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Soooo.... how come microsoft builds better hardware than apple? At the very least, it's more interesting

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I heard the hinge closes tightly and the tablet's battery life is fantastic.

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>builds better hardware
they make their own CPUS and components? I didn't know that!

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They throw out good hardware once in a while and then the whole thing is end-of-life in 6 months because "we are changing directions"

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I want it but I don't know is $1500 is justifiable

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It's a new era, I embrace the death of apple. I'll be watching their demise from the sidelines on my linux machine as Microsoft becomes Macrohard cucks all the Applefags

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Yes, they're very skilled at soldering over at Microsoft.

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That explains why they sent Ahmed a care package. They probably want to hire him to solder all their own CPUs

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just like apple, right? lmao microshills on suicide watch

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I remember people saying the same thing when Windows Phone 7 was released

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Lol I guarantee you the iPad pro will outsell this shit ten fold. Apple will become the first trillion dollar company by the end of next year

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Apple is so afraid of killing it's Golden Goose that it has lost the will and the nerve to actually innovate. Eventually, it will be their undoing.

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I guess that's the difference. One will sell. The other will be a good device. It has happened before.

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>Dat tigh gap
>Tablet`s battery life
>Headphone jack location

the hardware still looks pretty solid... it`s just that they DID'NT have to make it a tablet. there was no need for that. i mean you'd look retarded with just a keyboard in your backpack.
i`m also worried about the balance of this thing, the screen tablet looks pretty heavy in comparison to the rest of the body

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The tablet thing makes it the laptop I want to buy. It sounds pretty useful to me. Until now, I needed a laptop. But if this is what it's supposed to be, I want it.

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>At the very least, it's more interesting
This is the problem. Microsoft makes novelty tech to appeal to their fanboys. Meanwhile Apple is the only company doing no-nonsense plain ol regular laptops on the high end.

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>ARM tablet outselling an i5/i7 x86 tablet

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Fucking gimmickkkk. Holy shit. At least wait a couple generations.if you want a laptop with a dedicated gpu for work, buy a fucking WORK laptop. And a tablet for taking notes.
Why buy something that will be mediocre at both? Except for the G I M M I C K

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wow... prophetic

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I think this is good. If you want a no-nonsense ordinary laptop, you can get it, and macbooks are very good at it. If you want something like this, you couldn't, until now.

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The idea is that it isn't mediocre at both. If it is, it's a shit product.

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Next year Apple will shit out the exact same thing except it will have a Core M that will thermal throttle because it is 3mm thinner with no vents and it will sell millions more units.

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3 hour battery life as the clipboard.

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That is bad, I expected more, because Surface Pro has ok battery.

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>Implying that's not EXACTLY what's been happening since the iPad came out

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Yeah. Maybe in the future this will he good. Because that's their claimed battery life, and we all know that's under the most battery friendly conditions.
I would get the surface pro 4 because it's a nice refined product
if the throttling with the i5 and i7 is fixed, then that would be cool. If not, the Intel core m seems like a nice version

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Being that thin it simply will not have enough space for the kind of battery an i7 would need.

We're talking about something that weighs almost exactly the same and is also pretty much the same size as an iPad Pro.

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well, not at the same price

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There haven't really been many ARM tablets in the Surface's price range and the x86 tablets in the iPad's price range have never been able to compete with it. Even below it in Android tablet territory the only time x86 tablets have been able to compete trough Intel and Microsoft literally giving away chips and Windows licenses.

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Honestly though x86 tablets are the future. ARM tablets can suck my left nut. They are a cancer to the advancement of technology.

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Looks great, but i'm happy with my SP3.

What i don't get is why people are complaining about the headphone jack location. It's the same spot as on the Surface and nobody cared. What gives?

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>The future
How about no? We don't need decades of cruft going back to the late 1970's and inefficient microcode programmed shit. The only reason x86 is so dominant is because everyone ships x86 devices and as a result Intel has so much money to spend on R n' D that nobody else can compete in places where high efficiency is not a must.

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applecucks are in full damage control. They got BTFO so hard they are turning desperate. I feel kinda bad for them though. The i7 surface book is shitting on macbook pros. Apple literally has nothing to compete against the surface book.

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Grandma will warm up to the Surface soon enough when the battery in her iPad aint what it used to be and she realizes she has to fucking email herself all the family photos to get them off the damn iPad because iCloud is not a backup solution and iTunes refuses to import photos synced from another computer (that she got rid of).

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>literally a MacBook clone down to the minimalist logo and ugly black bezel
>can't even close properly

Gee, that sure is great and interesting

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What I really don't understand about Aplle OSX is the logic behind it.

It's base don Linux which is a free OS, you could, with background knowledge in linux, make the apple OSX.

They dumbed down a highly customizable 'thing' and turned it a static brick.

It's just logically retarded.

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>macbook clone
>multiple usb ports and sd card reader
>touch screen
>pen included

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>using iTunes
I literally haven't installed shitTunes in 5 years and photos are easy as shit to back up off of iCuck products

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Wake me up when ARM tablets can encode 10 bit 1080p H264 at 30 FPS+ and run PC games.

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OSX is literally a last desperate gasp for air.
MacOS was absolute unfiltered steaming shit.
Apple didn't care what monstrosity they slapped together over a weekend, they just wanted to get as far away as fucking possible from MacOS as possible.

And the hideous frankenturd that is OSX is what we have as a result of that.

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a bunch of trivial tablet tard "features" doesn't make it look any less like a cheap MBP clone

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how about the fact that it's a tablet with a gpu dock?

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iPoorfag detected.

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OSX is not based on Linux. None of OSX's predecessors are based on Linux. There is no connection whatsoever between OSX and Linux.

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the hideous frankenturd with file picker icons and POSIX

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>muh-muh posix
>doesn't know a single posix command

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if that's true, then why do I prefer clang to Xcode

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>>cheap knockoff
>>offers more and costs pretty much the same

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some people have more than one laptop and OS, you brand-based turbo aspie

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>.DS_Store in every single folder on the entire drive

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>download zip archive
>extract it
It's basically the thumbs.db of the Mac world only IT ISN"T DEAD.

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epic x86 is bad meme strikes again

please educate yourself

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>>x86>The future
>iCucks are still anal sore about this 10 years later, while posting from their Intelintosh

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>durr hurr monstrosity its bad hideous turd
Summarizes every OSX "critique" on this board ever. How about you actually try to use it once and make a coherent argument instead of spouting memes?

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>u jus dont like my memeOS because u never use it

Nice meme.

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I've used a osx VM and I think it's shit. It's so fucking simple and restricted. Deleted that VM and went back to making windows based VMs instead. osx is great for 13 year old girls and homos I guess. I'm not either so forgive my bias.

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I tried to use it once.
I couldn't even send a file to it over Bluetooth.

Why anyone would use this feature lacking OS is beyond me.

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Can't you place it back on the keyboard backwards?

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Amir is alright, fam.

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um except that's whats been happening since these Surface flops came out?

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That's because the general public is more interested in owning a logo than a tablet with increase functionality.

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part of the reason why humanity is a giant pile of shit

but we will eventually get there and some day we will be able to achieve something noteworthy

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Tim pls

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It's 4 hours. That's how it can be lighter than the Surface Pro -- more battery kept in the base.

But you can go tablet mode while using the base battery so it's not a big deal.

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You're missing the point of arm.

You're requirement that it be able to encode your shit chinese cartoons is rediculious, not even x86 tablets can do that.

In all likely hood, ARM could be even better at that, considering most ARM devices rely on many ASIC chips as opposed to one high powered CISC processor.

Placebo faggot. Your gpu/monitor cant even display that shit. It just throws away the last two bits. Or worse, it takes extra processing power to convert from 10 to 8 bit format then shoves out the frame.

>run pc games
They can. Most devs are just too lazy to port them, but if the game's written in python or java you're good.

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I think I would rather wait for the release of the Surface 4, and see how big discounts on the 3 get. I've already got my ThinkPad for heavy work, I'd just want a Surface for when I'm doing my weekly train commutes between cities.

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>inb4 poor fag

I'm not, I just don't know if I can justify it

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>citation needed

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Its a seriously gimped i7.

Likely in the sub 15watt TDP range.

Dont worry too much about power consumption vs the i5, they should be within 10% of each other.

Are you retarded? Just plug the fucking thing into the computer and copy the photos using Windows Explorer.

Nice meme. Hows not having a functioning terminal working?

Except that Linux is UNIX like and OSX is pure UNIX/POSIX.

>heavy work

What kinda pussy shit u think is hard that you do on a laptop?

I'm tired of this meme. Both sides keep yelling it and its getting really, really retarded.

It was funny the first time, but now it doesnt even have meaning anymore.

Originally it was supposed to be about spending extra for quality. Now people just use it as a catchall for not buying anything with a higher price tag.

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Who can justify it for you? Is it what you want? Is it worth it to you?

I want both a laptop and replacement paper, so it looks pretty good to me. Do your own math.

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Except that's exactly what always happens and ARM always has higher volume shipments...

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It's pretty much the same shit for the same price, what's the big deal? All you get extra is a shitty tablet mode and an awkwardly-placed headphone jack.

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>Apple didn't care what monstrosity they slapped together over a weekend, they just wanted to get as far away as fucking possible from MacOS as possible.
They literally spent 300 million on it...

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Where's the headphone jack¿

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>hurrr os x is locked down
epic dude

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right here


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simply epic, /b/ro :')

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It's $200 more expensive though ;_; Apple's supposed to be the overpriced one, damn it.

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Wait, is this it? That little black dot? So people will have a headphone cable dangling while they use it? Will they be able to lean backwards and not pull the tablet towards them?

This is just terrible design.

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It's not that hard to make something better than a pile of shit

>> No.50698857

Pretty sure the tablet is detachable from the keyboard dock

>> No.50698894

How many inches is the diagonal of the screen?

>> No.50698930


Yes, I know it is. But when you using it like a laptop, what then? Full retard mode?

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>16GB ram
Laptop of the year.
Just need gentoo on it and it's perfect.

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I don't know the cord is just going to be hanging, if you're worried about it get bluetooth headphones

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I agree, it was stupid to put the jack there. Could have just as easily been at the bottom of that side of the tablet.

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>I agree, it was stupid to put the jack there.
The jack is where it needs to be on the tablet.
Such compromises are what will cripple this thing in the long run.

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I've been to the Apple store 3 times in th past 3 days trying to buy an iPhone 6s plus and every time they were out of stock.
They literally can't make them fast enough to sell them, not to mention that iPhone is half the entire mobile market, while being a single company verses adroid which is a huge mess of companies.

I don't think they are going anywhere.

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>not to mention that iPhone is half the entire mobile market
12,2% of new devices in 2014 Europe, sure is half of the market :^)

>> No.50700967

>The jack is where it needs to be on the tablet.

I really think they could have put it on the bottom if they had tried.

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the sd slot should be on the fucking tablet like it is on the surface pro

>> No.50701099

The problem is that if you flip the screen around and close it to use it in sketch mode the jack is now close to you.

So basically there is no good spot to have a single headphone jack. They should have just included one in the base as well.

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Silly tripfag, they're just not stocking them to your store because they're trying to sell them in other places.

Maybe if you lived in a meaningful location they would bother stocking your store.

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Yeah, it should have been in the base. But I'm going to wind up getting bluetooth headphones for mobile use because fuck wires.

>> No.50701289

>such compromises
>one thing wrong
You macfags have been getting the same laptops for years, and somehow you think a headphone jack is a major design flaw.

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>Placebo faggot. Your gpu/monitor cant even display that shit. It just throws away the last two bits. Or worse, it takes extra processing power to convert from 10 to 8 bit format then shoves out the frame.
I have a 10-bit Adobe RGB monitor and a 10-bit GPU and a 10-bit pipeline in the OS (Windows). What now, faggot.

>> No.50701357

Just watch the fucking porn on tablet mode, hacking on laptop mode fam

>> No.50701362

Compromises in a MacBook Air:

Compromises in a MacBook Pro:

Compromises in Surface Book:

>> No.50701370

The lady there said there are none in all of Nevada, I'm in Las Vegas.

>> No.50701390

>What now, faggot.

Different asshole here, same shit though.

>The human eye can distinguish about 10 million different colors.

8b/c RGB is 8*3 = 24 bits, 2**24 = 16,777,216

>> No.50701396

They won't help you because the source isn't 10bit and the benefit of a 10bit encoding pipeline is in the video encoding rather than the bitdepth.

>> No.50701414

It also says that there are rare cases of humans being able to see 100million colors.
So it would be well to assume that the number of colors that humans can distinguish ranges considerably.

>> No.50701427

$1500, and that pen can't even tilt.

>> No.50701465

>So it would be well to assume that the number of colors that humans can distinguish ranges considerably.

No, it doesn't. That special case is an all or nothing deal.
>A very small percentage of women may have an extra type of color receptor
>cited from title: "Some women may see 100 million colors, thanks to their genes"

You are more likely to be colour blind than have this theoretical condition. Not to mention you fail test 0; you're not a woman.

>> No.50701480

I am color blind.

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if you include the 15" then you can replace the "NO dGPU" with "OVERHEATS"

>> No.50701591

>couldn't figure out how to click the bluetooth icon and click 'send file to device'

did your mother drop you on your head when you were a baby

>> No.50701681

When it comes to apple, a company who shamelessly copied(es) tech from other companies, copying which is justified by its consumers on the grounds of:

>lmao who cares, they made it better.

This, nullifies the knockoff argument, and its price nullifies the "cheap" argument. In short, to conclude that you are full of shit, we need to see that:

>Both products are similarly priced;
>The Surface Book is as good, if not better, than the MBP.

>inb4 shill
I don't even use Windows, nor do I hate one company and love the other.

>> No.50702071

what a load of shit. Mircoshill is blatantly ripping off Apple with their line up.

you can draw far fetched analogies to some obscure company in the 70's to Apples products, but Apple broke new ground with each product lineup.

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>ARM is the future
not running full OSs on x84 tablet

>> No.50702175

>looks like a mb air clone
>"better hardware"

>> No.50702187

I see my Raspberry Pi soon as a Steam machine, thank u Anon

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No thanks.

>> No.50702231

>mfw i fell for this shit in the 90's

Backwards compatibility is fucking huge and Moore's Law covers instruction set sins. AIM PowerPC was going to kick Intel's ass back to the vacuum tube age in the 90's.

>protip: it didn't happen.

ARM is a very cool architecture with a lot of success in phones and tablets because there's no legacy code there. But the legacy code on the desktop is growing and Moore's Law will only shrink the differences between ARM and x86, just like it did between x86 and PPC.

x86 is the future because it's the past.

>Apple literally has nothing to compete against the BotNet book.

Fixed it 4u.

I wouldn't touch MS hardware with your dick. My PC notebooks run Win7. Win8/10 will never see anything but a walled virtual machine. I'm truly done with Microshit.

Tim Cook is a fag yet has the balls to stand up to FedGov for user privacy. Guess what I'm buying in the future.

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That explains the porn search statistics

>> No.50702420

I just fucking wish I had that picture of touch phones and tablets that came out years before apple made them popular, thanks to cult worshipers like yourself.

Again, good for Apple to milk idiots dry, and I don't hate them for it, I just hate retards that buy the shiniest, most expensive peace of tech and have the nerve to call everyone else jealous, or a hater, or when said idiots consider themselves "tech savvy" because they garble the cock Jobs rammed down their throats. Its delusion on a mass scale.

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