No.52299672

>most of you idiots buy 800 dollar phones
they're free or much cheaper with a plan that my parents payt

>> No.52299686

One of the selling points was that this would be relativly cheap (150-300) so as to make it available to a broader audience. At this price range, I dont expect a whole lot of people to aquire this, and therefore developers are going to have a reduced motivation to implement this into their engines and games.

>> No.52299716

VR isn't new technology though. Why do people like you keep pretending that it will change our lives?

>> No.52299788

Price is part of the reason VR didn't take off the first time. The whole reason people were excited this time around is that it seemed consumer VR would be affordable enough that it would make sense for developers to make content for it.

They could have released a slightly improved DK2 for around $400 like they had originally planned and it would have almost certainly been successful. Their 180 turn in the premium direction could easily kill VR for another 20 years.

>> No.52299806

VR in its current state is.

If not, you're welcome to point out previous failures of Oculus/Vive etc quality.

No, people are excited this time round because it's not complete fucking trash.

>> No.52299813

good vr hasnt been cheap until now though. And by cheap i mean before now non 480*240 headsets were 20k+ plus needing some specially developed single use program owned by the government or nasa. and honestly compared to a dk2 those sucked. why do you think governments and shit bought up tons of dk2s? they were cheap and good and easy to develop for compared to their dinodick old shitty headsets. they're finally not shit, meaning they can be of actual use to well, anyone.

>> No.52299831

Releasing "a slightly improved" DK2 would kill VR. It's not consumer quality. Initial perceptions matter much more than price point now.

>> No.52299914

I think this is a fair estimate. The workload is something like 20-40% higher than rendering for a single monitor, not 200% because 2x monitors.

>> No.52299977

It's basically like if you were playing split screen. Which you're already able to do on consoles.

>> No.52300040

A DK2 with the screens they have in the CV1 for $400 would have been doable and absolutely fine for first gen.

>Initial perceptions matter much more than price point now.
You know what also matters? Content. If the adoption rate isn't high enough early only, you run the risk of developers abandoning it. If developers abandon it, who is going to buy it besides the early adopters?

>> No.52300063

*high enough early on

>> No.52300094

Lucid dreaming is free ;^)

>> No.52300165

this.Also try adding b vitamins and prozac, made my dreams realistic AS FUCK.

>> No.52300526

You don't know what screens they have in CV1. For all you know the CV1 price increase is entirely because of the screens.

>> No.52300651

They're custom samsung oled non pentile 1080*1200 screens. samsung was deep in the pentile game so its a big step kinda. we know what the screens are, just not the model name and cost because literally only oculus buys them.

>> No.52300753

I really doubt it. The DAC and Headphones they used are rumoured to be ridiculously expensive. Cut out those and all of the other junk they decided to bundle with it and Palmer probably wouldn't have to be apologising for his $350 ballpark comment.

>> No.52300822

Because the dev kits were 300 and 400 respectively.

>> No.52300839

And then we have an inferior product that kills VR on one fell swoop.

>A corporation lied to me

Welcome to the real world kiddo.

>> No.52300852

They're pentile. Everyone that has tried it says it still has cross linen pattern which is pentile.

>> No.52300856

>Welcome to the real world kiddo.

Oculus is about to learn what the real world is like.

>> No.52300908

guess some people threw some bad info my way, my bad. the pixel fill is better at least

>> No.52300934

It happens. Also there's a chance Samsung is providing the screens for the Vive too. We don't know what they use but the specs are the same.

>> No.52300949

How would removing the the headphones, carrying case, controllers and bundled games have made it an inferior product? These should all have been optional extras.

>> No.52300957

Have you looked at the trend in mobile phones? Major flagship phones had to offer steep price cuts for the very first time last year because people weren't buying them at $600+ (Samsung S6, LG G4... and do I even need to mention the Edge)?

>> No.52301120

this actually makes sense. they're not as retarded as to fragment the market for its new 24-month-tops-expected-lifetime controller thing.

>> No.52301127

you know i've been thinking about that and it kinda makes me chuckle how everyone and their mum is saying the vive is so much better when the only real difference is the tracking.

>> No.52301179

It's just fanboys that haven't actually been following things. They're really close with their pros and cons. It's going to come down to price and games really and the ball is now in Valve's and HTC's court.

>> No.52301191

Well it was originally the case. The vive was going to be the premium option and the rift was going to be the affordable option, but oculus changed their mind at the last minute.

>> No.52301247

I don't buy that really. The only reason why Rift was going to be considered affordable over the Vive is that with Vive you're locked into buying the wands which is going to add cost. And then the reason that only richer folks could use room scale but that's silly since there's no one forcing you to use it. Some games might not work but we don't know what the Vive's launch is going to be like yet.

>> No.52301337

The reason was that dev kits were affordable and they repeatedly pushed the "affordable vr for the masses" angle right up until the last minute when they decided they wanted to do a premium device as well.

>> No.52301381

Well you're right there but I just meant affordable relative to the Vive. The Vive honestly doesn't seem like a premium product over the Rift even before we knew about all the silly 'premium' add-ons.

>> No.52302693


my 980 was 360 :^)

>> No.52302745

>he doesn't spend his neetbux on weed
I will be a neet for life if it stays this comfy

>> No.52302784

>mfw $4k salary

get çucked neetçucks.

>> No.52302910

Can someone explain this shitier controller meme to me considering people haven't even used oculus new controller?

>> No.52302963

0$ since they had no money to produce it.

>> No.52302978

I bought my GPU 2 years before the PS4 came out and mine is still better.

>> No.52303074

There will be no $300 model. If that was the case then VR never made sense from a business perspective.

>> No.52303128
File: 39 KB, 250x250, why bother.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw it will probably be upwards of $800 US in straya

>> No.52303313

people have. anyways, vive added a circle after oculus cuz it works better than the ball they had before. the steam controller touch pads suck absolute cock(I've used them plenty) and vive controllers so far have made zero mention of tracking finger movements(which in demos apparently works pretty good and no doubt adds to immersion)

vive tracking is apparently more accurate but a few articles have said its kinda spotty soooo yeah they may not even have the tracking edge

>> No.52303356

you are a special one, aren't you?
>what is data bandwidth

>> No.52303368


>> No.52303382

I spent $1160 on a single PC component last week.

Some people can afford it, others will have to save.

>> No.52303414

almost no one can afford it, and even the people who can afford it will suffer because no one is going to be willing to make content for something with such a small userbase.

>> No.52303424
File: 5 KB, 234x216, 2br4wj.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>TFW I was dumb enough to back the Kuckstarter
>TFW Free Oculus Rift
>TFW My rig can handle it.

>> No.52303461

i can't have sex with my VR it's garbage meme shit

>> No.52303495

>owning a PC which is incapable of running Oculus rift

What is the point? Even if you don't intend on running the Oculus; why is your PC so shit?

>> No.52303504
File: 270 KB, 480x360, duckygivesadvice.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

$599 is priced perfectly imho.

The people interested are wealthy early adopters. That are very little games that can run VR, and at least a $1k computer is required to adequately power a VR system.

With low elasticity and low market size. It makes perfect economic sense to sell it at the high price. A lot of people complaining about the $350 dollar price tag, probably weren't going to buy it anyways. Key word is people saying "I would be interested if it was $350" not "fuck I wish I could afford it, I was really planning to buy one".

If there's anyone who understands pricing, its Facebook. They have so much market data.

>> No.52303508

>Almost no one
Try looking around battlestation threads more often.
Who are you parroting?
People who like making content will make content.

>> No.52303519

>no one
>the top 20% of the US wouldnt even sneeze at 600 for their child
>neet or otherwise
>pc master race is maybe 5% of gamers
>5% of 60 millions americans
>3 million cucks totally ready to drop 600 or more on niche bullshit

nice try you fuckin mook

>> No.52303554

Jesus fuck guys

If you want cheap VR Oculus helped make Gear VR, theres PSVR which has to undercut them now, Vive might undercut them after this showing,

And if you want 10$ VR you can buy Google Cardboard headsets from China

>> No.52303639

>Try looking around battlestation threads more often.
cannot stop laughing.

>People who like making content will make content.
neet spergs will continue to make trash demos out the wazoo, i'm sure. serious developers are going to start dropping it fast if it doesn't gain some traction soon.

and yet oculus only sold 175000 dev kits at half the price even with every 12 year old in the world foaming at the mouth to get one because of youtubers like pewdiepie shilling them.

>> No.52303781

That's still 50 million dollars on a developer kit with no actual/exclusive content

>> No.52303791

they were dev units. either way even if every rabid privileged doesnt get one 200k+ units isnt bad plus being the official release im sure they will sell more

>> No.52303825
File: 430 KB, 352x515, 1445268533563.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

MFW I ordered at 7:57 am and got it before you plebs and I didn't even look at the price until I was done ordering

Also the same face I will make in VR heaven in March. You poorfags will just have to coddle your waifus in 2d for a little longer until the price comes down...

>> No.52303828
File: 17 KB, 685x243, Product adoption lifecycle.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being the early adopter scum
>paying for one of the biggest gimmicks ever

Late Majority master race here, does this thing have any interesting content? and no, a 20 min island demo is not content for me.
This thing will be shite for gaming, because your eyes will be burning like hell after 2 hours.

600$ is nothing crazy if you have a job of any kind. But there is no sense in getting it now. I'd wait a year for good stuff for it. Price will drop and there will be some used models for really cheap too.

>> No.52303898

I've usef my 1+1 for almost two years, i bought this in spring 2014. No incentive to upgrade for now. And this cost $300.

I have the monies for rift, but not gonna buy kekbooks gimped hmd with a xbox controller. Im waiting for vive

>> No.52303920

They are are barely making a profit on it anyway.
And aree people fucking retarded? VR wasn't just going to materialise one day in a perfect state and be adopted by everyone. These things take time, it's always the enthusiasts like us who experience and test this shit first then it's refined upon and the normies get it too later.
Plus this thing comes with a couple of games and a gamepad.

>> No.52303934

Made my day. Thanks

>> No.52304026

tfw you woke up at 9:30 in a cold sweat and are damned to the may shipping under race

>burning after 2 hours
not really

just with a dk2 i can go for hours playing dirt 3, live for speed, skyrim(but tweeked to completely remove shadows), star conflict and a few other games.
so yeah as it is theres interesting content as it is.

>> No.52304040

theres no gimping tho

>> No.52304107

you honestly just sound like you're regurgitating oculus damage control almost verbatim.

>> No.52304183
File: 92 KB, 604x358, And nothing of value was lost.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Oculus killing VR

Despite that, consumers tend to choose the product that's just good enough to get the job done, so expect the VR solution with the least impressive specifications to be the most popular.

This of course assumes that consumers WANT VR, and most don't since most don't want to escape into virtual worlds when they could go outside and do things with their lives instead.

>> No.52304247
File: 32 KB, 352x352, XKinxhpX.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Multi-IMU piece datagloves still cost more than double that amount; when they said they're selling it "at cost" I believe they're telling the truth.

>> No.52304254

>enthusiasts like us
Nice try, majority of us don't even have a Facebook acccount, why would we want a Zuckerbergstein machine strapped to our heads?

>> No.52305576

lolno wow

>> No.52307287

599 united states of american dollars

>> No.52307325

780 + ship

>> No.52307344

In my experience non-rectangular RGB pixel patterns (like pentile) might almost work better with something like this as they help break up the obvious pixel grid a bit.

>> No.52307766

This. The Aussie exchange rate fucks me yet again. I think it's best to wait for some competition for a better price.

>> No.52309496

why do you completely remove shadows in skyrim? framerate?

>> No.52310302

In almost any game shadows burn so much CPU power it's almost impossible to a contant 80+ FPS.

>> No.52310558

>putting a contraption on your head which completely disconnects you sensorily from your surroundings

Can it get more autistic than that? Is this why the Virtual Boy failed utterly 20 years ago? Will they ever learn that VR glasses in practice are just as silly as "Minority Report"-style user interfaces or taking cyberpunk seriously?

>> No.52310619

>le no one will buy it meme

>> No.52310658

>is this why the virtual boy failed utterly 20 years ago
>Comparing 5bit greyscale (redscale, really), 1 x 224 pixel displays that has to sit on a desktop to the Rift

must be a troll; can't possibly be this retarded

>> No.52310704

>Is this why the Virtual Boy failed utterly 20 years ago
that may have had something to do with red scanline potato graphics on something needing a fucking tripod.

why do fagtards continue to make comparisons to reaally shitty past tech suggesting this is more of the same

>this shit
lmao wake me up when we have implantable biotech interface

>> No.52310726

it's even worse - 1x224 pixel displays with an oscillating mirror

>> No.52310832

It's not even because of how the picture looks. It's because an autist with a contraption on his head who is detached from his surroundings looks fucking stupid and people don't want to look like him (nor do bystanders have a means to interact with him, making it unsocial). That's the real reason the VB failed in 1995, and none of these have changed in the OR. Normies just won't buy into this, just as they didn't 20 years ago. VR may be fun on paper just like 3D touch interfaces or some cyberpunk shit, but it doesn't work out in practice.

>> No.52310841

Wait a year or two and see how the land lies. I think jumping in too quick on one platform is gonna really hurt if another gets better reviews. Let rich early adopters take the strain.

>> No.52310944

vr late majority means buying it like in 2025

2016-2018 are early suckers.

>> No.52310963

What is it about this product that brings naysayers out of the woodwork? Too expensive for you? That's too bad for you; fuck off. Think it won't catch on because you're an insecure fuck and are afraid people will laugh at you? Fuck off (btw that's the way all video games were until 15 years ago).

>> No.52311072

What the fuck are you talking about? All VR needs to find is a tech enthusiast niche to succeed. They don't need to convince everyone's mom to go out and get one.

>> No.52311148

In 2011? What GPU, exactly?

>> No.52311190

>still better
do you expect the PS4 GPU to improve?

>> No.52311441

Are you on an AMD Sempron or some shit?

>> No.52311781

Overclocked 5820K actually. It still doesn't net me stable 80 FPS in a lot of games, not the mention 144Hz. It totally bottlenecks my 290X, which rarely hits 100%.

>> No.52311899
File: 109 KB, 1280x853, kawaikylolo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why wouldn't they say it then, I would probably buy it in a heart beat if it was confirmed

>> No.52312229
File: 228 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-01-08-07-50-28.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are you ready /g/?

>> No.52313268

Planning to build a machine for Vive.

Should I get single GTX 980? or two GTX 970s in SLI mode? Is SLI compatible with pretty much everything or is support spotty?

>> No.52314040
File: 51 KB, 1000x563, technology-thumb4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

they've sold as much as they can produce until july.

also, palmer pretty much already said it:

>Everyone with Touch needs a Rift, consider discount built into price of the subsidized Rift hardware.

>High end VR is expensive, but Rift is obscenely cheap for what it is

>Q:The Case that the CV1 comes in, is there a place for the Oculus Touch in that case?

>> No.52314108

I'd wait until I got a shipping notification for vive. In fact, I'm waiting until my vive ships to assess what GPU I'll buy.

For some reason I'm wishing either nvidia or amd jumps on the bandwagon and offers some sort of a bundle, like vive+980ti or something.

>> No.52314133


>> No.52314134

Uh and don't get sli whatever you do. It's never worth it, much less in VR currently as it's not supported/optimized. Just buy one better card.

>> No.52314158

I'm jelly. For $275 backer-faggots got dk1 and cv1.

Fucking faggots.

>> No.52314792

>mfw my university is offering a course on Virtual Reality
>they're using Unity3D as their engine of choice and coding in C# using the Oculus Rift HMD.

Should I take it guys? I passed the requirement of getting an above C average in Computer Graphics ;). But I've already graduated.

>> No.52316513

Has anyone else ever noticed that that's a fuckin Windows 98 boot disk??

>> No.52316974

You're using that word wrong again, anon. Please explain how using a headser/putting something on my head is autism.

In fact, your fear of putting things on your head and projectingthat onto others could imply that it is YOU tbat has autism.

>> No.52317095 [DELETED] 

Why aren't alps more popular? I feel like I'd like Mech Keyboards more if everyone hadn't already decided that Cherries and knockoff Cherries are the only switches worth using.

>> No.52317161


>do things with their life


Won't even lie, I'd rather watch porn, read books, watch TV, fuck women, eat, and piss before i went outside, got a job or did anything ambitious.

>> No.52317177

Dig up the old ps3 memes you fucking memesters!

>> No.52317183

>my university
>I've already graduated
not your university anymore, anon

>> No.52317248

they were literally telling people to not buy the dev kits

>> No.52318623
File: 163 KB, 528x343, ashskin'.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's the hero /g/ deserves...

>> No.52320347
File: 88 KB, 1197x764, Dang.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who else need upgrade here?

>> No.52320408

$599 is the price without taxes

>> No.52320438

>he pays taxes!

>> No.52320531
File: 157 KB, 2560x1940, CPU Passmark scores.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Oculus system ready tool is bullshit. I'm doing fine.
8350 @ 4.7Ghz

>> No.52320533
File: 19 KB, 476x750, rift.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52320552
File: 151 KB, 1170x700, i5 760.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't.

>> No.52320599

Don't get cheap on me, Dodgson.

>> No.52320650

What's stopping other companies from making a DK1 clone with a better display?

>> No.52320736
File: 7 KB, 335x311, Passmark overall rating.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how'd I do?

>> No.52320825

No fucking way that is right...
Holy shit.

>> No.52321076

I wouldn't trust passmarks GPU bench, it's really dated and just generally innacurate.

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