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Post snags and anticipated deals.

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>What are taxes
Either way, he is making at minimum of $15 per card.

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>tfw needing to stop yourself from buying shit just because its on a sale

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Guess I'll start.

If you can stomach doing a mail in rebate, pic related seems to be a pretty good deal. I'm not familiar with this model though.

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bad goy, dont think, just buy.

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crap deal

you can buy many brand name 240gb ssd for round $60easily

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How good are the Klipsch 2.1? they are 110 atm on amazon


Any decent 2.1 for sale at reasonable price?

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If the place has a good return policy, just buy now and return later.

I don't need much so I'm putting a $200-ish limit to this Black Friday season.

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I wouldn't even bother filling out a rebate for $25.

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Any chance of the 380 or 380x dropping lower than they currently are?

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Want monitor
>better than TN panel
>1080p or 4k
>freesync or 120z
>24" for 1080p or larger for 4k

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This one OCs to 120hz usually. At least 96.

It's what I'm gonna buy.


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If it's on an actual sale then just buy it, if they're still the same prices as last week then hold off until cyber monday and maybe they will finally go on sale

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So is the WD 4TB external hd for 100 decent? Never needed to buy one until now.

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Holy shit id buy that if it was still 1to1 CAD exchange rate
Would fit perfectly over my crossover.

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be like water...buy.

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Did everyone get their $1 smartphone yet?

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>mail in rebate
this meme, why do you encourage the jews to play these games?

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Pretty good price. I had a 2TB but it fucked up bad after 2-3 years. Luckily, I was able to save a majority of what was on it.
If you're interested, Amazon has it's unlimited cloud storage on sale for $5 (regular price is $60) for a year

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Because I get all of my mail in rebates back. You being unable to figure out how to send it in lets me get special savings you don't.

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AMD cut 380 prices but the 380x hasn't stopped
You have any idea how big the difference between the 2GB and 4GB is?

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you're still paying full price to begin with and in store credit is not "savings"

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Ordered a couple of them earlier. Any creative ideas to use them for?

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>missed the Moto E for 10 dollars again this year
Fuck me.
You couldn't pay me to take this though >>51546672

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is this a good deal?

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gentle men i need your opinions on a sub 600 laptop that will be improved with an i5 chip and ram. whats worthy of your attention?

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Its a big difference, just be patient and wait until cyber monday for a sale, AMDs pricecuts for all GPUs today is a permanent price drop

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tfw nothing interesting to buy with my NEET bucks.

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Store credit? Did you even bother reading the rebate? They send you a check m8.
Have you ever even done a rebate?

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Simply Eric
Doesn't really seem that way on Newegg but I'll look into it

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tfw the rebates come 6 months later..
tfw rebates are a waste of time

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Will AMD GPUs get any cheaper or is this about as low as they will go with the new price cuts?

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tfw you got your money and are complaining about it.
All this I want it now bullshit.
If you can't wait 6 months to get your $25 back you likely shouldn't be spending that money on an SSD.

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Rebates are a scam.
Never get shit back 90% of the time and they make you go through a hassle.

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>tfw just waiting for Black Friday or Cyber Monday to make this lower than $1k
It's going to happen, right?

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man the fx 8350 is so cheap to begin with...either man up or buy an i5 beast blood edition.

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I really don't get it.

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GPUs anon, not CPUs.

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Any ideas on decent tablets from something like target/wallmart?

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yes let the savings flow trough you!
begone troll you are not welcome here.

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Why would gift cards be taxed? That would mean you have to pay tax 2x.
In your crazy land
Buy in-n-out gift card for $100, it comes to $109 assuming it's taxed.
Go to buy burger at in-n-out It's $5 for the burger plus tax, so you pay $5.45
out of your $100 pool that you spent $109 on.
Literally no one would do this.
Gift cards are tax free.

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Any particular use?
You could just get the Kindle Fire for $35 @ Amazon if you're mostly reading ebooks and mango.

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Depends on what youre going to use it for. Just get one with a decent cpu, like 6+ gig ram and a ssd.

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shiiiiieett i'm a dip.

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There's still these


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Coffee machine

Windows phone


Mech keyboard

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For everyone ITT, no gift cards are not taxed, they are considered the equivalent of cash, the only time they are supposed to be taxed is when they go through a transaction of an actual product or service

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>I mean I could see someone trading food stamps at over cost
What? We would do that? Those usually go at 80~ max where I live.

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i want one good enough to draw in PS on the goo, no gaming and decent battery, i'm leaning towards the think pads.

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Please anon.

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I mean, get rid of the cd drive, check for cheaper Graphics card prices and see if Microcenter has CPU+Mobo deals, they might also have Cpu+mobo+ram if you get lucky.

Idk guys...

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I bought a digital paper for 799.99 shipped. It's breddy good if you want black and white.
Poor people who have food stamps will trade $100 of food for say a $80 giftcard. The ratios are up to the buyer/seller. It's illegal but poor people do it anyway.

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>large screen icons is a feature

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Yeah I might get the 970 instead, but I hate that whole lost gb thing. Microcenter seemed to have a lot of good deals, but everything I wanted was an in store deal.

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I read your post wrong.

Yes, people sell food stamps like that.

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is this the best deal I can get for a <$200 card? w/ visa checkout and rebate it's 150 plus tax

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Is Logical Increments still considered a good guide to follow? I'm finally upgrading my PC from 2011 and I'm kind of lost (so much has changed), but I'm hoping to find some good deals on older hardware this weekend.

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probably costs more due to shipping fees..?

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>$800 paper weight

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Falcon is a bro and i'd say that its still pretty factual.

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GA-Z97X-UD3H or Asus Z97-A for overlclocking?

>> No.51547146

you don't follow it. it's just for newfags to get an idea of what you can for whatever your price is.

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Sorry for you anon. I posted it here less than an hour it was up. Worked on any network too.
Last years Straight Talk Moto E were great. That's what got me into prepaids. Sold them used 3 months later for $80 each, can you believe it?

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Thanks guys.
I'm not following it exactly, I just need a good place to start and get ideas from.

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make it a micro atx build? lintel has good support so micro mobos and you get more space in your house with a cheaper Mitx case~

>> No.51547190

Amazon 50" $150 HDTV when

>> No.51547191

Wow. Good for you, anon.
A shame that I slept on this opportunity.

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Is this better than an iphone 4s?
Really sick of everything lagging and spending 12 seconds trying to bring up my contacts to make a call or 6 seconds trying to get the flashlight on in a moment of peril.

>> No.51547212

No. It will lag a lot.

>> No.51547217

That looks fucking cool. Can you read books on it as well?

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>800 meme.

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It's probably somewhere in specs between the iPhone 3gs and 4.

>> No.51547250

anyone think 390x's will drop below 300 bucks? If they do I might get one.

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>> No.51547309

Are there any Australian sites that are doing Black Friday/Cyber Monday

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I7-4790k for 250$
I7-5920k for 300$
I7-6700k for 350$
I7-5930k for 380$

Which one for high end gaming, bros? Which of these CPUs would provide the biggest performance increase compared to the 250$ 4970k?

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A i5-4460 is enough for gaming.

>> No.51547345

i5? you don't need an i7 yet, well, in my opinion Senpai

>> No.51547346

I think your best bet is going with an American retailer willing to ship internationally. Though with shipping, it might not be that much cheaper.

>> No.51547358


No. Pick something like the i5-6600k

>> No.51547360

None, a better GPU is a better investment.

>> No.51547377

Like this anon?

>> No.51547381


Already getting a GTX 980 TI. As for all the people saying to get an I5, one of the games I'm looking forward to is going to utilize hyperthreading, so I'd like to have an I7.

>> No.51547418

Or this.
Just switched the i5 for i7 is all.

>> No.51547423

Yeah, it's never worth it. Especially now that our dollar is so low. It's not like I need anything.

>> No.51547453

get a a Micro atx case its cheaper http://www.amazon.com/Corsair-Obsidian-Performance-Computer-CC-9011029-WW/dp/B00BWLL9MY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1448588085&sr=8-1&keywords=Corsair+350D, do you have a flash stick? get windows loader and drop the CD drive.

>> No.51547464

You sound like someone who's gonna get the most expensive cpu anyway because you "need it". You don't need more suggestions from us

>> No.51547477

Who the fuck actually plays video games?

>> No.51547478

I just bought $2000 worth of stuff and checked prices a lot. Newegg is still the cheapest; but make sure you don't buy more than $1000 from one place under one person's name as you'll get GST raped. Also check computeralliance.com.au; they have CPUs cheaper than the US for some reason.

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Uh no, not at all. Right now I'm considering the 4790k the most out of all 4. I wanted to know if any of the more expensive CPUs would even be worth it or if the performance boost offered by them is negligible.

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i thought this was a meme before..

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Any good open headphones or passive stereo speakers?

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It's ok m8 I'm happy with my memes.

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Any good sites that ship to Mexico?

I know I can't be the only spic here

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batchy balls mate why something so expensive to do something so..mundane? hey man fuck me, its your money.

>> No.51547588

no go buy a plane ticket and a po box u fucker

>> No.51547589

I got a beanie, a jigsaw, and a colouring book.

Pretty hyped to see what will come on for the rest of the day.

>> No.51547591

I might. The Cool Master case is $50 off but this case is pretty light and still cheaper.
>do you have a flash stick
Too many to count anon. On specifically for installers. I kind of want a bluray burner, but that's not really needed.

>> No.51547596

Any good deals on a 250-500 GB SSD?

>> No.51547612

An MLP colouring book...?

>> No.51547614

I was looking at that card too, I haven't found a better deal as of yet. I was thinking of getting the AMD FX8320 and some new MOBO to go with it. There may be better sales for GPU's on Monday though.

>> No.51547629

It's large size lets you read technical manuals/cookbooks/warhammer codex/dnd shit without needing to zoom in and out 1000 times per page.
If I'm reading something like >>51547280
It's not for fiction books.

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Please be joking

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What's the difference between ASUS, XFX, and MSI for gpus?

>> No.51547678

i also fell for this meme and wasted 100 bucks. everything is digital man, you wont need it believe me.

>> No.51547681


There's another thread about a Crucial 500GB SSD for only 119 bucks. Sounds good to me.

Also the Logitech G series keyboards and mice are half off right now on Best Buy and Amazon. I got a g502 and g710+

At regular prices they're not worth it but half off? Gimme.

>> No.51547682

Any deals on drawing tablets like the Intuos?

>> No.51547685

In non autist terms, Asus and MSI are generally great, XFX is okay/good

>> No.51547686

Literally nothing. The GPU is supplied by AMD or NVIDIA.

>> No.51547692

Nah, an adult colouring book, it was on a lightning deal.
Looks pretty good. Not sure if I'll be buying tech stuff this time round. I spent a lot of money on tech stuff this year.
Why would I be joking? Its a great time to get Christmas shopping done.

>> No.51547702

>Why would I be joking
Nigger you bought a colouring book.

>> No.51547704

i want a kindle to download digital comics/ motion comics, do the kindles actually work with those?

>> No.51547714

Pretty much heatsink and fan quality, that's it.

>> No.51547718

Coloring books are all the rage nowadays, it's supposed to be comparable to meditation and good for your mental health.

>> No.51547723

What's the battery life on this thing?

>> No.51547732

They're all shit versions of Sapphire/EVGA cards.

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>black friday
>sales started before friday

what's the point of calling it black friday? It's not only racist, but wrong.

>> No.51547739

Only difference is the cooler, clock speed, and if it has a metal back plate. My gigabyte 280x doesnt have a back plate and it sags horribly

>> No.51547745

Sandisk 250GB is £39.99 on amazon currently

>> No.51547751

The non epaper kindles are literally android tablets.
I have no idea. It hasn't died yet.

Up to 3 weeks with Wi-Fi off and up to 2 weeks
with Wi-Fi on, based on 60 minutes/day usage.
Actual battery life will vary in accordance with the
usage environment and equipment settings.

Sony is claiming I can use it for ~21 hours straight. But that's pretty damn vague.

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Should I get a R9 390 or R9 390x?

I only game in 1080p and I'm looking to get a third monitor with higher resolution for work related activities.

>> No.51547771

I just read somewhere it's ~24,000 page turns

>> No.51547777

Sounds like a jewish marketing ploy

>> No.51547780

You spent $100 on burner? I still burn CDs from time to time is all. Though I can just reuse the one I have now. That or I'll just get one of the DVD drives that reads Wii games.

>> No.51547794

I really want a Windows 10 tablet so I can play Girlfriends Forever in the shitter. But the Surface Pro is way too big and powerful.

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File: 38 KB, 386x385, 70819_lightscribe_liteon_rotated.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not him but the cheapest blueray burner with lightscribe is ~100
inb4 you don't use lightscribe.

>> No.51547810

Sapphire cards are literally no different,.

>> No.51547811

Yeah I'm pretty hyped for it to arrive, I'm only gonna have a sneaky look at it though, its for my better half.

>> No.51547824


>> No.51547840

normies freak out and doing door busters will result in chaos and fighting they had to downscale the chance of having a guy be stepped to death on their doors.

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If your better half is into coloring books I think what you are doing might be illegal.

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>girls cartoons

>> No.51547868

6600k for 220$ or 4970k for 250?

>> No.51547872


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Just got a G502 for $19.00 after rebates

How I did /g/?

>> No.51547881

hey any of you keks that play fighting games on PC recommend a 144hz monitor? i dont play FPS games ever, but I play street fighter every day.

I'm thinking about this


senpai do you think itll go on sale?

>> No.51547905

mala suerte compadre, better luck next time, the taxes will murder you. you got family in the US? tell them to hold it for you and then send it.

>> No.51547970

Take a look at this

>> No.51547979

Are there any good deals on the SteelSeries black friday sale? I'm trying to decide on a new mouse

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File: 116 KB, 226x215, 1364337181897.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wow what an offer, brilliant sale

>> No.51547999

Anon, amazon ships to mexico and is cheap.

Amazon Mexico will start their offers soon, you missed a huge deal on 1TB WD HDDs they were $700 pesos.

>> No.51548000

I'm not rich enough for fancy stuff like that anon. If only though.

>> No.51548007

I saw this linked earlier, but something about it skeeves me out for some reason. it looks cheap I guess? I don't recognize the brand, these are the korean models I presume?

none the less, I sorta like the ability to invert the screen into portrait mode

>> No.51548008
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>Adult Coloring Book

>> No.51548009

goddamn, why are people such savages?

>> No.51548010


higher refresh rates dont affect fighting games, they are locked to 60 fps because all the animations and hitboxes are in those relative frames

>> No.51548013

That sounds pretty fuckin' dumb

>> No.51548021

What were the odds? or /g/ is always this slow?

>> No.51548022

i'm pretty sure fighting games are capped at 60 fps

>> No.51548028


798 dead?

>> No.51548065

It's business term black you twit

>> No.51548086

any other good deals u guys know? come on share some info

>> No.51548091

oh wow holy shit I am fucking retarded, of course. i guess i just didn't put 1 and 1 together

hm, so now what? what is /g/s favorite monitor in the $200-250 range?

>> No.51548092


>> No.51548107

Amazon, bestbuy

>> No.51548109


>> No.51548111

>Microcenter has I7 4790k for 250$ in store
>mfw 30 mins away from one of their stores
So, are these going to be sold out tomorrow if I don't show up before they open? Do people chimp out at PC hardware stores as much as they do at Walmart and other white trash favorites?

>> No.51548131

every day i question if fucked up by getting over my social anxiety instead of getting diagnosed as autistic

>> No.51548137

Go for it right now?

>> No.51548139

>This one OCs to 120hz usually. At least 96.
Lol no, it just skips frames when you OC it

>> No.51548155

Whats that? 5$ in gas money?

>> No.51548156

i have them. had them since 2011. honestly best speaker set i've ever owned. they're one of the few best ones you can get outside of crafting your own custom setup.

they're great for someone who just wants a great out of box sound system without having to craft your own.

>> No.51548157


>> No.51548194
File: 6 KB, 334x330, 1300404633160.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't mind me, I'll just be canadian over here, with 2% discount on overpriced items for Black friday.

At least cyber monday has somewhat reasonable deals...

>> No.51548221
File: 80 KB, 782x648, HELPME.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51548225


I'm Canadian to. There are some pretty good deals on ncix. Have you checked?

>> No.51548230
File: 720 KB, 3000x2242, Qnix_QX2710-pcgh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sorry you bought a shitty monitor

>> No.51548231

Still waiting for a sick deal on a video card to replace my 7870 for hopefully under $300.

Not lookin good so far.

>> No.51548233

All depends on your location etc, I remember last year when everyone wanted a 4770k, I went into Mc thinking all of them got sold out, the nigga opens a closet that has hundreds of them and swooshes into my basket.

>> No.51548239

Firstly, get rid of the 1st item Also, the 2nd item. Then remove the free 3rd item, and the 4th item. Then add an XBOX ONE CONSOLE MASTER RAAAAAAAACE FAAAAAAAAAAAM.

>> No.51548246

Mexico here, we are getting some sweet deals.
15% OFF on a HDD is godly here.

>> No.51548249
File: 1.81 MB, 400x296, 1443929139990.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>can't even troll properly

>> No.51548254

Any deals on android apps?

>> No.51548257

What program is that?

>> No.51548270


>> No.51548272

The quads speak the truth.

>> No.51548304

390 and then OC it. You get a cheaper 390 that way.

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File: 874 KB, 320x192, 1403483537348.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




>> No.51548330

>Really sick of everything lagging
get a windows phone, nigger

>> No.51548337

Any good soundbar deals

>> No.51548361

You could have bought a cintiq you dummy. Wacom has a monopoly on digital pen technology. May as well have gotten a huion or any shitty portable tablet.

>> No.51548365
File: 5 KB, 300x300, 1306992208536.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit I bought that for ~350 a few years ago and still using it @110hz

That is a must buy at 199

>> No.51548383

... wat? How are those comparable items in any way?

>> No.51548388

Looking to get a wireless repeater/extender for my dad this Christmas. Any recommendations on a good one?

Also did you guys have a good Thanksgiving?

>> No.51548394

I need a router asap. I haven't checked, I usually do every year and end up fucking crying.

>> No.51548400

1920x1080 144hz monitors where?

>> No.51548405

Its like im really in 2007.

>> No.51548408


>> No.51548418

Do you think Nexus 6P will have some kind of deals?

I don't know if Nexus has ever done African-American Friday.

>> No.51548420

>I7-4790k for 250$

>> No.51548422

>I5-4690K is devil canyon
What? i thought it was haswell.

>> No.51548423

Is there a good ereader in the same price category as a Kindle paperwhite that's bigger than 6"? I'm considering getting one as a first ereader for novels/textbooks but 6" seems a bit small.

>> No.51548436

No amount of deals could make me shop on black Friday...

>> No.51548452
File: 40 KB, 640x480, A68V_130712013424333170HWptq74n5C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Want to get an be quiet! Silent Base 800 on Newegg, think it will go on sale? Also will those silent fans be fine for my h60 cpu cooler or should I but a different one?

>> No.51548454

Google Monitor Overclocking

>> No.51548457

UD3H is okay if you're not looking to go too overboard with overclocking but don't want to spend the extra shekels for a UD5H (beefier VRM configuration). That doesn't mean it wouldn't work, but on average the board won't last that long with more aggressive tuning.

Build quality and failure rates. YMMV, but I've seen significantly more MSI cards fail within a 1 year span or yield stability issues than competing offerings from other vendors that aren't certified shit tier.

>> No.51548459

Because everything that isn't a cintiq or intuos has jittery pen accuracy and you may as well just use a $50 tablet instead of a $700 one that does the same thing.

>> No.51548460

spend your money goyim

>> No.51548473

Yeah, it's shit. I'm looking for a nice computer chair and any time I find a decent deal I realize that I'm accidentally on a US site. Fuck.

>> No.51548474

Fuck you mean microcenter don't you? God I hate that offline only bullshit site

>> No.51548477

It has a 13.3 inch eink display you chuckle fuck. Show me all the $50 13.3 inch e ink tablets please.

>> No.51548504


>> No.51548518

Maybe slight overclocking.

>> No.51548527

get the benq

there is more to the XL2411Z than just high refresh rate. it also lacks a PWM backlight display. its pwm flicker free.

meaning none of this:

outside of ips 60hz pwm displays, that benq is the best you can get within that range. only complaint is it being a tn display, but if you're already on a tn display, you wont matter and if anything, its most likely better than your current tn display if your current one is 5+ years old.

>> No.51548529

Bought a lenovo media stick 300 for $69. I'm kinda excited about it.

>> No.51548542

I missed the deal on the k95 rgb, are there any other good mechanical brown backlit keyboards on sale?

Also any good mouses? I'm still using an mx518 that hasnt died but the soft plastic on the scroll wheel is starting to die

>> No.51548554


>> No.51548556

I don't think you have the right idea as to what a Sony e-reader is for.

>> No.51548564

Are there any good laptop deals for $200 or less? I'm looking for one that I can use for watching movies and jerking off to porn in bed with.

>> No.51548569

>wanna get better than TN and higher than 1080p without going broke
Holy shit this shit sounds too good to be true. Who needs 144hz anyway, 120hz should be more than enough. So is this confirmed that they actually overclock to that frequency? Not just bullshit>?

>> No.51548575

970 / 390

>> No.51548582
File: 357 KB, 600x660, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>under $300
impossible except maybe reference

>> No.51548584

it is just the code name to the haswell refresh

>> No.51548587
File: 106 KB, 350x305, Wain_cat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just bought 2 of these. Planning on using one as an alarm clock, using my music playlist hooked up to my apartment's speaker system.

Does anyone have some neat ideas for what to do with the spare one?

>> No.51548595

that photo shows it skipping frames when overclocked

>> No.51548610

Well then I guess pretty much every place in America that sells gift cards is illegally charging you 6-9% then, because literally every gift card I've ever purchased for the last 25 years has been taxed, I've bought them in 17 different states too.

>> No.51548622

Did you even look at the picture? It's skipping frames

>> No.51548646

Someone find me the best mATX LGA 1151 Motherboard for under 150$

>> No.51548652

Any sweet android deals? I've been looking to upgrade but I'm not seeing much worth jumping on right now.

>> No.51548656


Please respond, my jerk-off laptop broke and I'm going through withdrawls.

>> No.51548665

Any good deals on a msata ssd this weekend?

>> No.51548669
File: 721 KB, 280x280, 1447122467320.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>can't get a ride anywhere
>stuck on base
>WiiU is at $250 with Smash and Splatoon


>> No.51548679

Idk mang, this guy for instance has bought 2 of them and they run at 120hz just fine
Its just like the fucking different benchmarks for the same games in GPUs, who the fuck even knows and whos shilling? Only way to find out is to buy and test for yourself

>> No.51548689

6700k is $299.99 in-store only at Microcenter. 5820k is same price. Between the two I'd go with a 6700k unless you're running a fulltower case.eATX board since you will eventually want usb3.1/usb-C and those addin cards are annoying in tight places.

>> No.51548700

Damn. Straight out of OPM

>> No.51548705

Can't do it. Witcher 3 won't run at a solid 60, even on my 290x

>> No.51548715

In the US, about 90 million people (over 1/4th the total population).

Worldwide, over a billion people (somewhere between 1/7th and 1\5th of the world population).

So yeah, tip your fedora, give your e-cig a BJ, organize your pissbottles, and install gentoo again fucker.

>> No.51548718

don't worry family, they're digital copies on a tiny hard drive. just buy a refurb and cheap used physicals later

>> No.51548720

Any good kekbox or PS4 deals?

>> No.51548725

What's a good case, preferably full tower, I should keep an eye on? One that manages heat and all well. Noise not necessarily an issue, but the more quiet the better.

>> No.51548726
File: 475 KB, 708x1000, 90626e8ceeae06bdfbc3155e840e64eb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a pretty comfy life desu.

>> No.51548727

PS4 uncharted bundle on ebay for $289 free shipping and no tax in most places.

>> No.51548728

>not using 30 different shades of brown when coloring a bear based on the angle.

>> No.51548733

My dad wants a iphone 6s. This monitor with dead pixels is going to have to make due for a few more months.

>> No.51548738
File: 65 KB, 285x276, 1423456131493.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]






>> No.51548739

buy me steam games with your NEET moola please

>> No.51548745

Does anyone have good things to say about Toshiba's 2TB HDD?

That and the Seagate equivalent are on for about the same price for me.

>> No.51548751

Is $400 a good deal for a 980, or should I just get a 970 for a nondiscount price at ~300?
Ill be playing in 1080p btw

>> No.51548754

Damn, I might pull the trigger this time. Thanks.

>> No.51548757

i just saw on newegg today a evga 970 nonstock for under $300


>> No.51548760
File: 44 KB, 580x395, 1433634468413.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51548762

Any good hard drive deals? Around the 1TB range, for storing my game library - which is overflowing from my current game drive to my media drive.

>> No.51548764

Decided to go with the i5-6600k and just hope shit works out. I've decided to do mATX since I'm never gonna SLI, best mobo under 150?

>> No.51548770

What kind of thermal paste do i buy

>> No.51548775

anyone know of a good ups deal? need a pure sine wave one, roughly 500w max load (yes i amd)

so far i see this one for $140 on amazon: CP1000PFCLCD PFC Sinewave UPS 1000VA 600W PFC Compatible Mini-Tower

>> No.51548776

frys electronics had western digital black 1tbs on sale for $38 today

>> No.51548781
File: 2.00 MB, 245x207, 1438834800176.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51548783

A 390 was on sale for $240 and sold out immediately.

>> No.51548833

looking for
>2x8 (16gb) ddr3
>low profile cpu cooler i.e., big shuriken
>ML08b case
Don't really need any more hdds.

>> No.51548836

Go for a 750w PSU.

>> No.51548859

most of them are around 6" buddy. I just got my paper white yesterday, when I was ordering it I was worried about that. It's actually just right size wise. You can adjust the text size somewhat so more fits on the screen.

I'm digging it so far. Wish the fucking thing took notes though.

I'm really thinking about jumping on this kindle fire, $35. you can root it. delete amazon from it, and have an android tablet. I just don't know what I'd do with it other than jerk off to porn on it.

>> No.51548877

was going to then saw shipping was 5 bucks so I said fuck that and just got a couple moto Es instead.

Did go down to DG this morning to check anyways and someone had come in prior to specifically buy them all.

>> No.51548893

Best buy has 1tb seagate external for $40.

>> No.51548895

Any tips on where to get a 1TB SSD for the best price? Newegg seems to be mediocre.

>> No.51548905
File: 67 KB, 858x264, fry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are the chances of them still having this in stores?

>> No.51548907

do i buy something now or wait until monday? do the deals get better or worse?

>> No.51548914

not a psu, a ups, uninterruptible power supply that is pure sine wave (most are stepped wave)

>> No.51548927

Exactly twenty three percent.

>> No.51548930

that sandisk was the only good priced one so far

>> No.51548933

you just reserve it, they will email you within 20 minutes if they have the fucker. I wound up using this option when some nigger in the components department was like looks like were all out.
I store picked uped that shit and like magic they were able to produce one.

>> No.51548974

>If you can't wait 6 months to get your $25 back you likely shouldn't be spending that money on an SSD.

By what fucking logic? How is the use of an SSD and wanting instant gratification related at all? You don't even think before you say shit you fucking cum dumpster shitwad.

>> No.51548977

Wrong person to ask, I only build in ATX or eATX cases because I have a gorillion hdd's.
>want to consolidate my collection of 500gb and smaller drives to a pair of 4tb drives, but they just won't fucking die

>> No.51548983

I missread it, sorry.

>> No.51548989

Any good Modular or Semi-Modular PSU's on sale right now? Looking for something in the 750W category.

>> No.51548992

>inb4 Peter Pan
Fuck you.

>> No.51548993

http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009V8F700/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pd_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=3N380SHWQV1Z5&coliid=I3KCZSRWJVJ5F3 what do you guys think of this monitor? i want to wait thinking that cyber mundy might be better thoughts?

>> No.51549008
File: 19 KB, 685x473, ordered.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As in if you can't float $25 for 6 months you likely don't need an ssd. You need to buy a blanket because you are a hobo.
I just bought one, this is what it looks like when you buy it.

>> No.51549021
File: 51 KB, 997x345, KB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretty sure I'm gonna pick one of these up. $30 bucks with a code I've got.

>> No.51549040

I was going to get that for work, since i have the g710+ for home, but Idk if i want the clicky blue keys at work or not.

>> No.51549044

Being able to and not wanting to are entirely unrelated things

>> No.51549047

You can get one for $50.


>> No.51549051

I always manage to lose them

>> No.51549052


How do you get the rebate?

>> No.51549055

Are bluetooth speakers worth buying?

>> No.51549062

>gaming keyboard
falling for them buzz words aren't we gaymer man.

>> No.51549073

Just took the hit. Best of luck to both of us.

>> No.51549074

Great? How about instead of them giving you $25 back 6 months later they give you nothing? Would you prefer that?

>> No.51549075

Trying to get a 2TB internal but no one has any decent deals for Canada.

WD blue and black are only different in terms of warranty, right?

>> No.51549079

What code? I'm in.

>> No.51549083

All I want is a 60+in 1080p TV. Come on, internet.

>> No.51549084

Amazon is selling 690GB SSDs for $200. You'll have to wait a few weeks for them to restock though.


>> No.51549091

960 for 175$?

>> No.51549099

I already own a 2tb green, for my media, happens to be overflowing on to my external drive, due to my games overflowing on to it. I need something faster like blue or black for games because of load times.

>> No.51549104

Rebates usually come in if you keep up with them. Specially with reputable sources.

The question is: Do you give enough of a shit to send emails and call people when they are late?

>> No.51549109


Just get Arctic Silver, it literally doesn't matter. Just look at the benchmarks for temp differences between all the thermal pastes out there. The differences between most of them are 1-2C

>> No.51549113

I have both that motherboard and processor

its ok

>> No.51549126


A 7200rpm HDD is still like walking through mud compared to a budget SSD.

You should get a 250gb SSD and put games on it that you NEED fast load times for - like multiplayer FPSes or MMOs with zoning.

>> No.51549127

The best part is I'm not even close to that frys it's like 150 miles away and I'm going to have to get my girlfriend to pick it up when she goes down tomorrow. I literally have no idea what I bought that for. But $38 per GB is great for portable storage.
I might put it in my mame cabinet now that I think about it.
Nope, I have my mom or girlfriend do it. Interestingly my mom has had a 100% return rate on the rebate stuff, including when she had to do the calls/faxing stuff.

>> No.51549132

Part of what they promised in the transaction was that at some point he'd get money back. It's totally okay to be frustrated with how long it takes to get the money back. If they gave nothing back then they wouldn't like it considering consumer protection complaints would rack up and maybe even a lawsuit depending on who they fucked with.

Your logic is so incredibly unsound in any scenario that it worries me you post on a board dedicated to machines invented to do logic.

>> No.51549134

I was actually just looking that up. Blacks use smaller density platters and are consequently slower than blues. Blacks last longer (I assume the smaller platters has something to do with it), which you can see in the warranty difference.

>> No.51549140


It's really toned down for a gaymen board. The back lights are white and you can adjust the brightness or turn them off.
I just got a 710+ and it's pretty great so far. The only problem is it takes up 2 USB ports, but it does provide another port behind the keyboard itself.

>> No.51549145

Was reply to >>51549074

>> No.51549149

sorry I've started drinking, by 100% return rate I mean successfully completed all the rebates resulting in me getting my cash/card/etc.

>> No.51549151

850 for $%>>51549127
>Interestingly my mom has had a 100% return rate on the rebate stuff, including when she had to do the calls/faxing stuff.
So have I. Just dont get rebates from shady 3rd party sites.

>> No.51549157

anyone have a lead on a good gaming desktop for a decent price

>> No.51549159

NCIX has some for about $80. Not great, but not terrible.

>> No.51549160


Goddamn I wish I had a Fry's near me, that's a great deal.

>> No.51549161

>garbage brand


>> No.51549164


as a matter of fact the factory thermal paste is often in that same 1-2 degree range compared to all the third party ones


Most likely correct. The bigger the platter the higher the chance for it to go kablooie.

>> No.51549166
File: 12 KB, 787x188, drives.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I already have a SSD, and another 250GB isn't enough to hold all my games.

>> No.51549180

rpi zero

>> No.51549185

They would lose a lot of money if they sold their loss leader to everyone in america.

>> No.51549186

Samsung evo 250 for $77. I'm going to chance it and see if it can go lower on Monday.

>> No.51549188
File: 99 KB, 584x300, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Luckily, I live pretty near it. I just wasn't planning doing any in person shopping. Totally going to back up all my niche weebshit.

>> No.51549209

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/fNNwBm Thoughts? WIll I still be able to get a case/monitor without going over 700$?

>> No.51549219
File: 18 KB, 328x277, 1442186797435.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834319464 REFURNISHED

hey, whats going on here? one is literally 200 dollars off yet they are both the same. help? its weird i feel theres a trap but i cant see it.

>> No.51549222

Except even you said "at some point." If you are trying to get your money in a week rebates aren't for you.
They are going to hold onto that cash as long as they can, but if you fill out their forms to the letter you will eventually get your cash.
I'm not broke, I just impulse bought that hard drive that I'm not even sure I can pick up from the store.
But rebates do in fact come back if you fill in the paperwork properly.
I'm in the limbo please wait stage. I'm kinda hoping they don't have it.

>> No.51549229

Last year.

The Chuwi Hi8 Pro is the same thing but 2GB of RAM and 8". It's quite cheaper ($100)

In the 10" space, yes, it's a good deal.

Nah, R9 290's can be snagged for $200 commonly on eBay and it's much more powerful than a 960.

Not bad but just fork over $180 for a Korean 1440p.

970 imo. Or wait for pascal.

See the Chuwi Hi10 I was talking about above.

Looks good. You can always go the non-overclocking route to save a couple bucks (B85/H97 mobo, xeon e3 1231v3, stock hsf) though

>> No.51549240

Many thanks. 40 les GB for $140 less? I can live with that.

>> No.51549255

One is new one is used

>> No.51549274

.....yeah but why is the new one cheaper than the refurnished one, you dint check the links did you.

>> No.51549286

I want to warn people that the 290 is loud as fuck. I can hear it when I leave my room.

>> No.51549287

>500GB crucial ssd for $120

I`m looking to spend ~$500 dollars between a $200 1440p korean monitor +new gpu
>Are there any good deals on a 390x? Would a 970 make due at 1440p?

>> No.51549289

It means someone sent it back because it was a lemon and Newegg made whatever adjustments they needed to so it could be put up for sale again.

Refurb stuff can be worth it but it often comes with the risk of shit that normally would be received (misc. accessories) missing, different return and warranty policies, etc.

>> No.51549290

Any good GoPro deals? I'm beginning my flight training soon and will need one go record myself in air for reviewing purposes..

Also my grandparents asked me to buy them a 40" TV. I know the 50" is cheaper but its too big for them. Any good deals?

>> No.51549293

I'm in the same boat, I'm upgrading from e8400.

>> No.51549301

No I did not. Upon checking I am now really confused. Maybe the cheaper ones were returned in worse condition?

>> No.51549304

Both of them are used.

It's just that some bored worker at Newegg put the default price (which actually means nothing at all and doesn't affect the sale price) in differently for one of them. Both of them are more expensive than their usual price on eBay etc anyway.

>> No.51549320

can they both get the turbo?

>> No.51549323

Just got my confirmation, closing time by the 28th.
Sweet new hard drive. Maybe I'll slap it on top of my shield.

>> No.51549334

This is dirt cheap, so you get what you pay for

>> No.51549339


The one in Arlington, Texas was out. Shit, all the stock for their paltry little list of sale items was sold out. Ended up getting some microfiber cleaning cloths for my guns and some N size batteries for my noise-cancelling earmuffs. Feltbadman.

>> No.51549354


>> No.51549359

fuck me i'm an idiot they ARE both refurbs >>51549304 you're right and the turbo is just a buzzword. well penis.

>> No.51549361
File: 18 KB, 500x500, 1430702690468.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm looking to buy an e-reader, what does /g/ recommend?

>> No.51549362

LG, shitsung, vizishit

>> No.51549364

So I bought a samsung smart tv. Is there any way to change the first settjngs? I put in antenna while I don't have anything at all (no cable no nothing?

>> No.51549376

join up m8's

>> No.51549393

But this is only in page 4.

>> No.51549420

normally they start ignoring them as soon as they hit bump limit.
Also we want every newfag that has a deal in the thread.

>> No.51549503

I need a light laptop, under $500. Fast and at least 1080p.

>> No.51549528

What sites does everyone use for deals/price search? I know slickdeals and pricewatch, pricegrabber, shopping.com. Any other good ones?

>> No.51549623

A cheap touch screen cell phone with Cool Reader and get all your books from the /lit/ bookz IRC.
You can use it anywhere and not look like a awkward.

I use a Moto E

>> No.51549659




>> No.51549692

Reading books on a tiny screen?

Woah, nigger. I value my eyesight.

>> No.51549708

It's gonna be pretty close to your face bruv. You don't browse 4chan on your phone?

>I value my eyesight.
My eyesight is terrible

>> No.51549727


>> No.51549852


I want a seperate SSD for my Windows and GNU/Linux installs, because I always end up borking the granduniversalbootloader. It will also make setting up a iommu VM easier.

Should I get this?


>> No.51549930

Userbenchmark.com -> SSD -> sort by value

>> No.51549995
File: 346 KB, 2000x1000, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is now obsolete, enjoy your out of date junk.

>> No.51550007

Enjoy your 2 hour battery life.

>> No.51550106

Can we stop mocking people who aren't well off? Some of us were born into single family homes and right now we're working and studying to get out of poverty without having the advantage of that one family member who can bail us out of being stuck in a rut.

>> No.51550107

Can you sketch or draw on the epaper?

>> No.51550113

What in the post was mocking?

>> No.51550128

Stop being so sensitive. Be tough, it's a nasty world out there.

Back to topic.

>> No.51550138
File: 69 KB, 1024x512, 12186788_912633282144465_7852329530307426483_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, I don't, but you can.
This is straight off the facebook website. I learned they even had one earlier today, turns out they are still marketing this thing, I thought it was dead which is why I bought it in the first place.

>> No.51550171
File: 325 KB, 1200x1200, 1431612651432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51550219

evolution and survival of the fittest

>> No.51550256

Any deals? Have you compared this to drawing/writing on iPad pro?

>> No.51550295

No? I don't own an iPad pro. The Sony eBook is supposed to last ~3 weeks, so they aren't comparable. My girlfriend has a surface 3 that I could "compare" it to. But I had no interest in drawing with the tablet.
Also on the deals front, I really hope not I bought it at 799.99 no returns. So I really hope it doesn't go on sale. I don't think I can buy another one as a gift etc so I will just feel bad.

>> No.51550331

Anybody see any good fleshlight/pocketpussy deals?

I'm just curious if that sort of item also goes on sale. Not looking to get one myself.

>> No.51550396
File: 2.74 MB, 270x266, 1422743272337.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not looking to get one myself.

>> No.51550417

fleshlight is cold and a pain to clean. you'll get tired of it after a few uses.
their marketing teams heavily target 4chan and i was a victim of it

>> No.51550657

How's the handwriting to text? 800$is steep. iPad pro starts at 799$.

>> No.51550666

I have no idea, I haven't used the feature. I've literally only written "no niggers" on a PDF once.
My hand writing is bad enough that it normally cannot parse my "raw" handwriting.

>> No.51550707

Checked trips.

What do you use it for mostly?

>> No.51550743
File: 496 KB, 1890x1148, stuff like this.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reading large format PDF. Textbooks, cook books, repair manuals etc. Shit that is large and if you had a 6" ereader you would be zooming in and scrolling and panning and shit all day.
Pic related.

>> No.51550818

sudo apt-get install wall

>> No.51550833

i bought this same set last year and still use em today. Keep the subwoof vol at about <25% or itll get too boomy. They also made a couple popping sounds at first but after a month or two they work like a charm. Really nice for the price.

>> No.51550906
File: 54 KB, 350x236, tenaciousd 08.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51550920

I'm intrigued, just not sure about 800 bucks. I do like the 3 weeks battery life and the form factor.

>> No.51551365

I bet the farm on a non returnable 799.99 I'm not disappointed.

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