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What's /g/ opinion on Telegram Messenger

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cyka botnet

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It's the best multiplatform IM client I could find, there's a good chance they don't spoof on what users talk about if only to make statistics. I wish the development was faster though, especially the desktop version.

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They roll their own crypto so that's a huge red flag

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>desktop version
you normally use this for secure chat
there cant be a connection to more than one device dip

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xaxaxaxa cyka blyat

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Security is an issue since they use their own homespun protocol and regular messages aren't end-to-end encrypted. But I still like it a lot. The reply feature is especially useful in long group chats and multiplatform support is great.
We actually have a /g/ Telegram group but we stopped posting the link here because you faggots kept spamming.

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This thread gets posted at least once a week.

Fuck telegram botnet. No true private chat in mobile and their crypto is dodgy as shit.

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Nah, your generic arch ricing club is so elit3.

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>true private

Pick one.

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lel all the people here complaining about their crypto without knowing a single thing about it just because an angsty blogger blogged a blog about it

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>rolling their own crypto
>not open source


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Feature-wise is the best multiplatform IM.

Security-wise I don't know. I know I should care, but actually I prefer russians to have my data than US, since they have less influence on my country.
And, as much as I hate to use this argument, I have nothing to hide in my messages.
If I had secret messages to send, I'd look into something else.

People usually complains about the small userbase.
Most of my friends migrated to it, and lately on facebook (yeah, yeah, normie, REEEEE, I know) I've seen an infographic about the benefits of telegram over whatsapp being spammed around and I've seen a big wave of new users, so the small userbase may change soon.

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The question marks regarding their encryption as well as the fact they don't end-to-end encrypt by default makes me stay away from it.

Although it's not like I know of any good messaging solution. I'm running with Text-Secure but it has its own significant caveats.

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>Homebrew crypto system
Never trust a new crypto system which hasn't been proven by time yet. Being lulled into a false sense of security is what cost Mary, Queen of Scots her life.

>No encrypted group chats
It does support encrypted one-on-one chats, but that brings me back to my first point. Don't use it if you expect to have proper crypto.

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And a lack of features are more like shortcomings than caveats.

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depends on what kind of security you need, don't they require your phone number? for example if you wanna exchange illegal goods I would use a client where you can sign up by email, or don't even need anything like Kik, even if their Base security is basically non existent.

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its OK, but nobody uses it so it doesnt matter

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Just use Textsecure/Signal.

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post infographic pls

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I'd call the reliance on GCM a caveat if anything.

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should come installed in every device

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It's in italian though, and partially wrong if I recall correctly.
It's about
>secret chats
>file size and type you can send
>desktop and webclients
>group size
>space used on phone

I would have add something about stickers, bots and reply function, but whatever

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Forgot image

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Lol, I thought you meant Galois/Counter Mode. How is Google Cloud Messaging a caveat when you've such beautiful crypto? I'd imagine people would sooner miss features like 'stickers' or decent video upload.

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Someone translate this into freedom language plz.

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The fact that you need gapps for it to work, for one.

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Here's one for you: https://www.eff.org/secure-messaging-scorecard

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Hmm, if true that might very well be a caveat... Thanks, anon.

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Yeah, too bad EFF are a bunch of corporate-ass-licking twats. They didn't even bother to mention the Dindows 10 "all you data are belong to us" affair.

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They left that to the FSF, don't worry.

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FSF? You mean the source that can be waved off with

>well of course they will promote free software no matter what

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Better than 'what is application'

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>Delete programs
Happened to me already. Not even a pirate.

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Boring WhatsApp clone, always attacking the big one instead of showing off better features.

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>whatscrapp is multiplatform
>it's not owned by feacesbook
>other implications

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/g/group? I'd like to add please

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Yeah, m-me too pls.

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Love it, honestly

Not too sure on their Cryptography, but better than Facebook's Whatsapp

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Isn't everything open-source except for the server they use? They didn't want kiddies spoofing telegram servers or somthing.

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Trust me guys, you don't really want it.

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Yes well, we all need something to hate, don't we?

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On a related note, what's the best video chat app, with android and windows desktop versions?

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just dont write about whatever you are ashamed of
>inb4 im a "i have nothing to hide" guy
you can weight off whats better to be a secret and whats not

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xmpp with otr is better

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Interesting. Could you give details?

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>founded by the same people whose social network was effectively seized by the russian govt

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>so the small userbase may change soon

Since when benefits means success?

Whatsapp has a huge userbase in Italy wich Telegram has not.

Fortuna che i miei amici sono su telegram e che la maggior parte di loro non usa quella merda di facebook.

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Since when this get spammed and I see it shared by lots of people.
Not really success, but the days I saw half my "friends" share that image, at the same time I saw a big increase in my contacts, which almost doubled in a couple of days.

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Was just a game. Not a big deal, but annoying.

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Remember those Tox threads in /g/ that were posted like every day? Whatever happened to that?

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So do most of your friends use telegram now?

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It's not private. As long as you realize that it's the best multi-platform Im there is.

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>forces you to have a phone

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What game? And are you positive it was due to the Windows removal thingamajig?

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That's because the ID is your phone number. It's not like Skype, you know.

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Minecraft. More specifically, techniclauncher. Microsoft is trying to get me to install the "Minecraft App" so maybe that's it.

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That's pretty nutty. Thanks for sharing.

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>Using Phones
>Literally Botnet no matter what OS or apps you use
>not using a pocket pc to Rice your loonix all day

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Telegram is better than WA on many levels.
>Supports end-to-end crypto (unfortunately optional).
>Uses less bandwith and you receive and send messages faster.
>Multi-plattform and multi-endpoint. All of your messages are reliably synced to literally all of your devices. Meanwhile you can't even us WA on your tablet.
>Group chats are far better. You can create public group chats with invite-links and unlike WA it won't just tell any member your phone number unless they know it already.
>Bot support, which is surprisingly useful for things like polls or public chats.
>You can send huge files (up to 1.5gb) and once you've sent them once they can be forwarded to others without re-uploading.
>The protocol and the clients are open-source. As a result the selection of clients is huge. There are terminal-clients, a plugin for Pidgin, even a Telegram-Daemon (you can use for easy bot implementations) and a clients for really obscure phone operating systems like Jolla.

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