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>"Pascal reportedly has 17 billion transistors and up to 32GB of HBM2 based vRAM"

>"The Pascal GP100 GPU allegedly has 17 Billion transistors and around 32 GB of HBM2 based vRAM. If these reports are correct, then the GP100 >will be an absolute beast in terms of graphics processing power. In comparison, the current Nvidia flagship, the TITAN-X has 8 Billion transistors, so >we are looking at an alleged jump of more than double. There are however, two major problems with the theory. We have about 1 Billion transistors >more unaccounted for, and we are assuming a die size equal to that of the TITAN-X GM200 (601mm^2) which frankly speaking is just not going to >happen on a brand new node. Not to mention that Nvidia will want to keep leg room for future Pascal variants on the same node.
>No, a die size of 601mm^2 is very unplausible. Assuming the report is true, I believe (caution: speculation) we might be looking at a combined >transistor count. In the meantime however, there is finally cause to rejoice. The era of the 28nm GPU is over, and the age of sub 20nm FinFETs has >begun."

Not sure if /g/ had a thread on this yet? Holy fuck though, really exciting times are ahead. Glad that I cancelled the 980 TI that I had ordered the other day. Anyone know when these will start to come out? Maybe Q2 2016? Do you guys think Nvidia will roll out big Pascal first?

Source: http://wccftech.com/tsmc-begins-volume-production-16nm-finfet-nvidia-pascal-gp100-gpu/

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yeah and amd's card will be a foot long with three watercoolers on it.

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It's too bad they named it after a gay Frenchman.

It will have a male out, and you'll have to somehow dock it with a male VGA or HDMI cable.

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that beautiful symmetry

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So you couldn't find a source any less reputable? Is semiaccurate still around?

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>32 GB of HBM2 based vRAM
>drops down to 2 FPS when it's above 3.5 GB used

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At least it's not Volta

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>32 GB of HBM2 based vRAM

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Source: http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/biz/archives/2015/08/11/2003625049
Source: http://hexus.net/tech/news/industry/85565-tsmc-starts-volume-production-16nm-chips/
Source: http://www.extremetech.com/computing/212221-tsmc-quickly-ramping-up-16nm-volume-production

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>drops down to 2 FPS when it's above 3.5 GB used

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finally, enough VRAM to cope with badly programmed console ports.

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And it'll only cost $5000
Boy I feel sorry for all you poor people

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>hating on pascal because he liked dicks
Fuck off /pol/, for real. The entirety of this board wouldn't even come close to matching the achievements of that man. You wouldn't even be able to play your stupid fucking vidya without his advancements in geometry and mathematics, which is probably why nvidia named this line after him.

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Honestly I think the world would be better off without his degeneracy and achievements both.
They more than cancel out.

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> $5000 vidya card
> same performance as an optimised Playstation 4

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>buying n-wehateopensourcepayforeverfeatureextra-idia

do you hate freedom?

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I was just trying to lighten /g/'s day, I wasn't being serious.

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So every other source is making a distinction between 16nmFF and 16nmFF+, the former used for the likes of the low power SoC used in the iPhone, the latter being the type used by GPUs and HPC CPUs, while wccftech is just screaming "ZOMG PASCAL IS GONNA BE AWESOME AND WE THINK IT'S GOING TO SOON. PROBABLY LATER THIS EVENING."

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The drivers work pretty gud (much batter than AMD) on linux, for the fact that they totally hate open source

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Yes, nvidia drivers are much batter than anything else.

I also think the other anon is referring to the fact that NVIDIA don't release any details the FOSS community can use, just binary blobs, as opposed to everyone else that at least make an attempt at opening their stuff up.

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underrated post kek

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>implying they will double transistor account and give 32gb to average people
>implying it won't be some $9999 elite gaymer model
>implying they will not milk it and release 4 and 8gb models first

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>gay Frenchman

You sure like being redundant.

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AMD shill

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>Glad that I cancelled the 980 TI that I had ordered the other day

You're glad that you didn't order a 600$ card now so you can buy a 10000$ card in a year ?

>implying it won't cost 10k$

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>Glad that I cancelled the 980 TI

Enjoy waiting a year for a product that probably wont be half as good as people expected it to be.

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AHAHAHAHHA keep wishing

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recent image from the pascal test facility

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I've advised them not to test it with an Amd 9590

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We can make some bets about what's going to be released first, Pascal or Zen.

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>17 Billion
Pascal confirmed for new Fermi. All hail the fire gods!

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oh man, Call Of Duty is going to his 300 FPS with this bitch.

take my money alreadyz

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Day made haha

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Damn the render quality is photorealistic. I look forward to this gpu.

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dollar per gigabyte between HBM and GDDR are the same. Probably higher for HBM due to the limited initial production output. I am unsure how people can think that nVidia will try to sell such an incredibly expensive card to private users.

It's for server farms at best.

Furthermore I don't see how FinFets will shake the GPU industry. The Sandy Bridge -> Ivy Bridge jump to finfets was at best the regular 5% performance boost. Also smaller processes don't necessarely mean an increased transistor count as the heat drasticly increases when you pack the electrical components closer together.

If you compare Sandy Bridge side-by-side with Haswell you'll find that Haswell always has the upper hand performance wise over Sandy bridge even though its transistor count is significantly smaller. So higher transistor count != higher performance

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nvidiot pls

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All thanks to Nvidia DebrisWorks™

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>0.2gb superfast hbm2
>31.8gb ddr1
>it's a feature

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>op can't into greentext

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>I am unsure how people can think that nVidia will try to sell such an incredibly expensive card to private users.
>le way it's meant to be le played goy

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This is a green text failure of biblical proportions.

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>repressed homosexuality detected

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So you're going to wait an entire year?

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3.5gb masked as 4gb standard, 6gb for their $500+ gpu, and 8gb for their $1,500+ gpu

32gb cards will probably be for the professional market, like their quadro's. for they can easily ask $8,000 for it.

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The Titan X has 12gb and some crazy fucks still buy it.

They will probably make some Titan II or something with 32gb HBM for $1500. They know it sells in the end.

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I just want to replace my 2gb 7850. Aged pretty well but it is showing its age.

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Why? they could sell a 12gb HBM Titan for >1500$. Why the fuck should they sell a 32gb card for so little money ?

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If higher transistor count doesn't mean higher performance for GPUs, how is it that they are faster already?

Spoiler: You think you understand modern processors but you don't. Educate yourself.

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If you already don't hit 300fps on BLOPS II maxed out, your setup needs some rethinking.

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pascal has explosionworks which realistically creates the explosions feel like you are in the middle of it

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>The Sandy Bridge -> Ivy Bridge jump to finfets was at best the regular 5% performance boost.

That's because Intel keeps adding more power to the GPU side of their chips.

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>gpu turns its fans off to simulate explosion tier heat

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>The Titan X has 12gb and some crazy fucks still buy it.

Retards buy it for gaming.

Programmers and scientists buy it for gpgpu.

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Don't forget
>Unoptimized on Nvidia GPUs
>Deliberately gimped on AMD GPUs

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>Programmers and scientists buy it for gpgpu.
No they don't. It has gimped DP performance.

Like you even know what that is

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Scientists would have enough budget to get the Quadro M6000. Unless they're Russian or something.

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Your mom has plenty of DP performance.

You do realize not everyone needs to work with doubles right? All computer graphics is basically done with floats.

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>this DP perf


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Yes, all computer graphics are done with floats.

Programmers and scientists use doubles.

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Hey retard, if programmers don't use floats, who write software for computer graphics?

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OP, sorry for the retarded green text. I currently game at just 1080p and I need some advice here.

1. Should I just get a 980 or the AMD equivalent now till Pascal is out.

2. Wait till pascal comes out and also get a new monitor.

3. Get a 980Ti and new 1440p monitor now.

One final thing, couldn't they also offer a consumer version of Pascal with 8 or 16 GB?

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Eh, waaay overkill and will most probably absolutely suck at bang for buck. Even the complete and utter shit port of Arkham Knight didn't use more than 6gb vram if I'm not mistaken. I think anything stronger than Titan at this point is just absolutely ridiculous.

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you don't need 980 for 1080p except if you wanna play AAA games at 144fps

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Get a 390 for 1440p.
Get a 380 4gb for 1080p.

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I love buying rebranded cards that were made of rebranded cards.

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the computer was pretty much invented by a gay english man, the computer is gay and you're going to have to deal with it

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I will kill myself on camera if they deliver more than 12GB version.
I swear to god people would believe anything these days.

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>binary blobs

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Are you going to tell me wcctech isn't reputable?

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curry pls

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> What is 4k
> What is 144hz
> What is VR

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Just wait for a game like skyrim with a modern api vulkan/dx12 and lots of mods and you'll see how it uses more than that.

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Has wccoftech ever got anything right?

Please stop being like a battered housewife.

"He'll be good to me now, he was just angry when he pushed me down the stairs every week for 16 years"

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Jesus christ shut the fuck up /lgbt/.
Seems like you can't see that his disgusting homosexuality stands apart from his achievements.
Not only extremely biased, it's also narrow minded and plain stupid.
Also equalling everyone who dislikes faggots with /pol/ is maximum godwin tier.
Go fuck yourself nigger.

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Your ass rage is palpable.

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amd raping nvidia at dx12


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More a sign of how bad AMD drivers are

Really. Nvidia can't be bothered with DX12 for some reason though (probably because they haven't figured out a way to goywork it yet)

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Correction, Turing invented the Turing hypothesis which was the idea that any process could be automated using a series of states with a given input.

If anything, he invented computer science.

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Fuck, Dx12 was supposed to be better for 8 cores like 8350?? but they're performing like shit.... fuck, fuck, fuck...

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Pascal built the first computer, called the pascaline, which is the first calculator.

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its performing fine, I don't know what you are on

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This is no good.

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Is implausible too obscure a word? Or are they just using unpossible forms?

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It's just a calculator, unless you want to show how to do β-reduction on it.

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>It's just a calculator
Yeah, still a fucking computer... What did you expect ? Pascal to forge an i7 in the 17th century ?

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It's nice that by omitting the AMD driver team Radeons can actually perfom on par or better than Nvidia in that game.

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>up to
You can expect it on HPC derivatives of Pascal, not on gaming hardware.

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>AMD DX11 drivers are shit
What else is new? I'm glad DX12 games should work well on my 290X CF in DX12, but this doesn't solve the problem that DX11 is shit and most games won't get updated, so until DX11 is completely phased out (it's still being supported alongside DX12, as DX12 is not meant as a replacement, just a low-level alternative) we'll still be suffering from AMD's DX11 crap driver.

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>DX12 is slower than DX11 if you have a good CPU
Fucking lel

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pretty sure conservative estimates is like q1 2017 for release....

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For 9999$ they should add fire extinguisher for free.

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You actually think NVIDIA plans to have exactly 0 new graphics cards out for the entirety of 2016?

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They can rebrand existing ones or ship existing stock with more RAM for more monies. Or higher overclocks.

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Still, Leibniz was first in making a aritmetic machine. None gave him the credit because of fucking british people ego.

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stupid currynigger clickbait.

The HBM2 standard supports up to 8GB per module (and Pascal like AMD Fury is expected to do 4 HBM modules), but that doesn't mean that Nvidia will be selling 32GB cards next summer or even that 8GB HBM modules will even exist in commercial quantities.

Also, believing that TSMC will ever deliver on a new fabrication node is like believing in Santa Claus at this point.

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