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Help me /g/
I'm an old user of Linux ( like 7 years), I use it as daily driver, home, university everywhere

in the work even, till this new curryniger IT manager came with new policy : Everyone in the company shall have windows installed (preferably win10).
We (engineering department) have a higher privilege, though, and we can get some exceptions, and I have a deal with my boss if I list him programs work on Linux exclusively (not available on windows or suck on it), he will make an exception to keep my Linux installed my computer.

I'm an electrical engineer ( communications and network )

tl'dr : help me to list programs work on Linux only and not windows.

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So far I found GnuRadio

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Virtualization. You can run it on Windows but you are forced to either use out of date versions or pay big bucks to avoid limitations that don't exist with KVM/Xen.

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If you're managing or working with UNIX, linux or network equipment, making you switch to windows is a major waste of company time and money.

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Thats actually a good one, thanks.

Thats what the common sense say, unfortunately, our company is huge and the saving money isn't an issue for them. and for the time wasting, on our last meeting with him (IT nigger) said: " it should all the OS united to one OS, windows, its the most complete one with enterprise level of data managing and blah blah"
I'll try to post some his emails how he shill for windows every 2-3 days with stupid quotes.

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Package managers make things a lot easier. you can also use proprietary windows software through wine. I think almost all software have windows binaries though. I think the best arguement is that you're used to it and the easier package management. Also they should have to provide software that you can't run on your system to validate forcing you to change

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does he not care that switching to an inferior os would drastically reduce your productivity?
what a dumbass

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Do they have to be productivity software?
How much engineer-related should they be?

>I'll try to post some his emails how he shill for windows every 2-3 days with stupid quotes.
Oh boy, can't wait.

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well for a start, what programs do you use?
windows 10 has hyper-v built in though, anon

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Just slap him in the face with your fat cock.

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I kind of want his contraption

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Spice would be an electrical engineer program. GnuRadio might fit into the wireless communications, but I think they have a version of that on Windows. Has your boss actually spent time with Win 10? It seems awfully silly to just up and move everybody to a different OS if nothing is broken.

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If you do any programming, everything is a lot easier on linux. And you don't get random updates which removes git or whatever.

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dd chroot ip iw ifconfig (net-tools) NetworkManager a package manager gvfs udev cgroups

Need more programs?

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If shit needs Windows just kvm it and run it on there, for example like i do for Multisim, PSpice etc.

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Are you just listing every program in /usr/bin? At some point they'll figure out that you're an idiot.

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Nah man that is just the shit i wish i had on windows on a daily basis while fixing my shitty network and managing my data

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All the programs you listed are available on windows.

>tfw i think this is bait "tell me some linux exclusive programs so i can show off to my friends" thread

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who is this hammer jammer?

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Are you completely retarded?
Close to no one uses KVM professionally.
People use hyper-v for windows heavy environments or vmware for mixed environments.
And windows 10 and 8 have complete versions of them integrated.

>I'm an electrical engineer ( communications and network )
That would be a good reason to make use of the tons of software available for windows for exactly that purpose. Windows is king in branch software.

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>If you're managing or working with UNIX, linux or network equipment, making you switch to windows is a major waste of company time and money.
Having a homogenous network is a huge potential for saving money not wasting it idiot.

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I don't know how anybody does anything productive with networks on windows, is there something comparable to netcat?

please post the shillmail...

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Tell 'em you have to stick with *nix for Compiz

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windows has netcat I think

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Maemae Renfrow

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>All the programs you listed are available on windows.
I think this is gonna happen with pretty much any program available in Linux. Many of then are Free/Open Source, so they could potentially be ported to Windows. This potential is realized when many people want the programs on Windows.

tl;dr: OP, the programs you're gonna want to use are probably already ported to windows

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does that mean I can open terminal and type nc -l localhost 5000
and it will just work or will I end up downloading zip files from long neglected websites, pre-packaged with a gui and a bunch of other tools I was never interested in?

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>Close to no one uses KVM professionally.
except almost every single cloud provider
and the last time I tried hyper-v, it was literally shit.

>That would be a good reason to make use of the tons of software available for windows for exactly that purpose. Windows is king in branch software.
that's a good reason to leave the company

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fuck everything up and blame it on Windows, fix it with Linux

IT managers are the Brazilians of management: a dime a dozen and respected by nobody

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who is that corsetted concubine?

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That's an oversimplification in his case, since his support expectations do not resemble a typical user.

Also, calm your tits.

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I don't use windows terminal anymore but download exe and put in your path(system32) then it should work in terminal fine
havn't tested but try this: http://joncraton.org/blog/46/netcat-for-windows/

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Tell him you need to model extremely low-latency software, using things like kernel bypass.

Number of low-latency high-frequency trading shops running windows: zero.

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The solution is simple: Install Windows 10 in a VM. Never start it up.

You have complied with the IT manager's requirement, since your machine has Windows "installed on it". Problem solved.

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Tried that, too, got forced to use win 10 :(

ᵀʰᶦˢ ᵖᵒˢᵗ ʷᵃˢ ˢᵖᵒᶰˢᵒʳᵉᵈ ᵇʸ ᴹᶦᶜʳᵒˢᵒᶠᵗ'ˢ ᵂᶦᶰᵈᵒʷˢ 10™

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How did they force you to install w10 without an actual reason other than the IT guy said so? Did he have a legit reason other than shilling w10?

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Any program that you use in shell scripting without gui.

Any network security program you use (in fact this is arguably a very, very important reason to favor *nix over windows)

Any cloud/Kvm stuff like
Docker, OpenStack, Kubernetes

Any developing without .NET like Python (ScyPy, Django) or Ruby (Rails) or even C, etc.

ᵀʰᶦˢ ᵖᵒˢᵗ ʷᵃˢ ˢᵖᵒᶰˢᵒʳᵉᵈ ᵇʸ ᴹᶦᶜʳᵒˢᵒᶠᵗ'ˢ ᵂᶦᶰᵈᵒʷˢ 10™

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If you actually can't find anything else, list this for lulz.

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Just say you use a lot of bash scripting and tell that dumb ass curryniger to write replacements in ppwershell, then tell him you make heavy use of package managers, when mr pop in the loo finds himself with theese task he will back off

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A more logical alternative that would comply with the racist moron's original request would be to install Windows 10 and then install a VM and then Linux as a virtual client. He would then have the best of both worlds.

But then, I'm just a currynigger.

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Here is one of his shill email, I usually delete them immediately, I'll try to get the remaining from my colleagues though.

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>Windows 10 is secure

Is it really secure?

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Just tell him you're unwilling to use Windows and that he can fire you if he wants. He'll pussy out and respect you for it, trust me.

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thank you
He does, but the brain wash he get every day from the IT in their daily meeting make him think otherwise.
Yes, any thing engineering related (EE)
You may wouldn't believe it, but all what our IT do in the terminal is "ping", and when happen they saw me do some shit on it, they look at me like I'm some kind of genius or something.

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>Has your boss actually spent time with Win 10?
He didn't, yet . but he is accepting the idea which is more scarier tb.h.

Not much programming.


thanks /g/uys

Not really, some programs shall be run under cygwin, which is not natively supported.

Thats my PlanB

Its not that simple, they're even monitor your real time in windows with program called "dameware" and maybe with other keylogger
I think thats why they want to switch everyone to windows.

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>that email

I'm not a heavy Linux user, all I can think of is terminal, but I'm pretty sure Linux is more secure.

Have you tried going to the higher ups? Tell them that your work is done more easily and more thoroughly on Linux as opposed to windows, make up some bullshit too to make it seem more legit.

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Use Windows 10, install VirtualBox.

I run OSX with Parallels VMs for Win7 and Ubuntu. Easy, done.

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>I'm pretty sure Linux is more secure.

It's pretty easy to completely fuck up a Linux installation and make it insecure.

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Can you collect them and show them to someone sane, so they can see how badly written and designed these e-mails are?

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>literal botnet with built in telemetry

How the fuck can one be so retarded.
Fucking curryniggers man...

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Holy fuck OP, I'm sorry. You're an engineer, using Linux for everything...and you have to conform your computer use to the likes of *THIS*? This...this would be absolute torture.

OP, you know what you must do. You must destroy this man, professionally and spiritually.

Plan A) He sounds completely retarded, honestly. Can't you get a department movement going, and attack this guy's qualifications? He sounds like the sort that would know absolutely nothing about Linux. What is his background, his training, his certifications? Does he have any *nix experience? He sounds completely ignorant.

Plan B) You're the Linux guy in the house...go full on Mr. Robot on him. Hack his ass. We know you can do it OP, /g/ is here to help...try watching "Hackers" for inspiration.

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i fucking lold. Holy shit haha

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FOSS program's goals don't include exlusivity. If he only wants exclusive software even though all the software you need is on Linux you are fucked so leave the company. However, mednafen-server is exclusive to Linux, and it even has 'server' in the name. Would be a good name to list in the moment as he probably doesn't know its for netplay on emulators

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why is there a girl growing out of your canvas hightop sneaker?

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Just tell him you need native ssh, windows' native ssh is just a dev release and barely works.

You can also say wget, bash, zsh, cli git, clipit, sed, cli mysql/postgre, ssh server, VIM, ed, by this point you can just talk shit - apt-get, yum, openssl, pacman, lynx, screenfetch, say you need a LAMP stack.

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Linux does not succumb easily to virus, malware and malicious attacks. That alone for an enterprise with data assets will like to protect.

Appeal to your curry nigger boss from his own perspective and tell him how they can save money in the long run by implementing Linux.

I am winfag by the way, not by choice, I can't grow up and leave vidya behind.

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Who is this semen demon?

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This is literally the most autistic post /g/ has ever had.

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How the fuck do you play games

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nice meme. :^)
playing games is nice but do you really need to play every game in existence?

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Of all the things to suggest, this is the most retarded of all

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Send him
>RE: Making "IT" Happen
>Tell me more about Microsoft Windows 10.

Post results

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>Its not that simple, they're even monitor your real time in windows with program called "dameware" and maybe with other keylogger

so i take it this jobs pays the megabucks right?
because i'm pretty sure you can find plenty of openings for an electrical engineer which don't list "employee must agree to be monitored by the company when he surfs porn sites" as a requirement

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