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Post your simple/small/stupid questions here, ONCE.
DO NOT BUMP THE THREAD, You are NOT entitled to an answer.

Read the sticky before posting.
Take at least 10 seconds to google it first.

Redirect or ignore anybody asking stupid questions outside this thread.
Use >>>/g/sqt as a link to find the sqt thread

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New to Mac, this is the script Im running on my startup, but for some reason, I get two open terminals instead of one. Why does that happen?

#start screenfetch in a new Terminal
osascript -e 'tell app "Terminal"
do script "screenfetch"
end tell'

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Just started working at a company, my first job is to find all not working views (that reference tables that no longer exist) and stored procedures that use those views and delete them. We have 656 tables, 1112 views and 1421 stored procedures. Is there a tool that could find all bad views and procedures that use those views?

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Why are there three SQT going on right now?

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Anyone got experience with those no-brand tablets offered for basically nothing on ebay?
I don't mean the Chink stuff, but the ones that simply have no brand at all. You can easily find 10" tablets with a 1.7 GHz quad core and keyboard + sleeve + pen for something like 60-100€. From the speccs, that would be perfectly fine for what I want to do with it, but I am really worried that they will all go into meltdown mode as soon as you open a video or fall apart if you touch them the wrong way.

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Want to set up some sort of Media station that I can hook to my moms TV so she can easily watch netflix/hulu with a remote. How does one do this? Shes not so tech savvy. Was thinking a used xbox?

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Old one is not bumping (past 300) and other has no subject.

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Use Chromecast

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why some videoplayeres don't go fullscreeen?

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exactly what I needed. Thank you based anon

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No brand is chink shit.
It has not brand because they don't want you to know who made the piece of shit you just bought.

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Why doesn't ffmpeg (avconv on my computer) reduce filesize when i specify, say -vf scale=-1:480

the original file is 1280x720, but when i make two webms side by side, one with scale, one without, the filesize is almost identical

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what should i be looking for in a router?

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it's easier to alt+tab that way. If you go borderless window you get full screen experience, but can switch between applications easier

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Is there some hardware requirement for DXVA 2.0 (windows 8.1) or DXVA?

because my MPC, when I open such file
straight up crashes

Installed potplayer but it crashes too.

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Is it harmful to an android phone if I switch the SD cards often? I ran out of space for one and I was wondering if I could switch it whenever I needed space. To clarify, the old SD card is filled with pictured, so can I switch it whenever I need the extra space?

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Windows user here.
I've been messing around with Linux distros in VMware for a while, and I've really been toying around with the idea of making the switch to avoid the inevitable shitstorm that is Windows 10.

While I've been playing around with Linux for a bit, I also understand that running in an automatically set up virtual machine is a lot simpler than dealing with a real install.
Aside from Jewbuntu, which is the best beginner Linux distro to install?

What I'd still like to do:
I'd like to be able to have my user folder located on a separate drive from my install, as I use an SSD.
I also use a CRT monitor as a second display for retro gay men which I switch between 640x480, 3840x480, 3648x448, and 3072x448 depending on what I'm doing with it.

Any distro suggestions?

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Not really

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i just threw my laptop inside one of pic related. Any chance the battery might start a fire?

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It depends on the speed of your connection. For a normal one, wi-fi n is enough (450mbps, ~55mb/s). If you have a 1gbps connecting though, you want one that supports the ac standard as well.
Aside from these, it's just coverage area (number / quality of antennas), physical size, brand and advanced stuff like firewall and a bunch of other shit you shouldn't care about.

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so something like this would be fine ?

i'm from aus so my internet isn't fast, wifi range is my only concern really
pic related

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Linux Mint.
Very user friendly and stable. I'm not sure about the CRT thing, but the home folder is easy to move to a second drive.
This video is very "new user"-centric. Skip to 10:04

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In Windows is it possible to move data from one user to another without actually moving anything just by changing the profile path in the registry?

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Does Linux have any kind of tool like CCleaner? Not necessarily just a registry cleaner, but also deletes cache and such?

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Yeah, that would work just fine. Dunno the prices in aus, but it seems kinda expensive to me.

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Is this good?


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cost of living is higher here and our dollar isn't worth as much.

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Good for what?

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A pc for Web browsing, Ms office, videos, and gaming

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Yeah, it'll do the job. Gaming might be a little limited in terms of actual settings, but you'll be fine either way.
If you're video editing, it's going to be a bit slow, but if you're just watching them you won't have any problems.

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Anyone know any good books on networking?

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Do you recommend any improvements?
I'd be willing to spend up to 700.

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If you can afford it, an i5 would be perfect for gaming.

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If you're willing to spend about $80 more, this build will suit you much better for gaming.


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I've got a new case the other day and these are the cables for the fans, but I need an adapter, what are these called?

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networking is a very broad topic using many different technologies.

I'll assume you want to use IPX to network your macs together to play warcraft 2, in which case you should use this guide:

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Those are dingus dongles

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You don't need a book until you get into more advanced topics.

First learn IP subnetting, TCP/IP and OSI models, how routers/switches/hubs/bridges work, how dns works.

Then move on to more advanced topics like ipsec, mpls, ospf, bgp, firewalls, load balancing. CBT Nuggets has a decent video series on cisco networking that covers much of this.

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Commonly 3 pin molex or fan header.

The fans themselves should not have male connectors. Typically (almost always) a fan has a female connector (3 or 4 pin). Can't you connect the fans to the fan headers on your motherboard instead of messing around with whatever's in your hand?

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Even if you set up deniable encryption on your local computer, how do you do deniable backups?

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I was reading that you could stick a piece of plastic on the macbook trackpad to get a physical button, like attached picture.

Would this also work on the new macbooks with the haptic touchpad?

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Wanted to install windows 7 on a new pc from a cd. Selected it to boot from the dvd drive then turned off. Windows setup came on and downloaded files until it reached a point where it said no drivers were detected. I clicked on browse and it just froze with the progress circle for 15 minutes until i turned off. Question is: why won't windows setup begin again when i restart the pc from the cd in the dvd drive?

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Go to bios and select legacy/mbr booting

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The macbook trackpad already has physical button, why add useless plastic to it?
Also no, haptic touchpad wouldn't work with that.

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Of course it works you retard

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>The macbook trackpad already has physical button, why add useless plastic to it?
I use my thumb for clicking, and keep it rested on the physical buttons. I dislike tap-to-click and clicking with my first finger, especially while clicking and dragging.

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where can you find mbr/legacy booting on a uefi bios?

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Thanks for your help, I just found the female connectors on the bottom, I guess those were just cables for better cable management.

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depends on your bios. Go into the settings and look for it.

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Lift your thumb while you're not clicking anything lazy shit.

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Next you'll tell me that it is a good thing to lift my left finger while right clicking on the mighty mouse.

I'll use my trackpad the way I want. Your pointless criticism has no bearing on my original question.

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How do I make i3 look good?

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By installing an i5

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I'm a linux newb (used Mint for about half a year so far) and just installed Arch on my laptop. It works, and now I have a functional Arch command line. What the hell do I do now? I have gotten the packages for xorg and a window manager, but the instructions on the pages for them on the Arch wiki are quite cryptic. I have lots of time and am willing to learn, so is there a good resource for something like "learning how to use a window manager?"

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Found a xeon e3-1240v2 used on egay for £150 or best offer. What is a good price for it?

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The easiest way to a working gui is to use startx and .xinitrc

add the launch command to ~/.xinitrc (depends on the window manager), then run startx. If you get errors, post your xorg log and I will take a look at it.

Which window manager are you using?

You can also use a login manager, which gives you a graphical login screen and the ability to change window manager on the fly.

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can't find anything matching that description. Its an ASrock UEFI if that helps

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Draw some smiley faces on it with crayons

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I'm trying to use the Intel Debugger for my first time. I'm using the command line version, with a code written in Fortran. Normally I execute the code (called ramses) like this
>mpirun -np 8 ../bin/ramses test.nml
so test.nml is my namelist file. All of the instructions I find online for using IDB want me to load and execute the program like
> file ../bin/ramses
But that doesn't include the namelist. Any ideas how to get the namelist in there? Thanks.

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The 4chan post filter and catalog filter seem to depend on cookies. What alternatives are there?

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Third party extensions.
But seriously, why disable cookies?

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Microsoft SQL? MySQL? Something else?

Assuming Microsoft SQL, a very dirty way would be to select 'begin try select top 0 * from '+name+' end try begin catch print 'bad: '''+name+''' from sys.objects where type='view'. or something similar, I'm posting from mobile.

that will give you a ton of statements which you can copy and paste into the ide and run in one go. any selects which fail will result in 'bad: viewname' being printed.

as I said, its dirty as fuck but it should work.

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The window manager

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Thanks, I downloaded awesome as per ricing specifications.

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Uwot fam

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or if using her smartphone/tablet as remote is too much hassle get a Roku

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All of the sudden my Nexus 5 charge time increased to uncomfortable times.
System Monitor reports (picrelated) that it now charges 9% per hour, as opposed to usual 45% per hour.
The info is from the same ROM, battery, charger, cable, and outlet. Literally nothing changed.
What could be the cause?

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what kind of data? as a local admin you can access both user profiles in c:\users and move items from documents, desktop etc

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By configuring it.
Or using other people's configs if you want.

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I just bought a trackball for the first time because I've been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel.
I got a Kensington Orbit Trackball and it sucks dicks. My god this thing is awful. Twitchy, shit mouse buttons, just straight shit.

Is it just this model or are all trackballs like this? Are there any other (relatively cheap) trackballs that are better?

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I work for a small education service, we have a shit load of product keys that were ordered under a different name before I worked here, and yet we only have a licence for Office 2007.

Can we still use these keys, even though we don't have a licence to use them?

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I have had this.
I can only speak good of it.

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what do you use, to manage your desktop on windows? i hvae a lot of shortcuts on my desktop and it looks kind of messy, but i hate it if i have to search for a program.

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I'm trying to use my Samsung Series 7 Chronos as a router. It's currently connected to the internet via ethernet cable. I've created a network, however, the new network will not receive a connection. I tried to connect it by enabling the connection through the ethernet properties. The issue is that where there is suppose to be a drop down box which lets you share the connection with the new network, there is only a text box that I cannot edit (as circled in the picture). Why is this not working?

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That one looks soooo much more comfortable than mine.

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Pin most used programs to taskbar, keep hard to search program icons inside a folder in my Docs. Desktop must always be clean. Or just hide your icons.

>> No.50166342

only options are CSM which i've enabled and 'legacy support' for the USB drives.

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Holy Mother of God what is that freak thing.

>> No.50166357

New network as in a home group to share files? Or something else? Do you have internet access

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A bad idea. I don't understand why hand sensors as mice didn't take off

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allow 4chan cookies as an exception. firefox let you do this

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>all that wasted space for a simple screenshot

off yourself

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because its easier to slide your hand on a table than to suspend it in mid air and bring it up and down

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Top kek

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I have internet access through an ethernet cable. I'm trying to create a wifi network to receive wifi on my phone.

>> No.50166713

Would a vostro 14 3000 w/the i3 be a decent everyday laptop?
Mainly netflix, music, and tons of writing.

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>pic related
wut? I'm using linux. I was browsing the /lit/ archive and this came up.
I should be safe, right?

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what do you use to download youtube / porn videos using firefox?

>> No.50166853

also is there like a chart of /g/ approved firefox plugins or something like that?

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Ready for some stupid questions?

I just run a CPU stress test on my computer. It reached 50°C and was very slowly creeping up (the usual temperature is around 20°C). Should I feel comfortable with this? How do you make an educated guess on the highest it would reach, or must one leave it running for an hour to see it? At what temperature should I shut it down? And what temperature actually damages it?

I just got re-united with my computer, so it was very dirty, and before cleaning it the Windows Indexer got it severely overheat. I reached 90°C, and then an obvious hardware failure made it spike to "255°C". Could any harm be done? Should I worry about the mis-reading? It only seems to happen when it's severely overheating anyways. A friend of mine recommended me CoreTemp, but I've seen the Overheat protection fail and had to manually turn the computer off that one time. Should I use another software? Do I worry too much?


>> No.50167020

I always figured around 100°C is critical, that's around when all of my computers have shut down at, and I used to regularly let them shutdown themselves at 105 or so and they still work anyway, might be a bit damaged but they work

>> No.50167059

Let's say I wanted to install a fully updated version of ubuntu directly rather than have to install 15.04, then update it. Is this possible?

>> No.50167111

255C was a sensor error, don't worry about that.
The fact that it's a exponent of 2 should have given that away. (or the exponent starting at 0)
It's all fine. The cleaning was definitely needed- 90C is not a temperature you want to sit at.

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What's a /g/ note app for android?

Most of them are either shit, overdesigned, botnet, complex or look sheit.

Just need to write something and save ffs.

Thank you

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File: 1.99 MB, 1000x4700, androidAppsGApproved.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not really as far as I know, most of the time, the install will be a barebones kind of thing that downloads the packages during install
I always just consider updating the packages after first boot as part of the install
but you might find something
maybe research creating an image with clonezilla or something
do a clean install, update all packages, clone it, put the clone on something else
chart's old but might help
I didn't have the chart and went looking by myself, ended up with "920 Text Editor" which seems like what you're looking for

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This is real fucking stupid question.

What can I do with my Android? Nexus 5.

I use it for browsing 4chan, sending e-mail, listening to music & taking photos and occasionally use it as modem.

And that's about it.

What do you do with them?

>> No.50167217

Is it possible on Ubuntu to use a PC as both receiver and sender of WiFi?
On Windows 8 I use a hosted network and send and receive wifi at the same time

>> No.50167334

/g/, how the hell do I search for news about actual androids without bringing up endless results regarding the fucking operating system?

>> No.50167473

what's the best super-lightweight distro for a Pentium III laptop?

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Use it to emulate hand-held consoles (since that will be the best way to experience it if you don't have those consoles).
You can't do that in IOS and it fucking pisses me off

>> No.50167532

If debian based I'd recommend Lubuntu if has less than 512MB ; If has equal or more than that I'd try Xubuntu

>> No.50167540

Thanks for the chart.
As for the note app, the 920 has some apks floating around wich crash on my device.

>> No.50167631

thanks m8 i'll give it a shot

>> No.50167655

why does the cow seems to enjoy so much having her back rubbed?

wouldn't it be better to rub her belly to improve the digestion?

>> No.50167674

/g/ when I for example do an update on a very low resource using machine of mine and the memory usage never goes back down after the update is over is this what people mean by a "memory leak"?

If not why is it that when after I stop performing a task the resources that task started using are not returned?

>> No.50167682

type "android" in search bar
hit "enter"

>> No.50167697

Debian netinstall + openbox
Puppy Loonux

>> No.50167711

Will an R9 380 run on a Seasonic S12G 550W?
What's most important to look for when finding a suitable PSU for a GPU: maximum continuous wattage or +12V rail ampères?

>> No.50167738

you want a blend of both but multiple rails is generally better?

a vanilla 380 should be fine on a 550w so long as you're not powering a bunch of other stuff

>> No.50167771


>> No.50167787

and by vanilla i mean the stock AMD one without any extra cooling or whatever from a 3rd party

>> No.50167855

Everytime i read the review on newegg. It scares me. Are they even legit feedbacks?

>> No.50167874

What is a good, non botnet email service?

>> No.50167892

I'll just go with 650W to leave a bit of headroom on the thing.

>> No.50167895

play store
or maybe it doesn't work with your phone, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

>> No.50167897

I built my computer a while ago and planned to get a cooler but I wanted to keep the initial cost down and just get one later. Ive been looking but havent been staying updated. what does /g/ suggest for one?

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I'm currently learning the basics of 8-bit AVR development with C language.

If I would like to define a constant value that I could refer anywhere in the C program, which way should I use?

const unsigned char VALUE = 5;

#define VALUE 5

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File: 28 KB, 431x192, which one.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which one should I use?

OS: Ubuntu 15.04 vivid
Kernel: x86_64 Linux 3.19.0-26-generic
CPU: Intel Core i3 CPU M 380 @ 2.533GHz

>> No.50168084

I'm running arch and I can't get the sound to work. It previously worked, but after plugging in my headphones and removing them, alsamixer does nothing.

>> No.50168108

Lads, how do you remove curves from Gnome? Search provides me with nothing and it's really fucking annoying

>> No.50168118

Ok, I have a folder of 1000 pictures. Is there a program to scan and check for duplicates. But not for exact duplicates, some pictures could be cropped alittle.

>> No.50168126

920 text editor is removed from the playstore, that's the thing.

>> No.50168132

USB or PCI wireless adapter? which should I get and why? don't know anything about them, looking for something as cheap as possible but good enough to connect to a router 5 meters and 2 walls away from my PC

>> No.50168141

You're using an x86_64 kernel. That means nothing else than that.

When in doubt, keep in mind Ubuntu deals with .deb.

>> No.50168161

And how do I force Iceweasel to use a dark theme? I ticked the box in the Tweak Tool that said it would have a 'Global Dark Theme' but it just doesn't work in Iceweasel

>> No.50168171

oh shit, I wonder why
try the official site but that's all the help I can give apart from downloading the first 10 text editors on the play store and trying them yourself

>> No.50168178

Raspberry Pi/Banana Pi?
Gonna use it as a media server, also will attach 500Gb external HDD. Any body tried this project?

>> No.50168191

x86_64 kernel -> look for a thing with x86_64, 64-bit or amd64 in the name
you have ubuntu which uses debians dpckg and apt for package managing, ergo -> look for a .deb file

ergo -> the fourth one

>> No.50168206

Those are the ones that crashed, hahah.

I will those popular ones on app store.

>> No.50168219

I'm using Arch and TeamSpeak3 doesn't seem to respect the BROWSER environment variable for opening links.

I have palemoon and chromium installed but I'm using palemoon for all my browsing. I want links from the chat to open inside palemoon but instead they always open in chromium.

It works if I remove chromium and tests with other browsers have shown me that Teamspeak just uses the first browser it can find in alphabetic order. How can I fix this?

>> No.50168234

my dad is a farmer and broke his dumbphone that supports two sim cards. Now he wants a new one. What is the cheapest one that can take a punch and do dual-sim support? Required features are phoning, texting and having a ringtone.

>> No.50168257


>> No.50168274

do other apps that have clickable links such as your irc client also not respect BROWSER?

>> No.50168289

Have a 5 year old laptop that I want to slap linux on. New to linux entirely. Go with mint or what? Which distro is a good place to start learning?

>> No.50168312

No all others do respect the BROSWER variable

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>> No.50168360

thx. maybe we'll also get a caterpillar one.

>> No.50168388

Ok I tried again ; some do some don't:
urxvt and Thunderbird open links in the correct browser

While teamspeak and playonlinux use chromium

>> No.50168513

What's a good tracker for ebooks?

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good youtube downloader for firefox anybody?

>> No.50168570

is there any way to edit the html of firefox about:blank

>> No.50168600

YouTube Video and Audio Downloader
not a tracker, but http://gen.lib.rus.ec/

>> No.50168603

youtube-dl - not for firefox

>> No.50168619

mint is okay. not recommending ubuntu cause unity is quite ressource heavy while not really being a good interface. The main concern when choosing a first-time distro really is how good the results are when you google an issue. Since mint and ubuntu are very similar underneath, lots of solutions for one will apply to the other as well. I recommend not putting any mission critical data on it (or make sure to back it up), so you can feel comfortable breaking things. If you're the kind of person who gets better at things and is actually willing to learn stuff about the system, you can switch over to arch or something like Debian or Fedora after a few months, depending on what you want your system to do. I did the same thing (switching to arch after months of ubuntu) two weeks ago and setting up arch was almost a breeze, cause I knew what I wanted, how stuff works and was able to fix occasions where i fucked stuff up..

>> No.50168621

search unixporn i3

>> No.50168639

My lil brother got 450€ and wants to buy a PS4 but I told him that he better gets a PC (he will need it sooner or later anyway) so I checked logical increments and decided for this:
>AMD Athlon X4 860K 3.7Ghz
>Gigabyte GA-F2A88X-D3H
>Gigabyte R7 370 Gaming G1 OC Windforce 2GB GDDR5
>Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 1TB SATA3
>Seasonic S12II 520W 80 Plus Bronze
All together is 440€, I already have a 1333MHz 4GB RAM module and a case to spare.
This will run on a 1600 x 900 monitor
Will that outperform a PS4?
Should I get more/different RAM?
Any recommendation?

>> No.50168642

Try Mint. Install Virtualbox on Mint and try out other distros. Most of the time it's just the packages that are different and the installation itself.

>> No.50168644

I installed Crunchbang loonix on a Thinkpad with a locked BIOS yesterday and I just realized that I want to install some other distro.

The problem is that my boot order has the SSD before the USB port and as the BIOS is locked I can't change it. How can I remove the bootloader while using the machine?


>> No.50168645

play around with color, fonts and alternatives to i3status/i3bar. Install compton and use it. Consider using the ultra-gay i3-gaps fork.

>> No.50168647

What are some good sites to order computer parts besides newegg and amazon for good deals.

>> No.50168648

im assuming you have your tab set to about blank. make a new html file somewhere on your hard drive, then set new tab page to the, windows would be something like C:\users/john/newtab.html or whatever the location is

>> No.50168687


>> No.50168699 [DELETED] 

the bootloader is in its own partition. run lsblk to see what partition is mounted to /boot and then erase it with parted. see the prepare-the-storage-devices bit in the arch linux beginner's guide for an introduction.

Did you really install the dead-as-a-doorknob #! and not #!++? wow.

>> No.50168701

how to get invite?

>> No.50168702

On an awful monitor like that maybe for the duration of this year. Forget about anything coming out in 2 years though. A PS4 seems like a long term better suggestion and as a PC he could get himself a cheap laptop.

>> No.50168710

sent ;)

>> No.50168733

the bootloader is in its own partition. run lsblk to see what partition is mounted to /boot, umount it (hoping that is possible) and then erase it with parted. see the prepare-the-storage-devices bit in the arch linux beginner's guide for an introduction to parted.

Did you really install the dead-as-a-doorknob #! and not #!++? wow.

>> No.50168743

cool. thanks!

>> No.50168744

sent where?

>> No.50168780

I used Ubuntu with Unity for quite some time now after trying a few different distros and DEs. I no longer need to change anything except for cleaning up a bit maybe. Could I install Ubuntu with whatever is truly essential, without extras? I plan to use a >5.0 version of Libreoffice, different music player/media player/browser and the like.

>> No.50168794

Do you know a PDF printer that doesn't remove the colors of backgrounds, text and buttons? I use "CC PDF Converter" and I was searching something better than this, if you know one that's Free (as in Freedom) then I appreciate.

>> No.50168821
File: 118 KB, 393x293, 1441328661746.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you very much for this

>> No.50168826

>Did you really install the dead-as-a-doorknob #! and not #!++? wow.
This is exactly why I want to install something else. I just happened to have a #! thumb drive in my pocket so I installed it without really thinking about it.

I can't even throw the drive into some other PC, I literally have none functioning ones right now that can take it in.

>> No.50168844
File: 60 KB, 967x583, Screenshot_2015-09-08_14-01-18.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is your browser free and open source? if it isn't then you can't use this method

>> No.50168884

BTW, does this say anything to you? sda2 is the boot block device?
% lsblk / ceres
sda 8:0 0 111.8G 0 disk
├─sda1 8:1 0 9.3G 0 part /
├─sda2 8:2 0 1K 0 part
├─sda5 8:5 0 4.1G 0 part [SWAP]
└─sda6 8:6 0 98.4G 0 part /home

>> No.50168919

can I do that with firefox on win7? I don't have those options so I used this crappy cc pdf driver.

>> No.50168924

I'm making a sidescroller and I need it to play a walking animation when left or right are pressed.

if (Input.GetKeyDown (KeyCode.D)) || Input.GetKeyDown (KeyCode.A)) {
anim.SetBool ("Walk", true);
else {
anim.SetBool ("Walk", false);

I thought maybe this would work but it doesn't compile.

If I try something like
if (Input.GetKeyDown (KeyCode.A)) {
anim.SetBool ("Walk", true);
else {
anim.SetBool ("Walk", false);

this works fine, I just can't figure out how to do a "if X or Y then Z" thing. I'm new to C# so any help would be appreciated

>> No.50168941
File: 82 KB, 172x240, PgZYCkb.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the best way to figure out hardware "equivalents" or "comparables" when looking at system requirements for games/software?

I'm pretty retarded with hardware, so when it lists a model as a requirement for something and says "or equivalent" I have no idea how to figure out what the equivalents are or how mine compares, sometimes even if it's the same manufacturer but I have a different model, I can't tell if mine's newer or older than the one listed.

Is there a site that makes this shit easy or at least a site that can teach me how to understand hardware models and shit?

>> No.50168952

On the upper example you have one ")" too much after KeyCode.D

read the compiler errors

>> No.50169005

when you do ctrl+p or file>print, you don't have an option to print to file? Are you using the lastest firefox, I know it been round for atleast some time (currently im on 40.0).

Try this maybe, https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/942939.
In this article it say to start firefox in safe mode, I must warn you, last time I did that everything reset, settings, history, extensions, etc, so be careful (maybe I did something wrong to cause it, but still procced with caution)

>> No.50169015

I am compiling it and it's not giving me an error.

I had one too many ")" after the KeyCode.A but that is all fixed but it still won't run.

if (Input.GetKeyDown (KeyCode.D)) || (Input.GetKeyDown (KeyCode.A)) {

this is the fixed part btw.

>> No.50169027

if (X or Y) {

>> No.50169033

Thank you

>> No.50169047



>> No.50169081

No I do not.

(Input.GetKeyDown (KeyCode.D))

there are 2 open and 2 close.

>> No.50169129

the entire if needs to be inclosed

>> No.50169139

ok now youre trolling me

you open the parens after the if clause
then you open the parens for GetKeyDown function
then you close the parens for the if function
then you have a logical OR operator but you're out of the if clause
and that's an error


>> No.50169149

read reviews of graphic cards and cpus

>> No.50169190

Do I need to set up active directory and DNS to create a simple file server, to share films to my HTPC?

>server is using 2008 R2
>HTPC is using 7

>> No.50169201

I think I get what you guys mean.

if ((Input.GetKeyDown (KeyCode.D) || Input.GetKeyDown (KeyCode.A)) {

This still doesn't work, yet it gives me no error

>> No.50169202

thanks (youtube downloader)

>> No.50169220

fuck, I put 2 open brackets at the begining. Even removing them and it still doesn't work.

>> No.50169244

Yeah you gotta be on powder or molly or something

If it still doesn't work you've got some kinda error with the GetKeyDown or SetBool functions

>> No.50169320


>> No.50169322

Periodically mirror the HDD, I guess.
Using a RAID-1 setup with an extra (offline) disk would work. You occasionally swap 2nd disk with the 3rd one, and that's your offline backup.

>> No.50169335

Guy scan anyone help I think i've fucked up a setting on my Word 2008

Basically i have a paragragh and few sentences i want the sentences 'centered', but when i highlight them and centre them the whole document is being 'centred' i just want the stuff highlighted centred whats happening!?

>> No.50169336

Alright. I'm new to this.

>> No.50169374
File: 96 KB, 444x337, 2015-01-01-10-28-24-86f921.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"print to file" is there but it's just a stand-alone option and there're no settings, if still forces me to choose a printer (like in the pic) it's not like yours, I think this option is there for all programs not just FF probably a windows thing, I guess it's a problem with the os.

I still tried to use this option anyway but it didn't work, it didn't save any pdf file (even though it asked for an output name and pop'ed a fast progress bar, the pdf is nowhere to be found).

>> No.50169449

what abou the properties button, im sure that has some settings for printing background and such.
Did you select the box to print to file, in the picture it isnt selected.
If nothing else works, try XPS Document Writer option, its not a pdf, but i think its similar. Search for microsoft xps to pdf if you want to convert it.
If you really want, you can install virtualbox and thne install a linux distro inside that, open up firefox and save your pdf, but this might be too much effort for you

>> No.50169463

How can I install linux on an android device? I don't mean just installing in on top, so it's running on top of android. I mean booting up a linux partition so I can ssh to it and use it like normal?

>> No.50169503


>> No.50169521

The image was from google search, I tried to open properties but it just shows the settings for the printer I selected from the dropdown menu, even if I check the print to file option in advance.

I didn't know XPS can be converted to PDF, it should work, I'll give it a try now if I find a XPS to PDF converter.

>> No.50169533




>> No.50169554

All of those links are for running linux alongside android.

>> No.50169561

Just how bad are the celerons and stuff in laptops today?

>> No.50169572

When you overclock your cpu, does it stay at that clock for as long as you want (assuming it's stable) or due you have to do it every time you boot?

also what could a i5 4690k overclock to stably with a high end air cooler (Cryorig R1), 4.2GHz?

>> No.50169576

I'll try this too, it's gonna take a while to download, I'm out of daily MB kek shitty caps, I'm browsing at 32 Kbit/s.. bbl.

>> No.50169602

it stays that way.

if your chip allows it you can go up to 4.5 easily.
every chip is different, you need to test it on your own.

>> No.50169608
File: 91 KB, 1054x760, Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 19.53.42.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just want to centre the first name why is everything being centred?! Please can anyone help I have a short essay to write by tomorrow and some things I have to have centered not the whole document

>> No.50169641

find the widow/orphaned tab and untick it

>> No.50169646

Put your right after Michael.
Type as normal.

>> No.50169705

or core duos

>> No.50169733
File: 1002 KB, 1000x1500, 158915.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

About to buy a used Note 3 but I wanna make sure the screen is working perfectly and whatnot.

Is enabling developer options the same on touchjizz as it is on normal android (tapping the build number a bunch of times)? Also, should I be worried about burn-in and if so, what's a good way to get the screen to show all white?

>> No.50169762

I bought a new monitor and it came with this USB cable to connect to my PC in addition to the DP cable I'm using.

What is that for? Why is it included?

>> No.50169773

i have a samsung tablet, and dev mode was activated using the tapping method. For white, dont picture viewers allow you to see pictures in fullscreen without any other thing showing, like a slide show, just get a white picture

>> No.50169802

what do you mean put your right, this is fucking stressing me out i used to just highlight a sentence and centre,left,right button to move it wher i wanted, wtf is all this shit? whats happening?

>> No.50169838

When should one use rbash? Give that you can't even 'cd', it seems pretty useless for most everyday purposes.

>> No.50169843

just use google docs or download libreoffice or openoffice

>> No.50169855


>> No.50169862

I cant install another software ffs

>> No.50169879

Sorry, I missed a word. Put your cursor to the right of the word "Michael".
Then do
Then type as normal.

>> No.50169881

use google docs

>> No.50169911

Okay >>50168644 here

my plan is to get a linux live USB thumbstick, chroot into it while still logged in on my actual linux installation, umount the SSD and dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda and then just roll with it

is this incredibly dumb or can it work?

>> No.50169936

thanks will try this

>> No.50170012

Is it a stupid idea to buy a Fury X or 980 Ti as of right now, considering that 16nm and HBM2 are about a year away?

I have a strong feeling that the next generation will BTFO anything out right now, but at the same time, my 6950 is really feeling old.

>> No.50170171


>> No.50170181

About smartphones, what is the hierarchical order of these elements: kernels, bootloader, root, ROM.

Meaning which go inside which from biggest to smallest components.

Is there a handy infograph or something someone can share detailing the hierarchical structure of a general computer.
The biggest part, inside that smaller parts, inside those smaller parts, et cetera.

>> No.50170194
File: 90 KB, 638x437, magic-calculator.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Is somebody able to tell me what this online calculator is coded in?

Is it possible to rip it from the web so as to have an offline version?

>> No.50170319

read wikipedia about them and you'll get a better idea.


>> No.50170330

right click, view source.
file -> save page.

>> No.50170556

Pale Moon crashes whenever I use Youtube, and anything using Flash in general. Not that I use it a lot,but it sucks to not have any access. HTML5 limits me to 360p for some reason too. What do?

>> No.50170627

could I use my nas for my steam games with a 10gb connection? I know you're not supposed to because of the lower speed of 1gb ethernet and all that, and i know that zfs also lowers the speed, but with a stron xeon processor enough memory and a fast enough network connection would it work?

>> No.50170651


>> No.50170658
File: 44 KB, 621x460, NoSound.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm having sound issues on my new Asus Z170-P D3 MoBo... Reinstalling or different driver version makes no difference.. Any help?

>> No.50170663

I'm running into the issue that on many places my letters are cut off vertically by one or 2 pixels, and in some programs the kerning is complete ass. is this something that can be caused by mactype (running win7) or am I missing some obscure windows setting?

>> No.50170818

Hi /g/, is it normal that TN panel looks like absolute shit?

IPS is objectively superior right?

I bought a Thinkpad T450 and this screen is basically unusable. My eyes feel like exploding on any white background and the colors are abysmal when watching anime. Also any viewing angle except straight forward distorts it all.

>> No.50170858

What is a good laptop for college usage, that's not too expensive?
between 13 and 15", SSD, core i processor

Will be used for checking documents and coding. Batery life not a selling point, but more is better.

>> No.50171045

Hey /sqt/, what are some new phones with good modem isolation? I'm getting a new phone and I want it to be good and with the possibility for Replicant in the future.
No phablets, though, so a screen below 5 inches would be awesome.

>> No.50171053

Build your own with a RPi and a lunchbox.

>> No.50171098

What update packages for Win7 are enabling tracking? I heard they made a few updates since win10 release with this shit. Are all updates before 2015 free from spyware?

>> No.50171160

Is there any reason for someone to create a .gif that's not animated? When is .gif better than .jpg or .png?

>> No.50171180
File: 450 KB, 300x300, green-robot-space-lesbian.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can you think of a better character to embody to spirit of /g/?

>> No.50171196

I have a 1997 and a 1998 ATI Rage GPU and a 2002 Seagate 20Gb HDD on my hands, what do

>> No.50171220

Donate to needy

>> No.50171246

Get rid of them. If you want the ultimate Y2K gaming rig you should get a better card and an IDE SSD.

>> No.50171251

java script so yes

>> No.50171282

>I wrote this calculator in JavaScript
god damn anon

>> No.50171285

>Is it possible to rip it from the web so as to have an offline version?
If the formulas are linear it should be very simple to get the coefficients out of.

>> No.50171314

why not just rm the contents of the /boot directory and then reboot? that way the bios should not find anything to boot from in the ssd and will check the usb.

>> No.50171347

windows has a font configuration thingie. find out how to run it, run it, and report back.

>> No.50171368

Where do people torrent vidya now-a-days? All pirate sites are shit now.

>> No.50171382

want to build a homepage:
can you recommend me a hoster in europe oder germany ? I found one.com who offer 7€ a year for a .de domain and the first year is for free

i have never done it, currently learning html/css and would like to build a homepage in the future

>> No.50171400

Who the fuck needs something this old ?

>> No.50171439

I'd reccommend a used chinkpad t series or hp elitebook

I have a rpi that I want to use as an email server. What is the easiest way to set one up?

>> No.50171505

>These are posts wrapped in burlap or rubber and sprayed with insecticide.
>Hung at the proper height in a high-traffic area, your cattle will slip under them frequently. As
>the post rubs against their backs, it distributes the insecticide. Many animals enjoy rubbing
>against objects, so once they figure out how to use the back rubbers, they'll do it on their own,
>without any need for an incentive. You can make your own back rubbers or buy them
>ready-to-use at farm supply stores.

>> No.50171511

Sticky is up and running.
It's at the very bottom of the catalog, and it's the first thread you'll see when you enter >> .

>> No.50171537

the only thing I can find related to that is cleartype which is exactly what I'm trying to not use

>> No.50171643

How to insert some link in a instagram page via tampermonkey/greasemonkey?

Source code of instagram page looks kinda strange, so there is no pretty much html in it.

I've tried to append some link like that

link = document.createElement('a');
link.href = url;
link.innerHTML = 'link';


But, it doesn't work properly. What is wrong with it?

>> No.50171709

prob just gonna get shitposted to hell by audiospergs but whatever

I'm gonna be out of town away from the internet for a while. Most of my music collection i get through spotify (i get a free premium subscription from my phone contract). My phone only has 16gb storage though. I want to download my entire collection, but it adds up to about 20gb.

Is there any small mp3 player devices, like small enough that i wont be carrying around an extra phone size device (i.e. not a fucking ipod touch) in my pocket, that has good storage and is spotify compatible?

>> No.50171736

head isn't visible, it's just for meta stuff.
append it to body.

>> No.50171779

do you really need all your music ?

>> No.50171790

your searching abilities are shit

>> No.50171791

It's easier, im lazy as fuck and can't be arsed sorting through the 4000+ songs i have saved

>> No.50171830

Same, I didn't even see anything changed inside a source code of a generated page

>> No.50171902

Linux Mint but, in truth, distros aren't that hard to get into.

Read a bit on Fedora, its bleeding edge and its my personal fav.

>> No.50171921

Even if it does, you ,as a linux user should, know how to do all of that.

>> No.50171998

Is it okay to use a Word template for your resume?

>> No.50172004

Do IPS panels generally have worse blacks than cheap TNs?

>> No.50172023

Oh my god

>> No.50172146
File: 9 KB, 680x335, network.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How easy will it be to access my server from my HTPC, which is in my garage, connected to a second wifi router on powerlines?

Will it be as simple as sharing a folder and adding the HTPC as read only? Or will there be firewall issues?

>> No.50172230

Why does Libre Office and Google Doc not save its documents properly? When opened in Microsoft Word it looks all different.

>> No.50172291


The secret truth is: nobody gives a shit what your resume looks like visually.
Only thing that counts is listed job experience.

>> No.50172324

>nobody gives a shit what your resume looks like visually

Lol. If I see a resume that looks like an autistic child made it, it makes me less likely to hire that person.

>> No.50172338

What do you guys think of IT meetups or professional groups for networking/mingling in yoru area?

AITP is a big one, and its member is not THAT expensive. There's also B-Sides and DefCon groups.

I prefer the free organizations/groups.

Then there's shit like Hacker Halted (sponsored by EC-Council) for the low price of like $500 for a 2 day pass.

Ultimately I want to get a job.

>> No.50172386

What's some useful tech thing I can get for 5 bucks on amazon prime? I gotta spend a few bucks to get free shipping on items

>> No.50172585

trying to rip some CD/DVD and i'm always getting "hardware Error 9216"... last time i used my drive everything was okay

>> No.50172601

10m/3ft usb cable to charge phone

>> No.50172635

>Or will there be firewall issues
maybe if you have a certain firewall installed

>> No.50172658

how do you ascend folders in a link?

is it ".../foldername"?

>> No.50172674

how do i get rid of Ghosting? im using a monitor with 8ms responce and a DVI-D cable

>> No.50172677

I use my pi with an external 2TB HDD as a web and file server. One of the best decisions of my life.

>> No.50172747

Can you move app icons on iphone/ipad?

>> No.50172751
File: 76 KB, 539x569, 1436347460748.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just started learning about webservers.
I deleted the default 000-default.conf file in Apache, under the /etc/apache2/sites-available/ directory.

Aside from purging/re-installing apache, is there a way to download this file from somewhere on the internet?
Or better yet, do I need this file at all if I plan to have other .conf files with their own information?

>> No.50172806

let's say a server sends a random UDP packet my IP
how does my router known which computer in my network this packet is meant for? who will receive it?

>> No.50172826

nvmd I guess it'll forward the packet to whatever IP is port forwarded on that port

>> No.50172864

Is it safe to do a S.M.A.R.T. test on a PS3 hard drive? Will it initialize? I just want to make sure the data will still show when I put back in the console. The reason I want to do this is because I keep getting lockups and the drive is a bit noisy.

>> No.50172888


>> No.50172951

Decent xposed modules?

>> No.50173001

Computer Science or Software Engineering?

>> No.50173023

You mean, Programming or Computer Engineering

Comp sci is stupid.

It's just whatever you want to specialize in, you can learn 90% of a comp sci course from google.

>> No.50173097

ok personal tech support
i'm trying to act on notifications from firefox

i have a plugin that sends desktop notifications, there is a title and a body text but it's too short for what i need. there is an onclick and data parameter, the onclick is set to copy data to the clipboard.

ok so i'm trying to monitor for notifications from command line with
bus-monitor "interface='org.freedesktop.Notifications'"
but all i get is
method call sender=:1.114 -> dest=:1.41 serial=75 path=/org/freedesktop/Notifications; interface=org.freedesktop.Notifications; member=Notify
string "Firefox"
uint32 0
string ""
string "title"
string "text..."

so how can i access the sweet sweet data parameter that gets set by the plugin?

>> No.50173161

What's the 10% you can't learn?

>> No.50173165

Someone here talked about spotdyl, I tried downloading it, but it won't download. I've told chrome to download it anyway but nothing shows up.

>> No.50173167

Anyone got OnePlus 2 invites?

>> No.50173241

Most likely some obscure shit you don't really need to know

>> No.50173427

I'm using awesome wm with awesome lain, and I want to dynamically resize gaps https://github.com/copycat-killer/lain/wiki/Utilities#useless_gaps_resize
What exactly do I do with this? I tried putting them in my rc.lua, but all they do is break awesome.

>> No.50173501

If I format a flash drive as SWAP and plug it into a linux box before boot, will it just werk?

>> No.50173508

Whats a good terminal based web browser I can use for 4chan and see images on?

>> No.50173542

Electronic Engineering.

>> No.50173551
File: 64 KB, 620x620, 1424404082403.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.50173593

Is that how kobe beef is made?

>> No.50173604


no that's how they brushe the cowe

>> No.50173605
File: 501 KB, 231x223, 1418146622002.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would a welding general thread belong/be okay on /g/?

>> No.50173649

Those things are standard on cow farms here in the Netherlands.

Cows produce more milk when they are relaxed.

Often they also play classical music to the cows.
Cows dig classical music.

>> No.50173671

Hey, my buddy and I are building a PC and we're wondering what kind of processor to get. We're thinking about a low-end i5, as our video card should take most of the load. My question is, could we get away with a decent i3? How does the processor bottleneck performance when gaming and normal use?

>> No.50173694
File: 401 KB, 1627x844, yolo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

guys what do

>> No.50173697
File: 521 KB, 1228x1600, 1388478245429.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there any point in doing a checksum on a file downloaded via torrent?

>> No.50173849


>> No.50173858

Buy 4 displays of the same size

>> No.50174100

I'm trying to set up a dual boot between Win 10 and Linux Mint. I have a USB with Mint on it already. Can Linux Mint shrink partitions during install, or do I need a program to shrink my windows partition?

>> No.50174125

Personally, I'd do it in Windows using the built-in tool.

>> No.50174132

how do I make the top title bar on things (the thing that shows what the program is and the close/maximise, minimize button) hidden/go away?

>> No.50174152

windows makes it super easy

>> No.50174155

I already have windows installed, am I still able to shrink?

>> No.50174187

Most definitely

>> No.50174205
File: 49 KB, 396x682, IAmRetarded.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I should have done a file search first

>> No.50174221

I should add I'm running Mint 17.2

>> No.50174274
File: 10 KB, 184x184, 1438459761084.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought about that after I posted; however, I frequent /g/ and have never even looked at /diy/. The course I'm taking is called 'welding technologies' and involves quite a bit of robotics so I thought just maybe I could make it work.

But /diy/ does sound more appropriate. Maybe I'll check it out...

>> No.50174287
File: 23 KB, 961x228, Dont1337h4x0rMePls.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How should I go about this, shrink C:\ and make a new partition?

>> No.50174323

Honestly I just shrunk C while in windows and then booted into mint and made my root, home, and swap from inside the mint installer, it's pretty easy and there are several guides online for it so you should have plenty of resources

>> No.50174327
File: 9 KB, 655x122, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it true that truecrypt isn't secure anymore?

>> No.50174351

does weather (heat/snowstorm) affect internet connection?

>> No.50174440

So I just followed this guide : https://wiki.debian.org/HowToUpgradeKernel

I did apt-get install linux-image-4.1

I rebooted and everything seems ok, a quick uname -a says in on 4.1

My question is, i know the uname -a says I'm running kernel 4.1 but does that mean that its working 100% ?

>> No.50174505
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Yes I googled my problem tried the solutions in a youtube video, problem is this.

I don't know what happened to my little sis's computer but it keeps getting a ERR_CONNECTION_ERROR and ERR_CONNECTION_ABORT whenever she uses chrome or internet explorer, i honest to god havn't tried anything else except follow the instructions on a youtube video on how to fix this.

>> No.50174713 [DELETED] 

Alright, please make fun of me. I deserve it.

I'm looking to make some extra money while doing something I might find fun.

I've decided to try to learn Java and write Android apps and attempt to sell them on the Google Play store.

I have some experience with C++(passed two classes of it, but haven't programmed anything in years). I have no experience with Java. What's a good starting point for learning Java?

Also, has anyone here had any success doing what I'm going to try to do?

>> No.50174762
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I am partitioning a 2TB drive, and I want to shrink it to 1TB. How much should I shrink exactly? (i would be able to do this if it weren't for the whole 1024 thing.

>> No.50174861
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Never mind, I did it. Next is to install mint, right?

>> No.50174980

So is there any way to stop BTSync and megasync stop modifying the Last Accessed attribute of files, on ubuntu?
Because I have a script that saves a backup of some folders with Attic and those two are making it save a new one like thrice per minute. I managed to reduce it to once every minute by making the script put a backup name based on HH:MM instead of HH:MM:SS, but having so many backups weighting 220 bytes and filling the archive unnecessarily is annoying as fuck.

>> No.50175084
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I looked in the mint install and I wasn't sure where to install it, so I went back to windows and saw the unallocated section here. Can I install mint to it now or should I turn it into another drive (or will that drive only be recognized by windows)?

>> No.50175146

Is there any way to limit which users have access to a non-root-user-established SSH tunnel? Trying not to involve iptables here.

>> No.50175204

if you read the whole guide and followed it correctly, then yes

>> No.50175238

no, unless the storm damages the equipment that used to connect you to the internet.

That is unless you're talking about cloud computing, in which case yes weather will affect it

>> No.50175343
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Can you read an SSD off of a miniUSB enclosure?

>> No.50175761
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send help

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