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Why do you autistlords think all pot smokers are degenerate?

Can't handle the fact that people hold different values than you?

inb4 "u kant code 4 shit on waed"

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fuck off, kid

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I work as a programmer and smoke weed every day. So do my programmer friends.

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Libfags out

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>write code when high
>have groundbreaking ideas (or so I think)
>forget to write comments
>go back to code sober

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there's nothing wrong with smoking. there's a lot wrong with being an edgy faglord.

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>Wasting money on a fucking plant

Why don't you use your money on something useful which will educate you in a entertaining way. Leads to a much more pleasureful life than sitting with a bunch of pot smoking degenerates who only talk about smoking and nothing else.

>inb4 I smoke weed and have 5 degrees and a 7 figure salary.

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Good thread, bub

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dude where's my function

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Every day

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this, you can only have abstract ideas when you're high, you implement them when you sober up

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You have many unwarranted assumptions about people who smoke weed. Maybe what you are saying is true among your colleagues (read: high school freshman), but in the real world things are different

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well for one, you're creating a thread that has literally nothing to do with technology

if you want to bitch about pot not being degenerate (which it is, btw) go to /pol/ fucktard

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Weed sucks smoke hash

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I don't. Some of my best memories have been stoned days at beach/city views at night with my buddies.

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u funny

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I hate everybody, so the fact that some people can enjoy themselves in any way rustles my jimmies.

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thank you for being honest, pally

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Pot makes you dumb over time, especially pot cut with windex which I hear is getting popular.

There's a huge fucking reason pot is still illegal in most places: it's fucking harmful to human health no matter how many fake scientists you quote who smoke pot every day.

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That ambiquity fallacy tho

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>be cs student at university
>420 blaze it everyday
>still look good, do my hw, pass my shit, go to work, pay taxes

but some people handle weed differently while high.

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Also most people get baked on weed for hours so they become worthless parasites of society who leech off the government to pay for their addiction to pot. On top of this they literally fund gangs to keep up criminal activities like murder and assault over a fucking plant.

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outright lying: the post

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where on the autism spectrum did they place you?

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You're stupid since most of it comes from dispensaries or hippies

Nobody smokes mexican brick weed
>"omg guise cannabis is bad!"
>pirating everything through torrents
>keeping illegal documents or photos on your hard drive
>in some cases, illegally using encryption

But yes smoking weed (which is legal where I live (California)) is bad, ok kid

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Lol Chico State bro, Come through.
I forgot most people on /g/ haven't seen natural light in weeks.

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Even on a message board that has absolutely nothing to do with weed, you annoying faggots can not stop talking about weed.

Joe Rogan has a message board maybe you could fuck off and post with those cunts.

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troll harder

the reason is because since hemp was outlawed to prevent competing business, and subsequently demonized because mexican immigrants and filthy blacks would use it, its too embarrassing for common people and the law makers to admit it's ban is arbitrary and dogmatic

its objectively less harmful than alcohol
links to cancer still have not been shown (not saying they never will- inhaling any combustion products is probably carcinogenic)
the changes to human brains result only from heavy use beginning during or before puberty

did i mention it's benign as shit, as proven by scientific literature? if your reasoning was true, alcohol would have been made illegal long ago.

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You're a fucktard.

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/g/ is possibly the most uptight stick-up-your-ass board on 4chan soo you're really wasting your time here OP

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Isn't a hoot to watch the /g/tards spout their stupid opinions though?

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this thread actually made me realize that i should stop smoking. i stopped enjoying it anyways

thx gee

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yes, it's not like most people here have real world experience outside of IT related things

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>pot smokers
>not degenerate
Pick one.

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Good job, glad to hear you're growing up and becoming a functioning member of society.

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I used to be a pothead. Then I discovered real drugs.

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Is alcohol degenerate?

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literally all of the programmers are weed and coke heads. including myself. thats at least 12 data points for you

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People who smoke pot are just retarded to begin with.

Only one friend I know that smokes pot, and even before he started he couldn't remember how to spell anyone's name right. I've known him a decade now and he still can't get it right. It's a good thing his own first+last is less than 10 characters total or he'd probably forget how to spell that too.

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uh, most programmers smoke weed.

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How do you and your friends buy weed while being unemployed?

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>You're stupid since most of it comes from dispensaries or hippies
Those niggers charge a premium though. Most potheads aren't financially secure

>Nobody smokes mexican brick weed
Literally almost every pothead does. It's cheaper than what hippie shalalala ding-dong charges.

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like LSD?

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Wow you're cool for raiding mommy's medicine cabinet
>4 string bass with frets
go memorize some more tabs lmao. I bet you couldn't even play a single bach piece or rush bassline

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Geddy Lee is overrated.

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There are good bassists that only use 4 strings. Don't hate.

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Those ADHD drugs go great with pot, tbh fam.

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Ask me anything

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>most obnoxious programmers smoke weed.

All that tar and smog has shrunk blazeit fags' balls so much they've basically become women.
>i don't wanna do anything
>i just wanna stay home
>i'm hungry

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Why did you use an image from over a year ago?

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Geddy Lee. I'm pretty sure Chris Squire had 4 strings and frets too.

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You wouldn't know, so why act like you have any clue? Did you watch pineapple express and thought that's how stoners really act?

Bach is the father of western music
Geddy Lee is a good bassist and that's a fact. Say what you will about vocals but the bass lines are on point. Trust me

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>list of people who think weed smokers aren't degenerates:

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how much does that cost to maintain?

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Did you remember to disable gps tags on your photo?

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thought you said 4 notes.

most basses are 4 strings though aren't they?

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wasn't there a report that said the government desperately needed programmers and "hackers" for network security but most of them couldn't pass the drug test?

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Geddy can play, dont get me wrong. Rush's best album was either Hemisphere or Permanent Waves, just before the synths became so prominent. But let's not act like Rush is the seminal 'bassline' band.

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Most obnoxious programmers are the anime fags/memelords that think they already know everything tbh

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Guys! If obama did it and went on to run burger land then the country was built on weed.

"When I was a kid, I inhaled frequently. That was the point." ~ Barrack Obama

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well anon, we aren't unemployed very often. our jobs are very in demand. we usually have lots of money saved up in case of unemployment.

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guess they need to legalize marijuana on a federal level.

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>most basses are 4 strings though aren't they?
Yes, but it is also common for bassists in more technical genres (prog rock, jazz, math rock, etc.) to use basses with more strings (5, 6 or 7).

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why not grow in a tent?

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Drugs are for people who can't handle adult life.

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"I experimented with marijuana a time or two[thousand]." ~ Bill "High Blazer" Clinton

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yeah i think it was actually the fbi nsa and cia that were pushing to be more lax to get more people to sign up

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cause that's from my last years crop
electric bill mostly cause of the artifical lights, depends on how much electricity costs where you live

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butt y

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“As for drugs – well, Gates was certainly not unusual there. Marijuana was the pharmaceutical of choice…” ~ Bill Gates

*Puffs 100% THC*

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It's a band I figured /g/ was familiar with that's why I said rush

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your opinion is ill-informed.

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Do geeks still like Rush? Or is that purely an 80's thing?

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