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Thoughts on Apricity OS?

I haven't tried it, but I absolutely love everything I've seen about it so far. The same apps I would have installed normally are preinstalled, low memory usage, based on arch, lots of security applications, just werks, etc.

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Looks really nice. Installing it now on a VM.

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does it have pacman / AUR?

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Yeah that's honestly the first thing I'm going to uninstall.


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looks alright, but what the hell?
since when did any os idle at more than 500 mb or less?

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why is the image so poorly made?
I hope this doesn't reflect the quality of the OS


maybe they're referring to windows user mid session, but still... bad wording.

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Link me the site op

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Only a couple videos on it, one of them by good ol' "reclusive observant technology father who's a bit too hard on his kids but he means good"


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Gotta say, it looks good

Will be keeping an eye on this one

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Using it right now. It's a little buggy,had some issues updating the keyring, and there's certain tweaks they performed with Gnome that annoy me (the top bar for instance). Other than the couple of applications that I'll never use, it's ok. I'd rather just stick with a regular Arch/Gnome installation though.

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Have you used ICE?

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No. I'm not even sure what it is,tbhonest.

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I use it. The GUI package manager is not really stable and sometimes slow as fuck, so i stick with good old pacman/yaourt from the cli.

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This. Easily the worst GUI package manager for pacman I've ever used.

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why do you all care about yet another distro that is clearly just a fork with a skin... are you all shills?

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I use it because of said skin. This skin is what it looks like when i go through the hassle to configure shit myself. And since i'm a lazy fuck and this distro exists i use it.

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I've got it installed in a VM because I feel the same way you do. My reasoning for doing this is sometimes a distro will come along that has features I've never used or even heard of. There isn't alot of discussion about new things in the Linux community (at least in terms of applications).

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I've never had any problems with pamac. Use it on Arch to search for packages all the time.

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>GNOME base
>good battery life

Pick one. Why another fork? Consolidate the ecosystem. This is becoming a clusterfuck of distros cannibalizing each other.

What the fuck?

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Millennials fucked over Linux.
And I won't use it I don't like the design language

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What is the optimal combination for battery life?

>Arch > LightDM > i3 ?

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Maybe but GNOME is the worst DE for laptops

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LightDM is defecated.

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> Chrome
> Dock
Yeah, no

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Why don't people just focus on actually creating a new decent toolkit or desktop environment or design even (like the Numix people or https://solus-project.com/budgie/ ) instead of basically reskinning existing distros?

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My Win10 machine doesn't even use that much. I personally prefer my Winxp machine, idles at 50mb.

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When will there be a distro/DE running as smoothly as http://www.windows93.net/ ?

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Is there a non page iso?

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I really like the frontend of this distro. I wish there was a way to use this environment verbatim with debian instead.

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looks like a gnome3 skin

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>This entire thread
>Only 2-3 hostile posts
Marketers, at least try to know your audience before you do this shit.

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what's the consensus /g/?

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I will shill whatever the fuck I please and you'll learn to live with it you dumb faggot.

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>why is the image so poorly made?
I hope this doesn't reflect the quality of the OS

/g/ is so autistic now

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Distro jumping is a mental illness. You're supposed to find something stable that just works, not trying out every silly distro out there for completion's sake, you gigantic sperg.

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no thanks

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>based on arch
>not arch

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how do you actually install this shit?

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