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Why is my pc using so much ram?
46% without any programs
70%+ with firefox

windows 7
6gb ram

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try posting a screenshot you made yourself from the processes tab

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Your answer is in your question OP

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Turn off Superfetch.

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Install gentoo

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You say 6GB, your screenshot says 12. Good job.

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> 6GB
found your problem.

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more info about gentoo?

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My w7 uses around 1,3Gb when idle w/o programms.

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Install a not-outdated version of Windows.

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git gud

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PC cannot use himself you dumbass, software is using RAM u dipshit

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how do i into memory, guise

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>108 processes
Nigga what

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git gud

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>Processes: 108


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>not based windows 7
>under 12GB
fuck off mate

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cause unused RAM is wasted RAM

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love this meme

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Because you have ram to be used. Your PC is SUPPOSED to use as much as it wants to speed things up. You'd be horrified if you ever used Linux.

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Here lies your only problem.

Windows is only for super computers.

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How come when windows uses more ram, it gets slower? this is what ive always experienced, and this is just windows and not other programs running in the background.

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This. Also, it's not that hard to download more ram, OP.

Just Google around.

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then please explain this: >>51372090

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Lol. He was posting b8, ya retard

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but the part about Linux being horrible was a fact, so I thought maybe the rest was too.

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These are both easily explained away with "because windows is shit".

Seriously its RAM management is fucking dire compared to Linux, and they keep using the same system for it for release after release. Why they don't just scrap it and rebuild it from the ground up based off Linux or Unix stack is beyond me. The performance gains would be appreciable enough for this alone to let them sell it as Windows 11 or some bullocks.

Although if this were the case you'd get all the hardcore, dyed in the wool, Windows fans bitching and moaning that "muh windows uses too much RAM".

The whole fucking point of having RAM is to use it and save on disk swapping, its near pointless having 16GB in Windows because the fucking thing will never let the apps use it all, unless you're doing heavy encoding or rendering work.

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Oh lol yh.

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>why don't they just rebuilt from ground up w/ Unix?

MS said they'll into it on next release, iirc

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>git gud

show me your uptime, bro.

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Does the boss know you're using the server to shitpost on a Chinese knitting forum?

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>the server
it's my personal desktop, at home

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> server
> uptime 40 mins
You are bad at things.

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