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How much do you charge people to format their hard drive and reinstall an operating system?

I usually go for about $30 for the basic job.

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That's cool and all, but when I you leaving your mom's basement, and becoming a man?

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A BJ or a HJ.

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Either free or I wouldn't do it at all

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2k an hour

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Geek Squad charges a good $200 for reinstalling Windows.

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$100 pesos.
So around $6.

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$90 at the shop I work at.

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>$100 pesos
>100 dollar pesos
Get off you beany fuck

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sup /woo/

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$50. My standard callout fee is $50 which covers the first hour of work and then $30/h for every half hour afterwards.

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$90-$100 depending on my mood

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is this a legit thing people pay for?

how inept must one be?

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The idiocracy will surprise you anon, I had a customer bring in their laptop which they had just reinstalled themselves complaining about wireless not working/no sound/picture blurry/windows not activated. They didn't have a clue what drivers were or how to activate Windows 7. How they even managed to reinstall windows was a surprise to me.

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>I usually go for about $30 for the basic job.
$0 because im not a jew. I teach them how to do it themselves as well.

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I had someone to pay me to remove a program because he couldnt find the uninstaller, just deleted the folder and won $10.

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R$ 80,00. If backup is needed R$ 100,00. About 30 dollars...

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like 20 bucks

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It's usually retirees, rednecks, and women who are looking for such services.

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money is not technology

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reinstalling an OS takes a loong fucking time.

>dling correct iso
>retrieving key
>looking up drivers
>installing os
>installing drivers
>installing updates
>installing default programs

should be at least $80 for like 4 hours work

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Surely you're are poor or think that's fair because other give the same price. Dont give your job for free.

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fuck off jew.

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I get around 20 clients a day and i earn atleast $90 a day minimum, for mexican standards that's alot.

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$20/h makes a jew now? How much do you work for Mr goy?

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>charging 20/hr for 4 hours of "work"
nice try schlomo.

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considering the geek squad and local rip off alternatives + driving cost I charge my mother a plate of spaghetti

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how do you have unlimited price

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No worries bergensteinskopfski

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annasophia robb

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I don't do tech support because I have a real job.

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$100 minimum

More if they want files backed up and restored, applications installed, a proper license instead of a pirated copy of 7 ultimate/8.1 pro/10 pro, windows updates ran, or the hard drive secure erased instead of just deleting the partitions and recreating them.

I'm not a fucking desktop support monkey, I'm a sysadmin. There are at least 65535 thing I'd rather be doing than fixing some pleb's shitty PC. I'd rather make $0 and spend my free time doing things I like than make <$100 and waste it on annoying shit. If they don't like my prices, they can fuck off to best buy or have some high school kid do it.

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We charge aud 95, it's our standard service fee.

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>not having a multi windows boot usb
>not having magic jelly bean on that usb
>implying that finding drivers is hard when you can just google "computer model support" or "computer model drivers"

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back when i was in college id charge 50-100

Also pirated microsoft office and would charge people 75 for it

come the fuck at me

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Why would anyone need anything above the "Operating System Installation"?

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80 dilmas? De que estado você é?

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Yeah, but since I'm not certified or work for a big box store I have to charge people less. I'm just some guy who's kinda good with computers.

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Well ya see I'm a broke ass NEET so fixing a few computers is one of my few sources of income. I guess that works out for both of us.

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What in the snake oiled fuck is a Computer Tune-Up? Do they check fan speeds and that memory timings haven't mysteriously changed?

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A computer tune-up is run adwcleaner and JRT for me, but i doubt they do something related.

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Thanks anon, now if I ever feel like charging people for my tech support I have a reference sheet.

>Now, I'm charging *half*/*1/4th* of what Geek Squad would charge you, so you know you're getting a good deal...

Shit might seem overpriced to us, but this seems to be the norm for computer help.

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I'm guessing drive cleanup, defragment, run an antimalware suite, run something like CCleaner just for good measure, and then just restart the computer .I'd consider dusting off the internals of the computer part of a full-on "tune-up" too but I doubt they'd go that far.

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The repair shop i work at charges 100 for windows machines, 110 for imacs, and 120 for macbooks.

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This is the correct answer.

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This. Fixing computers on craigslist for BJs is where its at.

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>PC Repurpose

u wot m8

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That's funny considering it's infinitely easier to reinstall a Mac.

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With the refresh option in Windows 10 the act of charging for a reinstall will be a thing of the past. I hope you enjoyed it whilst it lasted.

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People usually want their hard drives intact. Any idiot can format a hard drive.

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At least 20% of the time refresh/reset either doesn't fix the problem or the recovery files are unusable and you have to do a clean install.

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$100 and a bj

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50€ for install, if format is wanted it's free.

Ofc they get pirated windows

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1 Coffee or something like that, don't be a fuckin jew.
For 30 Dollar I would lick their pc clean.

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like $40.

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I'd be surprised if you were amazed at how many rich motherfuckers are stupid enough to "update flash" when looking at porn, get cryptowall, and shell out that "chump change" to get it fixed.

*laughs at you trunk idiots charging $30*

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Your missing a lot of money there, pal. Your work is like black magic for thoose people out there.

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I wouldn't scratch my own ass for $30, plus if you charge, you are obligated to provide a "service", which in practice means you have to install all their shitty software and also provide support for the rest of your life.

OTOH, when you say you will do it for free, people suspect you don't know what you are doing and they get some other idiot to do it. win-win-win

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>Not formatting your friends hard drives under the GNU General Public License

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Free if it makes it so I don't have to provide a ton of support to clean up their mess.

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>install windows
>use mstoolkit
>charge $50
>no one is the wiser

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People who own macs have no sense of money
>Macbook from 2012
>cheapest one on cl is $600, 4gb ram 64gb ssd

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