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recommend me some laptop

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No, fuck you seriously.

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15" rMBP

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Pi top

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12.5" x220

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no ty

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Put Windows on it.

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and for what reason ? stop with this meme please

also I can't really afford any Mac

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ASUS Laptop F555UA-EH71
>inb4 1366 x 768
Human eyes can't see past that, pure placebo

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Laptops are for retarded people who can't wait to get home.

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>also can't really afford any Mac
you're the meme

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but my 6 years old laptop has a higher resolution I don't really want to go for the lower one now

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Some people actually have jobs anon

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xps13, xps15 for ultrabook.
thinkpad t4*0 otherwise

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Dell xps 13

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i like you style, op
new fanless macbook would be a good choice imho, if u are into gaming - i recommend windows desktop or some dell notebook if it is a must

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Non-free firmware
Non-free firmware
Non-free firmware
>xps13, xps15
Non-free firmware
>thinkpad t4*0
Only the T400 has free firmware
>Dell xps 13
Non-free firmware
Non-free firmware

OP, get a T400.

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XPS 13 or 15 are the best all around windows laptops out right now

MBA 11.6 for 9 hours battery life or 13.3" if you want that 14 hour battery life

new thinkpads are garbage, don't bother unless you want to overpay for a huge bezel 1366x768 screen and shit-tier trackpad that is a waste of space

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nobody gives a fuck

op I'm looking into xps series myself, 13 is lighter with much better battery and 15 is more powerful and bigger screen. I have a powerful desktop but I also do CAD and gaymen while traveling so I'm leaning towards the 15

they're the most well reviewed notebooks right now, the only complaint being automatic contrast adjustment built into the firmware

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>automatic blah blah
that was fixed a bit ago

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not op, but same, just waiting for the 4.4 kernel to fix some issues before grabbing a 13.

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only on the 4k display versions actually and I prefer battery life and do not need the pixels. again it's a minor issue but I can see it bothering some users

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