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> Download links for mpv.
- https://bitbucket.org/rorgoroth/mpv-for-windows/downloads (GIT)
- https://mpv.srsfckn.biz/mpv-i686-latest.7z (STABLE)
- https://mpv.srsfckn.biz/mpv-x86_64-latest.7z (STABLE)

> Download link for youtube-dl.
- https://yt-dl.org/downloads/latest/youtube-dl.exe

> Useful lua scripts for mpv.
- https://github.com/argon-/mpv-stats
- https://github.com/kevinlekiller/mpv_scripts/tree/master/autospeed
- https://github.com/kevinlekiller/mpv_scripts/tree/master/autospeedwin

> Basic configuration, needs a decent graphic card.

> High configuration, needs a good graphic card.

> Nnedi3 configuration, needs a very good graphic card.

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Why are you using dxinterop? Is there some performance improvements?

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Why the new plex player powered by mpv is still not available for free people?
Is it still experimental and bugged?
What about emby theater? Will it use mpv too?

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Using windows in 2016 without madvr... Are you serious?

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Too complicated for noobs and overall quality is very unpleasant.

Windows guys should use the imouto's installer, easy, updated with built-in presets.
- https://imouto.my/download/lav-filters-megamix-32-bit/
- https://imouto.my/download/lav-filters-megamix-x64/

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Best config for anime?
God tier PC, give me the best you can.

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use madVR with NNEDI3 doubling

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On a related note, will mpv-based Plex fucking finally support ordered chapters? That's pretty much the only thing wrong with Plex for me at the moment, but it's big enough of an annoyance for me to try to cook up some other alternative.

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>mpv and mhcpc playing the same 4k miku video

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Is mpv the new snake oil? I see no difference between the three different settings. Except for performance difference. The image quality remains same.

You guys aren't trolling me are you?

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I've used in on the laptop and it works fine, but haven't tried it on the desktop with NSA/Windows. How does it fare against madVR and MPC with LAV? I'd love to see some comparisons when upscaling 480p animu. If they're great, then I can finally kick Windows out of the desktop.

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I only know that the OpenGL output is terrible on my Kepler card, at least under Windows. Maybe it's better on AMD, but the tearing is awful.
I just use direct3d_shaders, really. Works well, best performance next to EVR in MPC. The audio in MPV is far better though, with so=wasapi:exclusive

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Be honest here for a second. Has madVR+mpchc effect noticible enough to differentiate when you watch anime?

I was a madvr+mpchc user too. I used the mpv's nnedi3 placebo too. I really couldn't tell the difference too much except when I take screenshots and had to zoom in to see the microscopic difference.

The real gains are the interpolation/motion smoothing and the scripts in mpv that I could use. Otherwise, a regular opengl-hq works pretty fine.

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Of course it does. When we're talking about 720p or 1080p, then it's mostly all the same shit, but madVR works really well when upscaling.

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I personally found Lanczos3 on chroma to be a huge improvement to my viewing experience. There rest didn't matter with source at 1080 and output at 1080.
Smooth motion was also quite nice at times.

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>wasapi meme

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My C-Media chip loves it. Let wasapi handle the sampling rate and channels, and the soundcard turns it into surround.
I don't see why I wouldn't use it.

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if you're using it for an htpc it's fine but if you have sounds elsewhere you have to restart the applications to get audio back on them after stopping the audio output w/wasapi

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Meh i see no difference either.

But i use it since its script-friendly and i can play online videos with it, since my shitty T61 cant play 720p videos from browser

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I see a difference but then again I'm upscaling to 4k so it's much more obvious.

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If that's your concern, then why not use wasapi instead of exclusive wasapi? MPV just resamples before sending over then. Or use d sound of course.
When I do listen to music while needing other sounds, like when gaming, then I prefer something with a better GUI and playlist manager, like foobar.

So still no reason for me not to use wasapi for automatic sound setting, but you go ahead and do your thing. Wouldn't MPC be better if you're not using wasapi anyway?

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WASAPI is exclusive by nature. Also I resample my audio so DS doesn't do it.

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why am I getting this issue? pls halp

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so i installed mpv with chocolatey and every time I open it theres another command line window that also opens. I can't figure out where to place my config file to specify
mpv.exe. is located in
where do I place mpv.conf so that commands actually work?
And yes, I've read the documentation. All three areas in the windows file section provided no results, neither did putting mpv.conf in the same directory as mpv.exe

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also, is there a better way to keep mpv updated apart from chocolately in windows?
honestly, mpv might be the reason I finally fucking quit windows for good. I really want easy mpv integration in all things, mozplugger and viewtube included

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Brew update
Brew upgrade
Brew cleanup

The fact that it's trying anything with 0.12 is a bad thing, since that's months old.

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>WASAPI is exclusive by nature.
Why is that that? Core Audio does everything WASAPI does and is the system's default audio library, so even hello-world-my-first-audio-player gets the same bitperfect treatment as Logic or ProTools or whatever without needing to be exclusive. It has a hog mode so it can become exclusive if that's what's needed but it's not mandated.

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Because WASAPI bypasses the mixer. Shared mode sends it to the mixer.

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I don't think it is exclusive by nature, but it is the most often used way. J river as well as MPV allow wasapi in noon exclusive mode.

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>J river as well as MPV allow wasapi in noon exclusive mode.
Which is basically identical to using DS, maybe some difference in latency that's about it. mpv defaults ao to wasapi if you're on Windows anyway, people don't seem to realize that.

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I really like how mpv defaults are set up for highest quality wherever it's certain to not cause performance issues on the majority of systems. Even if you don't configure it at all it looks and sounds great.

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mpv has been a project for fucking years.It replaced mplayer and mplayer2.linux has had it for fucking ever

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macfags picked it up pretty quickly too because it was easy to port and all of our players were outdated builds of mplayer(2) or VLC

it's great to have something that's not VLC that's actively developed

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Put spaces after your fucking periods fuck face.

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On the topic of media players and wasapi: any idea why MPC's new internal audio renderer, which uses wasapi, sounds absolutely terrible? Even with exclusive and bit streaming checked.
Not only that, trying it on two systems shows awful performance. Choppy playback and things like that.

(You need to set it as output in the output setting of MPC)

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>fuck face
> , fuck face
fuck you

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answered my own question
have to use the less retarded version , mpv.install

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derp, that had no effect

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I've tried all thse configs you nerds posted. But not a single one of them has changed anything. What placebo bullshit am i missing

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How do I make mpv stop closing by itself after playback and start playing the next file in folder automatically?

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man mpv

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Are you upscaling from 720p to 1440p?
Are you upscaling from 1080p to 2160p?

If you aren't all you will notice is better colors assuming you aren't using some TN shit panel.

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Does any one have a script for detecting different resolutions and applying different settings to the file based on that?

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While I use MPC, why the fuck does this matter? Do any of you retards watch anime/movies/whatever while doing any other CPU/memory intensive tasks? Why?

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>what is battery life

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lmao I forgot people here use fedorapads

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>thinkpads don't have outstanding battery life

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This shouldn't be too hard to do. Create a lua script that checks the file's resolution, and then loads the correct profile which you specify in your mpv.conf.

You can also use a bash script or something to ffprobe the file, see the resolution and then load mpv --profile "My Profile".

Shitty gay ass example, but here's a quick and dirty bash script:

widthinfo=$(ffprobe -show_streams $1 | grep "^width")
heightinfo=$(ffprobe -show_streams $1 | grep "^height")

if [ "$width" -gt 1920 ] && [ "$height" -gt 1080 ];
mpv --profile xlarge $1
elif [ "$width" -lt 1920 ] && [ "$height" -lt 1080 ];
mpv $1

Then add this to mpv.conf for example:

profile-desc="This is for extra large shit."
--osd-msg1="Profile: Extra Large was started"

Good luck!

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Thanks friendo. I'll modify that up and add other resolutions.

After I make that I'll just add it to a .desktop file and I should be good.

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Build it yourself.

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>WASAPI is exclusive by nature.
This is a myth that started because the only WASAPI plugin for fb2k is exclusive-only. WASAPI supports both shared mode and exclusive mode because it is designed to completely replace DirectSound. mpv uses it in shared mode by default, and its wasapi AO has an advantage over its dsound AO in that it resamples to the mix frequency by default, instead of relying on the Windows mixer's awful resampler. Now that mpv no longer supports Windows XP, the devs are considering removing the dsound AO completely. It's currently only there as a fallback in case of bugs in the wasapi AO.

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>I have shitty GL drivers
Hopefully this will be fixed with ANGLE, when someone makes a build that supports ANGLE.

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>Build it yourself.

I will wait for somebody to fork it and remove the botnet so I can install it on my Android TV.

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>This is a myth that started because the only WASAPI plugin for fb2k is exclusive-only.
The reason it was exclusive-only was shared mode WASAPI is pointless as in application it is no different to DS. Has anyone even confirmed the quality of the resampling WASAPI does? I'd much rather stick with SoX doing my resampling from foobar. The rest of the audio on my system will most likely be 44100hz and not be resampled anyway, same goes with mpv unless some sperg decides to go with 48khz audio.

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What's botnet about it?

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Connects to Plex servers by default

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>i want bread without the flour thanks

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I just want it to play videos on my home network like Kodi does without phoning home to some Jewish server.

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>WASAPI is pointless as in application it is no different to DS
That makes DS pointless. Why develop against a deprecated API? mpv only supports Vista and up, so it no longer has to give a shit about DS.

>Has anyone even confirmed the quality of the resampling WASAPI does?
mpv doesn't rely on Windows' resampling when using WASAPI. It uses its internal resampler (libswresample or whatever.)

>same goes with mpv unless some sperg decides to go with 48khz audio.
So, all DVD rips and Opus files? You're probably better off with --ao=wasapi instead of --ao=dsound, since it will automatically determine that your mix format is 44100Hz and resample 48kHz to that.

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>also, is there a better way to keep mpv updated apart from chocolately in windows?
Sometime in the distant future, this might be finished: https://github.com/lachs0r/mingw-w64-cmake/issues/19

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In portable_config folder next to mpv.exe

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When will you update this gay ass OP?

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To what?

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Not that guy, but presumably to not have Windows-specific options in the example configs.

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Linux users don't really need help with mpv though. Windows users do.

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backend=dxinterop isn't even a one-size-fits-all option for Windows users either. You have to have new drivers and a relatively new GPU. It doesn't work on old Intel drivers and I've heard it even BSODs old AMD drivers.

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im a complete newfag to this, and i have been using windows media player for a long time and hate vlc

tell me why i should use your garbage

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Is there a way to make mpv sort screenshots into folders based on filename of the video you're watching?

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mpv is niche software for command-line junkies who are also videophiles. If you don't know whether you need it, you probably don't need it. If you use Windows, you're not a power user who enjoys the command-line and your current video player is WMP, of all things, you probably won't have a good time with mpv. Definitely don't try it if you have never used command-line software before.

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>install this just because
>compare it to wmp side by side
>exact same

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You should compare it in fullscreen using opengl-hq

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>backend=dxinterop isn't even a one-size-fits-all option for Windows users either

I agree. Windows users should be told not to add any advanced options to that. opengl is enough.

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i put it in fullscreen and used the very high settings
and checked task manager

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Does anyone have a suggestion for tscale algorithms? Robidoux and Mitchell leave really obvious ghosting artifacts.

>> No.52187432

Yeah, mpv's CPU usage will look bad if you have bad OpenGL drivers, because they do things like spin-locks and waiting on vblank in kernel mode. It's an unfortunate consequence of mpv's dependency on OpenGL. Doesn't happen on my PC though, and it should be fixed when ANGLE builds come out.

>> No.52187434

Why is NNEDI3 still fucking unusable on Windows?

>> No.52187440

i have a ATI 3400 gpu so i probably shouldnt be using opengl-hq

>> No.52187441


use oversample for tscale

>> No.52187444

Either use tscale-clamp or, for madVR-style smoothmotion, use tscale=oversample.

>> No.52187449

mpv built with debug info. Builds with --disable-debug-build have lower cpu usage.

>> No.52187475

Oh yes I forgot to mention; I get lots of dropped frames with oversample and it's extremely visible.

Maybe I'll just disable interpolation and live with choppy animation

>> No.52187476

Is that really the case? You should probably make an issue here (https://github.com/lachs0r/mingw-w64-cmake) if it is. I wouldn't have expected debug _info_ to slow down anything but load times (also mpv isn't even shipped with debug info, it's stripped from the final binaries and provided as a separate download.)

>> No.52187492

Eh, if it works, it's fine. If it's not running at full speed, you could try vo=opengl-hq:no-deband

>> No.52187508

>I get lots of dropped frames with oversample
If Windows, try backend=dxinterop or dwmflush=no

>> No.52187535

Linux, but cheers anyway. Do you know what exactly these options address, and what oversample does differently that requires them?

>> No.52187546

Yeah, I made a comparison like a month ago. Build with --disable-debug-build had 2-6% lower cpu usage than lachs0r's build. But without that option it had exactly the same cpu usage.

>> No.52187582

They're to get accurate frame timing on Windows when the compositor is running, which is hard to do with OpenGL. I think bad frame timing affects oversample the most because it has a more variable workload on the GPU.

>> No.52187609

You should definitely contact lachs0r about it if you haven't already. If it is a problem, it would be nice to have it fixed in the official builds. Were you testing the 32 or 64 bit version?

>> No.52187675

64 bit

>> No.52187681

That stopped happening to me when I started using the bitbuycket builds, the config it comes with has:

cpu goes waaaay down to 5% when running 60fps mp4 compared to 11% with hwdec=no (still high cpu with vp9 webm though, no hw accel for that).

opengl-hq works fine on my intel hd-4400 but I prefer to use vo=direct3d_shaders since the stuff I watch doesn't need debanding and grain added to smooth/deblock, get some better formance and avoids my notebook fan getting turned on.

>> No.52188063


Most people should just use vo=opengl

>> No.52188116

>cpu goes waaaay down to 5% when running 60fps mp4 compared to 11% with hwdec=no

The only time to use hwdec is when you have a shitty or old CPU.

>> No.52188183

With bilinear interpolation? No thanks.

>> No.52188720

>implying I meant people like him

>> No.52189347

I've asked before, but if anyone knows why this:

ctrl+s run youtube-dl "${path}"; show_text "Saving ${media-title}"

doesn't work when the video is opened using "open with" in firefox, let me know because I can only save the file If I open the link with mpv at the command line

>> No.52189623

Does mpv set up HWA by default? Or is it something I need to switch on in a conf file?

Also does video accelerate differently in full screen and windowed? Because for some reason, I was getting lag when playing a 1080P rip in full screen, but the lag went away when I windowed.

This is while using a Intel HD "gpu".

>> No.52189656

>Does mpv set up HWA by default? Or is it something I need to switch on in a conf file?
The latter. You need hwdec=auto in your config.

>Also does video accelerate differently in full screen and windowed? Because for some reason, I was getting lag when playing a 1080P rip in full screen, but the lag went away when I windowed.
If you're using opengl-hq, it's probably the deband shader. Try opengl-hq:deband=no

>> No.52189710



>If you're using opengl-hq,
How would I check this? As far as I know, I'm using the standard mpv package that comes with Lubuntu. I didn't even get the PPA version because that looks outdated these days.

>> No.52189723

If you haven't edited your config file, you should just be using opengl, so you're fine. I'm not sure why you'd get lag in fullscreen then.

>> No.52189735

>Does mpv set up HWA by default?
No, it does software by default. Mostly because hwdec will disable software filters like debanding because it is impossible to do.

> I was getting lag when playing a 1080P rip in full screen, but the lag went away when I windowed.
Are you using OS X 10.11?

>> No.52189764

Not sure either. I will try that hw acceleration. I'm kinda surprised desu because I have used mpv for about a year without enabling acceleration and it has always been fuck-smooth. But that was on my other laptop that has an Nvidia so that may be why.

I'm using Lubuntu 15.10, not OSX.

>> No.52189765

>Mostly because hwdec will disable software filters like debanding because it is impossible to do.
Nope, this is wrong. All opengl features (except cscale with vdpau) work with hardware decoding. Hardware decoding is disabled by default because it isn't needed on modern desktop hardware and it's less reliable than FFmpeg for decoding broken files.

>> No.52189775


Windows fags are this retarded.

>> No.52189777

If nothing else works, you could try vo=xv or vo=vaapi

>> No.52189807

Could just be a typo senpai. Don't be mean to Windows users.

>> No.52189813

I actually haven't tested debanding and hardware acceleration now that debanding is included within mpv itself and not using a shader, however when using the glsl shader previously it would only produce a garbled screen if you used the two together.

See: https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv/issues/1381
>Hardware decoding doesn't work with most filters

>> No.52189842

That was because of the --vf=pp, which is a CPU filter. With --vo=opengl:deband, debanding is done on the GPU.

>> No.52189876

convert_script.lua recently stopped working with audio.
Is there any KISS alternative to it?

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File: 1.71 MB, 2620x833, hwdec test.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just tried it and doing hwdec with debanding automatically disables debanding. You can clearly see it in the picture.

Try testing it out.

>> No.52189989

>Best config for anime?
NNEDI3, as many neurons as you can use, and adaptive sharpen (low strength).

>> No.52189991

Are you using the opengl VO in both? It could be a VDPAU thing, I guess. IIRC VDPAU outputs RGB. I'm not sure if the deband shader is compatible with that.

>> No.52190034

Yes, just a very simple config to test it:

hwdec=videotoolbox # and no for without hwdec

Maybe the OS X hwdec is horrible or something (can't test vdpau, vaapi, or other forms of decoding since they're Linux or Windows exclusive), but it clearly disables debanding with videotoolbox which is the only type of hardware decoding on OS X according to the manual.

>> No.52190553

lachs0r has already made an updater a long time ago, it's just not published anywhere. I asked for it on irc and he linked it. I think it's located on srsfkn.biz but I don't recall exactly. I set up a task schedule to run it everyday.

>> No.52190588

months ago wm4 mentioned opening profile and config loading to the lua. I'm still waiting... Maybe I should ask on irc again.

>> No.52190656

with lua, most likely. have an example?

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File: 2.12 MB, 1320x2427, vaapi-deband.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry for the slow response, I didn't have any 8-bit H.264 on my laptop. This shows that debanding totally works with VA-API. I'm surprised it doesn't work with Video Toolbox, since I thought that just decoded to NV12 frames.

>> No.52190736

does it give an error and what does ${path} expand to in these cases?

>> No.52190953

So he's a fucking bitch. Gotcha. I'll use the bitbucket builds instead. They're updated more often than every 6 months anyway.

>> No.52191000

Sorry if this has been asked before in this thread, but I'm having a bit of a problem with the latest builds from https://bitbucket.org/rorgoroth/mpv-for-windows/downloads .

What happens is that whenever I play a video file, audio is working fine, but there's no moving image. I have tried using an empty config file, but the problem persists. The latest build https://mpv.srsfckn.biz/ is working as expected.

Thanks in advance to any anon that can help.

>> No.52191005

I wish it was more often but more often than once a month isn't bad. and I don't need to think about it now that I've automated it.

>> No.52191298

It's just a guess, but try --ao=dsound

>> No.52191338

Your guess was correct. It's fixed now. Is it caused by a wrong default option set for the windows builds?

>> No.52191404

Nah, but I remember some guy in these threads said he had the same problem and he bisected it to this commit, which is wasapi related: https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv/commit/5afa688

>> No.52191412

how do i use mpv to view images? somebody posted it not too long ago. you could use it to view jpg/jpeg, png, gif, webm etc.

>> No.52191444

% mpv image.jpeg

>> No.52191510

Actually, I just updated and I have this bug too. I'll make a GitHub issue for it.

>> No.52191620

That's not it. Somebody posted some lines you could input into your .conf file.

>> No.52191640


to your config is nice too. you can add webm to be like gif if you want but sometimes webm is actually used for video and not dank memes.

>> No.52191658

Ah yes, this was it. Thank you.

>> No.52191757

I see, so videotoolbox is simply horrible. Thank you for that confirmation. Maybe asking around in the IRC could answer the question, though it wouldn't surprise me if the OS X decoding is atrocious.

>> No.52191763

pip3 install --upgrade pip setuptools
if that doesn't work try:
brew reinstall python3

>> No.52191788

Asking around in IRC might help actually. It could be a bug and/or wm4 might know what's going on. I thought Video Toolbox decoded to raw NV12 frames and that those worked with the deband shader.

>> No.52191816

when i run "pip3 install --upgrade pip setuptools I get

zsh: command not found: pip 3

>> No.52191853

Because pip3 isn't installed. What >>52191763 wanted to say is:

>1. Download https://bootstrap.pypa.io/get-pip.py
>2. Run "python3 ./get-pip.py"
>3. Now pip3 works. Download setuptools using pip3 install setuptools

Then it should work out.

>> No.52191854

What are the chances of MPV getting a SVN equilavent, but you know not shit?

>> No.52191865

So is mpvhq-64 still being maintained? Is there still a reason to use it anymore?

>> No.52191879

>SVN equilavent

>> No.52191889

There is pretty much no reason to use haasn's mpvhq anymore. He hasn't added anything special to it compared to mainline.

>> No.52191906

I don't think mpvhq has had significant changes for a while.

>> No.52191919

mpv's homebrew formula should depend on python3 which installs pip3 for you.


>> No.52192010

I've had that problem a few months ago using homebrew, and the problem occurs when python3 is installed, but pip3 is not symlinked or installed. In my case it was not installed together with python3 for some reason, and using get-pip.py fixed the formula now could use setuptools properly through python3.

>> No.52192110

You forgot :scaler-resizes-only
Bilinear looks better if video isn't scaled

>> No.52192174

He should probably also mention that "backend=dxinterop" is experimental and Windows exclusive. In fact, the entire opening post is dedicated to Windows with the exception of lua scripts.

>> No.52192194

Is there a popular config for maximum quality for both anime/movies? Searching mpv.conf doesn't seem to yield much.

I set the vo option but I'm not sure if I should do more, or if it's even the best all-around.

>> No.52192212

Everything else is walking you in to placebo land.

>> No.52192280

Ok, so this is fixed now. The fix should be in the next build.

>> No.52192326
File: 57 KB, 2042x280, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i love wm4

>> No.52192373

# Video Options
video-sync=display-resample # Required for interpolation

# Subtitles / Audio


# Youtube-Dl settings

Simple one. No subtitle configuration except kerning and language prioritisation (Japanese audio is preferred with english subtitles). You can go even further with the placebo and add nnedi3, however it's almost unusably slow.

>> No.52192393

If you are using a TV and using Linux you should use the xrandr.lua script to eliminate jitter.

Is probably enough, but I don't know if opengl-hq uses the debanding shader by default. You can add :deband at the end to make sure.

Might also be useful

>> No.52192419

>I don't know if opengl-hq uses the debanding shader by default.
It does.

>> No.52192422

And what about subtitles? Just leave them as is?

Thanks. Unusably slow on what kind of hardware?

Just Linux with a monitor.

>> No.52192462


What does this do that ytdl-format=bestvideo+bestaudio doesn't already do?

>> No.52192478

You can run xrandr to check if your monitor supports a refresh rate of 24Hz or a multiple of it. Temporal interpolation is garbage so don't use it if you don't have to.

>> No.52192523

>Unusably slow on what kind of hardware?
Pretty much any. See: https://mpv.io/manual/master/#video-output-drivers-nnedi3

You might want to take a look at haasn's config: https://github.com/haasn/gentoo-conf/blob/nanodesu/home/nand/.mpv/mpv.conf as it is pretty good. However there's some changes that doesn't work like "scale=haasnsoft" as that is something he has added himself to mpvhq. Check the settings up in the manual and add those you want.

While it is a bit outdated since I haven't updated it in a long ass time, if you want to configure the fonts to your liking and want a GUI to do that with, you can use https://github.com/haasnhoff/mpvconfigurator/releases just remember that it is outdated and some settings doesn't even exist anymore. Just configure the fonts, save and copy paste the result into your existing config.

Taken directly from haasn's config.

Basically it prioritises certain file formats over others.

>> No.52192701

Is there a way to force aspect ratio resizing in bomi?

>> No.52192745

on my haswell laptop mpv was screentearing like fucking crazy on full screen. dxinterop fixed that, and direct3d_shaders improved image quality over opengl

everyone on windows should at least be using direct3d over opengl

>> No.52193014

But there is no options for interpolation and external shaders

>> No.52193034

>on my haswell laptop mpv was screentearing like fucking crazy on full screen. dxinterop fixed that
The tearing issue should be fixed with and without dxinterop. Also, the latest Haswell drivers are probably good enough (but the Ivy Bridge ones aren't.)

>direct3d_shaders improved image quality over opengl
No it didn't. The direct3d VO is a fallback VO for systems that don't support OpenGL at all. It's not designed for high quality rendering. It uses bilinear scaling only. The issues with OpenGL on Windows don't affect picture quality, only frame timing.

>everyone on windows should at least be using direct3d over opengl
In the form of dxinterop or ANGLE, maybe, but definitely not in the form of direct3d or direct3d_shaders.

Just read the manual:
>This driver is for compatibility with systems that don't provide proper OpenGL drivers.

>> No.52193038

>wanting a video player to do anything other than play a video as accurately and efficiently as possible

>> No.52193063

So what's all this talk about ANGLE? Is it supposed to replace openGL? Is it supposed to be higher quality or performance?

>> No.52193078

my vernacular is not totally correct
>don't affect picture quality, only frame timing.
that's what I meant
the individual frames did not improve in quality, but the smoothness of the video and how nice it was to look at did improve

>> No.52193093


See angle there.

>> No.52193134

That makes more sense. A number of people have reported that the direct3d VO is smoother than opengl, but if dxinterop works for you, --vo=opengl:backend=dxinterop:interpolation --video-sync=display-resample should be even smoother.

>> No.52193156

I should clarify that I'm not trying to be arrogant and say that I'm right. I'm new to this, had a problem, and am pretty sure I fixed it

if either of you, or anyone else, have suggestions for a config to run on a ULV Haswell laptop please go ahead. Anything but default because I can no longer be assed to deal with screentearing

performance over quality is more important though for that machine. Minimal wattage pull is more important though

>> No.52193212

>performance over quality is more important though for that machine. Minimal wattage pull is more important though
Yeah, I guess this is the only situation where the direct3d VO is preferable, though it's definitely not the case that all users on Windows should be using it. (In future, the direct3d VO might be removed in favour of ANGLE.)

>> No.52193229

neat, I'll pay attention every time it updates
I'm the anon posting about using chocolately earlier. I'm surprised most people don't talk about it here or use it. Makes windows instantly bearable to those comfortable with package management

>> No.52193307

ANGLE is an implementation of OpenGL ES 3.0 on top of Direct3D 11. Chrome and Firefox use it for WebGL rendering on Windows and they need it because most OpenGL drivers on Windows are crap. Since mpv has a high quality OpenGL renderer and the developers have no interest in porting it to Direct3D, ANGLE can be used to fix some persistent Windows-specific issues with interpolation, drivers that introduce tons of latency and drivers that only support ancient versions of OpenGL.

The official mpv builds don't support ANGLE yet, but hopefully support is coming soon.

>> No.52193319

Yeah, that new mpv.install Chocolatey package looks like it's doing everything right.

>> No.52193379


What does "backend=dxinterop" do, in practice? Remove screen tearing? I haven't noticed any tearing without it.

>> No.52193406

It's an experimental feature for Windows only. Supposedly it improves performance by using WGL for rendering and Direct3D 9Ex for presentation, but it only works on Windows and with an nVidia or AMD GPU.

>> No.52193417

See: https://rbt.asia/g/thread/S52094999#p52095726

>> No.52193420
File: 85 KB, 813x610, tumblr_mazsh7FLrK1qgcn1oo1_1280~01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So windows users still should/have to use madVR at the moment in 2016?

>> No.52193444


Thanks, it seems to work for me so I'll see how it goes.

>> No.52193465

That depends on if they have any of those issues. It's pretty driver-specific. vo=opengl just werks on my machine with the default backend. dxinterop can also be used in the meantime to fix most issues.

>> No.52193544

the hell does "decent", "good" and "very good" graphics card even mean here?

>> No.52193650

First off, don't use those unless you're on Windows. The OP should make that much clearer in the post.

Doing nnedi3 ("very good graphics card" according to OP) requires a high-end 2015 card like 970 or 980. And it might not even run that well even then. nnedi3 just isn't feasible yet, and the difference with it on or off is not very noticeable, at least I can barely see any improvement if any at all. I'd say it's a placebo you don't want to enable even if you have such a card.

>> No.52193700

Not placebo. Compare it on this image http://www.imatest.com/images/sharpness_comparison_ROIs.jpg

>> No.52193969

http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/156506 nnedi3 on/off

>> No.52194294

I was told this is the best player for me as I have recently got into high def movies etc.

What do I do. Do i need addons?

>> No.52194477

I wrote a similar lua script for this that works if used with "open with", I use it all the time this way.

only difference is it also opens a terminal

>> No.52194487

Can confirm. I have a 980Ti. NNEDI3 runs like shit.

>> No.52194509

Just to clarify, you don't need NNEDI3 unless you're upscaling shitty content like 480p YIFY. If you're downloading proper releases in 720p/1080p, like BDREMUX or BDRIP then you don't need NNEDI3.

>> No.52194535

None of these configs change anything.I've tried them all.Nothing changes

>> No.52194549

Are you even upscaling or downscaling anything? If you aren't then that explains it.

>Winfags in charge of using common sense

>> No.52194607

Sure thing. That what nnedi was made for.

>> No.52194615

Read the fucking OP

>> No.52194671

Where did you place mpv.conf?

>> No.52194675

how is this different than upscaling?

>> No.52194703

serious question:
what's the point of all these high quality configs if you aren't watching a blu ray disc? I'm assuming anyone doing this has terabytes of remuxes and a 100% sRBG screen

>> No.52194709

NNEDI3 is upscaling, it's just a "better" algorithm.

>> No.52194731


>> No.52194758

>>I'm assuming anyone doing this has terabytes of remuxes and a 100% sRBG screen

We all do.

>> No.52194759

To add on. NNEDI3 is meant for image doubling. So if you are using a 1440p monitor using NNEDI3 on 720p videos will be perfect. Same goes for 1080p up to 2160p.

It will probably not do anything noticeable other then drop your performance if you are viewing 1080p content on a 1080p tv or monitor.

>> No.52194812

Should be ~/.config/mpv/

>> No.52194819

Is there a way to scale shitty movies that use black back 16:9 to fullscreen 16:9?

>> No.52194828

>However there's some changes that doesn't work like "scale=haasnsoft" as that is something he has added himself to mpvhq
Does it really not work? I was just looking around and stumbled across it here: https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv/blob/4d43a0c99788f4f2028d680d122e11d265a0ea10/video/out/filter_kernels.c#L368

>> No.52194838

~/.config/mpv is the skeleton file.I've confirmed it using osd color changes in ~/.config/mpv vs ~/.mpv/config. ~/.mpv/config overwrote the setting in ~/.config/mpv

>> No.52194871

That's a thing to do with aspect ratio. Don't bother with it.

>> No.52194875

No because they are filmed in 21:9 not 16:9.

>> No.52194902

If you try it with HD source you probably won't see any difference.

>> No.52194924

Is there a (Windows) program I can use to create *.pls files, specifically for playlists of *.mkv files? I will be playing the playlists with mpv.

>> No.52195171

OP should explain this before suggesting "best" configs. superxbr/nnedi3 only mostly for low res video.

>> No.52195215

It still looks very experimental.
So op should stop posting these kinds of post (for winfags) and prevent mpv trolls.

>> No.52195223

Does anyone use mpv for blu ray playback? I know it works with make mkv pretty flawlessly, but I feel like cyberlink powerdvd works and looks better. Anyone else disagree?

>> No.52195224

OP is the same poorfag russian with shitty English that has been making these threads since who knows when.

>> No.52195239

It works with Blu-Ray. Never had a problem.

>> No.52195433

So I'm opening mpv using .desktop file on cinnamon and it doesn't show the window on the taskbar. I can't even drag n drop files properly. What do?

>> No.52195455

>adding just "vo=opengl-hq" to my config lags my playback like fuck
>"vo=opengl-hq:backend=dxinterop:scale=ewa_lanczossharp:cscale=ewa_lanczossoft:prescale=nnedi3:nnedi3-neurons=64" works perfectly

There must be something I'm doing wrong.

>> No.52195510

That's not what I asked. I'm wondering if the quality is any better than a proprietary player. Also, does it work without decoding and locally streaming from makemkv? Like can I open the disk with the command line and have it work?

>> No.52195643

What does adding force-window in the config do?

>> No.52195800

How do I enable simple smoothmotion/interpolation without losing too much performance?

>> No.52195844

Nice lie.

>> No.52195916

Build it yourself fuckface it isn't hard.

>> No.52195925

You have a two stroke GPU. It only becomes good once you reach a high enough RPM.

>> No.52195977

Should I switch to 50Hz if it can support it at 720p and 1080p? That's the only other option it shows for me.

>> No.52196036

Install mpc-hc + madvr and even your igpu will run smooth motion flawlessly.

>> No.52196105

>bundling a script with the whole fucking interpreter
I hate windows users.

>> No.52196154

Simplest is

works fine on HD3000 with 720p 10bit content. You might want to try other possible tscale values to see which one you like, but the default is good.

>> No.52196183

.desktop launches mpv in pseudo-gui mode so force-window is already 'yes' by default

>> No.52196225

>very good graphics card
Does the 6850 fit in this category?

>> No.52196263

I have a 7750 and it's alright, so go for it, I guess.

>> No.52196399

Are you fucking retarded?

>> No.52197198

so the easiest way to get this is through the k-lite codec pack, right? is it precustomized to be more efficient than mpv?

>> No.52197281

>people still mention the fucking k-lite codec pack
Will it ever end?

>> No.52197317
File: 667 KB, 1294x756, stats.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Retard pleb here. How do I see stats like this on mpv? I looked through the input.conf and I don't see any keybinding that will enable something like this.

>> No.52197331

I should clarify. I mainly only want to see the dropped frames stat.

>> No.52197340
File: 1.75 MB, 1920x1080, mpv-madvr comparison.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is there a better way to get mpc-hc with madvr?

>> No.52197373

>not fullscreen
What the fuck?

>> No.52197377


Put the stats script in your folder and press 'i' by default.

>> No.52197402

>in your folder
Should be in your scripts folder

>> No.52197422

Something like --osd-msg1='${drop-frame-count}'
Read the manual for details (property list in particular).

>> No.52197431

why the shit is there so many updates coming out for mpv. I know its an ongoing thing but damn

>> No.52197432

Thanks. I got it working

>> No.52197453

Active development, nigger.

You don't need to update it all the time unless you're interested in running the latest code.

>> No.52197461

Because wm4 is paid to do it.

>> No.52197549

ya i guess you're right. But still feel as if they could slow down or something

>> No.52197560

reminder that mpv has better smooth motion than madVR's smooth motion

See for yourself: https://jii.moe/4kZmPNbvg.mkv

inb4 weaboo shit - this has ideal panning scene at ~00:18-00:24 for testing purposes

>> No.52197652

So if I set screenshot format to png in mpv and take a screenshot, mpv freezes for a split second, this doesn't happen when saving screeshots as jpg, any way to stop this?

>> No.52197684

Are you fucking serious?

>> No.52197726

Just know that the stat script will actually drop frames itself. It's too resource heavy.

>> No.52197736

-Get a SSD

>> No.52197805

Is it enabled by default with vo=opengl-hq?
Also does it just smooth it like madvr or does it interpolate the whole video to 60hz which looks awful.
Cool thanks. I wasn't aware of that.

>> No.52197811


All done and it still has a half second pause. Even when I change the save location to my SSD.

>> No.52197832

Put the videos on the SSD you dumb fuck.
Or the screenshot path of the same drive.

>> No.52197841

Same as opengl, but with default settings for high quality rendering.

This is equivalent to:


Note that some cheaper LCDs do dithering that gravely interferes with opengl's
dithering. Disabling dithering with dither-depth=no helps.

Next time, RTFM.

>> No.52197854

It does work, but I thought it was not committed to mainline. Seems like it is indeed in mainline, because changing the scaler to haasnsoft works just fine.

Strange that they haven't documented it in any way shape or form except as comments in the code.

>> No.52197879

Is it wrong to set up the OSC bottombar in the usual mpv.conf? It doesn't seem to be recognising the option for me

>> No.52197882


Tried both, still a half second pause.

>> No.52197907

No, you need to use:



You need to add video-sync=display-resample or a similar video-sync option. They started to require this a few months ago otherwise interpolation is turned off.

>> No.52197911

if it wasn't hard the builds following the added support for it would support it already

>> No.52197919

Damn, I tried setting up nnedi3 but everything was glowing and tearing everywhere. I wish graphics drivers on Linux weren't complete ass, since nnedi3 works with the same hardware on madvr.

>> No.52197938

No, that should work just fine.


>> No.52197989

mpv's internal nnedi3 is in very early stages. While it does work, it needs a lot of optimization. Madshi has probably worked on it to get it working well.

See: https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv/commit/27dc834f37cd2427798c8cb582a574409865d1e7

>> No.52198271

Lubuntufag with Intel GPU + i3 (HP Pavilion G6) from yesterday


I've enabled hwdec=auto and vo=opengl but for some reason there is still some annoying-as-shit slowness/lag/frame-drops happening when I open it in fullscreen

Should I enable a cache or something? I don't know what else to do, maybe this GPU is just pure Intel shit

Here's what I have in /.config/mpv/mpv.conf


>> No.52198282


I don't see this filter in the manual. Is it okay to use?

>> No.52198309

You can list all filters supported by your build with mpv -vo opengl:scale=help.

>> No.52198352

Oh shit. Now that I actually tried it ya thats nice.

I assumed interpolation did the same thing as SVP. Which I personally think looks awful.

>> No.52198395

is a 960 very good tier? installing now

>> No.52198425

Doing what SVP does could only be done at the decoder level.

>> No.52198428

Isn't 960 a budget 970? If so, it's probably just a good tier card.

>> No.52198620
File: 2.23 MB, 1280x720, Interpol.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, it's not like SVP. You can also add certain options to the vo string to change how noticeable it is.

For example:

Will lead to a more noticeable smoothness to scrolling scenes, however it will never reach SVP levels (luckily). There's a lot of different tscales like robidoux, robidouxsharp, mitchell, spline and such. Most people either use oversample (the default one) or mitchell depending on what they subjectively think is best.

Download this webm and try it with the different options. You'll most likely notice the difference. Especially if you try turning off and on interpolation as a whole.

>> No.52198657

But this video is smooth, how is one supposed to notice tscale here?

>> No.52198746

Personally I do notice a difference if I try changing between mitchell and oversample, you'll need to look hard though (put them side by side?), so it's not that big of a difference.

However you will interpolation on and off.

>> No.52198827


How do you get nnedi3 to work on mpv? when I use the one from the OP I get:

Invalid value for option prescale: nnedi3
Valid values are:

I'm using version 0.14.0.

>> No.52198981

Use the latest version from git, pleb.

>> No.52199249

Ooh tscale:mitchell is nice. Like really nice.

The opening for koi-choco does a panning shot with a cable bridge right at the start that is prime for testing this. To lazy to make a webm of it right now but in case someone else wants to see this try it with that opening.

>> No.52199286

I'll make one with SEL. But I only have an SD one, is that OK?

>> No.52199353

I don't need it cause I've got the 1080p BDs but I'm sure its probably fine. I mean I'm stretching pixels to 1440p and it looks pretty disgusting so I'm sure SD is fine for anyone who wants to test.

>> No.52199451

How the fuck is that possible when SEL was not shot in HD?

>> No.52199501

Are there any configs for slower PCs to handle 1080p better?

>> No.52199532

I didn't even read that.
Dunno if its fine I haven't watched SEL. As long as there are lots of lines going across the screen it will probably work well.

>> No.52199536

Enable framedrop, try different vos, settings, skip loop filter for h.264.

>> No.52199551




Got something like this. Other configurations cause frame drops.

>> No.52199745
File: 590 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0003.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>use settings in OP for high end graphics cards
>get this garbage with artifacts and banding

This looks worse than MPC-HC with similar settings. Am I doing something wrong?

>> No.52199810

Is the video 10-bit?
Can your GPU handle the settings?
Can you post a screenshot taken with MPC on the same frame?

>> No.52199817

watch a better source and watch a better series

>> No.52199857

the pic looks like HS quality so i'd guess it's 8-bit

>> No.52199864


Yes it's 10-bit and my GPU should be able to handle it (970).

I figured it out though. It seems to be a debanding issue. When I set the debanding settings in MPC-HC to low/medium, I got a similar output as in mpv. I guess I'll try playing around with the mpv debanding settings and see if I can improve it.

>> No.52199886

>takes screenshot without filters applied
You realize that the built in sceenshot thing doesn't apply your settings to the output right.

You have to take a screenshot with something else.

>> No.52200346

Your interpolation and tscale options are useless. Interpolation requires this together with what you already have:

Also try framedrop=vo.

>> No.52200350

Just highlight all the files you want to play and hit enter.

>> No.52200541

fullscreen --> print screen

>> No.52200568

Is there a way to take screenshot from mpv and keep vo settings applied?

>> No.52200616


>> No.52200740

CTRL s, what does it mean? Where am I supposed to enter this cli command?

>> No.52200759


>> No.52200769

Stupid question here. So i download mpv to Windows. I see some config here, but in archive was only 1exe file. I must create config? There put him?

>> No.52200796


>> No.52200807

Download from there, you have config file.

>> No.52200876

Why mpv has no built-in image enhancement algorithms like madvr?
This is maybe the best thing I saw the last year.

>> No.52200920

Thanks mate.

>> No.52200927

What image enhancement algorithms?

>> No.52200995
File: 81 KB, 968x605, madVR SuperRes Settings - Upscaling Refinement-picsay.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All these ones...

>> No.52201023

because that's the same thing as throwing a bunch of effects on music and pretending it's somehow better than what the artist intended

>> No.52201034


>> No.52201152

Seriously this shit ffmpeg filters are awful...

>> No.52201196

Remix are often better than originals.

>> No.52201208

thank you. should I enable the lua script(non win here) aswell?

>> No.52201270

Who are still using hd-ready/720p monitor today?

>> No.52201291

>The Window Edge is sharp
>The Window Content is blurry

Lol fucking Madshi can't even code properly.

>> No.52201292

got an old ass laptop.

>> No.52201346

Using Baka MPlayer, I notice no difference whatsoever between motion interpolation on or off. Does it even do anything?

>> No.52202820

Anything I can do about horrible horizontal tearing? I haven't done much outside of enabling opengl-hq in the config. I'm running linux with compton, if that makes any difference. My GPU is a 7870 and the CPU is and i5-3570

>> No.52202873

stop using opengl-hq
stop using linux
stop using compton
stop using depricated AMD hardware
stop using AMD on linux

stop using mpv

>> No.52202897

vo=opengl-hq:waitvsync ?

>> No.52203031

Traditional cel animation has no native resolution. It can be transferred to 1080p BDs just fine. Only digitally produced anime, which came later, is locked to a specific resolution.

>> No.52203116

Like the above anon said, it can be scanned it at very high resolution. 16mm can be over 2k.

>> No.52203157

As in 2000x2000 or as in 1080p?

Also we are going to need a new thread.

>> No.52203220

2k is roughly over 1080p. same way 4k is roughly larger than 3840x2160

>> No.52203264

This. I've never understood the popularity of sharpening filters. It's like applying a bass-boost filter to audio. That said, mpv has a GPU accelerated sharpener. --vo=opengl:sharpen=<value>

>> No.52203870

hwdec with broken files I understand, but if most AMD/Nvidia/Intel GPUs include a hardware decoder, why not use it?

>> No.52205211

hey so i have mpv and i bought some cds today
i play them with mpv cdda://
but every 30 seconds or so, the music pauses as if it's buffering for a second or two
what's going on? this is making listening to grimes really difficult

>> No.52205299

make a new thread, copy the OP information, then ask your question again

>> No.52205340

Turn on tear-free desktop in catalyst.

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