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Math or CS phd? Discuss

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>the current year

you realize you can get a CS career without a degree right

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What if it's research-motivated as opposed to industry

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Yeah maybe something trash-tier like programming

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what the fuck is this commie shit. nerds in their basement have done more for computing than "researchers"
>tfw no cs degree, 21 , making just under six figures as sysadmin
>tfw 15% raise if I can learn ruby on rails within the next 7 months
if this is trash-tier then i wonder what is better

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dumb fuck

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Right back at you faggot.

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Enjoy your shit career.

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Math you can go on to apply to anything. Presumably you're already computer inclined, so you can still go on with your computer shenanigans, now with more advanced math.

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>apply to anything

found the /sci/entist

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>tfw no proof
>tfw 50k a week from masturbating

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kek this
he fell for the 200k starting in any job he wants meme

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Since it's a PhD. Math would be more helpful.

Over time you'll get better at CS in general while working. But implementing advanced algorithms and shit is only easier if you have a math degree.

Basically get a math degree because you'll eventually learn to be better at CS anyway.

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And your CS degree will land you a career in fixing Betty in accounting's internet, and overseeing the next generation of CS students as they change toner cartridges.

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whatever floats your boat

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Math is more useful. I once saw a finance job for a math PhD that could code in java and the job was millions of pounds per year. (to program some stock buying software or something)

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If you are truly serious about doing a PhD, do it in Europe, specifically Germany or the UK. That system you have in America is tantamount to legal slavery.

And it would only be worth it in maths in your case, a CS PhD is meaningless to almost every related career.

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Is it literally just programming/CS that you can get without college? Can I land an EE job by watching youtube videos?

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