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/g/ look what I stole out of the DVR we had replaced today ROFL tech didn't even notice. Im gonna buy a external enclosure case and put it in there gonna store my wordlist on it till I get a 1-2Tb drive. How much of a nigger fag am I am

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you fucked over the store and yourself

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>350 GB
>stolen from a DVR, so probably slow as shit

Jesus christ OP, you went full nigger for a piece of shit HDD that's probably worth less than the sata enclosure you have to buy for it now
Nice job

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a 2 year old 320GB HD. What a fucking score!

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>Nigger can't even do his job properly.

200% nigger fam

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holy shit it's that meme drive.
>had 4 of those
>they all died.

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>320 GB
Not even 4free
Also, nigger

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the price of that used HDD is like 25 bucks

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I rescued a 500GB HDD from my Sky+ box before I tossed it out. It's shit.

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I mean... Its $20...

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I stole a 320gb hard drive out of a Dish Network DVR years ago when they were actually worth something.

I used it as the 2nd drive in my main rig up until about 2010.

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into the trash it goes

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>serials visible
Thanks for the free hard drive!

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Are you stupid

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I literally got a stack 8 1TB enterprise drives for free the other week and I can probably get more if I want, and this nigger's trying to bait us with some low-end shitbox drive

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>Risking your job over cheap junk

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Up until a few days ago I was using a .2 500gb drive as my os drive, works bretty well but it's hidiously slow

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