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I'm about to wipe Win10 partition, reformat and install UBUNTU. I have never done it before and have no idea if all of the drivers are available and will work.

In case I don't make it back, so long /g/! TO VALHALLA!

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Install Vista instead, you'll be much happier.

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Good luck OP. It won't be easy but it'll be worth it at the end.

>vista is the new /g/ meme

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fuck Vista.


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It was time we replace the "install gentoo" meme with an acceptable OS.

There is no telemetry on Vista

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What drivers are you worried about?

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>There is no telemetry on Vista
for how long? + I don't even have a key for Vista (have a key for 8.1 + win10).

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>What drivers are you worried about?


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Install OS X

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can't.. this shitty laptop can't run it. I'm saving for rMBP actually.

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try it on virtualbox first, retard. before you an hero your computer

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Actually I did exactly on the same position as you about 12 days ago.
Except I went from Win 8 to Linux Mint 17.2.
Never had format nor installed a OS in my life.
Totally worth it dude.
May the gods of /g/ be with you OP.

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*was exactly in the same position

>fuck my autism

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>installing an 8.5 year old, obsolete operating system just for muh vidya
>mainstream support has already ended
>security updates end in less than two years

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ALL right brothers, Ubuntu USB key is ready. I'm gonna do it now. I've backed up all of the documents into two diff places and everything’s clean.

Buh-bye windows! Never again will I use it! Hope Ubuntu works out. I only need it to work until October.

I'm shutting down in 10 seconds.


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Linux's drivers are much better than Windows'. Shill harder.

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report back soon lad

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Make sure you boot into the live enviornment first to see if drivers are auto detected first.

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If only every transition from Windows to GNU/Linux could be so epic (and not fail as miserably)

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Wait! If you go to Ubuntu, you'll be walking out of the Microsoft
botnet and into the Amazon botnet!

For a beginner linux distro, use Mint instead.

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It's easier than what /g/'s faggots are saying. I'm pretty sure you'll like it ;-)
To Valhalla, my friend!

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Unity 8 is dropping Amazon

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This is board is for those 18 and over.

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>he installs "security" updates

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I don't have a key either. Don't really know what I'm going to do in the 25 days when it runs out.

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>installing an OS that actually looks nice and cozy and not some flat design shit
>just don't install viruses and it'll be like they still support security

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Cool story faggot. You will be on your knees back in two days begging windows to take you back.

I went this route many times, tried nearly all distros only to discover they are exactly the same shit in a different packaging.

You castrate your PC from quality proprietary drivers, games, and useful software that a person needs time to time. In the end you do the switch, ricing and all the shenanigans, waste so much of your time, then sit there look at it and try to impress other people by telling them how great it is. No one pays any attention to your riced up turd and eventually you lose interest and come back to Windows.

Few weeks later, some asshole posts a riced up desktop and you get triggered.

The cycle repeats itself till you die.

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Break the cycle by using linux with windows in a vm with vga passthrough for native GPU performance for vidya/creative suit. It's the best PC experience out there right now.

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salty meme is my favorite meme because i like online gaming and call people in online games salty if they raise their voice because im master troll for calling people mad lol salty i feel like 2002 already

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You'll be able to get on the internet by Monday.

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>replace one jewOS with another

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BROTHERS, I have made it! Ubuntu installer is done. I've managed to figure out Wifi driver and audio driver issues that I've had (they were minor issues). Wifi now works and I can connect to my AP. mpv also works fine and can play all of my animu vids. I've also managed to connect my NTFS external disks.

I'm running Firefox and I'm currently restring all of my backed up documents.


Hope Ubuntu's VALHALLA for me!!!

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Are you the OP from the other thread, REEEING about how you can't get Ubuntu to work?

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how can you not get ubuntu to work?

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NO! This is my only thread brother!

Now... which torrent client should I use? Ubuntu has a bunch of them in a package manager....

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both deluge and qbittorrent are decent and work out of the box
rtorrent if you want to work a little to have best torrent client there is

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Install Arch and I myself will carry you to the gates of Valhalla

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>rtorrent if you want to work a little to have best torrent client there is
made me make a noise kinda like laughter
I am running rtorrent
queeing is shit, selecting which files to download is shit, scheduling is shit
I mean its generally just plain shit but its console light running... so I stuck with it, got used to it

>I am used to utorrent
>I am 12 and I like turtles
transmission is simple for everyone

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Good. Congrats anyway anon.

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oh, and I know about rutorrent or whatever is the web GUI for rttorent that I had installed one time
I just dont care

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I chose Ubuntu because it has the best driver support (that's what everyone told me) and I wanted something that was foolproof since this is my first trip into Linux.

So far it's VALHALLA. No fucking tracking!

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>not using vista strictly as a virtual machine that you don't shitpost or watch porn from

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yeah, enjoy dealing with PPAs when you want some software thats not in repos

in arch its so fucking easy, I dont even think I can leave it if I would want

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>it won't be easy
It will be so easy. I can install Ubuntu on any PC made in the last 5 years within half an hour, and all I have to do is follow the install wizard.

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>Muh manchild gaymes and muh "quality" proprietary crapware

Anon plz, unlike you not everybody thinks that a computer main appeal is running stupid child games and making dank memes in pirated Photoshop with two or three Russian Trojans included.

If I had children or little cousins/siblings then maybe there might be a need to have a Windows partition so they can play their stupid games.

But Linux is so superior and powerful that using anything worse is just a pain in the ass.

You can rice your desktop in windows too, Linux main appeal is not ricing, and I in fact just have vanilla KDE with some color scheme and a theme. If you waste hours ricing your system is not because Linux force you is because you want to.

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>muh manchild gaymes

i swear i don't get why you faggots think you're superior for not playing vidya

you're wasting your time on fucking 4chan, who do you think you are lmao

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Just for the fags ITT; MS offers free virtual machines for webdev; XP, Vista, 7,8,8.1 and 10. No cracks needed.

You're welcome, cocksuckers.

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>who do you think you are lmao
We outgrew /v/
we /pol/ now

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What this guy said. Also depending on what wifi you are connecting to you may have to make sure you have the right DHCP settings. Default on UBUNTU and mint don't work at my schools wifi.

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this. /g/ is /pol/ now! and I like it. a lot.

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Wouldn't /g/ recommend Mint instead?

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Enjoy the ride brother!
be shiny and chrome!

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no, they would certainly parrot the meme though

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this is all you have to do?

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If dubs, OP must install Windows ME.

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Windows has ME

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>using an OS that needs more than 1024MB RAM on a VM

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>moving from one botnet to another

If you're going to become a freetard then you should at least do it properly.

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amazon thing is disabled by a single checkmark in prefs.

now go back to your Winshit botnet.

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nazis get out

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Win Vista
Win 7
Win 8/8.1
Win 10

Its all Kernel 6.X

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GNU/Linux is good if it serves your needs.

Me? I like to play games and use software not readily compatible with GNU/Linux operating systems. So I stick to Windows.

Just think about what you need your computer to do, not whats fashionable.

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I fucking hate you. Please kill yourself yes I'm mad faggot.

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Reminder that Ubuntu sends your data to Amazon

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So you want to give your info directly to amazon

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Transmission is install ootb and it works alright.

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What are you actually doing on 4chan ? This is not a place for clever posts

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pot meet kettle

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use transmission, it's installed out of the box and works great

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that is not really true. GNU/Linux is good if you demand freedom. If you demand freedom is it the best choice.

You should think about what you want to use your computer for, then decide whether this activity has a bigger value for you than your freedom. For me personally, it doesn't, so I'm running GNU/Linux.

It has nothing to do with fashion.

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That's not really disapproving the post you linked. You both agree that you should weight pros and cons and use what best suits your needs. If games is more important to him than actual freedom, then there's no reason to use GNU/Linux. Freedom is also about the freedom to choose, even if your choice sacrifices some of it for convenience.

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Shiny and chrome.

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Ubuntu is worse than Win10

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Have you personally checked the inside out of your distro are you 100% sure that no data is collected anywhere , you don't use any Google/social media ? Are you running your personal scripts to block online tracking , have you encrypted all of your data and store them offline , are you behind a well trusted VPN ? If no you are not free and even if you are so paranoid even then there is always a mistake that you have made somewhere in the process.

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You sound like a huge faggot.
Please don't come back here.

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sounds like he'll fit in just fine, brah

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I installed Arch yesterday with 0 prior linux experience.

I'd say diving into the deep end was worth it. No bloatware. Absolute control of your OS.

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I replaced Win8 months ago with Xubuntu. For me, computer performed much better. Wife was pissed about no MS Office, and wouldn't be bothered to try free alternatives or even online office. Daughter pissed because even though games ran better, they crashed more often.

Now at Windows 10. I have no soul left.

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buy a laptop for your own usage

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I put a Xubuntu duelboot on my laptop months ago and have slowly been shrinking and appropriating the windows partition space as I get my replacement programs to work. I believe in you OP.

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I did exactly the oposite, wiped out xubuntu, installed windows 10 pro. Feels good man.

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Are you implying I should leave my door open and make my house's walls transparent because I might be tracked in some minor way somewhere?

Why don't you kill yourself if you're going to die anyway?

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Are you a wizard?

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I want to punch arch users in the face

These fucking spergs have absolutely no idea about loonix and always shills fucking cringe bullshit.

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