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Here's your reply.

Merry Christmas, anon.

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>buying a pre-built

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One can't even play doom 2 at 60fps while the other can and it's less fucking expensive

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stop feeding the trollm you fucking retards. report and ignore.

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But where's the fun in that :^)?

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more cables = more control

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>whatever is on top of the tower
Mac doesn't have those.

>also, 2016- 6 days and only having one monitor, and a pre built.

Few years back I went to a Lan party, some fag brought his mac and couldn't play half the shit we played.

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Is cable management a foreign concept now?

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Nope. Everyone just leaves the cables on the desk like on the right picture :^)

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>using the smiley with a carat nose

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>Mac doesn't have those.

yes it does.

>also, 2016- 6 days and only having one monitor

you can add more monitors to the imac.

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Mac fag detected

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>knowledge = mac fag

whatever, guy

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>using the smiley with a carat nose

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It's spelled carrot :^)

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>OP posts picture comparinga desktop to an iMac
>fags post Mac Pro, a desktop computer


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What is the trashcan but a glorified iMac anyway ;v)

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>hurr, wires are bad!

Shit is only as cluttered as you make it out to be

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Anon it has little to no relation with the iMac you little silly buns
Thats like saying a Gigabyte Brix is the same as an Alienware

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>implying gamertard shit isn't all the same in the end just like macshit


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>I added 1GB of DDR2 RAM and a GTX 980 to a Dell desktop with a Core Solo and 512 MBs from 2005


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>Core Solo
You are this retarded.

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>laptop parts in a "desktop"

Apple products = shitty hardware with a shiny metallic apperance to impress tech-illiterates

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oh shit what

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I LOVE when I get to use this picture

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>being this much on damage control
>being this schlonged
wew lad

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>being this much on damage control
>being this schlonged
ayy buddy you're the salty nigga posting jaypegs from 2009

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>typical tumblr whales in reflection


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Why are you so mad about a few jpegs? Are you a macfag?

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>Thanks for the inheritance grandpa

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>Why are you so mad about a few jpegs
>you keep using that word again
I don't think you know what it means tee bee aych familia

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I only replied to you once, retard.

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>Opening a shop

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>mfw I didn't get (You)ed once in this post because you can't argue against demonstrable retardation

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>calling others retards for not knowing things they wouldn't be able to know

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>I installed windows on my mac so I can enjoy softwares and games but I will deny it
every mac user

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>every mac user
prove it

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I don't know anon, make some friends, see what they do with their mac.. life, you know?

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life is too hard for people like you and i anon

thats why we're here

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>2008 Macbook Air
lol you;re posting shit that is invalid famalam

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this nigger's right
netbooks don't throttle while surf the web

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macfag is the gayest
>keeping useless empty boxes intact and displaying them on a shelf

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I love how it's usually the complete opposite of this, like what you're doing now. Nice.

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Did you know that he is actually one of us?

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haha yeah I remember that glorious thread

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what the fucking fuck

just store the racks in tubes and claim it has a higher performance density to finish it off

and build round datacenters with square rooms inside

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Well, I guess I could back the old versions of these packages up in case something happens. Well, the 2012 version was the best one they made, I don't need all these new features.
I'll just revert back to the last restore point if anything happens. Shit, the only one is from 2008 as I didn't bother to set it up correctly. Well I'll just have to avoid this program until the developers update it as it crashes my pc.
Mom I need a new macbook air, yes there's a new update, yes my 2014 macbook air doesn't support it, yes I need at least a 2015, yes I'll need a new one next year. No mom, I can't just manage for a few weeks until the 2016 version comes out. Fuck you mom, why do you live, I'm going to kill myself, fuck you for giving birth to me, what sort of parent doesn't buy his transgender child a new computer when he/she needs a new one?

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>not using a mac monitor as your monitor ^:)

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Except that's not him, see

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dafuq are you talking about m8

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He's dead.

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Doesn't make any sense at all.

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What the fuck is that picture even trying to say

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Absolutely Disgusting.

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I worked at a game dev company.

I used Windows and Linux.

Boss used a mac.

We all had a good workflow, and our code compiled on every machine in the office (shared by way of git).

I dislike Mac but whatever.

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people who hate macs suck microsoft cock because they think that's the only way to not suck apple cock.

You see someone using linux or bsd and actually knowing what he's doing, he's not sucking anyone's cock and he's not hating on anything just because it's the cool thing to do.

Just stop sucking cocks already.

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I hate Macs, MS and Loonix, but I hate Macs more. Feel better?

>> No.52056241

Seems like there's a lot of cock sucking on your mind. Are you posting from a mac?

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Note recommended

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>this thread

Best christmas present I got this year desu senpai.

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>implying freetards don't suck RMS and anarchist cock

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maybe you should leave /g/?
Or if there's an os that you love, BSD or plan9 or something, post more. This board might even get better.

I'm posting from a beat up hp convertible from 2007 that I bought for 20 bucks. Currently it runs arch because I wanted something simple that would just work, but now that I have some free time, I'm going to install something else.
You can pick, do I install gentoo, LFS or some BSD?

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Where do I get the source for this?!

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>it runs arc
>do I install gentoo, LFS or some BSD?
Stay classy /g/

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this I didn't know about yet, holy shit.

at least their design looked nice. Looked.

the program used is facerig.

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Thank you senpai

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>at least their design looked nice
No it did not.

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I just think that OS's have been stagnating for the last 6-8 years. It feels like evolution is dead and everything is a marketing scam

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I meant stuff that was made while Jobs was alive. He would personally murder everyone who worked on any of their recent products.

>> No.52056921

Apple died when he died, they are just living off of the fanboyism

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Fresh OC, Merry Christmas /g/.

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Forgot background.

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>Dual GPU workstation smaller than some NAS box
Why are people making fun of Apple again?

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>trashcan pro

>> No.52057091

>make a shitty trashcan shaped computer with non replaceable parts which run really hot
>call it a workstation

>> No.52057106

>prime 95.60*C

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> but I can open multiple social media apps without slow downs.
> workstation
Apple users senpai

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Don't worry, it's only $99!

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Nice memes, but that's a MacBook Pro's temps you posted there.

>> No.52057217

Oh my god, that's ugly af

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>Laptop tech in a desktop computer
>Prebuilt garbage for people who don't know what to do with their money

So the other can't run any games, and to make sure of that the OS is designed to be game unfriendly, and the other has something like 32gb of ram but an R7 370 but still costs over $2k.

Both are rubbish.

>> No.52057610

I just got this new Lamborghini...

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Your turn OP.

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god I miss YFSGT

RIP admin, assassinated by the ghost of steve jobs

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>computers are only about hardware!

>> No.52058859

So the proper OP comparison would have been an all in one Windows PC to an all in one Mac PC?

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>you will never edit a photo with shitty flame effects and dildos
>you will never be this anally anguished

Man, it sure does suck being a Macbook user.

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>all in one Windows PC

sure thing bro

>> No.52059480

2/10, come on, that CRT tube is a dead giveaway... You know fully well AIO Windows PCs are just as needlessly 'compact'.

>> No.52059507

Man, this brings me back. I bought an XPS 420 in '08.

>> No.52059533

/g/ loves to hate on macs, but the new 13 inch laptops are priced competitively with competing laptops like the xps 13 or carbon x1. the price of the mac pro isn't actually that outrageous, a comparable windows workstation (build with workstation grade hardware) would cost a bit less and be bigger. now the imacs, idk why anybody buys one of those.

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All 3 laptops you mentioned are fucking shit.

>> No.52059754

I live near the guy

>> No.52059769

Ask him if he got rid of his shitty imac 4 years ago

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>implying the trashcan isn't just laying the groundwork for a new line of Xserves to enable Apple to efficiently build their glorious dildonic citadel

>> No.52060193

you don't need all those ports for tumblr and facebook anyway

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