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>there are currently people on this board who have a corporate keylogger and spyware on their computer

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I wonder what OP means.

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just install fucking firewall, and kill yourself

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What are you some kind of cyper criminal or something?
I dont mind being watched because I have nothing to hide.

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When theres nothing to hide they have no reason to spy

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Reminder that USA government has killed before for political reasons.

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delete yourself you nazi russian shill bot

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I support Obama 100% in his worldwide terror war.
I have nothing to fear from his spy machine.

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Close the world, open the next.

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you too

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This graph forgot to mention that Windows has every program and driver you could ever want/need.

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nah, there would be nothing to talk bitch about then, not interesting

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>I dont mind being watched because I have nothing to hide.

That's the right attitude anon. Now i need your bank account details, your home address, social security number, your children's school address and we need to watch while you let your wife peg you at night.

I am sure you won't have any objections because only terrorists have those.

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>Not using 2 computers
>One desktop windows gaming machine
>One riced out linux laptop

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tbh, I'm glad you guys are like this. someone needs to be, otherwise microsoft would just go to town thinking no one gives a fuck.
I'm just glad it's not me. I'm too fucking lazy to use a timesink OS.
thanks again guy. keep at it.

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Yes. And I have literally no problem with it.

I'm not a terrorist or a pedo, so I have nothing to hide. Deal with it.

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>Use Ubuntu
>Use Unity
>Canonical sends keypresses to Amazon

le gnu/freedoms

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Personally, been resisting since the Occupy WallStreet days.

A lot of shit happened over the network those days. Strange stuff. Suddenly was like everything was different, every forum was infiltrated, people got kick out by administrators by no reasons. Our facebook accounts got strange people wanting to befriend us just to take information from us. We only had ourselves since they manage to create defamation to each other. It was shit.

Piece by piece people started to find information, but it was slow and the shills started to close our fields, isolate us. It was first the government, then individual corporations that hired other shills to do social engineering online.

Some social engineering traps became known just recently, like during the net neutrality. Other still remain in the shadows.

We have to keep in mind that this spam is only a logical progression for some corporations. Is only another strategy of marketing. And we can only denounce so much.

Never think you are alone, we are just separate because they make us think we are against each other.

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>it's okay when linux does it

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>that picture
>that text
this is gold. is it pasta or did you come up with this?

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?there are currently people on this board who have a corperate taplogger and spyware on their phone

(no you are not safe no matter what OS your phone runs)

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I just wrote that straight from my chest. Better save it because you won't find it elsewhere.

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I have some to hide when I use my computer.

You cunts will never know what that is because it's my personal fucking privacy.

>Enjoying muh privacy which is there doing anything from reading PDFs to fapping to a small time porn vid.

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>Deal with it.

Umm cool.

We advise the issue of privacy and you enjoy having zero.

>Zero fucks giving to your special IQ number

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no going back now

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Oh, and I almost forgot


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Sorry for your loss

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>This graph forgot to mention that Windows has every botnet and spyware you will never want/need.

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It also forgot that it needs 100k of business to want a feature before it is added IN THE NEXT VERSION that users will buy.

Oh you thought that windows cares about normies. WIndows is a business and wants every chance to get money.

Windows 10 is free because they hope that devs will then move to windows exclusive and develope apps/software using windows dev kits.

Welcome to the biggest bait that most of /g/ is using.

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I run Arch for phone

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>>>49918907 (You)
>It also forgot that it needs 100k of business to want a feature before it is added IN THE NEXT VERSION that users will buy.
>Oh you thought that windows cares about normies. WIndows is a business and wants every chance to get money.
>Windows 10 is free for people who already bought it because they hope that devs will then move to windows exclusive and develope apps/software using windows dev kits.
>Welcome to the biggest bait that most of /g/ is using.

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>arch for phone


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We need this graph this shit.

We can never have to much information.

I also replied and forgot to mention above the "oh you " part which was directed to win 10 users and not you OP.

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>Arch for phone
>Xorg.conf shits itself
>have to ssh into it in order to fix it.

But mah freedoms™

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Whenever shills start with "cuz phones are botnet anyway", shove them Replicant OS down their throats.


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>implying this exists for my phone
>implying this comes in a modern android version
>implying i can do anything without the play store
>implying i can even install normal non cracked games

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I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Windows, is in fact, NSA/Windows, or as I've recently taken to calling it, NSA plus Windows. Windows is not a spying system unto itself, but rather another proprietary component of a fully functioning NSA spying tool made useful by the NSA core exploits, keylogger utilities and vital user information extracting components comprising a full botnet as defined by Big Brother.

Many computer users run a modified version of the NSA spying tools every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of NSA spying tool which is widely used today is often called Windows, and many of its users are not aware that it is basically the NSA botnet, developed by the NSA cucks.

There really is a Windows, and these people are using it, but it is just a part of the botnet they are part of. Windows is the extractor: the program in the computer that extracts the machine's information and of the other programs that you run. The extractor is an essential part of a spying system, but useless by itself; it can only function in the context of a complete botnet. Windows is normally used in combination with the NSA spying tools: the whole botnet is basically NSA tools with Windows added, or NSA/Windows. All the so-called Windows Operating Systems are really a botnet of the NSA.

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Yeah I installed that on my old Galaxy SII and it doesn't have the wi-fi firmware cuz it's proprietary.
I like the concept, it just isn't very usable right now.

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>tfw shitty 2d graphics
>tfw no 3d graphics
>tfw no gps
>tfw no wifi
>tfw no bluetooth
>tfw no camera
>tfw all of these require proprietary drivers/firmware

All in the name of Freedom™

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>use a mostly free version of Android on non-free proprietary hardware
>stupid fucking people will be the death of us all

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Alright, I will install Linux but how does that make me safer? I don't know anything about network security or how to detect unauthorized access by some skid on my system.

Simply installing a distro will do what for me?

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Has anyone tried on a Nexus?

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Congratulations, maybe you made every anon google that, but Replicant is still supported as an alternative until open source hardware exists for phones.

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>baseband processor

I'm glad someone here isn't completely retarded.

It doesn't matter how FOSS the OS is, the baseband processor firmware is still proprietary and can still be backdoored by anyone looking to steal data from directly from the radios.

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I'll switch to linux when Creative writes linux drivers for their soundcards or I don't have to kill a display manager to install a video card driver from a console.

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That is quite stupid anon. I had a problem with my wifi/bluetooth, paid a few bucks to change it.

You giving up your experience because of 1 device?

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Maybe that is why the CIA promotes videogames lik Watchdog and TV shows like Mr Robot.

Pawn hackers steal information from everywhere, and this "short wave" radio is captured by them. Later, NSA collects the information from their list of known hackers.

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No, I want to use linux, but it simply doesn't have the proper support.

I use my Creative SBz for headphone surround. I watch HBO GO, Starz Play, Encore Play, Netflix, and other legal streaming services which don't support linux. I play a good amount of games that don't run on Linux.

This is why I don't switch to it permanently. I will have to forever dual-boot.

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I'm on Windows 7 and I don't really see any reason to update to win 10.

I've heard about how windows 10 can delete shit you torrented which makes me want to never use it, ever.

Just on the off chance there are features that make up what seems to be a deal-breaker in every way, can someone tell me what they are?

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>trying to use a five years old printer/scanner in Windows 10

>> No.49919603

>Vista sound drivers work fine in Win10

>> No.49919794

I wasn't talking about ultrasound scanners, you dolt.

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If you have nothing to hide, you have no reason to be spied. Stop wanting to be treated like a terrorist.

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My point was that most old drivers work perfectly fine on newer version of Windows.

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I never used to think that the 'corporate shills on /g/" thing was real but this is making me revise my position. Holy shit man.

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>trying to use a new printer with GNU/Linux
Good luck finding that driver.

>> No.49920135

Yeah, I'll just use my old one since it didn't suddenly stop working when I upgraded my kernel.

Or look for one that at least supports a generic PostScript printer driver.

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welcome to the botnet, you'll love it :^)

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>implying it is not the same as using Google

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I will sacrifice all of my privacy and liberty for even the most marginal increase in comfort, may my digital chains rest lightly

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and who can say what might be a liability retroactively. Enjoy your Minority Report-tier reality with some Demolition Man thrown in

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Good news Windows 7 and 8.1 users! If you've installed these two updates:


Then you have the IDENTICAL telemetry engine as Windows 10 running on your machine! That's right, all your keystrokes and data is already being sent to Microsoft! Cool huh?

>> No.49920289

windoows 10 sucks, winxp and win7 are the best
>no backdoors
>there's a policy privacy

>> No.49920533

I actually memorized these updates and uninstalled them on all my machines as soon as I found out.

I wonder how it's even possible this can be legally done. A complete keylogger, without the consent, confirmation or whatever of the user?

>> No.49920558

I've seen this copypasta already

>> No.49920571

Kek, what are you going to do? Block every single IP that M$ was allotted? They can easily change IPs these spy services connect to.

>> No.49920593

U wot m8?

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I realize as a Linux user who spends 24 hours a day locked in his room 'hacking' scripts for his operating system you are prone to forget there is an entire world outside who absolutely doesn't give a fuck about anything you do.

You seem to think Microsoft and other organizations are salivating over the thought of gleaning even a shred of your data but that's not the case. No one cares about your folder after folder of anime reaction pics. No one wants anything to do with your archive of Sonic fanfiction you downloaded from nifty.org a decade ago. You only exist as a point of data, and even then nothing you do online is ever witness by humans eyes. At the very most perhaps one of Microsoft's servers maybe parse something you did once, but that's about it.

You really need to understand how little you mean to anyone and anything. You're not a CEO, you're not a celebirty. No one wants to blackmail you because you own nothing and have nothing of value to your name.

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I don't want to exist in microsoft's database at all. Not even as a point of data.

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I hoped the WIn10 users would create a huge shitstorm to boycot this shit OS but it seems they like the new NWO based spyware.

I won't upgrade at all, how do I disable those horrible 10 download notifications? Update was already hidden.

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Well all I can say is I don't agree with your 'lifestyle' choice. I realize pedophiles seem to think their perversion isn't completely abhorrent, but the truth if you deserve a swift death for wanting to fuck children.

That's the only conclusion I can come up with when people like you are so concerned about their data, or being identified. I on the other hand have nothing to hide. Sure, I have personal things stored on my computer, but nothing so sick as pictures of children getting fucked or being forced to perform oral sex on each other. Nothing that will land me in jail.

So tell me, what exactly are you hiding and why are you so terrified of anyone finding it?

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I installed it to enter rapidly expanding market of universal Windows applications. You know, those that are truly code once and run on any device supporting Windows and available for users from Windows Store. I had previously no valid reason to use Windows at all, but I sure do have one now.

Then, afer I've made some name and cash for myself, I'll set up a software company targeting it and Android store. But fear not, as I will also have Himitsu Keikaku laboratory that is going to develop a Linux distribution world has never seen. I attempted the latter last year but couldn't convince investors.

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I don't want a company that I don't do business with to have my personal information like most normal people.

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>"personal information"
>pictures of 4 year old girls be fucked by elderly Russian men

You're a sick fuck. Get help.

>> No.49920882

>things I made up

>> No.49920906

Just do a program or process based one. Then you can pick which ones to let through.

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It isn't about being a pedo, or being a terrorist, or even pirating games.

When did it become normal or acceptable for a giant group of corporations to mine your data? Feed you ads about things they think you should want / think you need?

30 years ago people would have shrunk back from something like this in fear, horror, and disgust. Why is it noe socially acceptable for corporations to have your data without your express permission on a case by case basis?

I don't have any CP, any terror plans, etc. But I enjoy my privacy and rights to my intellectual property, and don't want them violated for any reason.

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>someone caring about his privacy is automatically a pedo

you are what's wrong with this world

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Exactly, "I haven't got anything to hide" is not a correct statement. This does not justify microsoft and other corporates to steal your personal information without agreement.

Some of you might know its not a thing of made-up "terrorism", the true terrorists sit in our own countries. This needs to stop.

All others be happy with your coming enslavement. Fuck your rights, you don't deserve them anyway. You will serve the global elite.

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I will. Once you're a company that's worth $340.8b

>> No.49922066


i only have windows on my gayman computer, if microsoft want to see how many times i press w,a,s and d they are more than welcome too

>> No.49922138

But them logging windows 10 enterprise business computers ? Trade secrets? Data sensitive shit? I don't think so. No business would upgrade.

>> No.49922295

What should I do then? I have unistalled these updates, but can I install the other ones?

>> No.49922332

Fuck Windows 10.

>> No.49922375

So fucking what? I'm not a fucking pedophile like the rest of you so i don't have to worry about the government finding my CP-collection.

>> No.49922405


>> No.49922485

That's what you fucking get for using Windows update.

Sucks to be a normie

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>You should not lock your house because you own no expensive jewelry nor antique art pieces

>> No.49922880

>He thinks OS designed to spy will let him block its botnet.

>> No.49922933

Just read the privacy faq fag.

It's not a keylogger and they don't spy for CP your computer. It just sends back usage statistics. And when you enable websearch of course it sends your inputs to Bing.

>> No.49923509

Can Windows 10 REALLY delete my torrented files?

>> No.49923573

You tell me, you're the one actually running Windows 10.

>> No.49923599

Arguing that you don't care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say.

>> No.49923631

Do people rate Windows Defender highly enough to have it constantly running in the background?

If not, what is a better firewall program?

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File: 1.14 MB, 250x213, my man.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>there are currently people on this 'board'

board: technology

Are you feeling important and better just because you are not using windows 10?
i feel bad for you.

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You do realize that acknowledging the wars as his and a spy machine puts you on the list?

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