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What happened to proper /g/ shitposting?
I haven't seen a "botnet wants me to starve" thread in months, or any mention of botnet for that matter, is botnet dead?

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>what happened to newfag spam
Gee, I dunno

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Those "botnet wants me to starve" threads were never funny in any way.

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It's winter now. Summerfags have left. You should go too.

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They starved to death

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see >>51893014

Also, "my wife's son" is the new maymay, get with the times.

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i never got them you are screwed on so many levels go with carry out they see your face.delivery and they know your location.They already knew it via your ip anyways

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I miss arrow man.
At least his shitposting was funny.

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This guy right here won the internet.

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I guess school's out again :/

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We're /v/ lite now.

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Was posted yesterday, early on. But mods deleted it.

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everyone who didn't embrace the botnet has been killed off

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>saying "maymay"
kill yourself

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retarded newfag op

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old /g/ memes thread?

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i was not a prolific shitposter, but had a fair amount of contributions.

the amount of newfaggotry that invaded the site pushed me away. i can't stand the current state and visit /g/ less and less.

and no. i haven't found any alternative
>inb4 8gag

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I don't know if it is a good or bad thing that I both remember that thread and three of those greentexts are mine

>implying assembly isn't a 1:1 mapping to individual instructions
>implying that ASM is a level of abstraction
>implying i don't know assembly better than you

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kid you ain't seen nothing

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Literally half the board is taken up by spam shitposts on a 24/7 basis.

Right now:
>desktop thread
>Linux will never look this good
>Why haven't you upgraded to a square yet?
>ITT: Tech Placebo
>What's your excuse to not use Windows 10?

In the past week we've had constant threads about reapplying thermal paste and replacing power supplies every year.

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>reapplying thermal paste and replacing power supplies every year

Are you saying I bought a new PSU for no reason?

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Good moderation is what happened

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