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OP Image: Coffee Set 2.0 on CM Novatouch TKL

Buyer's Guide:

Where to Buy:


Switch Guide:
Switches are subjective. Try a switch tester.
Ignore all "switch guides".

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Gaymen keyboard came in yesterday Cougar 600k with reds

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where do i buy these keycaps in nordic layout? harvest an old cherry board?

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If you find any pbt nordic keycap sets PERIOD - please post. I want some quality keycaps, but needing a nordic layout is suffering.

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How are you liking it so far? I almost grabbed one on cyber Monday but change my mind to the storm quickfire rapid.

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I think you can get PBT caps in obscure ISO layouts from corus keyboards.

Personally, I just switched to ANSI layout with my second mech. No regrets.

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will do. one thing i can recommend is going to the interest check section and request nordic layout for upcoming keyset-drops. that way the keycap makers will know there is an interest for it and it will have a greater chance of being produced.

only keyboards and a single PBT nordic set which was corus (ugly as shit). thanks anyways.
yea thinking of switching to ansi too, but i can't stand the small enter and rearrangement of the !"#¤%&/()=? keys.

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I'm still relatively new to massdrop, so I haven't done any of that yet. I'm still not even sure how the site works, never seen anything like it.

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>but i can't stand the small enter and rearrangement of the !"#¤%&/()=? keys
Got used to that within a week or so.

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What do you do about æoå or whatever your country uses.

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Hello placebo friends

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I don't know about windows, but in OS X I can just keep the button pressed and I get a selection of all the things (a > áäâaäæ). Though I just use karabiner which turns a+alt into ä.

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Poker 2

Looking for red pbt blanks for home/end pgup pgdwn buttons

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How's your experience with using blanks?

I'm thinking of going with blanks for my next keyboard (self-assembled korean custom) since the only set with legends that fits the look of what I want and is pbt cannot be found anywhere except for mechanicalkeyboards.com (where it is obviously out of stock).

I can touch type for the most part, though I sometimes have to double check for some symbols, but I'm thinking that I'd learn those rather fast.

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dumb question

is there such a thing as a small keyboard just for things like media keys?

I retrofitted an apple 0330 and the only thing I miss is quick physical access to the volume

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While I don't type a lot in Danish, I think I would be extremely frustrated if I had to break my typing flow every time I wanted to type one of those characters. I have gotten used to ansi previously when I got a laptop in New Zealand, but nowadays I'm pretty rooted in Denmark, so I need to be able to type Danish without frustration. I haven't tried setting up alt pressing, but I'm hesitant.

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forgot to say that i mean the interest section on geekhack, not massdrop. just sign up and go to the interest check section!

yea i guess you do, but it's still a big step to make... thinking about doing it for the Yuri SA drop tho.

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So far so good, I don't feel the difference because I was used to type without looking to the keyboard.. In the beginning the numbers were hard but it all turns out fine..
Well if you don't feel confortable with the special chars you should think twice. Just do a simple test: Place the keyboard and your hands under a plastic or a towel and see how bad you fuck up.
Or if you don't want you can by the blank set and mix the specials

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I have ducky shine 3 and the backspace key doesn't go full speed. is going very slow. same with every key when I hold it in.

99% certain I activated some keyboard shortcut by accident and can't find user manual download.

thanks in advance!

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you could always grab a switch tester and wire it up. Or feeling adventurous just grab some switches and make a small case.

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I don't type in German that much, but I found that using the alt combination doesn't really take me out of my typing flow at all.

I don't really use the other method with keeping the key pressed.


I'm pretty set on blanks in any case though. I'm not too worried about not being able to check special characters. In any case I'll have my ultimate ricer keyboard to make up for any temporary inconveniences arising from blanks.

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FN+f1(slow)FN+f2(fast) is the usb rate

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after trying multiple switches and looking at different keycaps, ive figured out that my autistic ass won't be satisfied unless i'm able to switch parts out on the fly. as such, i'm probably gonna end up building my own tenkeyless board from scratch. I already know how to etch PCBs (and i'll probably end up using pcb mounted boards since i don't have access to cnc shit for panel mounts), so what resources should i use for

>the pcb design
>the controller (arduino pro? is it possible to make a ps/2 keyboard this way?)
>where to get keyswitches, especially "uncommon" ones (i think i like blacks goddamnit)
>3d cad models for cases or something (i'll probably 3d print cases) or somewhere to buy parts like that

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you know all iso sets fit?
just type without looking and you can go wild tbf

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If you want that style of set in nordic, yes the only chance you'll have is from old cherry boards. No one makes modern versions.

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Its actually really fucking good i didn't know if I was gonna like it but it is a pretty good keyboard I got it for 70 usd

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>unless i'm able to switch parts out on the fly
Like, hotswapping? I don't think that'll work for something like the controller. PCBs that allow you to hotswap switches are starting to become known, now.

>the controller (arduino pro? is it possible to make a ps/2 keyboard this way?)
If you want to use a pre-existing code base, you need a Teensy 2.0 (or anything with an ATmega32U4) to use the TMK firmware.

>where to get keyswitches, especially "uncommon" ones (i think i like blacks goddamnit)
Blacks aren't uncommon. I think mechanicalkeyboards.com has just about every Cherry switch there is (I just received 50 tactile greys from there, myself).

>the pcb design
>3d cad models for cases or something (i'll probably 3d print cases) or somewhere to buy parts like that
Are you sure you don't want to just buy a Korean custom? Or maybe hand-wire a board?

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Consider getting in on the hotswappable switches keyboard drop on massdrop.

If you desolder the SMD leds you should be able to put in just about any switch you like.

>tfw left that drop in favor of a korean custom

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why there is almost no wireless mechanical keyboards?

i'd buy a decent one.

>> No.51709323

People who want wireless keyboards tend to want something light. This means thin chiclet boards.

>> No.51709335

wireless is pointless.
Why get god tier keyboard for shit tier response

>> No.51709381

i have my pc two rooms away. and i often use keyboard form bed for max comfort.

>> No.51709416

oh, and i still use 15 years old wireless logitech keyboard for that reason (no decent wireless mechanical one)

>> No.51709429

so you have a shitty droppable peice of cheap plastic you dont mind replacing with another shitty peice of plastic for 50 bucks

>> No.51709632

well, my shitty piece of plastic lasted for 15 years. it's not bad but mechanical upgrade would be nice. still, the wire is deal-breaker. i don't game at all, i just write relatively a lot.

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How bad are abs plastic?

Only thing stopping me from getting a novatouch. You may like to say I could buy caps but massdrop offers a board already with pbt caps, only problem is having to wait two months for it to ship according to MD.

>> No.51710111

ABS is perfectly fine and the common material for stock keycaps.

PBT is better than ABS, but ABS isn't bad at all.

You can always get a novatouch and buy some nice PBT caps later on.

>> No.51710133

Yeah that sounds gud.

Plus I'll be able to really wait for the ones that fit me well too.

>> No.51710281

So why do you need a mechanical if any old dome will suffice?
You wont notice a difference with it sliding all of your belly.

If you need wireless just get a cheap wireless upgrade then your old one.Mech is pointless for your uses and you just want a new gadget to play with.

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well well well

would you look at that

cooler master has a switch tester with a novatouch switch on it...

>> No.51711093

I wonder if it's possible to test a switch tester at a store so you don't have to buy it.

>> No.51711118

>switch tester meme
You won't actually know what switch you like until you type on a keyboard full of it.

>> No.51711156

so they dropped the clear from their old one.

>> No.51711321

But you know more than not typing on anything.

>> No.51711442

or go to bestbuy and spend 5 minutes typing out your password on each switch

>> No.51711470

not all bestbuys have mechanical keybaords on display

>> No.51711492

Anyone have experience with leopold tkl? I thought about getting the 60% but the two keys on the right look like ass

>> No.51711500

highly doubt they dont have a corsai k70+ on display.
Tell them you want to purchase but need to try the switches out then.
Dont be an aspie and go out and talk to the techs.

Or waste 20+ on a tester you will only ever use one time in your life then never use every fucking again

>> No.51711509

dam son do you live in the middle of nowhere? I have three bestbuys within 20 miles of me and they all have keyboards on display mostly corsair shit tho

>> No.51711529

the tester is great I got one form coolermaster and the $20 went to my keyboard. Now I have a pretty free tester. Thinking about hooking it up and using it as a macro when I have the time.

>> No.51713834

About to order a KUL ES-87 with clear switches. What do you think?

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Good job

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go and vote for the international Tai Hao PBT doubleshot please if you are interested!


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about to pull the trigger on pic

am I making a mistake?

>> No.51715358

I'm considering the same. Ducky, no LEDs, no frills, affordable. Still, the keys do like somewhat shiny on almost all pictures...

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anyone use zealios before? are they a meme switch, or are they really good?

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bought a Das Keyboard on black friday. Holy shit I fucked up hard.

Can anyone recommend a similar keyboard that isn't shit? I can't stand "gaymer" crap on my keyboard, so I don't want any LEDs.

>> No.51715846

Ask again in twelve days and I'll tell you how the test sample I got feels.

>> No.51715872

I went and voted, a little sad there wasn't a pure black one - I prefer not having any colors. But I voted for the 5 I'd prefer the most and black in other.
I'll keep an eye out for whenever any of them drop. Thanks for the link.

>> No.51716008

Are there currently any sets with colors like >>51707855

>> No.51716020

One of the ABS themes in that looks like it, but without the blue.

>> No.51716022

Would cherry RGB switches be compatible with the wolf team keyboard?

I mean the keyboard itself uses SMD LEDs and the RGB switches were designed to be used with SMD LEDs too

>> No.51716044

Can anyone tell me if the default keycaps on Coolermaster's keyboards are OEM or Cherry profile?

>> No.51716056

The cherry rgb switches have LEDs embedded into the switch. I don't know how many pins they have, but it's probably going to be a pain to make it work with the team wolf keyboard.

Though I'm not familiar with the exact manner in which the team wolf keyboard is built, so perhaps it'd be possible. Though I'd guess that it'd require some extensive modding.

On that note, I'd be curious to see where you'll find cherry rgb switches (unless you want to buy an rgb keyboard and gut it)

>> No.51716084

I don't even live in USA or yurop and the nearest local gaymen hardware shop lets customers sample keyboards for free, which is infinitely better for making a decision than a fucking switch tester.

Helped me avoid falling for the browns meme

>> No.51717104

How fast do you type with your mech keyboards anons?

Doing typeracer practice on my thinkpad I'm getting consistent 95wpm average. Would a mech send me supersonic

>> No.51717157

I sure am glad they had Gateron boards on display for you!

>> No.51717186

>The cherry rgb switches have LEDs embedded into the switch.
Like, inside the switch housing? Patently false. The LED is a SMD, below the switch. The switch has a hole cut in the bottom to give the SMD LED space.


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No gateron boards, but every mainstream cherry mx board from most manufacturers (Ducky, Filco, Das, CM Storm, Razer, Corsair etc) is available at their place.

>mfw they have HHKBs which cost ~380 USD

>> No.51717275

>model m spacesaver
So fucking jelly. Literally been looking for one for years, but the ISO models are extremely rare it seems.

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I'd be glad to hear if this is not the case, but for all that I can tell and read it looks like it's in the case of the switch.

Please refer me to some source that says otherwise, it'd be some welcome news.

>> No.51717285

My point is that there are switches for which you simply will not find on a demo board at your local electronics store, meaning that they are not completely without value. Of course if you only want to try the mainstream trio then definitely go type shit out on demos if you can. It's my first recommendation to newbies.

>> No.51717320


Go to technical data.

>Lighting: SMD LED can be mounted directly on the circuit board (not included in the module), opening for SMD LED in the base.

>> No.51717357

There aren't many commercial gateron or chink cherry clone switch testers around outside china anyway, and most of the beginners here usually go for browns, blues or reds because they're the most advertised/common switches around.

Sure if they want something more rare like clears or greens most electronics stores usually won't stock them, let alone demo them, but if they know how browns or blues feel, it's easier to "guess" how much heavier clears or greens are without having to waste $15 on a tester.

>> No.51717382

Thanks, good to know.

>> No.51717472

I purchased a keyboard secondhand and two of the switches on the numpad stick a little. Is there any way to lubricate or clean them? I'd really like to not disassemble the keyboard since the switches are plate mounted. They still actuate fine they are just a harder to press than all of the other keys.

>> No.51717493

enjoy your cum stained mech board

>> No.51717513


I will

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Saw this thing super cheap on ebay, apparently it has cherry blues. I'm considering buying it but I'm unsure of the quality. Does anyone have experience with it?

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Has anyone made a numpad out of this yet?

>> No.51717762

The one I ordered off of MD also came with a PCB with numpad scancodes.

>> No.51717949

there's a seller on ebay that has it but minus the PCB.

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help me get my first mechanical

should I get a noppoo choc mini for 50€ or DAS Ultimate Silent S for 60€?

>> No.51718138

where in eu do I get them for such good prices

>> No.51718391

Anything noppoo is shit

>> No.51718597

$1000 keyboard

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File: 83 KB, 405x500, topre_switches405.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tell me about topre.

I'm waiting for a novatouch switch tester and for a testing sample of zealios.

Being an avid fan of clears, the 55g topre switches look like they could be right up my alley.

>> No.51719011


>> No.51719091

this is secondhand

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File: 53 KB, 768x1024, 1448252032640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes or no? Need a keyboard for FPS games.

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Yes or no? I need a keyboard for FPS games and I need muh numpad.


>> No.51719282

Ducky makes good keyboards so you can't really go wrong there.

Brown switches should suit you perfectly fine, if your almost only use is muh fps then you may want to consider reds (though I'd just recommend getting a switch tester).

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File: 345 KB, 960x1280, 1449064355833.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks, dude. I chose brown over reds for a couple reasons. For one, I prefer tactile feedback that isn't clacky (the clacking would just annoy my teammates over the mic). Also because I do a lot of typing and I've read browns are the best middle-ground.

>> No.51719444

Probably not. I'm faster on the Apple Wireless than on my mechanical, but I vastly prefer blues over the domes.
80WPM average, learned to type from video games so your mileage may vary

Also why does anyone prefer browns over clears?

>> No.51719481

If you want tactile feedback I'd recommend you clears over browns since they are far more tactile, but I wouldn't recommend clears for extended fps gaymen since they have a high weight when bottoming out which will put strain on your fingers and especially your pinky, thus causing pains in your arm (speaking from personal experience).

I replaced the shift key (which was the main cause of pinky strain) on my keyboard with a black switch and my arm is recovering now. But unless you're willing to modify your keyboard a bit I'd generally recommend browns.

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