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Micro$oft's making me their bitch again.

Should I dual-boot linux?

Which distro?

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Why? You'll only be able to use Window$ for a fortnight, just install Gentoo :^)

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Seriously, wat do?

I just started learning C++ too. Only thing i have is a hello world but I don't want another 16GB of dev shit added to my hard drive.

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Despite what people say, distro does not matter that much.
If you want something that just works, go with a *Ubuntu. Pick the default DE you think you like and see how it is.
If you have hardware issues with another distro, check if it works with Ubuntu before giving up.
I personally like KDE.
It offers great control and whether you like to configure via GUI or config file, KDE let you do what you want and still offers a traditional desktop.
Maybe you find something you like as well.

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Saying "install Gentoo :^)" was just meme. I personally love Debian. Although right now I use 8.1, only because this computer is temporary until my ThinkPad gets here. Do some experimenting with virtual machines for the two weeks of windows you have now, and find a Linx distro that works for you. - Jack

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I tried xubuntu for a while and all it did was give me headaches about all the software i couldnt use and kept giving me hardware errors and slowdown.

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you can run linux fine in like 5

use mint

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Dude, you really ordered a ThinkPad?

I wish i could but there's complications.

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What do you use?

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HP Pavilion 17-e017dx

2.10 GHz AMD A8

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SSD? Spinning rust should always be replaced.

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Kid needs help /thread

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M$ Toolkit on My Digital Life

you're welcome

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What are you looking for Opie?

>just werks
Mint or Elementary

>not afraid of some light config
Debian or Fedora

>full metal autist
Arch or Gentoo

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kmspico that shit

Because who cares if it's a backdoor when you're using 10.

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Don't duel boot.
Download architect installer.
Write that ISO as bootable to a USB and boot from that shit.
Install and enjoy.

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