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Yo /g/, does anyone else here double-choke when using ferrite beads? I've always used a single bead but wondering what your thoughts are.

ITT: general ferrite bead discussion

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Nah bro, a single bead wrapped multiple times will be just as good. My download speeds are about 5% faster with this on the end

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> 2016
> not using clip-on ferrite
> mfw

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I don't use them, design a proper filter...

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What does it do?

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This shit looks kinda dumb. It doesn't interact with the signal. What's the point?

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filter high EM interference
useful for sensitive shit like phone lines and stuff

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It does interact with the signal. I put ferrite on all of my cables and it makes almost everything better. Mouse sensitivity, monitor image quality/refresh rate, ethernet speeds, etc. Basically anything with a long cable that you don't want to be an antenna.

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The self-inductance makes it harder for other interferance to interact with the signal.

So if you have a high-noise environment and your CRC is dropping your packets this will help.

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Okay but what about having a shield all through the cable. Don't they usually do that on all cables? Ones I have pulled apart have a kind of foil along the outside of the wires or something similar.

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Shielding helps a lot but ferrite beads have an additional bonus on devices with separate power supply/ground, because the increased impedance decreases leaking current through the signal wire.

Preferrably you have both shielding and ferrite beads. Your shield should be low impedance to suck up the interferance from the outside, and the ferrite bead increases the impedance for any common-loop signals.

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Snake oil: the thread.

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Sounds like lotsa ruse to put in a cylinder shaped piece of iron

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huh, intelligent discussion on /g/? delightful.

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More loops + More ferrite = More better

Don't spend any money or time on ferrite beads unless you have problems and know how to diagnose it.

One rule of thumb you can use is: If the device came with a cable that had a bead, don't use cables without bead unless you can rely on checksums to drop the packets (slowing down transfer) or don't care about stray bits.

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getting better flacs on my headphones that i bought for $300 thanks to these little things

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Wtf is this meme

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They're actually suppossed to do nothing unless there is a part of the signal that travels outside the wire, in which case the piece of iron will act like a coil, picking up the magnetism, creating some resistance against the unbalanced signal in the wire.

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the concept of a toroidal core is fundamental to inductor design. in fact, taking linear geometry and twisting it into a circle is a universal tool used across the engineering spectrum.

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If you're not matching your ferrite mix to your frequencies you won't see as much of an improvement as you could be getting.


Always make sure you're getting the right mix of Maganese and Zinc otherwise your just a dirty casual who knows nothing about being part of the ferrite master-race.

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For the love of God stop posting, for once there's a thread about actual technology and we have to see this kinda shit

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Literally spat coffee everywhere you douche xD

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>not using pebbles
Plebs, all of you.

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Get neodymiums

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What is the ┬Ár of neodymium?

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I double choke my chicken while using multi beads in my ass. I find it produces the purest semen.

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Buddhists agree: Neodymium has been proven time and time again to have more Ohms than your body has room for.

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I have a pair of old school electrostatic headphones, and I found that if I put ferrite on the copper mesh behind the static sheets, I can filter out some of that high-frequency whining that is popular in a lot of modern anime.

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Is it true that I can use them in place of a balun on my feed line?

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>some of that high-frequency whining that is popular in a lot of modern anime.

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>pleb not using triple for extra filtering

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>not plugging your cables out for ultimate filtering

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i have a ferrite bead around my dick and i can now maintain erections indefinitely

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Oh, dude, that reminds me - last time you were at my place you left your "life times supply" on my bedside table. If you like I can post it back to you. What's your mum's address?

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Would a ferrite boad help the speeds of my ADSL2+ connection if i put one around the phone line that goes to the modem?

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Depends on your phone number. How many 9's does it have?

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