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>How to request purchase advice:
>/g/ wiki headphone FAQ:

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M50X > M40X

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Love those headphones. Been using them for years.

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Crossfade LP2s representing

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I'm looking for that nigga bass...

I like a wet, loud bass but cleaner than beets.

Also need good mids and pointy , sparkly highs.

Ain't there nothing fo a bass head?

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The install gentoo guide on headphones is worthless now.

Wheres the buying guides?

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literally wearing these right now tbqh

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everyone felt ashamed of them because after new measurements for the x2s came out, shills for everything else came out of nowhere to talk shit

there was a huge shitstorm, and at the end of it everyone lost confidence in almost everything, so the guides were taken down

now no one will make a new one, though i dont know what the new one would have on it

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Guides are on the wiki.
Does anyone even give a shit about IEMs? I doubt that.

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Is this good?

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Are mudheisers still tinny and veiled?

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Needs more gain compensation, drop pre gain harder.
Adjust the goddamn Q and center frequency, that's why you have a parametric EQ.
Why boost 10 Hz?

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>Why boost 10 Hz?
muh planars yo

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you know it sounds better to turn up your physical amp and make sure software gain is below 0

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>10hz boost
>15khz/20khz boost
>boosting bass on sennheiser headphones
enjoy your audible distortions

good thing they're not planars and have stupid high bass distortion

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hmmm JBL Everest Elite 700 is much better than the M50X. Comfortable, good build, great BT + ANC. Better than the V-Moda Crossfade Wireless. Imaging is around the level of a semi-open headphone. Too bad BT pairing is only with a single device. The ambient noise toggle is pretty neat too.

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how do you know he doesnt have planars?

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oh, he named the file after the phones. gg

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Is the FiiO E10K any good?

I need a DAC+amp combo and I have no idea what I'm doing

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Why would he even have to boost those frequencies if he had good planars?

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I have a budget of $200.

Should I build one or get a name brand? I have always been using ear buds so I am assuming most headphones will be a huge jump in quality. I am just worried about ear comfort using headphones for hours. My ancient over the ear ones nearly injured my ears by clamping down on them. Also nearly made me sick because the earpads got sweaty and filled with bacteria. Do I need to worry about that with other headphones?

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In-ears are better than headphones for sound quality.

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holly fuck the mudddddddd

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Got bitches that want me to put down the drugs but I'd rather be loaded than falling in love.

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Do they have bass at all though?

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File: 214 KB, 977x1500, AKG Pro Audio K612PRO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just ordered this on amazon. Can't wait

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some people dont like planars bass. which probably boils down to the fact that its all the same volume. sounds silly but of all the frequencies, bass makes the most sense with it

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good headphones for people who don't like music? I like noise/drone but mostly listen to wilderness sounds.

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Yes, moreso than headphones due to their seal and distance from your ears.

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youd probably want hd600 then

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Is that bad for hearing or is that media fear nonsense?

Also good ear buds seems expensive

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So. I want a neutral sound and the DT250 and DT770 is where my choice lies. I hear the DT250 has a more neutral sound. It also has replaceable cables. Whereas the DT770 seems more comfortable and sturdier.

Any help making this choice would be useful.

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if those are your only choices then yeah, the dt250 is obvious. the dt770 isnt neutral at all.

but you should really just fill out the form and let us give you some recs too

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You should get some MDR-7506

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>bad for hearing or is that media fear nonsense
Nothing inherently bad. What does the damage to the ear is high sound pressure, which is not different from headphone or speaker.

There are lots of biases with speaker/headphone listening, and people tend to turn play headphones louder than that normally would be comfortable with speakers. That they play it louder does damage to the ear, but nothing else.

>bass at all
The most common problem with in-ears is that they have too much bass.

Not so much distance but coupling volume.

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Only bad for hearing of you turn it up too loud.

Headphones have the same potential for damage as earbuds and IEMs.

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>bad for hearing or is that media fear nonsense
Nothing inherently bad. What does the damage to the ear is high sound pressure, which is not different from headphone or speaker.

There are lots of biases with speaker/headphone listening, and people tend to play headphones louder than what they would normally be comfortable with speaker listening. That they play it louder does damage to the ear, but nothing else.

>bass at all
The most common problem with in-ears is that they have too much bass.

Not so much distance but coupling volume.

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Around £100 Ideally on amazon prime
Currently planning to get FiiO E10K, up for changing that.
>Preferred type of headphone
>Open or closed
>Comfort level
Would like Comfort for long hours of use without headaches.
>Preferred tonal balance
>Past headphones
Monoprice 8323 because poorfag
Rather uncomfortable.

Currently interested in DT250.

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should have waited for massdrop 7xx

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what happens if you fuck up the cable ? will I be able to fix it considering it's not removable?

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Finals week, good fun.

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>Finals week
Vacations next? Gonna present my final paper next week and then i'll be done.

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I need new pads for my MDRs

Any recommendations or will any do?

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Auray Sheep Skin Pads.
More durable, more comfortable, more isolation.

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Let's keep the recommendations to "less than a new pair of headphones"

Thanks though, I'd get them if I could

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dt250s are uncomfortable shit

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What is the advantage of building and buying headphones?

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No Inuit throat singing?

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File: 1.08 MB, 2000x2000, Production Setup.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Is the m50x a meme or actually good?

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m40x is better

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its p good got it for $30 today

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oh yeah, I have a month long break which will give a chance to pick up some more hours at work.

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Where at?

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KZ-Ed9 is easily the best value for ear buds I've ever seen.

It's got chink runes all over the packaging, but the sound quality is amazing if you can figure out what filter (2 sets included, one for balanced and one for bass) to use.

For once /g/ gave me a good recommendation.

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Does it have good neutrals and highs?

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Yes as far as I can tell.

It's $15, cheaper than the skullcandy meme.

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just wanted to say these are the best

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I've had DT770 80 ohms for 2 years now. Been using them with a laptop and I can tell it's a bit thin especially since my system volume needs to be >50% to hear everything. What DAC/amp should I buy?

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portability ? plans to upgrade in future?

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Nice. So I guess you don't need $150 sets to get good sound.

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Portability not necessary. No plans to upgrade unless these die. Just want something that will actually drive my headphones to their potential.

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already told you

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Still thinking of getting adt770 for mobile use, mainly for their isolation, but also to have something different from my k701. Not sure about which ohm rating to get though. Are the 32 ohm shit compared to the 250 ohm?

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They're 30 bucks on BH though

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damn this shit is scary slow tonight
everyone partying on saturday?

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Friendly reminder that Takstar 2050 sound like Ath M50, same soundstage if you go for closed ones, open is better. Same nigger bass on closed model. And they cost fucking 50$ dingo dollars and made of aluminium and have comfy velour pads. This is an audiophiles nightmare because no dumb fuck you don't need an amp or more expensive headphones unless you make music srsly.
>dat placebo
Yes I will admit, there are headphones that have a wider sound, but they cost over three times as much for a 5% increase in sound.

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Split in 2 for some reason >>51710930

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32 ohm bass is too boomy compared to other ohm rating. Just get 80 ohm, you can get some "portability" too with that.

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Hey guys I fucked up the cable to my akg k612 pro. How do I go about replacing it ?

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guise I won this
how are they

>> No.51713762

Which one did you win?

>> No.51713770

all of them

>> No.51713789

can you sent one for me ;)

>> No.51713804

only if you tell me how good the buds are ;A)

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someone help this guy, wtf is wrong with you people

>> No.51713835

The heaven one is pretty good. Some may found its too bright. Adagio one meh, I'd say shit when its priced at that level.
How about you help him? There's a jack problem and cable problem when someone fucked up the cable. Also, why not claim the warranty anyway.

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I don't know anything about replacing cables

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its free so idc
the only buds experience I have had was with stock ipod buds

>> No.51713913

Well, it'll certainly improve from ipod buds. I dunno if you'll like the improvement or not.

So, did you own all the ID winner in head-fi? Damn man, you must be autistic to have 3 ID in placebos forum.

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im the only guy without
I was 3rd

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>that feel when K7xx master race

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Headphone pleb question: Does good pair of headphones improve the sound quality of everything or do you need higher quality source to really make use of it? Like does videogames sound better too?

>> No.51714070

You need both. It'll be useless if you've good headphone when listening to 128kbps mp3.

>> No.51714177

a shitty sounding file would still sound better. but it really depends on what you want. if you have a v shaped headphone and a shitty file, and upgrade to a "natural" headphone, will the shitty file sound natural? yes it will, but it wont sound actually good. it will probably sound worse, but at the very least, the signature will have moved to whatever the headphone is trying to do.

the full effect only comes to play when you have good files too of course

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So will I actually hear some difference now with higher kps MP3s and CDs now?

>> No.51714248

Anything below V2 yeah.

>> No.51714253

of course, as i said, you will hear a difference anyway. but the best sound requires both good headphones and a good source file

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So I am debating getting the Superlux HD669 since I've been told it's the best I can get for under $50. Wish detachable cables was a more common feature among headphones. I suppose if things go tits up it'd be an easy enough mod.

>> No.51714502

Just pulled the trigger on Sony V55, did I do good?

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thank you friends ;]

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Morning m8ys

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hey dad

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And I need to finish debating soon because these fucking earbuds keep shocking me.

I fucking hate earbuds.

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Hey it's the clueless idiot who can't into EQ or giving relevant purchase advice because his decisions came from leddit.

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€200 - €220 ($215 - $240)
Laptop & OPO
>Preferred type of headphone
Over-ear, open back
>Comfort level
>Preferred tonal balance
Neutral, but with proper natural bass
>Preferred music
Old school rap, raggae, indie, house, ambient and classical

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My ATHM50 are dying (right ear fading).

Any suggested headphones to replace them with? I'd probably spend up to £150. I also hated how heavy the M50 were after long periods, and how the leather made your ears often sweat.

>> No.51714898

Yep. And the Takstar 2050s have been getting steadily more expensive.

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Anywhere from two hundred to three hundred dollars.

USA, Oregon. (West Coast if that matters.)

Straight into computer, no amp.

>Preferred type of headphone
Full Sized.

>Open or closed

>Comfort level
Sound Quality > Comfort.

>Preferred tonal balance
Bassy. Maybe V-shaped.

>Preferred music
Electronic, Trap/Industrial.

>Past headphones
Steel Series Sibera Elite v2 Frost Blue. (About a hundred and forty dollars, around there.)

Last time I posted, I was recommended three different headphones, however I want a second round just to make sure. My top pick is V-MODA Crossfade M-100.

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This is what your EQ looks like.

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Looking for some good <20€ not in ear headphones for listening to music while commuting
Any recommendations?

>> No.51715029

Sennheiser 558 would fit your requirements

>> No.51715041

Good start

>> No.51715044


>> No.51715062

>X2 for trap
So a headphone with no sub-bass and bloated muddy midbass for a genre that revolves around midbass?
Are you retarded?
He said closed as well.

DT770, excellent sub-bass, probably the best desu.

>> No.51715068
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>for a genre that revolves around midbass
for a genre that revolves around subbass*

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views on bluetooth headphones??

>> No.51715160

They are good as long as they use a good codec like aptx, if it's just straight bluetooth stay away.

>> No.51715165

Fuck off. He did saying he didn't amp.

>> No.51715172

80 ohm does not need an amp fuccboi

>> No.51715268

These any good? http://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=8323

>> No.51715303

How can you measure "soundstage" scientifically?
Is it even real?

>> No.51715306

I like them. The clamp might be a problem for some but they sound great.

It's not one single bit useful in games.

Yes. Good gear makes everything sound better and the headphones themselves are almost always the only limiting factor in fidelity. Rest of the gear and your source are generally transparent.

Define a high kbps mp3. 192-250kbps(V2-V0)? Really likely you won't. This is not a bottleneck.

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File: 481 KB, 919x565, Captura de pantalla 2015-12-06 13.09.49.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

HD 598 are worth it with a 150€ budget?

What are good similar option arround this budget?

>> No.51715426

They were 99€ during Amazon's Black Friday
I missed it :(

>> No.51715534


What is the next Amazon disccount day?

>> No.51715586


I have been using HD 595s for about 8 years now and they're on the brink of dying, I nearly got the HD 598 Special Editions at £75 in the Black Friday sale but thought 'OHOHO that price will be just the normal price, I'll get them another time' - now they're up to £200 :-(

>> No.51715619

HD 558. Almost the exact same headphone with a cheaper price tag.

Upgrade to HD 600 senpai.

>> No.51715634

Buy Takstar 2050s, sounds exatly like your M50 but costs 50$. I have both to compare. Just save money anon, its mostly placebo

>> No.51715640

why are there two hpgs.

m50x vs m30x + sr80e?

>> No.51715659

Honestly no since 518s are the same. And takstar for 50€ sound almost as good.

>> No.51715741

Smartphones these days are STRONG.
Got my AKG K612, has a rated impedance of 120 ohms. My Note 4 handles it easily.

Amps are overrated.

>> No.51715769

god you are a retard

>> No.51715781

Thanks, you too.

>> No.51715788

HD 518 is not the same.

>> No.51715877

No, he's actually right. Your comment is ignorant.

Rated impedance has nothing to do with how hard they are to drive.

>> No.51715940

Oh that's what he meant. Yeah sorry you're right.
The K612 do have a reputation of needing to be powered though. Having read through a bunch of forums before buying them, everyone keeps saying to buy an amp.

>> No.51715964

Because they are probably under the same delusion that anything rated above 60ohms requires a dedicated amplifier.

>> No.51715973

On italian Amazon the HD598 are sold for 142€, while the Philips SPH9500 are sold for 141€. Get the Philips.

>> No.51715994

That is true. Their voltage sensitivity is low and they draw quite a lot of power. One of the hardest dynamic headphones on the market to drive. I'd really get that amplifier for them even if you get the wanted volume with your phone.

>> No.51716064

I do have a FiiO Andes DAC/amp, but I'd rather not carry that around with me. Even on that thing I hardly use the amplification. I know what underpowered headphones sound like but luckily this isn't it.

Exactly. Every pair of headphones I own have an impedance over 60 ohms and I never found an amp too necessary.

>> No.51716274

$200-250 AUD ($147-$184 USD)


Computer, no amp though I may consider one in future

>Preferred type of headphone

>Open or closed

>Comfort level
A balance of both if possible, but I'll likely be using those for hours without taking them off

>Preferred tonal balance

>Preferred music
Classical, orchestral, jazz

>Past headphones
AD700, was my first real open back since they everyone hyped them and I liked the larger soundstage I got. The sound always seemed lacking though, but were decent enough for me in the price range so I didn't care.

ATH-910 Pro, one of old models from however many years ago, a decade or two maybe. I think these were supposed to be studio headphones? The sound was muddy to say the least.

HD429 - The sound I didn't like, build quality was no where near good.

I was considering the HD598 but they're quite overpriced and build quality with Sennheisers always concerns me. They'll be convenient to get though since I'm grabbing a new monitor from the same place in due time (mwave).

I'd also like a pair of IEMs and closed headphones for outdoors/travel. I had the Sony XBA-1 and they were great for the price and decent enough for whenever I listened to something with vocals. I wouldn't spend more than 50AUD on them though.
Headphones, maximum 150 AUD and slightly over if pushing it.

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File: 115 KB, 1598x688, boobgraph.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone of you EQ'd your HD650? This is what I get using the method in the wiki.

>> No.51716704

Doesn't look right. Do you actually like it?
How loud are are you doing this?

>> No.51716730

Normal levels. What isn't right? I most probably need help with this

>> No.51716777

Any eq's i should try on my dt990's?

>> No.51716788

I mean if you like it, that's fine, you can just stop right there.
But a problem is that the ear definitely does not have a flat response.
Playing the sines back very loud helps flatten the ear a bit, or seeing how the ear responds to tones on the equal loudness contour.

>> No.51716797

558's are the same as 598 after the foam mod. Google it senpai

>> No.51716805

So you're saying I should redo the sinegen on loud?

>> No.51716817

FiiO E10K
>Preferred type of headphone
Over Ear
>Open or closed
either although I am leaning towards closed
>Comfort level
>Preferred tonal balance
Neutral or V shaped
>Preferred music
Muh chinese cartoon ost's and electronic/dance
>Past headphones
ATH m50's and phillips shp9500

Im looking to replace the m50's hence why im tempted towards closed, but I dont really mind either way.

>> No.51716832


>> No.51716910

Which modle woulf you rec? 80 ohm or a higher version?

>> No.51716914

80 or higher but no lower

>> No.51716952

Fair play, I will have a look into them, must admit I had considered them but only briefly.

>> No.51717328
File: 79 KB, 704x632, 704px-Lindos1.svg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you actually like what the EQ does to your music?

>> No.51717756

Thinking of getting a pair of AKG k240 MK2's, are they any good?

>> No.51717807


>> No.51717898


>> No.51717916

Got my DT880 premium 250ohm yesterday. I think that I have finally found my headphones which I'll keep.

>> No.51717952

Why not just take the Headroom curve and flip it upside down? You can make more specific adjustments yourself, you would have to anyway.
Try not to pay attention to stuff above 10 kHz.

>> No.51717993

As long as you buy an AKG you're fine. AKG is the best headphone brand.

>> No.51718155


I was thinking of doing so - though currently the 650s are only £5 more. I'm thinking of maybe getting the 650s if I do go for the upgrade...

>> No.51718180


* if you like sucking the music out of music

>> No.51718293

Anyone know how the bass is in the AKG702?

>> No.51718311

You're reversing the natural response of the ear.

HD650 needs a boost in the highs to be completely neutral.

>> No.51718762

How can i connect the ARGON 6340 to my fiio e10k ??

>> No.51718786

lol noob, its not better, just more budget..

>> No.51720292

It still blows my mind that people on head-fi can and will spend $100+ on a cable. Don't they realize its just copper?

>> No.51720316

Their retards that's why.

>> No.51720346

I'm in the same boat. Got em with a FiiO E10. I got into the habit of chewing on the wire so I just got rid of all the insulation, now its just curly wires everywhere. I gotta get some shrink wrap for this shit.

>> No.51721147

> their
I think you mistyped "I am"

>> No.51721185

Human ears' natural response emphasizes mids, which is why V-shaped headphones are generally preferable over neutral ones.

>> No.51721701

I hope you equalize your speakers to a V-shaped response too you fucking retard

>> No.51721972

No, I already own a X2, which sounds great on every music I listen to without wasting pointless hours on EQ, because it greatly compensates my ear's natural response. If you enjoy spending entire years on your enldess quest for the perfect fidelity, then I can only wish you to have fun.

>> No.51722371

Schiit Magni 2
>Preferred type of headphone
>Open or closed
>Comfort level
I'd like to be comfortable wearing them for hours
>Preferred tonal balance
>Preferred music
Noise rock, noise, black/doom/sludge/drone metal, hip hop, post-hardcore, punk
>Past headphones
I had soundmagic hp100s for a while but they broke, i liked them a lot but I'm curious about other options.

>> No.51722407

I have the 80 ohm version of those, they're great for listening for nice basslines and practicing bass silently, don't really use them for anything else though.

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File: 209 KB, 600x582, 1435496252188.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>spending 100$ on a cable

>> No.51723599

Ok, so after lurking for some time and reading the guide, you guys say that I must not buy a headset ever. But what if I'm a console peasant who doesnt want to wake up his roommate at the middle of the night? what should I get then?

>> No.51723714

tfw Beyers DT880 started cracking after one year of use

>> No.51723725

pics w/timestamp

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File: 149 KB, 1215x1500, 81BAtmyPccL._SL1500_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is the HD 598
A good pair of headphones?
Does it have good base?
Is it good for music such as techno

>> No.51723782

It has no bass and the HD558 is the same thing but cheaper.

>> No.51723794

Thanks for the laugh

>> No.51723866
File: 48 KB, 550x550, 1444355297221.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Was a serious question, friend, not a joke

>> No.51723868

I just got them and they sound fantastic

Should have bought them for $94 back on black friday though

>> No.51723898

I did buy them on black friday though, for that price.
But I can return them before opening them if they are not what I want
I was just making sure

>> No.51723925

>i'm gonna shill my first headphones even though i have no experience with good headphones and i came from smartphone earbuds

>> No.51723926

Why don't you listen to them?

In any case they take about 30 hours or so for burn in, and if you don't have an amp there's a slight chance they may sound a tad muddy, depending on what you're used to listen to music with.

>> No.51723929
File: 3.59 MB, 6016x4000, phones.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, its fucking terrible get a K702 and a decent amp.

>> No.51723930

The cracks are too fine to appear in my shitcamera. But they ARE there.

>> No.51723934

>past headphones
I've owned some cheap cans before due to my frugalness. I currently sport the Xiaomi Pistons 3 (6 bucks on sale) and the HD681EVO (35 bux). I'm a pretty wary jew when it comes down to tech, so I always purchase cheap, but now I'm looking for something the next step up.

>budget, preferred music, tonal preferrence
I'm willing to spend up to 100 on a can for post-rock/ambient/occassional trip-hop with very balanced sound. Budget is give or take 15 bucks.

I love the detail on the HD681, however, the cans are a little open and somewhat flimsy, so now I want to experience a more closed one.

I primarily use my computer as an output; I use linux with alsa only on the M5A97 Realtek ALC887, though I'm willing to buy a compatible sound card later out of the budget.

>> No.51723949

just take a photo of it and timestamp it don't make excuses

>> No.51723965

How is it terrible when it beats the K702 for neutrality?

K702 is a colored mess.

>> No.51723966
File: 378 KB, 1024x1399, 1340958150676.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the ride never ends

>> No.51723979


Which beyerdynamic I choose for good deep basses and warm sound ?

Dt770 and dt990 are nearly at the same price. Or something else ?

>> No.51723982

>neutrality = limited frequency response of 200hz - 5khz
lol ok sennshill

>> No.51723986

closed headset + v moda boom pro mic.

>> No.51724008


>> No.51724032
File: 64 KB, 1000x500, graphCompare.php.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You're fucking retarded.

>> No.51724048

>literal nobass, notreble midcannons
enjoy your veiled, muddy shit

>> No.51724054

Only Beyerdynamic DT150 fits that bill.

DT770, DT880 and DT990 are bright pieces of colored dogshit.

>> No.51724072


Help me whith my choice i'm want deep bass tomorrow evening. ..DT770 or DT990 pro ?

>> No.51724078

How is this supposed to indicate the K702 are a colored mess compared to the HD598? The 598 are equally as dipped/veiled in frequencies where the AKG are enhanced/exaggerated. If anything they're perfectly equal in neutrality.

>> No.51724102

I have both, the k702 is far better, even the k553 pro i have is far better sounding than the hd 598.

>> No.51724107
File: 496 KB, 1152x864, DSCF7612.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well here it is. The sound is amazing but the durability issue wasn't a meme after all.

>> No.51724122


Do you have some reviews when they comparé it to the 990 pro/770 ? Never heard of it.

The design is....tough.

>> No.51724127

What are the most neutral headphones and why are they the MDR7506s?

>> No.51724145

No, but it's the only full-sized Beyerdynamic headphone with deep bass and a warm sound.

>> No.51724151
File: 218 KB, 884x1158, Qualitycontrol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Indeed i guess akg has the best duribility of the bunch.

>> No.51724165

That's the weak part on all Beyers using that type of a folding headband mechanism.

>> No.51724181

So I just bought HD 598's to replace my shitty Logitech g930s. Should I even bother with trying to find a way to get virtual surround sound on them? Or should I just use stereo. I have a feeling games will sound a lot better now but I really did like having virtual surround.

>> No.51724190
File: 421 KB, 1500x2000, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

6 years still going strong I dunno what you're doing with yours

>> No.51724193

There are other graphs which show the rollercoaster upper midrange to treble response on the K702. I wasn't that poster who posted the graph.

No it isn't the HD598 is a higher fidelity headphone and that makes it better, you are free to prefer the colored sound of the K702 if you wish.

Etymotic ER-4B is the most neutral, fuck off kid.

>> No.51724197

good headphone + mic setup for counter strike?
under 200$?

>> No.51724204

Is Beyarmic colered mean not neutral ? Because don't like too neutral.

I bought some Shure years ago at an indecent price. So fucking neutral the basses were missing. I have been traumatized by this experience of "truly neutral "

>> No.51724215

>high fidelity
back to reddit with you mudded shit

>> No.51724221

>for counter strike?
Just buy whatever headset looks nice.

>> No.51724223

Select 'headphone' as the option on whatever game you're playing on your PC. Virtual surround is just fake effects.

Beyerdynamic tries to be neutral but it isn't.

>> No.51724229

HD 558 and a mic of your choice. Maybe ModMic 4.0 if you care to spend that much on it.

Beyerdynamic is not a singular thing. They have at least one really neutral pair of headphones and multiple which get kinda close.
>I bought some Shure
Which Shure?

>> No.51724252

They have fallen from my desk a lot. I think that broke them.

>> No.51724259

decent for music too?

>> No.51724263

apple earbuds and mic go kill yourself

>> No.51724284

Yes. For that budget probably the best you can get.

>> No.51724295
File: 34 KB, 480x320, irishbuildquality.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51724296

That would be HD600 for full-sized headphones.

MDR-7506's bass is not very neutral.

>> No.51724317

shit bro the hd 558 and the antlion mod mic 4.0 is only 135$ in my cart on amazon man

i was expecting this to cost a lot more

>> No.51724332

>nobass veiled shit

>> No.51724336

I only own portable phones, and I'm looking to buy a nice full size set for the house.

I own a pair of Koss Porta Pros, Sennheiser PX 100's, and Audio Technica ATH-EM7, and love the sound of each one.

Any reccs on a full size that sounds similar yet better? I was thinking of some HD 600's, but I don't know what else is out there.

>> No.51724341

You can try send them in with warranty, I hear they replace your pads for you free of charge as well. Otherwise that plastic piece is supposed to cost like $14 and you can replace it yourself without much effort.

>> No.51724346

>MDR-7506's bass is not very neutral.

>> No.51724355


>device's sole purpose - to produce sound
>buy whatever headset looks nice

This is why Beats exist, fuck

>> No.51724369

K702 plus a good amp if you dont have one already.

>> No.51724378

It's still the most accurate full-sized headphone in production.

MDR-7506's bass is quite inaccurate. It has a large dip at 200Hz.

>> No.51724379

Preferred sound sig? Price range?

>> No.51724383

You don't need anything but a headphone that produces sound for counter-strike, thus get anything that looks nice.

People spouting positional accuracy and soundstaging memes are
- shit at the game
- retarded
- are trying to justify shit sound quality as a tradeoff for said memes

>> No.51724393


Shure because it was all the hype at the time on european forum. versus the Bose headphones.

I still prefered the Bose compared to Shure to this day , and they were like the beats by dre at the time.

So for you no question, the DT150 will have more bass and dynamic than the D990/770

I'm listening a lot of stuff but very few jazz/classical, so i'm little worried. Shoul I be ?

I prefer the design of the two others still

>> No.51724398

HD600, it does not need an amp.

>> No.51724412

it's the most accurate dynamic, it's not even the most accurate open headphone

>> No.51724428

where did the HD598 no bass meme come from?

>> No.51724450

DT770 is V-shaped with strong sub-bass and strong treble.

DT990 is V-shaped with strong upper-bass and strong treble.

DT150 is warm with strong sub-bass and strong upper-bass, but the treble isn't strong, it's a bit recessed.

The DT150 fits the sound signature that you want, but it isn't as comfortable as the other two.

There is nothing more neutral in production.

>> No.51724470

AKG's, right? How's the sound signature on their stuff? I own a Cmoy amp, but was looking to upgrade to something newer.

Neutral if not slightly warm-leaning, not too bass heavy

That's what I'm thinking so far.

>> No.51724471

repeating it doesnt make it true

>> No.51724495

Feel free to prove me wrong.

>> No.51724503

currently got Audio-Technica ATH-M50X but they're not that comfy (wearing them minimum of 5 hours a day) is there anything better but more comfy?

>> No.51724513

have a look at some other measurements
plenty of them prove you wrong

>> No.51724524

DT770 are better and more comfy.

>> No.51724525

AKG is more or less neutral and kind of cold but that could be seen as a pro by some people. Overall the sound is very analytical.

>> No.51724526

Sorry, price range is about $300-$400

>> No.51724530


I don't what too choose anymore whitout listening...

I would say the 990 pro seems maybe better for me but at the same time of the 150 can deliver better low/medium bass stronger ...hard choice

>> No.51724550

InnerFidelity doesn't use diffuse field equalization.

HD600 is still the most accurate full-sized headphone that money can buy.

>> No.51724559

what OHM?
I don't have an audiophille setup will just be using them on a standard desktop PC and when I'm working out

>> No.51724565

HD 600 is the one that fits your needs.
>Within price range

>> No.51724573

learn to read raw measurements, shill

>> No.51724596

Go with 80 Ohm.

HD 600

What is the most accurate open headphone then?

>> No.51724624


>> No.51724630


Assuming you mean MDR-V6 or MDR-7506, I bought the Beyerdynamic EDT250V pads for my V6s. They've held up for at least 5 years now and are still comfortable, better than the original V6 pads. No sign of tearing or deformation either.

>> No.51724641
File: 25 KB, 600x400, EtherLFR.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51724675


>> No.51724680

No. The only full-sized headphone in production that I'd consider more neutral or equally as neutral to the diffuse field target is Shure SRH-1840.

>> No.51724683

>using marv's shitty compensation
>complaining about tyll's compensation not being df

>> No.51724687

I see. I do want to try a cheaper pair of theirs to experience their house sound. Is there a "go-to" entry level set of theirs? I figure some HD 600's and a $100 set of AKG's would be a great starting point.
Got it, thanks /g/ents.

>> No.51724697

well god job not knowing how to read measurements

>> No.51724720

Nah. It's too dark as obviously seen from the measurements.

>> No.51724724

80 ohm are shit tier, 250ohm are not hard to drive from a normal pc.

But normal pcs have crap tier sound cards, get a amp/dac, even a Fulla or a E10k will be ok.

>> No.51724727

Nah, Ether isn't neutral:


There isn't much measurements of it either.

>> No.51724758

32 Ohms are shit. 80 and 250 are fine.

>> No.51724764

post your setup i'm interested to see what kind of shit a retard like you is using

>> No.51724776

My nigga

>> No.51724777

some people think it's dark, others think it's bright
it's mostly due to differences in HTFR because the measurements shows it to be neutral

no headphone is perfectly neutral

>> No.51724794

>it's mostly due to differences in HTFR because the measurements shows it to be neutral
It doesn't.

>> No.51724813

There's really nothing to think here. It's obviously a dark headphone as seen from every measurement. It's not far from neutral but there are more neutral headphones on the market.

No headphone is indeed perfectly neutral.

>> No.51724833

Which earpad type lasts the longest.

Pleather lasts about 4-7 months for me.

Velours wear out within 1-10.5 years for me.

Never tried leather.

>> No.51724843

>It's obviously a dark headphone
And people have the audacity to get upset when the HD600 are described as veiled.

>> No.51724857

the dip at 7 khz is narrow. most people describe it as a neutral headphone or a bright leaning headphone.

what headphones do you consider to be more neutral?

>> No.51724860

>Velours wear out within 1-10.5 years for me.

>> No.51724877

HD600, HE560.

>> No.51724883
File: 227 KB, 960x1280, photo_2015-12-07_00-17-52.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i had this probleme
i sanded them flat and glued an aluminium piece with epoxy
after a bit of dremel ( see pic)
more sandpaper and paint later, they look like new and are super strong

>> No.51724886

yeah get em or whatever

>> No.51724949

HD600, HD598, HD650, HD558, HE560, K612, etc.

>> No.51724965

>And people have the audacity to get upset when the HD600 are described as veiled.
Yeah well the "veiled" seems to take a new definition for each headphone people want to trash. I don't see how one would consider HD 600 as veiled and I've never seen people explaining why that is in the FR.

The fact that the initial rise to 3,5kHz is never high or extended enough and the dip after that is what makes them dark. Upper mids and treble is recessed.

HD 600, HD 558, HD 650, SRH1840, DT 250, ER-4B, K612

>> No.51725049

hd600 is not even a contester
he560 is too colored in the treble but it gets close because it doesnt have the same recession in the bass

have you actually listened to the ether or srh1840?

>> No.51725060

K 7 0 2
>inb4 le colored meme

>> No.51725085

Dt770 or ath-m50x? And why? Don't use the meme headphones meme

>> No.51725086

>have you actually listened to the ether or srh1840?

>hd600 is not even a contester

>> No.51725108

DT770 as it's a lot more comfy and has a nicer frequency response.

>> No.51725114

>hd600 is not even a contester
Except that it's the most neutral full-sized headphone in production. It may not be a contender for you, but factually it is very close to a neutral response.

Not him but the SRH-1840 is prone to bass leakage and I found them tinny sounding as a result. Perhaps it may be on par with the HD600 if not for that one flaw. The bass distortion is high on measurements but I'm not sure how that affects things.


>> No.51725227

>I don't see how one would consider HD 600 as veiled
Treble dips and non-recovery from boosted midrange.

>> No.51725245

hd 600 is massively colored in the bass. the subbass is lacking and the midbass is too amplified and blends into the mids.

i dont give much of a shit about personal listening experience with headphones. my point was that the DF curve should be taking with a grain of salt because it's considered to be too bright. it's alright for the most part if you pretend the peak at 3 khz is 12 db instead of 16.
even though srh-1840 is closer to the DF curve than hd 600, it should be apparent to anyone who has listened to them that they are bright and not neutral. same goes for lcd1

>> No.51725264
File: 97 KB, 1279x716, 1379199570500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>falling for the ear rape meme

>> No.51725288
File: 35 KB, 615x435, 94021432f8408d41060ee901b27c6197.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51725292

I want nice headphones for rock music. I know little about headphones and have little desire to learn about them. I have $80-90 dollars /g/. Go.

>> No.51725293 [DELETED] 
File: 83 KB, 1279x716, 1449445219344.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>meanwhile at Sennheiser

>> No.51725294

50 cents have been deposited to your account panjeet Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co. KG.

>> No.51725301

Treble dips? Boosted by a few dB in the midbass which is very little. You could list hundreds of headphones from almost any manufacturer which are more veiled than those.

It has decent bass extension. Some dB down at 20Hz and barely no drop from the median at 30Hz.

>considered to be too bright
By whom?

>> No.51725316

Doesn't make it not veiled.

>> No.51725341
File: 161 KB, 1279x716, 1449445303243.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>meanwhile at Sennheiser

>> No.51725354

I mean what headphone is not veiled? Any deviation from neutral FR could be considered as veiled as it masks frequencies around it making them harder to hear.

>> No.51725363
File: 152 KB, 1386x617, Headphones measured at eardrum.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are we having this tired HD 600 discussion again?

>> No.51725370

That's not the point.

>> No.51725393
File: 135 KB, 800x582, tfw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Beyerfags and sennfags are at it again
>tfw AKG masterrace

>> No.51725421

My point is the uselessness of that word here. You can throw it on almost any headphone to trash on them. If you compare HD 600s relative to almost any headphone on the market, it's quite obviously much less veiled than anything else because of its close to neutral frequency response.

For HD 650 I could understand that word to a degree although my personal experience with those is the opposite. More midbass and rolled off treble does make them more veiled but it's really not a word that would pop into my mind to describe them after listening.

>> No.51725429


Saw your original image shitposter.

>> No.51725446

The original image was literally conceived out of shitposting you dumbass newfag.

>> No.51725447

Sauce of this?

>> No.51725455

>It has decent bass extension. Some dB down at 20Hz and barely no drop from the median at 30Hz.
just have a look at >>51725288 it's down by 4 at 30 hz, 7 at 20 and over 10 if you take the compensation curve into account. most most measurements look way worse than that one too.

>By whom?
i'll find some names

>> No.51725475

Grado SR60 or SR80

>> No.51725478

Sennheiser HD 598

>> No.51725489

Have you tried both?

>> No.51725501

HD 558 with foam mod

>> No.51725510

Grados are trash. Headphones for a specific genre is a meme that needs to die.

HD 558.

Yes. Owned M50X, tried DT770 multiple times.

>> No.51725528

>-4dB @ 30Hz

That's excellent and most floorstanding speakers cannot do that. 30Hz is strong rumble type of bass and music rarely utilizes that, but there is data at that region but not very much.

HD600's bass is indeed inaccurate if you overlay diffuse field equalization over it, but it still beats everything else in the rest of the spectrum.

>> No.51725532

Foam mod?

>> No.51725538

>actually comparing loudspeaker rumble to headphones

>> No.51725555

I'm trying to understand this. What this means that the HD600 is closest to the red diffuse field target and the others deviate a bit more?

>> No.51725561

But he didn't? Just explained how those very low frequencies sound like.

>> No.51725576

it's not even close to rumble in headphones don't even joke about that

>> No.51725582 [DELETED] 
File: 304 KB, 1565x1040, Measurement of Headphones at Eardrum.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Magnitude and Phase Response Measurement of Headphones at the Eardrum
Ear probe tubes suck at frequency extension (rated from 200-10kHz), and they weren't interested in the bass quality, which is given by leak. You can splice in blocked blocked canal measurements for the bass.

More charts and stuff.


>> No.51725584


>> No.51725585

>antlion mod mic 4.0
Is this thing even good?

>> No.51725587

K702, i tried the hd 598 but it was veiled shit

>> No.51725606

You'll only get 30Hz rumble with a subwoofer. Music really consists of 40Hz-15kHz, of course there is data up to 22kHz but it is not really important.

It is though, you will feel more from the subwoofer but audibly it's the same.

>> No.51725612

>>51725510 (770/m50)
Is there somewhere where I could try them?
And how long do these headphones last? Do you try/buy multiple pairs of them just because you like it or because they broke?

>> No.51725621

There's a piece of foam in the enclosure. Remove it, and you basically turned your 558's to 598's and saved some dosh

>> No.51725634
File: 225 KB, 825x719, 1396415165083.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just don't. circlejerk over your loudspeaker accessories all you want but don't even think about drawing a comparison between the two, headphones don't compare at all

>> No.51725655

I use both.

Speakers are better but marginally so in my opinion.

>> No.51725661

anyone with the 598, are the sides of it metal so I could use the mod mic on them?

>> No.51725670

>That's excellent
it's not excellent and other measurements show it to be even worse.
>and most floorstanding speakers cannot do that.
doesn't matter, we're comparing headphones with other headphones here.
>30Hz is strong rumble type of bass and music rarely utilizes that, but there is data at that region but not very much.
i could share hundreds of songs with important information at 30 hz. stop bring your own shit taste into this.

found some names:

>However when ordinary music is played through diffuse field equalized headphones (assuming they are measured at the eardrum) the timbre is considerably too bright.
David Griesinger
Lexicon, 100 Beaver Street, Waltham, MA 02140
Presented at the 8th International conference of the AES, May 3-6 Washington, DC 1990

"Yes, I think the DF EQ is generally too bright when listening to stereo recordings intended for loudspeakers. Headphones need to simulate what is heard through a good loudspeaker in a good room -- and that doesn't quite resemble what the DF target curve looks like."
Sean Olive
google the quote. the spam filter wont let me link to the source.

>> No.51725720

you expect a sennheiser shill to listen to music with important information below 50hz? he knows his headphones well enough to avoid that

>> No.51725725


>> No.51725729

Sean Olive is referring to the concept of room gain, their listening room at Harman actually does not give the listener a flat response despite having some of the flattest on-axis speakers.

>> No.51725754
File: 304 KB, 1565x1040, Measurement of Headphones at Eardrum.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Magnitude and Phase Response Measurement of Headphones at the Eardrum
Ear probe tubes suck at frequency extension (rated from 200-10kHz), and they weren't interested in the bass quality, which is given by leak. You can splice in blocked canal measurements for the bass.

Room gain doesn't exist, at least as you seem to be implying.

>> No.51725786

good thing i linked two sources.
what's your problem with the first one?

>> No.51725843

>Room gain doesn't exist

>> No.51725881

that's not how burden of proof works

>> No.51726166

Treble tilt might be right for simulated far field listening, but I have my doubts with applying bass boost target of loudspeakers to headphones.

The gain would normally refer to several things, pressurization below fundamental (car subwoofer, headphones, IEMs) or gain from restricting the omni radiation pattern, such as flush mounting a speaker into a wall.
The room is too large for the speaker to have strong output below the fundamental, but not large enough to get past the jagged bass response from room resonances.

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