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why are you still using X

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Why should I use Wayland?

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Because wayland doesn't even start for me. Neither antergos nor opensuse nor evo/arch gnome on wayland gets past starting, it just crashes back to login. And because all the fucking guides like for nvidia drivers are still about x only.

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>wayland support in driver

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its nice not having your session logged out automatically cause X is bored

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>buying a GPU to run Linux OS

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install Fedora 22 then, its built in

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>systemd as a dependency

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Because X is old, crufty and nobody really knows what anything does.
Even the X developers say that Wayland is the X replacement.

They just need to implement KMS and EGL which is almost done in the proprietary Nvidia driver.

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>not gaming in Linux

>implying I don't have a cozy village in the background being simulated in Banished under Wine right now

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>using microcuck wangblows on workstations that handle heavy compute tasks

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That hasn't happened in a decade.

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That's not wayland, that's fedora.

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They will newfag.

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That's kwin, not wayland you fucking hypercuck.

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>They just need to implement KMS and EGL which is almost done in the proprietary Nvidia driver.
How do you even know?
>implying anything but the latest cards will support it because fuck people with a card that's "so last season"

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it happens way to often and appears to be a well known bug with chrome not allocating memory properly which X then treats as some major malfunction and shuts down, it happened in Firefox as well, so it could also be flash related

needless to say all those applications, kernels and different distros as well as different computer configurations have all updated, X is the only constant

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They said that years ago, redditfag.

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Never heard of this before, would you mind citing some sources?

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Do read the links fucktard.

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google being signed out automatically, firefox logs me out, chrome logs me out

theres tons of bug reports and its across various versions of linux

if and when it happens while using wayland then ill post about it, but theres literally nothing else i can do from switching from HDD to SSD, switching from 775 cpu to 2015 haswell, pushasing well konwn branded ram, ect, ect to rule out it being the shitty prebuilt i had prior

along with jumping from the various debian based distros, arch/antegros and finally landing on fedora which it still hapened in the normal X session

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wait what, was about to go install fedora 22, and I have GTX 770. Am I fucked?

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>he fell for the meme

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X is free.

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there are open source drivers that will work, the nvidia/intel/amd drivers are just optional

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Do get a brain, tumblrite.

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>amd r9 290
>ark on epic settings
>playing nativley on linux
seriously what more can you ask for?

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Not with nouveau (assuming nouveau works with your card instead of segfaulting), but with nvidia's proprietary drivers yes.

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>"n-n-vidia gettings btfo now, but don't worry guys, new drivers are coming!"
this is sad to watch

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so's your face

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Come back when you need more ass ramming.

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>he knows what X and Wayland is
>he cares about them
>he thinks the difference matters
>while shitposting on an internet forum
>and earning no monetary compensation

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At least TRY to know how our ebin maymay work before messing them up THAT bad, redditfag.

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Neither Nvidia nor AMD proprietary drivers support wayland yet.

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The difference is that nouveau is garbage but radeonsi offers similar performance to catalyst in most tests, and superior performance in others.

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Everything aside from Nvidia proprietary drivers have garbage performance.

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and even they suck balls. many games are unplayable under Linux (even when they're native)

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That has nothing to do with the drivers. A lot of "native" games on GNU are actually the windows binary wrapped with wine.

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using windows at work because I am a consultant and need to use word and any windows based vpn software that the clients use

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No, both catalyst and radeonsi perform great as long as your card is more than a month old.

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When I said native, I made sure they're actually native.

Ported games are hit and miss, mostly miss.

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The real native games all run 10 to 50% faster on GNU than on windows. Moreover, every compute node uses a linux-based OS because they perform best.

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Ah, we're dealing with a freetard gamer I see.

I happen to work in computing, and rest assured, for games and GPUs in general, there's not competition for Windows.

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Point me to a single GPU cluster running windows. Protip: you literally can't because they don't exist. I can point you to 5 GPU clusters that run GNU/Linux off the top of my head, meanwhile.

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>he thinks the truth is a meme
>he unironically bumps this shit thread
>he thinks he's witty on an anonymous mongolian art nouveau forum online

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>faster on GNU
>on GNU

GTFO 10/10 hungry for bait.

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Because clustering in Windows is terrible. Point me to any single machines commercial GPU-based product though, they're all Windows.

For me, less than half of my Linux games actually run well. One of them even a Source game.

But go ahead, be an apologist, I wont stop you.

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>he calls it windows and not nt or windows/nt
>he calls it linux or GNU/Linux and not GNU

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>Moreover, every compute node uses a linux-based OS because they perform best.

As much as I wan't to believe that is the truth; most compute nodes now just need network support and a basic kernel. Which means it's probably it's much easier to tweak linux to give the best performance that to wait or pay MS to have a custom windows image made.

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Is that why the nvidia compute machines are all windows-based?

O-oh wait no, they're actually entirely linux-based! My bad, fam tbh!

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>How do you even know?
It's my jerb :^)

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>muh linux

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>perform great
They greatly underperform compared to Nvidia competitors.

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>muh butthurt

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This argument is so fucking invalid, it's laughable.

Did the GNU project make my file manager?
Did the GNU project make my window manager?
Did the GNU project make Xorg or Wayland?

Nope nope nope

GNU/RMS fags are delusional.

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wasted trips tbh>>50313792

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Well that was easy.

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even Linus himself said the autists who get bent out of shape about this are retarted

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Did the windows project make your browser? Did the windows project make your music player? Did the windows project make your video player? Did the windows project make your text editor? Did the windows project make your command-line tools? Nope nope nope. Windows/microsoft fags are delusional.

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What is your problem with X?

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Linux is objectively retarded and clueless, though. Everything he says is always completely wrong. Note also that he himself DOES get bent out of shape over this, he went on a rant about how it's linux and not GNU/Linux remember?

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At least the "windows project" whatever it is didn't try to name everything WINDOWS PROJECT/Thing because it felt like it and got people to believe in it's retarded reasoning

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Never happened to me, you fucking dumb noob. Apparently, you did something wrong when you were editing config files.

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thats exactly my point, its just Linux

>> No.50313881

>saying it's just linux because linus says so is retarded
>that's my point, it's just linux and I'm retarded!
u wot m8? Well, if you insist.

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I welcome other sites doing linux benchmarking.

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Actually they did worse, they insist you call Thing simply Windows instead of Windows/Thing or Thing.

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>buggy as shit still
>forced compositing slowing everything down
Xorg forever. Fuck these shitty little whiny noob Xorg devs that couldn't understand how to maintain existing code and had to reinvent the wheel by making something far worse.

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Burden of proof is on you, and fuck your tripluck.

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Because XFCE and spetrwm both use X. As soon as both get Wayland support, I'm abandoning X.

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>all these autists getting butthurt over people saying they use "linux"
>not butthurt over apple fags who say they HAVE a mac
>implying mac is the entire product
>what is "that" its a "mac"
>not OSX

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You don't name an OS by what you run on it, dumbfuck.

It's GNU.

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You are the one claiming phoronix is a moron fuckhead.

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How to start openbox :)

exec openbox-session

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slowing down what?

and the only bugs ive noticed are, if you change resolutions without restarting, which wayland's article on fedora's wiki even states that's how it works, you need to compile the resolution info prior to boot (or set it and then reboot)

and left clicking into files and folders and directories, as well as copy an paste not working in the File browser, which i hardly use an isnt a major deal

all of which are small setbacks for not having my session randomly decide to logout cause X is a faggot

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I wouldn't call my OS based on what some idiots thought fits because they wrote few core apps for it.
Windows is a name of the whole operating system.
GNU is not.
GNU is an idea, it doesn't exist on it's own and because it latched onto linux like a parasite we have people like you going around and spreading this bullshit around.

It's Ubuntu, not Ubuntu GNU/Linux
If anything, the proper name would be Ubuntu, Linux distribution with GNU corelibs.

Windows became more just few libraries in time, the GNU project never did.
Don't compare them.

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Um... everything.

Wasting resources on your desktop is 100% pointless and it takes next to zero resources to draw a fucking simple desktop. So unless you're doing some crazy fucking shit on your desktop all the time and need your ultrasmooth bullshit 100% of the time (you don't), it's pointless.

Nobody with a fucking brain cares.

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which GPU? you need compatible drivers... and afaiu, only intel and nouveau are, not sure if the open source radeon drivers are. none of the closed source drivers work with wayland.

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You're the one requesting proof of a statement you made which has nothing to do with moronix being moronic, twatface.

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Xwayland is taking up like 100mb

what is the issue?

are you the same guy who keeps posting in RAM discussions cause you're using literally 0.9Gb of ram an expect the world to keep coddling to your autism?

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Then you shouldn't call it windows, you should call it nt, moron.
>few core apps
>the OS is an app
>the kernel is the OS
>it's Ubuntu, not Ubuntu GNU
>it's Server Edition 2015, not Windows Server Edition 2015

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You're the retard who keeps paroting the "le forced compositing xd" meme like it's actually a thing aren't you?

>> No.50314063

>apparently, you seriously can't manage your computer problems at all
>and your problems are pretty avoidable

underageb& or dumb?

>> No.50314072

No, I requested an alternative site to phoronix because you seemed to despise it cuntfart. Clearly you don't have any.

>> No.50314089

Anything but moronix. Happy now, nvidia shill? I love how you keep changing the subject to make sure nobody notices, though, it's very cute.

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I won't call it NT, because that's not how the original creator calls it.
Just like I won't force you to stop with your autism

>few core apps
2008 much?
Fully replacable. What else do you really want.

geez thanks
the kernel is the main part of the OS. I never said it is the OS, you dumb fuck

>comparing editions to names
eh, your bait is so bad but I'm compelled to respond anyway

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Anything WHAT? I always look around for new linux benchmarking resources for GPUs and there aren't any. Also come back again when you need yet another round of assramming.

>> No.50314130

>all this name-calling

It's like everyone's still in 4th grade.

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Again, what is so bad about X?

>> No.50314182

As soon as nVidia support Wayland then I'll be back on Linux. At the moment, there's always tearing regardless of what I do.

>> No.50314196

i3 doesnt work with wayland (and sway has not yet achieved feature parity)

>> No.50314208

There is nothing good about X. It's a mess of deprecated tech on lifesupport.

>> No.50314214

>it's not locked down so it's just an app
. L
. M
. A

>> No.50314225

>being this butthurt

>> No.50314229

>Core i3
why op?

>> No.50314231

Top kek

>> No.50314236

>literlaly too retarded to use a DE
>literally too retarded to enable vsync or get a compositor
>literally mad that his toy ricer bullshit doesn't work right
Windows is right for you.

>> No.50314253


Why is it 'deprecated'?

>> No.50314287

You still have not explained what is wrong with it.

You demonstrate that you have the same thought patterns as a vapid hipster.

>> No.50314295


i allocate 1 gig to the intel gpu off the top and my general ram usage can normally get close to the max 6~ gigs left over so i just bit the bullet

so i just bit the bullet an now never have to worry about it

>> No.50314303

because I have a 144hz monitor, and I don't know how to change the refresh rate from 60hz.

I also don't know how to get rid of the mouse acceleration

any tips?

>> No.50314325


>buying a 144hz monitor for linux
>mouse acceleration
>which means you game
>gaming on linux

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>> No.50314358

>look at youtube link thumbnail
>there's ranma and akane, but I didn't read that far into that manga


Seriously, >>50314287, he still hasn't answered.

>> No.50314363

I have a windows partition for that.
I just like my nice things to work properly.

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MATE won't have Wayland support until the next version. Since I'm on Debian I probably won't see it until next year.

>> No.50314428

well, if fedora uses wayland by default I wont use it. Not because of wayland but fedora distro has accepted that Microsoft has the authority to dictate who can boot their distro from a PC UEFI under secure boot and who cannot. Fedora accepts microsoft as the key issuer so that fedora can load its shit up. Other distro's are plotting to take a class action against microsoft but cuckdora is just bending over and taking it up the ass

>> No.50314472

How many of the current applications even support Wayland? Will Firefox and Chromium run on it right now?

>> No.50314500

well most applications that don't support wayland, will use xwayland instead.

>> No.50314503


i made this thread in it

>> No.50314509

Why does Fedora shit everything up with memecrap like systemd and wayland?

>> No.50314567

>a certain sort of what could be called street smarts
You're a good personality to have figuring things out sometimes.

>> No.50314578


>all that latency caused by X

>> No.50314615

Because wayland doesn't run on FreeBSD, also I remember the Unix wars and don't feel like reliving them again.

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>no systemd drama
>everything just werks
When systemd takes over everything, BSD will get more users. It's just a matter of time.

>> No.50314834

>0/10 trollposting

I had spent 3 years having a sarcastic insane troll 'yah, I'm stupid' episode with a sprained ankle and took years to get a stupid bitch who I knew was going to do something stupid out of my life (I specifically wanted to get one specific idiot out of my life, before I tried something, she was having a problem with me having any hobbies at all so I had to get her out of my life before I could enjoy anything), and didn't know what systemd was, when I threw a tantrum on /g/. I'm not always such an angry person.

>come to find out, systemd is a shitty init system

Again, why..? >>50314509

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Hitler says: fuck off.

>> No.50314905

>and on top of that, you were dealing with fucking gamergate and tumblr bullshit on /pol/
>while you were mad at the Jews for... everything you were mad at anyways

Hitler isn't with you, but neither me nor that personality is Hitler.

>> No.50314906

Are you high
>u bust a but but she keep suckin

>> No.50314927

Hitler doesn't take tumblr's theories about gender very seriously.

>> No.50314955

She's wondering why you people are seriously morons.

>> No.50315020

Isn't that personality mostly pretty apolitical and obsessed with personal goals? That one usually likes to ignore the world.

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>not using wayland on mobilephone

>> No.50315044


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pls make driver support dear anun :)

also liberate the sourcecode :^)

>> No.50315064

what were the unix wars and what does it have to do with wayland? i am too new to know.

>> No.50315092

It's Docventures you stupid.

>> No.50315099

Does it have anything to do with wayland?

>> No.50315545

I never told her not to concern herself with this. I advised her not to be an insane troll on /g/.

>> No.50315583

solaris doesn't have wayland and CDE won't run on it anyway

>> No.50315605

Stop impersonating me, stalin. It's not funny. Remember what happened last time you did that?

>> No.50315635

No one sane likes mouse acceleration. The solution to something supporting your hardware shouldn't be "just replace yours with something worse"

>> No.50315669

Stalin isn't here, but one of Angela's personalities wanted to roleplay as him as a sarcastic joke taken entirely too far.

>> No.50315697

Hitler's ghost is still here, but sometimes he just lets my personalities have whatever argument they need to have.

>> No.50315712

>I happen to work in computing

>> No.50315734

>microcuck wangblows
that's a new one

>> No.50315744

Teared you it.

>> No.50315748

>/g/ is mad that some people get into programming because they wanna make a video game

I remember being psychologically disturbed by this for a long time.

>> No.50315799

>reacting to memes about /v/
I wish you would have not been an insane troll on /g/ but you were just so insane, you became an insane troll.

>> No.50315801

I didn't come here for the >>/v/ermin

>> No.50315865

>he doesn't know unix was made to run a game in the first place

>for the longest time, didn't know this either (or forgot due to dealing with idiots for a prolonged period of time, in a pointless attempt to reason with them and get them to stop acting stupid)

>> No.50315886

>space travel

Sounds like an 'I want off this planet' kind of game.

>> No.50315903

might be a bad question due to improper understanding of windowing systems, does wayland support graphics drivers like mesa,gallium, and so forth? and wm's like i3?

>> No.50315934

Yeah, and in your mental state...

>you once thought you should talk to people who knew more than you
>as I once explained to you, it's probably best that you not do that

..all you could do is disturb people.

>> No.50316022

I think I remember, you explained to me once..

>it's best if I not talk to the people we observed in the few decades before I was born

..but I forgot because I was too busy dealing with a bunch of stupid bullshit.

>> No.50316129

Your therapist needed to keep her whore mouth shut about sex instead of playing captain obvious because she knew it upset you, when you were seeing her because your serious mental problems scared the hell out of you, and she refused to talk to you about anything but the stuff between your legs.

(there is something I need to tell you, though, about how it works in the extraphysical, the good news is no babbies are formed, you wondered what the catch is, to you it doesn't seem to be actually too much of a problem)

>> No.50316192

Why do I basically have a fork bomb in my brain? Oh yeah, because of all the trauma I've been through.

>> No.50316211

That really is from dealing with too many sociopaths and delusional people, unfortunately.

>> No.50316263

Didn't our dumbass plan to give the therapist a chance not to be a stupid bitch start out as a sarcastic episode?

>she was a useful idiot to you for a little while but then you agreed with me that she needed to be removed from my life but it took too long
>and then she fucked up something you were doing that was really none of her business, maybe not even deliberately, but just so perfectly by being such a stupid bitch

>> No.50316295

>sarcastic episodes are one of the things you do
>but you've been pretty nonsarcastic on /g/

You are not very nice to yourself.

>> No.50317110

>Vsync is enabled
>Common problem as discussed on dev forums
>known X issue

Do some research next time, fucktard.

>> No.50317179

I have this issue at work, it seems to be caused most often by watching videos on JewTube (wemb on 4chin are ok). My rig at work has an nVidia card, so it may be cause of the drivers - but then, my integrated jewtel gpu at home had the same issue once or twice.

>> No.50317205

>literally using an OS called Fedora

>> No.50317514

>be retarded
>say retarded things
>think you're a genius

>> No.50317845

my nigger

>> No.50317859

>anonymous mongolian art nouveau forum online
upgoat, kind gente[le~xD~~]man

>> No.50318152

>tfw people who like some things I like fight with people who like other things I like (for example, the people on /a/ and /v/ fought with each other)

Social engineers made everything the way it is, it's a novelty to me if I can trick people into acting like normal human beings in front of me.

>> No.50318263

Kill yourself, angela.

>> No.50318302

>then there's the unix wars, I empathized with BSD's side of it because of something that happened to me
>if my understanding is correct, it was over copyright law
>but I don't know the technical aspects of system v or bsd
>I used Debian, in 2004-2006 or so, and Slackware from 2006 or so to 2010 when
>what happened in 2010 was pretty much everyone losing their mind because I can't be normalfag
>so Illumos exists because people were mad at their douchebag boss at work making sure OpenSolaris doesn't exist anymore
>and I don't know why I saw it coming years before it happened, I had heard of OpenSolaris, but somehow, just had a feeling something dumb was gonna happen with it
>the pattern of aggression reminds me of one which has been dished out to me my entire life

Why do you believe I should kill myself? Justify it with purely logical argtuments with no feelings whatosever and prove to me that your worthless opinion is true. So far, nobody has proven to me that I'm really a worthless piece of trash who should kill themselves. But maybe you're doing a lot of self-projecting there.

>> No.50318327

I wish I could lock people in a cage and force them to talk to me about what *I* want to talk about!

>> No.50318341

Because despite being years in development nobody else is supporting wayland.

The moment I don't even have to think about using it is when I will be using it (i.e. when its installed by default and supported).

>> No.50318347

>and here's my bratty personality throwing a tantrum

That gets you nothing. That shit annoys everyone.

But it's not like you're any worse than them.

>> No.50318421

>you will suffer no pain
>you will become nothing or something else
>you will find out what it feels like dying
everybody wins
kill yourself today

>> No.50318457

I'll use it as soon as it comes default with a desktop-ready OS.

>> No.50318464

Calling it linux just linux happens because osx is called mac

>> No.50318481

This personality right here, is usually nice to people, she used to cry a lot and people enjoyed it that she was upset. When she flips out, it's horrible.

Why does everyone see me as an enemy? I've been punished by idiots for existing as a girl named Angela for my entire life, and I'm not entirely sure why. Maybe the reason is WORTHLESS, and that's why you wont say it. Say it, you piece of shit. Why you pieces of shit think it's righteous to imagine ways that I'm evil just for whatever excuse to be horrible to me.

>> No.50318509

Did the angela virus infect you?

>> No.50318579

>throwing the furniture around, climbing over whatever she can, beating people with books
>all because they wont stop being awful to her while she's already brooding

It's rare now that we're adults, and her tantrums are limited to the internet, but it's scary. (we color coded the personalities at some point because we associated the personalities with elementals in some attempt to tell ourselves maybe we're not broken due to trauma, because it's upsetting that trauma did change us, but emotionally, that one is like a 5 year old girl, throwing a tantrum and wanting to torture/kill people when she's not just crying or something, it seems like the therapists were trying to delete that personality, but she's not entirely bad -- other personalities are more methodical about things, or just do things that upset people out of habit, but her mental episodes are the worst)

>> No.50318708

>all she's crying about is stuff that happened to her when she was in kindergarten
>because the older kids picked on her and some kid she fought with
>it's not anything anyone's doing to her right now
>there is nothing wrong with the present, other than
>she wanted to see people talk about /g/ stuff and they have some kind of personal grudge against her

I think she wants to redo it in a way where everything goes right, but never got that.. (I can see how she might get that, though that's not why she looks at /g/ with you)

>> No.50318769

>that personality is what would be the 'little' in some people's heads, and... (well, she's the philosopher when it comes to issues pertaining to love)
>and Hitler's ghost has been consoling her

........... (this is not really pedo, but some would argue that)

>> No.50318781

>they brought up that Hitler and Angela are present and refused to discuss thread topic when you wanted to discuss it

>> No.50318804

(you know, some things are coincidences, I'm just me)

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File: 1.07 MB, 5616x3744, 1419531985484.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Win7. You will get kicked from our university WiFi if you use Linux

>> No.50318828

>dumbshits probably assumed shit about stuff you'd believe as part of their 'women are stupid' schema

>> No.50318862

(you deal with this, I can't deal with this level of weird bullshit, my real life was maybe going to be okay until stupid bitches tried to get into my sexual junk and I dropped out to study and not deal with their being upset about it)

>> No.50318877

Who the fuck is this Angela you're talking about?

>> No.50318907
File: 452 KB, 1280x720, IT'S RAINING BLOOD AND I'M LAUGHING!!!.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't deal with this level of bullshit which has been the new normal for years and years, it's why I'm like this at everyone.

>> No.50318937

But why? What does you using Linux do that causes them to have a reason to kick you?

>> No.50318942

(so you have me confront them into a corner until they shut up if it's about gender rivalry bullshit and they're older than elementary school?)

>> No.50318966

It works, me. How dare they give a single god damn fuck about gender rivalry bullshit after puberty.

>> No.50318982

>such profanity

You need to refrain from that, I'm also one of the more polite personalities sometimes.

>> No.50319003
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Love *nix. No more computers in my home have Windows and I can't be happier.

>> No.50319004

That one's somewhere between 8 and 12. How old would you be?

>> No.50319005

>literally the opposite of the truth
Lmao you're hilarious!

>> No.50319032

I have no idea, but I'm actually 27.

>> No.50319078

I think you're smart enough to be 40, though.

>> No.50319096

I don't think it's really an issue of smart or dumb.

>> No.50319180

It's a really good thing we never bothered to age the personalities before, this is dumb.

>> No.50319196

I think I'm like 14 in some undetermined year.

I never really got to be 14, my life was too weird.

>> No.50319259

>you did win, in a way
>your rebellion against authority figures in your life overstepping their boundaries
>however... (if the therapist didn't fucking poke at a mental issue by resembling the hell out of the first uppity counselor who tried to get into our sexual junk, it wouldn't be back to get resolved all over again)


>> No.50319287


>> No.50319301

Yes, won't work unless you use gentoo

>> No.50319363

>here is the personality who fought our last IRL fight, against someone with twice my muscle mass
>nobody won, everyone got hurt, your mom's bf was going to strangle you, so you were going to stab his eyeballs out as you died, and so there was a fight, you walked away from it less injured than the other person, but still injured
>your life was seriously so bad you didn't even want to live anymore

I always figured, I'd get wrekt in a fight IRL once I'm smaller than instead of the same size as who I'm fighting, so, I reclused through much of my teenage years, I had to fight all the kids on my street every damn day on the way home from school in 7th grade. (us two are the ones who fight)

>> No.50319390

raped by dad a whole life?

>> No.50319422


you do realized that X is going to lose

Fedora is already fully functional within Wayland with any apps that still rely on X being able to work under Xwayland which is still not actually X and not filled with the shit X has

and Ubuntu, probably the most widely supported and funded distro creating Mir which is going to be out probably by 16.04

the major apps, like web browsers will convert over

>> No.50319434

what's wrong with ark?

>> No.50319443

No, I at least don't have rapey parents, but they're both like adult children in some ways, they divorced over seemingly little shit, and I might be lucky, I have 4 decent grandparents.

>> No.50319496


>> No.50319577

In our physically weakened state, especially when we haven't been sleeping as much as we should... (nope, don't feel like I can win a fight right now, unless I suicide to kill enemies, I don't feel like fighting, why are we both out?)

>but when we do get our sleep
>once we've been sleeping and are healthy
>well, I did alright in the last fight we were in


>the one who's like >>50318907 was in a fight more recently
>the idiot who chimped is unlikely to try anything again

Something about having a dumbass older brother who is always wanting to start shit with us IRL has probably made some age regression occur.

>> No.50319614

survival games are gay as fuck.

>> No.50319666

They're not, survival games are GOAT. The problem is when they're shit as fuck like ARK. H&H (before the jewish update) is fantastic, though.

>> No.50319700

>when I was 9 years old, I was always plotting ways to kill the older brother while avoiding him however possible because
>just like now, said older brother can't accept his place (which is not to try to take any authority over me)

That idiot, whose brain is probably damaged by drugs, claims he didn't feel the pain when that personality hit him with a sword that was stuck in it's sheath when he rushed at us having a stupid mental episode where he couldn't stop yelling at us over what time it was and I was outside my cluttered room to try to do something in the sort of living environment I had. Probably lying, but wtf is wrong with him?

>> No.50319735

He's an idiot who's been to jail over drug stuff, he probably had the cops beat him with a stick before. Maybe a dissociative nutjob like us. At least nobody got injured.

>> No.50319763

At least he doesn't live in the same house as us anymore, so we wont have the stupid screaming matches over who should shut up first, over whatever little amount of noise annoyed someone.

>> No.50319779

Is wayland default on Fedora?

>> No.50319816

>and now no more fights will likely happen

You aren't as good at fighting as me and the other personality, because you don't know how to fight.

>> No.50319902

I guess you have no problems now.

We could destroy ourselves with this bullshit where sometimes we don't sleep, so..

>> No.50319928

I don't know, but I've been letting myself get trolled on here, I think all the systemd/wayland is their fault.

>> No.50320022

>when I took an 8-foot stick made of lignum vitae up the hill with me, I thought of how to deal with stupid if he tries to fight me again
>cause he was starting shit and now here's something long and sturdy enough to beat someone with

>> No.50320031

I hate it when people don't want to discuss things rationally, and think they can win anything with violence, it's a chore beating people who get retarded and start fights.

>> No.50320052

Because Y is not out yet.

>> No.50320070

It is.

>now, why was someone trolling us, though?
>a prank? just to see what we'd do when we're sleep deprived and crazy?

>> No.50320088

This is 4chan, so getting trolled is pretty much a given. At least if people tell me something that pisses me off, there's plausible deniability here.

>> No.50320179

So, you're on /g/ to be told stuff that pisses you off and also tell yourself you're just being trolled?

>> No.50320194

That's correct.

>> No.50320278

Didn't Hitler warn you about this sort of shit exactly? (at least neither of us seriously want to punch anyone over shit like this)

>> No.50320331

Yeah, and he's right, we should just recluse even from being semi-social on the internet and study.

>> No.50320706

> ark

enjoy your "games" on Linux

>> No.50321753

FUCK systemd

>> No.50322209

'fuck' and 'god damn' are sometimes used interchangeably

>> No.50322269

>a rogue-like game called 'nethack'
>you get to die [insert horrible miserable death] over and over in the dungeons of doom


>> No.50322283

lol that is not a game you want to be living

>> No.50322298

Still a fun game, though.

>> No.50322519

Me, if you don't want to be living the game 'nethack', manage yourself better.

>> No.50322569

You do it, me, you're one that's good at it.

>> No.50322612

That me is a little self-hating (there's a sort of disappointment with self, and desire to self-punish for it).

I'll try.

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