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wots this then

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ding dong xd

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>FedEx home instead of express

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Valve picked wrong board tk advertise this controller

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Are unboxing threads no longer a thing? I can never keep up with the hot memes

I don't recall an option for faster shipping.

s-s-shut up I'm not a s-s-shill you baka

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Why would anyone want to see an unboxing? Cannot believe people actually think we care what they bought

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Ars Technica said this controller was good for everything but games that used analog sticks, which seemed to be a subtle way of saying this controller was good for nothing, without having to give back the sponsored content fee.

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that looks like absolute shill

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Why would anyone care enough about what you say to want to track your shitposts across multiple threads, you stupid namefag?

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>faggots actually bought this.

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LOL way to avoid the actual argument Moran.

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He's right, you know.

-Morgan Freeman

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Hey, that's interesting. They split up the batteries? The controller is xboxhueg anyways; I wonder why they bothered moving them outboard to the grips.

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A friend of mine got it today, I think it's quite nice.

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dont forget the firmware update anon

t. usingcontrolleranon

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You and your friend is a faggot then.

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I just tried it out the Steam Controller® in The Witcher III™. The right side pad is analog, with the speed of the movement is controlled by how far from center your thumb is. I can see getting good at it with a lot of practice, but TBH fam I probably won't play enough FPS with the controller to get good at it.

The tactile feedback is interesting. It ticks as you use the analog pad. I don't know if I like it yet.

The whole thing is not as sturdy feeling as an Xbox controller.

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this, no one gives a fuck about your shitty purchase OP

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You care.

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I do. I'm in the market for a controller myself for emulation. I'm leaning towards a PSWhatever controller but I was wondering how bad this one sucked before I made a decision.

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It's going to take some practice to use the analog pad. TBH fam it trying to use it feels like when I tried using a mouse for the first time. I don't think you're going to get an objective answer until a few months down the road, when we see how competitive FPS players using the controller fare against KB+Mouse players.

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Neat. When did you pre-order? I'm still waiting for mine.

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I pre-ordered the first day I saw it on Steam™.

Then later I ordered another Steam Controller™® and the Steam™ Link®™℠ neither of which I've received yet.

(not shill. pls dont be mean)

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it will never be competitive. The 1:1 mapping on the mouse to arm is just leagues beyond the level of control your thumb can provide. All it needs to be to be a great controller is allow you to play non-competitive PC games without too much trouble.

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Nice, do a tear down next.

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Shit. I ordered mine July 2015. I still haven't got mine, even after the verification email on 10/5. Oh well.

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Okay I looked up my steam history

for controller one:

Purchased: Jun 5
Shipping verification: Sept 15
Arrived: Oct 16

For controller two:
Purchased: Aug 24
Shipping verification: Oct 5
Arrived: N/A

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Ignore that picture. Not sure why it double posted it.

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So you'd rather have some proprietary battery pack, maybe even something irreplaceable?

They could've at least included some rechargeables though.

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I'm guessing mine's delayed as I orderd it as a bundle with the SteamLink. Like I said, oh well. Waited this long. Enjoy the new gear!

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>2008 onwards
>buying anything other than the GOAT 360 controller

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Oh wow, steam actually released these things.

Ive been thinking about getting one for morrowind. How does it feel in the hands?

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It feels a bit flimsy compared to an xbox controller for two reasons, the sound and the mousey-ness

The wings of the battery cover are buttons (see pic), and since they rely on plastic tension rather than a spring to return, they feel like a mouse's buttons. Which is odd on a game controller, especially on a place one rests their fingers to support the controller. The font "pad" button clicks also feels like a mouse's rather than a game controllers.

The second reason it feels flimsy is the ticking sound the controller makes when you use the pad. The sound is just too light and tinny.

Both of these are subjective, and the benefits of the pad may outweigh these later, but that's just my first impression.

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What would you use this for?

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Fuckin faggot no one wants to see your shit unboxing

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>bumps thread

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enjoy your messed up thumb

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Wucha taking theses photos with OP?

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Samsung Galaxy S4, flash for the first few, natural light for the last ones.

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