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Endgame edition 2: Electric Boogaloo

pic: hhkb with kana kyes from a nishio board

>Buyer's Guide:
>Where to Buy:

Old thread: >>51970731

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damn thats some nice shit
except for the meme artisans

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How many people spent extra on NKRO and use USB?

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i used my nkro on my kul but one day the ps/2 stopped working and i went back to usb
i never used more than like 3 keys at once so it never mattered but i still liked the ps/2 adapter

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I really hate my G710+

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You should have listened to us.

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Any decent firmware does NKRO, it shouldn't be something you pay extra for.

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real thread here


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Anyone here get into the TGR-Jane CE group buy?

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Yo just dropping by to say that I contacted a Japanese seller on my local (European) Amazon, and he offered me to refund any custons/taxes extra if I should incur in any.

Looks like I'm about to drop 230€ on a blank caps white hhkb.

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Nice. What model is that? What brand of switches?

How much to spend for the keyboard?
How much for the custom keycap? Which plastic?
What about the case?

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>spending more than $30 on a keyboard
lmaoing at your life

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Oh, neat. So, this thread prompted me to look up the vintage Mac keyboard that I'd read so much about. It led me to Matias, which is currently making a (more or less) reproduction with ALPS mechanical keyswitches.

I'd like to try one of these.

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>contorting your body to suit a machine
>using shitty hardware to do so

Do you value your body and health at all?

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I didn't know about you guys when I bought the damn thing. I'm gonna get myself a Quickfire Rapid with Blues soon, thoughts?

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nth for clickety clack

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>spend $20 on a machine to input text
>spend $200 on a machine to input text
which sounds more reasonable to you?
The $200 option gives you the added choice of colored keycaps, but you could simply take a gray keyboard and dye the caps whatever color you want if this is so important to you.

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You're an idiot and you have no idea what you're talking about.

I sincerely hope you never develop RSI. The problem with RSI is you don't know if you're prone to it until after you have it, and once you have it it's hard to get rid of.

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>spend $200 on a machine that you're possibly going to be interacting with for 8+ hours a day, using your delicate hands which can easily develop carpal tunnel/RSI/etc, of which one of good quality will last a lifetime
Doesn't sound unreasonable at all.

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how does a mechanical keyboard benefit people with RSI?

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Dude. Go fucking Google it. I'm not going to babysit you.

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You're acting awfully defensive toward your $300 keyboard with no function keys

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>2 /mkg/ threads

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My $300 keyboard has function keys.

I'm not defensive. You're just lazy, uninformed, and will obviously stay uninformed thanks to your laziness.

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>I'm not defensive.
>>you're wrong
>>it's not my job to educate you
>>do not play 20 questions with me

Gotta keep that fragile ego unshattered somehow I guess.
Enjoy your $300 memeboard.

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Enjoy your ignorance. Again, I seriously hope you never develop RSI. If anyone in your family has any inflammation related illnesses, watch out.

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That sounds like a threat.

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You're threatened by your own body and habits.

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>ibm model m
>owner lives in filth and shit cable management

sounds about right

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>model M

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you're just jealous because your anemic mechanical keyboard has no room to place a nice mug of coffee

>> No.51994606

oh sorry it's a "special snowflake variant ibm with 24 F keys because I can't be the same as 80% of reddit pls no steal"

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>no room to place a nice mug of coffee
my 60% is in fact so small I can fit 12 cups on my desk

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Yeah, faggot, it's a Model F, which is a terminal keyboard, because OP is a mongoloid.

Surely the *only* reason he has that is because it was easy to find a cast-off that nobody wanted.

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>no insert/delete/home/up/down keys
wow, it's almost like you don't do anything more than shitpost on 4chan with your fancy boutique keyboard

>> No.51994651

jokes on you I'm a sysadmin and it works just fine

>mfw poorfags leave the home row to navigate

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Some poorfag is haunting this thread.

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I'm looking for a cheap ten-keyless without any gamer branding with keycaps that preferably look like >>51993794
In fact, I just want a nice tiny version of >>51993794.

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I was going to suggest a Model M Space Saving, but I checked ebay and they're $100 - $580.

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why do people keep using those ugly animal head keys for the Esc key?
Do they actually press down on it?
Do they even use these keyboards, or it is it literally all for show?

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I personally don't, but it's not like you use esc more than a couple times a day anyway, is it?

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hello what is the use of the ` on ansi keyboards?

I use it with the US international layout to type accented letters like èàìò, but does it have any use on a standard layout?

I mean there's ' already

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is it retarded to use a mechanical keyboard with a laptop

>> No.51994976

no I do it most of the time

as a bonus you will trigger half of /g/

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i just hope the keyboard is a camouflaged automatic weapon designed by Q.

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it looks autistic
if you're using a decent laptop you don't even need an attachment keyboard

>> No.51995016

>if you're using a decent laptop you don't even need an attachment keyboard
if you use any laptop newer than a thinkpad t420, you NEED a keyboard.

>> No.51995048

if you've actually used a recent thinkpad keyboard, you would realize they're quite a joy to use, even with a chiclet formfactor

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so this is what the world has come to.

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who /masterrace/ here?

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>no function keys
don't kid yourself

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>dem caps

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>being poorer than RMS

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>being poorer than Stallman

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I'm glad someone else appreciates JIS layouts here.

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>tfw tracking says delivery today

oh boy can't wait to see what 319€ gets you

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It is the only usable version of the HHKB.

Well unless your only use of the PC is a facebook machine.

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>hey world look at me I can code fizzbuzz in python!

come back when you can build a computational matrix in C with cost o(n logn)

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Holy shit, die in a fire.

>> No.51996110


Well that's a fucking bummer, I've seen a variant with green switches but never any for sale.

So I guess the poker 3 with greens is my best bet at a 60% with greens?

If so does anyone know where I can find that keyboard in grey and not entirely white?

It's either that or the FC660 with blues but I kind of want greens

>> No.51996237

How'd you get Terminal like that?

>> No.51996470

Alright guess I'm giving up on finding a keyboard i like with greens, too fucking hard or way more expensive than planned.

Between the noppoo choc mini with blues, fc660 with blues, or the filco m2 tenkeyless with blues.

Kind of leaning towards the fc660, but I'd like to hear opinions if any of you have any of those boards.

>> No.51996811

I want a RGB backlit, TKL, mx cherry brown keyboard, what are my options?

>> No.51996877

Why are we infested with people like this

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>mfw I'm typing on this very HP membrane keyboard and it feels like 80% of a legit topre board

i-is it a meme, after all?

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What keycaps?

>> No.51998115

They won't go to /wsr/, they think they're actually helping "discussion" when they're just fishing for opinions.

>> No.51998118

KMAC 2 w/ hard-to-find gateron keycaps

>> No.51998121


That's exactly why I can't understand c the Topre nonsense:

It feels exactly like the HP keyboard(s) I used for nearly ten years.

... That's not a slight: excellent keyboard and I paid more to buy the exact same model when my original finally quit on me. I just can't see why anyone would pay Topre money.

>> No.51998134

k65 rgb. use google next time

>> No.51998487

What model, anon?

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Got my first mechanical keyboard today, AMA.

>pic very much related.

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Quickfire rapid with vortex pbt doubleshots

>> No.51998661

What colour underpants are you wearing?

>> No.51998679

Spoken like someone who doesn't use vim.

>> No.51998718

>tfw no keyboard with a dip switch to map caps lock to esc
>have to map using software
Keyboard makers are a bunch of plebs.

>> No.51998740

I don't wear underwear, never.
Next question.

>> No.51999133

is that Rapid or XT?

>> No.51999192

Whats the best kb I can get for <80 bucks?

>> No.51999225

XT with MX Blue.

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Why didn't you buy a ducky?

>> No.51999322

I'm torn between the XT and the Rapid-I.

I like the TKL more, just not sure if I'm ready to give up the numpad yet.

>> No.51999341

why do you need 20 buttons on a mouse

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>Ordered Lolita Spyder with black switches
>Arrives with blue switches
>Returned and refunded

>Order TWO Lolita Spyders with black switches, because surely one will be right this time (after contacting the seller on Amazon)
>Both red switches. They don't even offer red switches on Amazon.
>Returning both tomorrow

I don't think I'm cut out for this, /mkg/.

>> No.51999353

Not him but Ducky wouldn't happen to make a keyboard with green switches would they?

>> No.51999383

I could not find any with Italian layout.

Numpad is useful, I would get the XT over the Rapid-I any day.

>> No.51999414

>I could not find any with Italian layout.

I'm italian and use US intl layout on an ISO keyboard.

It's just superior.

>> No.51999437

I did !!

>> No.51999457

surprisingly I play games (mmos) where I actually have every single button on the side 1-12 and a shift variant of each of them bound and used.

>> No.51999471

Sorry to break it out for you but writing in Italian using a non Italian keyboard is retarded.
How do you write this shit: àèéìòù?

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>I play games

>> No.51999490

How is this?


I'm really only looking at functionality, so will this get the job done?

>> No.51999493

with ' and then the vowel.
In fact it's better since I don't even need shift.

use ` for èìòùà
use ' for áéíóú

>> No.51999565

Get http://www.amazon.com/Rosewill-Mechanical-Keyboard-Switches-RK-9000V2 instead.

>> No.51999577

That's what happens when you order cheap chink boards. Shit goes wrong.

>> No.51999611


Well whats the cheapest board that gets the job done and isn't a sack of shit?

>> No.51999624

Finding black switches in the UK's a pain in the ass. The popular ones only come in blue or brown, and fuck blue and brown.

Lolitas themselves are pretty decent.

>> No.51999671

TKL? Quickfire Rapid.

Blacks are good for POS systems. I don't know why you'd want to have a personal keyboard with blacks.

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Damn, I'm so jealous. I wish I had a nice keyboard...
>TFW no descent looking mech board in my country aftermarket.

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I did though.

>> No.51999821

Sorry but it's still retarded as fuck and unpractical.
For è i just press è.

>> No.51999879

How many people have a shitty mobo from 10 years ago that actually has ps/2?

>> No.51999903

You say that like you've never had to chord before.

>> No.51999982 [DELETED] 

Ducky Zero

>> No.52000001

Ducky One

>> No.52000019

You sound like a retard who is trying way too hard to convince himself that writing in a certain language using a different keyboard layout is not only a good idea but might even be better.

>> No.52000074

Ah yes, calling an anonymous poster a retard instead of addressing the point. Nicely dodged.

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So glad to see group buys like this one fail.

>Only compatible with first party Topre
>No quality improvement over stock caps on those boards
>Ugly color scheme
>Retarded legend sizes and placement
>Designed by the meme master
>200 orders minimum
>$140 + shipping
>It's just for the keycaps

What were they thinking?!

>> No.52000269

I don't understand why they didn't just stick with the original skull squadron design.

>> No.52000308

Yeah agreed

that was dogshit ugly and there was a lot of talk about how it was the consumer's "responsibility" to buy it if they wanted more topre keycap sets. No one even wanted that set; people were asking for another one and then suddenly the organizer just goes "nope, we're running the ugliest caps on earth".

fuck 'em.

>> No.52000347

>the organizer
Well, it was Topre that decided to go with that. Matt3o had multiple suggestions for them.

>> No.52000379

Blame Topre. They had really specific requirements for what Matt3o could and couldn't do.

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File: 1.45 MB, 2592x1936, 97.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>using a nice keyboard with a kid's toy laptop

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File: 225 KB, 1200x605, DCS_0014.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He could have tried to stick to the original skull squadron design.

>Use more interesting font, they were making custom legends anyway
>Ditch the icon modifiers, too modern looking
>Don't make the legends on the alphas look so tiny
>Stick with black legends, since it's all Topre seems capable of
>Dark gray function row
>Fully yellow row below that
>Ditch the dark color on the modifiers
>Dark gray arrow keys
Wow, that was hard. These changes don't even create any new technical difficulties.

The design they picked tries to be both modern and retro at the same time and loses both its charm and elegance in the process.

>> No.52000612

Where can I get japanese keycaps for my weeaboo needs?

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File: 76 KB, 1539x568, template.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hi /g/
I'm thinking of getting me a WASDv2 105 keys keyboard with MX Cherry Brown (0.2mm travel reduction) for Christmas.
My question is: What icon would you guys pick for the OS key ?
I was thinking of a desktop icon, but really I don't know.
I will use it for both work and games, pic related is the template i'll use.

>> No.52000698

Get the barebones. And ANSI.

>> No.52000731

Why? I picked WASD because how easy it is to custom both the legends, fonts and color of the keys.
There is no point in buying the barebones in that aspect

>> No.52000736
File: 510 KB, 2080x1170, trf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw go muh model m in the mail

Feels gud man. Fuck this thing is heavy compared to my k70 that I'd been using for about a year and a half.

I wish I saw the coiled cable more often.

>> No.52000751

The caps are thin and pad printed.

>> No.52000763

A lozenge ◊ is the most generic choice that's actually in use.

>> No.52000766


Because after trying them all, I can safely say blacks are the sexiest switches.

I'm still shocked blues are so popular, the noise was driving me insane.

>> No.52000778

You literally don't understand.

>Use more interesting font, they were making custom legends anyway
Topre had font requirements. They wouldn't let him use just anything

>Ditch the icon modifiers, too modern looking
Topre requirements

>Don't make the legends on the alphas look so tiny
Do you really need me to go through the whole list?

Basically this started out as "oh hey Matt3o lets make something cool together" and turned into Topre turning down everything.

>> No.52000799

Not even the Japanese use Kana input.

Get a keyboard with the Japanese layout if you want to fuck yourself over.

>> No.52000804

Ok, but what does that mean ? is it poor quality ? Where would I get my keys printed if not by WASD ?

I like the idea, i'll think about it

>> No.52000828


>> No.52000834

>Ok, but what does that mean ? is it poor quality ?
Yes. In 4chan terms, they're shit.

>Where would I get my keys printed if not by WASD ?
A completely custom set? You don't. Only WASD offers this, as it would be prohibitively expensive with an actually durable legend process.

>> No.52000850

Then turn them down back, what's the problem? Oh right, he gave up his integrity as a designer to be the first to release a set like this.

>> No.52000852


>> No.52000897

Hey, you wanted to know what they were thinking, I'm just telling you how it was.

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File: 93 KB, 974x431, large_689_large_688_francium_pro_whiteled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Help me out here. I've gone through a bunch of different "help pick your keyboard" forms and I keep getting brought back to this keyboard:

Deck Francium White LED Backlit PBT Mechanical Keyboard (Brown Cherry MX)


It looks like it's everything I want, 10-keyless, backlit, brown cherry mx. But the snob in me maybe wants something a little fancier looking. The chassis could be a bit more colorful, and the font on those keys is just absolutely terrible.

I'm willing to forgive the colors though; I really want to pull the trigger on this keyboard. However I want to get different keycaps that still work with the backlighting. If it's possible I think I'd really like the spherical dome shape too. Would you recommend "Deck" brand keyboards? Are those keycaps pretty interchangeable?

This is my first mechanical keyboard. I'm coming off of a hand-me-down Razer tarantula whose "E" key is finally dying. I hate typing on this thing too.

>> No.52000928

>Oh right, he gave up his integrity as a designer to be the first to release a set like this.
What the hell are you on about?

>> No.52000944

Well, the point of this purchase, beside the mechanics switch, is to get a fully customized keyboard. I didn't expect to get god tier quality in that aspect anyway. As long as I get a pleasant looking mechanical keyboard, i'll be satisfied.
Thanks for the warning tho.

>> No.52000956

Did you consider the Ducky Shine 3?

>> No.52000958

Its a decent choice. If you look in the buyer's guide, its considered a decent "no frills" kind of choice.

>> No.52000961

i've been using a 15 year old dell keyboard and a labtec mouse i took from a school computer room. are razer keyboards/mice shit? i just want to find a mechanical keyboard with a couple macro keys less than 100

>> No.52000964

>The chassis could be a bit more colorful

>the font on those keys is just absolutely terrible
So replace them.

>keycaps that still work with the backlighting
Vortex PBT+POM doubleshots.

>If it's possible I think I'd really like the spherical dome shape too.
It ain't.

>Are those keycaps pretty interchangeable?
ANSI125 is pretty standard.

>> No.52000974

>read first post

>> No.52000990

>a fully customized keyboard
You're getting a customised keycap set, not a keyboard. A customised keyboard would involve picking out different PCBs, cases, etc.

>> No.52001083


WTF? The Japanese layout is the only one with an arrow cluster?

I have no idea what the appeal of HHKB is. If you don't have arrows that you can hit without moving from home row (e.g. Kinesis Advantage), I don't know how you could live without an arrow cluster.

>> No.52001252

Anyone have comments on the newer iteration of this board, the Rapid-i? Just wondering as I can find the Rapid-i at a local place for a good price with Cherry Blues but not the original Rapid.

>> No.52001266

Yeah. And the ridiculous space bar is a no-go for me.

>> No.52001289

wheer can i buy these english japense keycaps?

>> No.52001400

They're ugly

>> No.52001572


Is the "Storm" CM Quickfire Rapid any different? The buying guides don't have "Storm" in any of them but that's the only on that I can find.

>> No.52001737

The storm is the tenkeyless version. The storms full sized brother is the quickfire XT

>> No.52001758

I want an hhkb
You want an hhkb
Everybody wants an hhkb

>> No.52001788

Nigger, what you are saying is that having to press 2 keys is better than pressing 1 to obtain the same symbol.
You are so much retarded that you can't even acknowledge your own retardation.

>> No.52001811


>backspace key the wrong profile


>> No.52001819
File: 131 KB, 1040x663, Screenshot - 12222015 - 12:00:54 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd get this, but I feel like I'd be missing the point.

>> No.52001843

I threw up a little in my mouth.

>> No.52001878

what's wrong with wasd?

>> No.52001903

>Thin ABS
>Cheap printing
>Easily fades/shines
>Very expensive for this type of quality
You'll use it for 3 months and the lettering will strip off or at least shine to the point where you'd think you've been using it for years.

>> No.52001912

Cm storm is cm's gaming brand. All their keyboards are "cm storm". It doesn't mean anything.

>> No.52001926

alright, how do I go about picking a keyboard then?
Do I just buy one of those established ricer boards and then order custom keycaps to my liking?

>> No.52001955

WASD keyboards are fine, the keycaps are just shit. Go ahead and buy the barebones board if you want and get non shit keycaps.

>> No.52002003

Any options for full size backlit with cherry mx greens other than ducky one? Not having a lot of luck finding much of anything that even has greens to start with..

>> No.52002037
File: 864 KB, 3000x2000, Kinesis Advantage (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is the kinesis advantage a meme keyboard?

>> No.52002116

How do the keys on the hhkb work?
I only see a ctrl and alt key
where's the meta key?

also, how do people deal with no arrow keys?

>> No.52002152

Sure I want one. But will I spend the price of a noppoo + used thinkpad + small used audio speaker for ONE keyboard that have achieved a meme status? No.

>> No.52002162

>being poor

>> No.52002206
File: 164 KB, 902x1301, ba5854786d0eed0e61553d112f628721.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ducky or Code?

>> No.52002224

I'm a student you dip. And I'm not autistic to the point of spending all my savings buying a meme keyboard while I can use it in a more reasonable way.

Now, I know that you're meming, but I read once that rich people became rich because they were skilled at saving money, not spending it.

>> No.52002330

they huff their own anuses and bask in the glory of their consumerist minimalism which helps them transcend any need for puerile arrow keys

>> No.52002340

enter on the other side of the space bar endless smashing of the wrong fucking key

>> No.52002444

ducky anything

>> No.52002452

>all my savings
Wait one more week when you have the money too?
Or if you dont have a part time job fucking get one you lazy shit.
College or not

>> No.52002617
File: 3.03 MB, 359x202, jwjzzmcpfsce.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Part time ain't so much income.
>Implying I a willing to get cucked into by buying an over expensive keyboard when I can have instead bunch of decent stuff.
Stfu shill

>> No.52002711

Not the same guy, but its one of those things if you're going to be using it for years and years when difference between a crappy keyboard and a real solid mech is usually ~$100 you might as well save up. You'll probably going to regret it down the road when you do have more money and you wasted the money on the crappy board because you were impatient. Quality > quantity

>> No.52002804

is there really any point when the rate of diminishing returns is ridiculously low?
you could buy 6 model m's for the same price as one of your hhkb memeboards.

>> No.52002826

Just because returns are diminishing doesn't mean they aren't worth it.

>> No.52002836


>>52001758 (other anon)
>I want an hhkb
>You want an hhkb
>Everybody wants an hhkb

>>52002152 (my reply)
>Sure I want one. But will I spend the price of a noppoo + used thinkpad + small used audio speaker for ONE keyboard that have achieved a meme status? No.

Next time, re-read the context.

>> No.52002843

they still make motherboard with ps/2 in this current year you retarded dumbass

>> No.52002851

It's more income then not having any isnt it faggot?
Get 10 hours a week at $100.thats an extra 100 a week you get.thats not even exerting your self or taking time away from your homework.

>> No.52002868

Are they worth getting? NAH
they'e shitty specs

>> No.52002884

>buy $500 watch
>literally functionally identical to a $16,000 patek philippe
>b-but it's worth it!!`

>> No.52002898

Grammar, you angry cretin.
Also, why do you keep shilling this over expensive board? Stop embarrassing yourself, you idiot.

>> No.52002906

I thought people still liked them because they have a higher poll rate than USB based keyboards, and this is considered beneficial for vidya.

>> No.52002932

Almost every keyboard functions the same. We're not trying to increase our gaming performance or chase some audiophilesque bullshit. We just like to have things that look and feel nice.

>> No.52002959

80 percent of all motherboards have them,and if anything your is shit for not having it cause you manufacture is to cheap to skimp out on 5 cents

>> No.52002985

This would looks so good if he could find another tab key for the key under backspace and ditched the novelty caps

>> No.52003005

Yeah, the shield on the back with most cases will look weird without it, too.

>> No.52003026

>complains about not having money but wants 100% grade A mech.
>Refuses to get a part time job working even a minimum of 10 hours a week.
Im not even talking about the board,i didnt even look.Im talking about your retardation of wanting a quality board but cheap.Do day labor and get 100 bucks.IDGAF
You're not entitled to having quality expensive stuff.And saying "MUH SAVINGS" makes you sound retarded.
If your literal savings is the cost of a mech,you should change your priorities

There is no reason to have PS/2 unless you're a hipster faggot.In no game will you press more then 6 keys at a time, nor will you type fast enough that it would ghost 6 keys.

>> No.52003075

The problem is that the Nissho KB106DE they were probably harvested from is only JIS and doesn't have a lot of the keys that are filled in those creative ways.

>> No.52003107

He can harvest a tab key from another one (that would be prohibitively expensive though, I guess, but topre fags already do crazy shit) and I'm sure a 1x key in top row profile and a couple in bottom row profile are available at least

>> No.52003141

The funny thing is that the "backspace" key is actually `~ and backspace is the one over enter in the hhkb.

Unless he remapped them on the OS.

>> No.52003186

He could just get a JIS HHKB and it would be gold, if he actually had money to burn.

>> No.52003215

The JIS HHKB is not at all compatible with those keys if that's what you're implying

it has like a 2x spacebar and like ten 1x keys on the bottom row, plus a split shift

>> No.52003264

>not sure if I'm ready to give up the numpad yet.

Here is a handy flowchart to help you decide if you need a numeric keypad:

| Are you an |
| accountant? |----Yes---> YES

>> No.52003274
File: 507 KB, 2448x1836, Nissho.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Most of the keyboard would be much better off, the bottom row is the problem.

>> No.52003305

The JIS HHKB also has non-standard staggering to make up for the triple split shift, which means neither shift would work

>> No.52003341

Or if Yes get a TKL and buy a numpad.

>> No.52003349

buy a ducky & italian keycaps, change language on computer. it's worth.

>> No.52003505

the amount of rationalization ITT is astounding
all so you can convince yourself to buy a non-ANSI meme keyboard especially when you don't even speak japanese
>i didn't need a numpad anyway
>i didn't need function keys anyway
>i didn't need ~ and ` in the proper place anyway
>w-why would you ever need arrow keys?
>are you a pleb?

>> No.52003696

why buy artisan caps when they have no use for a keyboard
why buy colourful keycaps when all i need is the stock one
why buy different switches when rubberdome/scissorswitch is standard

>> No.52003761

There's nothing wrong with with blowing hundreds of dollars on keyboards if you can afford it.
What I take issue with is neets saving up for months and blowing all their savings on a single keyboard just because they fell for the mechanical keyboard meme.

>> No.52003900

It's their own money why does it matter what others do.

>> No.52003990

>There's nothing wrong with with blowing hundreds of dollars on keyboards if you can afford it.
There are a fair number of people in these threads who are probably pretty rich. Theres a keyboard above worth over $800 all together. No NEET could save that much money just on a keyboard.

>> No.52004041

>why buy artisan caps when they have no use for a keyboard
Correct, anyone who fucks up the look of their keyboard with those godawful things is a moron

>> No.52004102

Can anyone recommend a stiffer sturdy spacebar?
Every spacebar i've used in the past always breaks in the middle of it.
already tried vortex pbt doubleshot and ducky stock caps

>> No.52004116

This honestly. Artisans are way, WAY overpriced and even if they weren't I wouldn't buy them. They look like shit.

>> No.52004120

yeah at that point you're buying a status symbol, purely for the branding.

>> No.52004164

it sounds like you need a metal spacebar so it can protect itself from your retard strength

>> No.52004167

it's not a status symbol if nobody but watch nerds know what brand it is
people only know rolex, if it's not rolex, it's not a status symbol

>> No.52004214

Every aluminum bar i've seen is from china,and id rather not have to deal with customs+ china build quality

>> No.52004324

Getting recognition from your peers is more important than impressing the pleb.

>> No.52004334
File: 43 KB, 900x600, 102590_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You have 5 minutes to explain me why this keyboard is NOT ricer shit.

>> No.52004343

the only people who you're gonna impress is disgusting old men
i guess it's fine if you're into that sort of thing

>> No.52004368
File: 2.59 MB, 2030x2463, 20151222_163108-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

H-how did I do for my first mech? Kailh blue switches for the curious

>> No.52004374

It has arrow keys and numpad

>> No.52004381

ugly as fuck

>> No.52004424

But it is

>> No.52004435

do people actually like this gamer ricer aesthetic?
i always thought it was a feedback loop where designers try to make their shit look "cooler" and gaymer 15 year olds buy it regardless of looks because they don't know any better.

>> No.52004581
File: 239 KB, 1200x761, large_1223_DuckyCitiesA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>But it is

And yet /mkg/ is filled with "muh ducky shine so good xd" posts.

>> No.52004722

It's ricer shit, but the only thing which makes it that is the flashy lights. Ducky boards have good build quality and don't look fuck ugly, and it won't even look like a ricer board if you turn the lights off.

Thus, ducky boards qualify as ricer, but not as shit. They're actually good keyboards with fancy backlighting.

>> No.52004792

Not the guy you're answering to. I've never read (nor found) a scientific publication that showed a link between mechanical keyboards and RSI prevention. Can you please provide me some so I can change my current view about it ?
(which is that keyboards over $30 are a scam. not intending to offend you)

>> No.52004804

What's the most non-ricer shit quality mechanical keyboard with mx clear or whites? 80-100%.

>inb4 topre

>> No.52004818
File: 436 KB, 1920x1080, 12-22-2015 Obligatory acknowledgement of shit camera & lighting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm really tempted to give into the HiPro meme and transplant my 55kg switches into one.

>but why not just put the HiPro keycaps on your TKL?
Because part of me misses having a number pad, even though I've gotten fairly used to the integrated numpad™ for inputting silly alt codes.

>> No.52004897

How do you do a copy command? How do you make a capital letter?

>> No.52004925

Not him, but a MK won't prevent RSI.

MKs are a luxury item. A really nice luxury item which you can customize, feel really nice and all that, but a luxury item which won't do whole lot more than a 30 dollar keyboard (apart from NKRO, something which membrane keyboards have trouble with).

A Ducky Zero (I think the ducky zero has a variation in white switches if you can find that anywhere) or perhaps a KUL.

Or a ducky shine 4 with the lights turned off (I've opened this thing myself and the build quality is superb).

>> No.52004951

Why shine 4 over 5?

>> No.52004976

The 5 doesn't come with clears.

Though judging by the specs sheet, it has an even better build quality.

If you're looking for those new nature white switches that cherry came up with, then the Shine 5 is what you're looking for.

>> No.52005041

>How do you make a capital letter?

>> No.52005112

>The 5 doesn't come with clears.

And I wanted to try clears.

>If you're looking for those new nature white switches

I've been reading about nature white for some time. But those switches are new and Ducky-exclusives so it's kind of risky to order a keyboard with them.

>> No.52005135

They're just 55cN linears.

>> No.52005585

What's he gonna do, track down your ip and fuck up your wrists with his magical powers?

>> No.52006080

Ducky is pretty shit, Filcos off amazon should be recommended in their place.

>> No.52006212

Get a Shine 4.

The RGB lighting of the Shine 5 does look gorgeous, but the Shine 4 looks beautiful already.

And it comes with clears.

>> No.52006233

>Ducky is pretty shit
said no-one ever

>> No.52006264
File: 253 KB, 855x486, keyboard.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a Logitech G910, Not too great I guess but i like it.

>> No.52006276

Are Unicomp's clicky keyboards worth it?

>> No.52006313

I have a shine 4 with clear+browns
seems nice so far
way different than blue/greens

>> No.52006415

nice to type on but the plastic case feels cheap and flimsy

>> No.52006421

Thinking of building my own mech keybord using the phantom pcb, is it a good idea? Have any done it here?

>> No.52006518

>gamer ricer shit
literal pussy repellant

>> No.52006529
File: 786 KB, 1210x1000, 2huboard+promicro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Everything's here! Unfortunately, I'm borrowing a friend's soldering iron, so I'll have to wait until after the holidays to wire it up.

>> No.52006585
File: 889 KB, 1500x1000, 2hubrd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This picture came out blurry but it should give a nice idea of the look when it's done.

>> No.52006597

Well i have a boyfriend so no trouble there.

>> No.52006625

I'm interested to see your results.

>> No.52006654

>Not him, but a MK won't prevent RSI.


15 years ago, I had terrible tendinitis in both wrists, largely from using shitty keyboards like the Microsoft "Natural" (most unnatural thing ever made).

Mechanical keyboards give you 100% consistent key force. Compare with the MS Natural, which used sliding plastic posts. If you hit a fat key (e.g. shift) slightly off center of the post, you suddenly have a huge increase in resistance, thanks to friction.

The single biggest impact from any change I made was in switching to a Kinesis Classic keyboard. Aside from the shitty function keys, it's all Cherry MX with separate keywells.

My 2006 Macbook was the first non-mechanical keyboard that didn't bring on agony almost immediately. To this day, if I sit at a coworker or family member's computer with some shitty OEM keyboard, my wrists will be on fire within a few minutes.

>> No.52006674

That's not prevention, that's alleviating the symptoms.

>> No.52006732

do people really enjoy this faux-space marines halo video gamey look?

>> No.52006744


>should I hit myself in the head with a hammer?
>well, when I stopped hitting myself in the head with a hammer my migraines stopped

It's not alleviating the symptoms, idiot, it's curing the tendinitis. It's a chronic inflammation issue, and a good mechanical keyboard was the most important part of my recovery.

Look, I don't care AT ALL whether or not you buy a mechanical keyboard. I don't care if you jump off a bridge and die tonight. But I highly recommend that everyone use a quality mechanical keyboard. It's ridiculous that in 2015 we're still contorting our bodies to interface with computers.

>> No.52006759

I acquired a white pok3r with mx clears. What keycap set should I get?

>> No.52006803


Though I'd still argue that you can get a non-mechanical keyboard which is just as good in terms of ergonomics as a mechanical one.

Not that I'd ever argue against getting a mechanical keyboard, I'd probably have trouble going back to a non-mechanical long-term by now.

>> No.52006838

I shouldn't even be addressing a post with an analogy that bad, but I meant that it didn't prevent you from getting RSI in the first place.

>> No.52006914

This post,in its entirety

>> No.52006946

>Though I'd still argue that you can get a non-mechanical keyboard which is just as good in terms of ergonomics as a mechanical one.

Like what?

Anyway, ergonomics are highly personal. I like the Kinesis Classic/Advantage with widely spaced keywells. Others like split/pivoting keyboards. Others like the weird vertical ones.

>I shouldn't even be addressing a post with an analogy that bad

That analogy is perfectly apt.

> but I meant that it didn't prevent you from getting RSI in the first place.

Why WOULDN'T something which ends tendinitis would likely help prevent it from occurring in the first place?

Also, I never developed RSI in all the years of working for hours on an IBM Model M. Then I went to shitty membrane keyboards, then I hit rock bottom with the MS "Natural" in hopes that it would alleviate the tendinitis that was starting. Then things started getting better with the first Kinesis split keyboard, then they got awesome with the Kinesis Classic.

It's like I always tell people: the problem is, you don't know if you're prone to RSI issues until after you've already developed them. And once you've developed them, it's a long road to recovery.

Why WOULDN'T you invest $100 in a decent mechanical keyboard? It will last through several PC builds. It's probably the cheapest thing you'll ever buy for your computer, in the long run.

Same goes for chairs. The number of people I see with shitty posture, bragging about how they're fine in their $20 Office Max chair is astounding.

>> No.52006963


Nope. What's in it for you to be so dead-set against the ergonomic benefits of a good keyboard?

>> No.52006983

In the 35 years ive been in computing professionally,using keyboards everyday of my life,i have never had an issue using any sort of board.
So i'm calling horseshit on your entire "experience"

>> No.52007015

I have a mechanical?
I've never heard of,nor experience any of the other bullshit you're spouting,Furthermore i work in IT.

>> No.52007048


>using keyboards everyday of my life,i have never had an issue using any sort of board.

So... maybe you aren't prone to inflammation? What an amazing concept.

>So i'm calling horseshit on your entire "experience"

No idea why. It's exactly what happened to me.

>I've never heard of,nor experience any of the other bullshit you're spouting,Furthermore i work in IT.

Again, what's with your assumption that because you haven't had a problem, others won't and you never will?


It's like I always tell people: the problem is, you don't know if you're prone to RSI issues until after you've already developed them. And once you've developed them, it's a long road to recovery.


>> No.52007095

>Why WOULDN'T you invest $100 in a decent mechanical keyboard?
You're preaching to the converted.

My problem is that the presentation of your opinion is so awfully absolutist that it's too easy to poke holes in. One, your problem with rubber dome + membrane is that they're inconsistent - not all are like this. Two, you talk about a Model M like its standard ANSI layout isn't an RSI nightmare. Three, not everyone develops the same issues, nor for the same reasons. You say it's "false" that a mech won't prevent RSI, which means that it will with no qualification; you are now talking to someone else for whom this is not true.

>> No.52007127

>prone to inflammation
The entire human body,for every person,is prone to inflammation.So you're still full of shit with your placebo bullshit.

>> No.52007150

>One, your problem with rubber dome + membrane is that they're inconsistent

Oh is that what I wrote? Here, let me just see...

>My 2006 Macbook was the first non-mechanical keyboard that didn't bring on agony almost immediately.

Oh, would you look at that? Hey, it's almost like you misinterpreted what I wrote!

>Two, you talk about a Model M like its standard ANSI layout isn't an RSI nightmare.

There's nothing particularly wrong with the Model M layout, aside from the numpad being there.

>Three, not everyone develops the same issues

How many times do I have to repeat the same thing?

>You say it's "false" that a mech won't prevent RSI

What the fuck are you trying to say here?

>The entire human body,for every person,is prone to inflammation.

No. There's a difference between the normal inflammatory response and "inflammation prone" individuals.

Anyway, I'm not going to continue this any further. I explained how mechanical keyboards help with RSI, and y'all got butthurt over it, mostly due to your own inability to read.

Fuck off, faggots.

>> No.52007173


>> No.52007189

>There's nothing particularly wrong with the Model M layout
Oh my god why are you even talking about ergonomics

>> No.52007301


>> No.52007327

Was there really an argument up ^ there arguing about why someone would save to buy a nice keyboard? People save up to buy nice things holy shit.

>> No.52007559

That's not the reason.
He's saying that his bullshit brand of keyboard is LITERALLY THE ONLY THING IN THE WORLD that prevents his made up "disease".

>> No.52007581

to be honest I tl;dr most of it so I wouldn't catch the autism.

>> No.52007654

What exactly is wrong with the plain old ANSI layout?
It's certainly more ergonomic than ISO, and JIS is completely unnecessary if you're not actually typing Japanese.

>> No.52007690

There's nothing wrong with the ANSI layout. One anon mentioned buckling spring keyboards and the other one thought he was talking about the layout of the keyboard.

Buckling springs are heavy as fuck switches in case you're wondering.

>> No.52007706

A regular keyboard layout isn't very ergonomic. It would need to be split at a minimum.

>> No.52008029

while 61 key(60%s?) look the best by far, for practicality I think ill end up picking up a tenkeyless like the Storm QuickFire Rapid

>> No.52008071

I forgot to ask. I don't think I'll be able to test them out, so should I go brown or reds?

>> No.52008102

stop putting your spacebars on wrong

>> No.52008108

browns if you want a shitty unplesent click
Reds if you dont and you dont bottom out

>> No.52008175


>> No.52008182

But it feels nice.

>> No.52008202

I second >>52008175

>> No.52008210
File: 960 KB, 3156x1628, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you triggered /g/?

>> No.52008212


>> No.52008230

I've heard the clicks really bad. Not sure if I want to get into that, I'll probably end up picking up some reds since my hands are super tiny, so I should do blacks

>> No.52008233

Are most USB mechs PS/2 compatible or is that something I'll have to look for?

>> No.52008237

Like I need you to validate my opinion, you cocksucking faggot.

>> No.52008243


>> No.52008281
File: 38 KB, 639x434, legs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>had a KBT pure pro for over a year. backlit, blue switches

I may never buy another keyboard again. It's actually the perfect one for me.

>> No.52008288

Did you wake up on the wrong side of your neet cave?

>> No.52008294

not really, because even though it looks like shit, it's still a mechanical keyboard and manages to cost less than any of the meme boards /g/ faps to.

>> No.52008299

Looks like hipster trash

>> No.52008311

Blues are CLICK CLACK really loudly.
Blacks are stronger reds.
Having tiny hands have nothing to do with switches.
Do you want to press hard to get a click?
Do you want a smooth light press to get a click?

>> No.52008324

Eat a dick fuccboi. I bet 90% of your posts are agreeing with some other anons opinion.

>> No.52008330

What if blacks and blues aren't enough

>> No.52008352


>Poor men can only afford the very best.

Get the best first, that way you don't spend Greece's deficit trying to find the best.

>> No.52008353

A little bit, yes
>backlighting in the year of our lord 2015
>that lone FN key NOT being backlit like the rest
>Backlighting on a logo just in case you've forgotten what you bought
>"caps LK" instead of "Caps Lock"
>"num LK" instead of "Num Lock"
>The way R is written that looks like an lower case r
>That weird area at the bottom of the keyboard that's too small to be a proper wrist-rest, but still large enough to get in the way
>With me not knowing the brand, I'm guessing it has Kaihl switches instead of actual Cherry MX

The only thing positive I have to say about it is that I can absolutely see the value in having the extra row on the left.

>> No.52008360

I think greens are stiffer versions of blues, but blue is plenty stiff idk why you would want more.

>> No.52008386

I however disagree with >>52008324

>> No.52008398

I just got a key black/red/blue/brown tester set and was pretty unimpressed with all of them, green sounds nice because I did prefer blue

>> No.52008426

You need to type on a full keyboard to get the true feel of the switch. And even then, boards with the same switches mostly feel different. You spent money on a useless meme.

>> No.52008432


>> No.52008436

DIFFERENT boards with the same switches, I mean.

>> No.52008440

have you actually typed at length though? The whole point of blues is that you don't need to bottom out to actuate the key, so you end up using less force to type, move your fingers less etc. getting really stiff blue switches I think would defeat that purpose.

>> No.52008447

Any other switch that isnt black or blue is meme and hard as fuck to find and expensive.
Blue if you want to press hard and have fatigue
Blacks if you want linear and a hard press.
Or just get reds and stop being a faggot

>> No.52008460

I don't see what else I could do, I don't know anybody with a mech, let alone 4 of them each with different switches

I'm looking for greater actuation force than blues but with the same type of switch where you don't have to bottom out

>> No.52008470

>Or just get reds and increase your amount of typos substantially

>> No.52008479

Go to any computer store and try some out. Even best buy has mech keyboards fag.

>> No.52008486

Get reds and adjust the poll rate of your keyboard to fit your typing needs.
I've never had any issue beyond the first day or 3 with typos,and i bottom out every key

>> No.52008497

Which is the best kind of switch for someone who is used to typing on a thinkpad all day?

>> No.52008505

There's nothing wrong with kaihl switches

>> No.52008510

best buy only has ricer crap like corsair and razer
you could make the same argument about walmart because even walmart carries razer keyboards now

>> No.52008511

Oh so I have to drive two hours just to try out keyboards

>> No.52008512

>these people asking about switches
I've seen this said multiple times and people tend to agree with it as a general consensus

Buckling Springs > Greens > Blues
Topre > Clears > Browns
Blacks > Reds

Any switch that isn't listed such as Alps, Gatorade™, or whatever else is being talked about is unlisted because they're meme-tier.

>Something that's the exact same as blues but with greater actuation force
This is what greens are.

>> No.52008515

t. poorfag

>> No.52008518

Do you like eatin shit from ur hands?

>> No.52008523

>Any switch that isn't listed such as Alps, Gatorade™, or whatever else is being talked about is unlisted because they're meme-tier.
But Gateron linears are better than any Cherry linears.
Also Matias linears are even better since they have built-in silencing.

>> No.52008527

yes, if you want something, you have to work for it

what is the actual hand feel difference between clicky/tacticle/linear?


>> No.52008529
File: 45 KB, 311x325, 1440925337239.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>buying a knock-off with less quality control than the original
If you're going to spend the money on a luxury item like a Mechanical keyboard, why not save up a bit more and get the real thing?

>> No.52008536

Topre 55g most likely

>> No.52008547

Cherrymx is overrated

>> No.52008552


>> No.52008561

Sorry you live in bum fuck nowhere, but that's not my problem faggot. How about you get an amazon prime trial, buy a few keyboards with free shipping, and then return all but the one you like. Not ideal, but it's your only option if you don't want to venture into society like a normal human being

>> No.52008562

The brand of the fucking keyboard matters not. You're there to test the SWITCHES.

>> No.52008581


these are nice but since going to blues i don't think i could go back to a real short throw keyboard anymore.

>> No.52008591

they're not going to have anything but blacks, reds or blues because those are the gaming friendly switches

>> No.52008603

Should change name of these threads to Cherrymx boards general

>> No.52008605

And understanding how tactile vs linear feels wont help them?
Besides anything then the standard blues,blacks,reds is meme and expensive as fuck for the same shit

>> No.52008615

if all switches outside of red/blue/black are irrelevant and redundant, why do they exist?

>> No.52008620
File: 13 KB, 368x294, 1401333351812.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seconding >>52008536
I've spent a fair amount of time on an X220, and use 55g topres as my daily driver. Topre is close to the Thinkpad feeling, though 55g is probably a bit more force than the Thinkpad requires. I don't have the X220 near me right now to compare.

Fair point.
If you're going to spend the money on a luxury item like a Mechanical keyboard, why not save up a bit more and get something that's actually good like Topre?
Or just get a Buckling Spring since they're actually on the cheaper end of Mechanical keyboards anyway while still being actual good switches.

>> No.52008623

Well, reds and blacks are basically the same thing just with different spring strengths.
Same for greens and blues.
They'll probably have a brown which is garbo compared to clears.

Speak for yourself, but only 2 out of my 7 are Cherry. 1 is Gateron, 1 white ALPS, 1 Topre, 2 Buckling Spring.

>> No.52008728

>he doesn't have an electronics store next door so he's in the middle of nowhere

>> No.52008730

meme.There is no reason beyond being expensive for the sake of being expensive,and taking all that neckbeard cash.
Blue=force and click
blacks=force and smooth
red=smooth and smooth
You really dont need anything else and the rest are placebo

>> No.52008744

>I personally don't care for them so they're useless bullshit

>> No.52008767

new thread when? :3

>> No.52008777

Having 500 choices would make it any different?

>> No.52008791

lot of the ones /g/ raves about where made for industrial settings.

>> No.52008807

Having 3 and finding none to be decent sounds better?

>> No.52008824

There was no market call for them to be created.The default set has been fine and has been working over a decade in the consumer market.

>> No.52008876
File: 11 KB, 318x325, I respect your opinion and acknowledge that our differences are what let us grow as a society.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hating on greens, clears, and Topre

>> No.52008884

When this one dies. No sooner.

>> No.52008886

Greens and Clears are superior in every way to their weak alternatives.

>> No.52008924
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I've thought about buying a cheap entry level board and replacing the caps with caps harvested from a plunger membrane keyboard.
Do any mechanical switches match this slot?

>> No.52008983

I'm not sure why you think any would. I guess there are some MX-compatible stems out there, but that ain't one.

>> No.52009130

>I'm not sure why you think any would
that's the problem with you nerds, you can't imagine someone not being indoctrinated with all the relevant knowledge about switches and mechanical keyboards in general.

>> No.52009143

I can't imagine someone asking stupid questions outside of a forum for such things, no. Is it so much to ask that an enthusiast board be for enthusiasts?

>> No.52009159

I asked a question because I don't know anything.
You responded with "wow i don't understand why you wouldn't know everything already, goawsh"

>> No.52009165

>I asked a question because I don't know anything.
Here's your problem.

>> No.52009192

>muh sekrit club

whatever, you people are dumb, spending $500 on a keyboard with non-english layouts and no function keys.

>> No.52009201

None match that I know of. You might be able to jerry rig it to something but it might end badly for the caps.

>> No.52009204

We sure are.

>> No.52009246

Read the first fucking post

>> No.52009355

oh no!
I angered the impotent keyboard nerd. :(

>> No.52009570

You're overreacting.

He didn't say
>"wow i don't understand why wouldn't know everything already, goawsh."
He said
>"I'm not sure why you think any would."
This isn't an inciting statement, but you decided to assume that he was speaking down to you when he was really just making note of being unsure why you would think your idea was correct, and was subsequently nice enough to actually answer your question that you are not, by any means, entitled to have answered at all. You're actually the one criticizing him for not knowing something, that being "why you think any would [work]".
Moreover, you even got a SECOND person answering your question >>52009201 here without ANY negative words, and not only did you not thank him, you are still continuing to insinuating that we're all "dumb".

You're not entitled to shit, let alone the ass kissing that you seem to be wanting.
Go back to reddit, faggot.

>> No.52009574



>> No.52010233


The best combo. Its like $100 together and you cant get anything better for less.

>> No.52010281


still jealous

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