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I just used Midori and its the fastest browser I ever used.
So /g/ other than the obvious lack of extensions why are you not using it /g/
It also has an adblocker.

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The text is too small. is there a way to make it bigger?

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>Using memori

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>So /g/ other than the obvious lack of extensions why are you not using it /g/

Well, that's the reason.

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Memori is fast because it literally does nothing.If it were a mobile browser where I don't care about extensions I would have used it.Not in case a desktop.
Ever wondered why you can see so much Internet Edge shills saying their browser is the fastest.Same reason.

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Extensions slow down the browser any way.

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Unless you are on a tablet or mobile using anything other than chrome will classify you as a pleb.

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Quick question:
why not on tablet or mobile? Is it the lack of add ons/extensions on their mobile representations?

captcha: computers

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No because tablets and mobiles have very small processing power and eats most of the ram and battery unless I use a lightweight browser.I think tablets are getting better but I still use budget phones and tablets which is shit.

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It only does so in case of SJWfox

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I tried it. It's slow as all hell compared to other browsers. I think it may have to do with lightweight browsers not being able to render rich web pages very well.

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Also I don't care about extesnsions because
>Using privacy extensions on such devices are a joke(Especially when I use Chrome anyway)
>I already block all ads using adaway so additional adblockers are autistic
>I don't care about theming when using a mobile browser

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Maybe YMMV.Its fastest one I ever used although using anyhthing more complex than a webmail does break things up.(Like Google Docs)

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>not chromium
Why are you not using the superior one anon?

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it doesn't work 100% with 4chan's built-in extension last time I bothered with it (hover to view post is broken, you can't edit your settings at all)

I use it on shitboxes that Firefox will just sit and lock up for a few seconds before doing shit on.
Otherwise, it's pretty nifty.

kind of wish Chrome didn't fucking eat battery like crazy

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Chromium does'nt have a windows build

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I think there is an unofficial windows build for Chromium

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Don't use Chrome on mobiles(Unless you have a high spec one)
I would recommend Lightning

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The internet is getting shittier and shittier and Firefox is becoming terrible at rendering rich pages.Is there an alternative to Chrome without the botnet.I mean something like palemoon but but uses the blink engine instead and as good as the original.I don't care if it is a meme browser.Only thing I need is an adblocker.

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Midor is a meme browser.And I think it used to use the same engine as Chrome(Chrome used to be webkit).But the only alternative I can think of is Opera

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It is good if all you do is
>Read web articles
>Watch porn or videos online
Other than than its shit

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desu firefox is only bad in case of video rendering and javascript execution
I use noscript to block all the autistic use of javascript and I get something as good as Chrome

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>uses noscript
>cant read text
>cant load images
>try allow everything temporarily
>now as slow as before
>again no text and images
>tries allow everything temporarily
>do this 2 or 3 times
>still no images or text
>removes noscript

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Well I can't do anything about the autistic use of JS any way.
>visiting pages
>that use JS
>to render images and text
desu baka senpai

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What? Yes it does. Just have to update manually. I've been using it for years

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>start midori
>c󠀀󠀀u󠀀󠀀ckc󠀀󠀀u󠀀󠀀ckgo (not responding)

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Even if you are satified with it you shouldnt use it couse I said so and its shit okay

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Iridium (as FLOSS as Chromium-based gets), Comodo (proprietary), Sleipnir (proprietary)

You can use your extensions for Chrome with them. I use Iridium as a backup browser for Firefox.

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crashes too often

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Opera is a 10/10 browser. It somehow recovered from going overboard into total shit and now is unquestionably the best browser out there

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I use Midori on an old ass laptop I have. It's small and shitty, but very comfortable for web browsing. Midori is fast enough, and not too heavy. But for normal machines, use something better.

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tab stacking a back?

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>tfw when I'm limited to a firekeks or chromeshit because of online HW and assignments
>Always have to have flash installed
A-at least I can use palemoon right?

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Sure thing:

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good comic m8

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i'm using qutebrowser

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