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My friend is a useless retard who does nothing with his life but is constantly given money by his parents. His "gaming laptop" is apparently not sufficient for playing tf2 anymore, so he paid my other friend $20 to build him a $1000 gaming build, even though said friend would do it for free. (Here's the build: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/t6J699) Immediately after building it, they found that it wouldn't start up, probably because the build's supposed to use 491 watts and there's a 500w power supply. My friend who was paid to build it has now taken it home to "fix" it. How can we screw up the build now without the spoiled friend figuring it out? (he's pretty much computer illiterate btw, once told my friend to go for an nvidia cpu instead of intel)

tl;dr how do I screw up my retarded, spoiled friend's horrible build without him realizing it

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Install gentoo

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You're jealous of your friend so you want to trash his computer?

You need to be 18 years or older to post here.

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this. OP seems like he is 14

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Forgot to change my name. sorry.
wasn't op

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>amd GPU

its screwed up already. he will either die of the massive heat generated by the card, or his parents will have to sell the house due to the electricity bills

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Fuck off you petty vindictive scumbag.
Some friend.

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Sorry your parents don't love you
They don't love you enough to buy babby a good gaming computer
They don't love you enough to care if you are cool

>fuck the bios up

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Fuck off john

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>tl;dr how do I screw up my friend's build without him realizing it
He is not your friend, anon.

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literally install gentoo
or steam os, whichever is fine

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How old are you?
If a friend of mine would ask me to get him a build I'd do it since I like helping my friends and getting recognized for my knowledge of computers.

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This is what happens when you are a parent and don't love your kids. DON'T DO THIS.

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i wish i could be a useless retard that is constantly given money by my parents

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Some friend you are.

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this, gentoo + windows skin and tell him it's win 7/10
also you're a twat OP

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You sound like a faggot.

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why do you want to fuck with his system in the first place?

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